Isamu Orana
Isamu Orana
Isamu's current appearance.









Previous Affiliations:

Varrock,White Knights of Falador, Temple Knights

Current Affiliations:


 Isamu Orana is a human male character currently 37 years of age, played by Narutokat95. He has has affiliations in the past with Varrock, Falador's White Knights, and the Temple Knights. At present, however, he has no obligations to any known organization.



Isamu stands tall at a height of 5' 7", in his armour he may look a little taller than that. The armour that he wears, is Temple Knight armour, from his days as one himself. The shield we holds, is a shield that provides protection against Dragon Breath, and perhaps fire magic. He refuses to use any other shield, as that was the shield he used to slay a large black dragon that he was assigned to kill for the Temple Knights. If one were to weigh him, it would come to roughly 145 lbs, that is without armour. With the armour, well who knows.


If one were to look at Isamu's face, they would find a pair of dark brown eyes, a black beard that is shaved to only a couple inches to his face, as well as what would look like a pair of two scars, running straight across, one across his chin, the other across his forehead. This is from being swiped by a dragon's claws. His black hair goes to his shoulders, tied into two, the tied hair on both sides would be close to his neck.

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