What an Indocrinite looks like

The Indocrinites are a race of corrupted Humans created by Thane Krios by using Magic and various chemical compounds.
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The Indocrinites - Appearance and Traits

Their appearance is as follows:

  • They look fairly Human, except for under their mask is shark-like teeth.
  • They have silver-colored irises.
  • Sometimes they have hair and, if so, it is almost always black. If its any other color then they are possibly Outcasts.
  • They have very pale skin.

Their traits are as follows:

  • They are much stronger than an average Human, and almost stronger than a Fremennik.
  • If they are hit in the head hard enough, they will go ballistic. Hardleather coifs prevents this.
  • Their blood is blue.
  • If certain areas on limbs are hit, that entire limb will undergo paralysis.
  • If their teeth are exposed, they get a slight craving of Human flesh. Scents of Humans cause this when they inhale through their mouth.

The Indocrinite Outcasts - Appearance and Traits

The Indocrinite Outcasts, more simply known as an Outcase, are failed Indocrinite experiments. Their appearance is as follows:

  • Like regular Indocrinites, they have Shark-like teeth.
  • They have silver irises.
  • They will keep hair.
  • They are also very pale skinned.

Their traits are as follows:

  • They also have blue blood.
  • They are strong as a regular Indocrinite
  • If hit in the head hard, nothing will occur.
  • Being hit in certain areas on limbs to induce paralysis does somwhat apply.


Outcast cape

The outcasts cloak

Dominion Tower Guardian Troop

Dominion tower guard

Regular Soldier armor and Thanes 2nd age armor

Regular Indocrinite Soldier Armor (ooc Lunar robes Indocrinites are Class II Indocrinites) (icly Lunar robes are steel chainmail and combinations of leather)

Grassland,swamp,spec ops
Desert Soldier

Desert Soldier

Indocrinite Alternate

Regular indocrinite alternate


what indocrinites armor looks like


The Arbiter leader of the Outcasts


  • Indocrinites are basically a combination of: Husks from Mass Effect, hence Indocrination; ghost people from Fallout: New Vegas(in a set of notes, it states that the suits ghost people wear need two people to unequip it); and zombies hence head thing
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