Illyana Heradtes is a young icyene, barely an adult, currently Grand Crusader within the ranks of the holy crusade.
Illyana Heradtes








New Dominia


Grand crusader of the Holy Crusade

(Currently played by Mich Legend IG)


Illyana was born on new dominia, her small family living a quiet, peaceful life as farmers. After a few months of Illyana's birth, her mother died of disease, leaving her father to raise her on his own.

After several hundreds of years, her father would have been called upon by Saradomin, meaning for him to leave New Dominia, to join the war raging on in lumbridge, leaving Illyana as a teen to fend for herself.

Illyana would become focused on her religion, gaining strength and comfort out of it. In her lone years, she would practice her archery skill. She would become more isolated from the Icyenic community, making her a bit more anti-social and less friendly or cheery.

After the battle of lumbridge, she wished to fight for Saradomin's cause. She soon was sent to Gielinor, where she reunited with her father by joining the Holy Crusade.

Current events

Illyana was soon to be promoted to the crusade's Ranger-General. This meaning she was in charge of the Crusade's archers, and their base, Honor's Hold.

After Athaldus Heradtes left the Crusade to carry out a mission with several Crusaders, He had left his second in command, Ser Arys Oakheart, in charge of the Crusade. Lord Crusader Oakheart had promoted her to his second in command.


Illyana has, unlike her father, Long golden-blond hair, mostly tied into a bun. Illyana is around 7'8 ft with a wingspan of 18'4 ft. She has knowledge of healing. Illyana due to her anti-social nature would have trouble interacting with friends and is not willing to share most of herself with others.

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