Isobella Kohtlund


Bennath 21st








Bright yellow saradomin symbol Saradominism


Paladin (Former)


Lawful Good

Martial Status

Heart PNG690 Engaged



Patience is not simply the ability to wait - it's how we behave while we're waiting.

–Isobella to Sir Logan Stasov before his departure

Isobella Kohtlund is a retired white knight of Falador. She is the fiancée of Sir Logan Stasov and the niece of the White Knight Commander, Braddock Kohtlund. She is role-played on World-42 by Rachel Santos.

A prodigy even by the standards of the Kohtlund, Isobella spent her early years in the eyes of nobility; in pertinence to her Kohtlund lineage, the girl essentially bathed in the aroma of gold, until the untimely death of her own mother, where she was thereafter inducted into one of the many training facilities inhabiting Falador in the hopes of producing a refined warrior. Isobella excelled during these camps, showcasing hints of raw talent on her way to the Falador Draft, where she was privileged enough to ascend into the ranks of a white knight squire. Years of additional training followed, and in time, the beauty found herself adorned in amass of vanilla oriented armor, suggesting she had at long last fulfilled the legacy of her household by partaking in the festivities bestowed upon the knights.

However, during her time served as a higher-up amongst the knights —her renown as the niece of the commander initially plaguing others of their interest— she fell in love with a fellow white knight, which she herself has come to describe as "love at first sight". The two secretively held a long term affair in the wake beneath the order, though in the end, Isobella ultimately decided upon forgoing her duties to settle in Falador and focus on raising a family, despite the explicit conditions of the order prohibiting the inequities of marriage. In the modern era, Isobella can be found in Falador, awaiting the return of her mate, who has departed on a long voyage as a result of noble request.


One evening, Isobella was visited unexpectedly by the prince of Asgarnia, Varis Grey II, who claimed to be in search for her husband, Logan, at her home in Falador. After showing him nothing but her utmost hospitality, the prince assaulted her, bringing her into a passionate kiss; Isobella forgave him initially, though after several more warnings, she was forced to defend herself. After a brief alteration, she outmaneuvered the young lad and utilizing a traditional katana, she threw his naked being out of her bedroom window, where a group of citizens awaited to belittle him. Upon commanding a citizen to lend him his clothes, the prince was chased away by an angry mob.

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