Human life is as evanescent as the morning dew or a flash of lightning.

–Idris Cadarn

Idris Cadarn

Full Name

Idris Ianto Cadarn-Baines






Serenism Mixed with Vianism






Port Sarim

Nicknames and Aliases

Elrondspawn (By Forseti Greyfur), Knife Ears, White Haired Fury of Asgarnia. Demonbane

Relationship Status

Married to Emilie Cadarn-Jongblood

Idris is an elven warrior and herbalist from the port of Sarm he is the former Guildmaster of the guild of heroes and currently a nomadic slayer-master, he is played by Rhys.

Knife ears is born!

Idris was born in the port city of Sarim to the then pirate elf Elrond Cadarn the man who later went on to take part in the battle against thorvald the souleater and the local potion maker Cael who also hailed from the elven lands,his father was not around likely due to the fact that Elrond had no idea that Idris was even a concept.

Slightly bigger Knife ears!

As a child Idris was very outgoing and had many friends in the community though due to the rate at which elves scale he soon found his childhood friends becoming adults while he remained young, he could not understand how this had happened and why they no longer wanted to be his friend, his mother had to tell them the story of the elves and how the differed from humans and why his friends had all aged so quickly, this was the first time Idris faced human mortality a sad truth he would yet face again in his future, The next time would be when he stood next to his mother at his old friend's funeral to make matters worse he was barely of adult age in elven terms, he vowed to himself that he would never befriend a human ever again for the fear of outliving them.

Knife ears' big adventure!

At the age of one hundred Idris decided it was time to see the world and escape watching the world age around him or at least the community he was born into he kissed his mother goodbye and began to journey to his first destination the white city of Falador with his trusty iron sword and a leather buckler.

The city of Falador

After a couple of days travel and some less the rickety tavern rooms, he arrived in the white city of Falador the young elves mind full of wonders a she looked at the fantastic marble buildings, a group of knights passed him, a few mutters of racist slurs soon began to show that this city was perhaps not as pleasant to his kind as they are to humans, this shattered his dreams of hero knights belonging to the order of the white knights, he came across a tavern the rising sun and saw a recruiter sat in the corner he spoke of a mission to defeat a giant troll in the north who had been ravaging the local smallfolk, wanting to become like the heroes he had heard tales of Idris signed up.

Fire Rose by chaypeta

One of the Female Dwarves

A small group of mercenaries and idris set out to fight the troll, the mercenary group was a strange group that consisted of two dwarven twins and three humans, the dwarves appeared to be female in nature, not that Idris could really tell, nor did he dare ask when they had such large axes after about a days travel north they came across a village that had been almost flattened, they dismounted from the travel cart and began to search around the buildings and ruins for any sign of human life well the mercenaries looked for loot and idris looked for life after a few moments of peace the ground began to quake.

A small child came running and screaming towards them, Idris looked up and saw the source of the kids screams, it was a towering troll standing at almost twenty feet tall and built like a small farmhouse was close behind the child and coming straight for the group, the kid ran into Idris' legs and was scooped up as Idris began to run from the troll, he had no idea why he was running his legs just seemed to move, he hear the battle cries of the others, and heard the crunching of a spine which later turned out to be one of the dwarven women, the troll did not chase Idris and he placed the boy down somewhere safe and told him to stay here, the kid simply nodded.

Idris made his way back to the battle and saw the crumpled body of the dwarven female who had died


The Troll

earlier as he ran, the other appeared to be locked in a losing battle with the troll, the other dwarven female had tears and blood streaming down her cheeks as he hacked away at the trolls right foot, the three humans had all climbed onto the back of the troll and was stabbing it, the troll just seemed to shake this of and began to rock back and forth kicking out his leg which slammed into the dwarf flinging her past Idris, he drew his iron sword and began to dart towards the troll, who had become occupied with the three on his back, he saw a large axe sticking out of its stomach likely from the dead dwarf and leaped onto it allowing him leverage to leap upwards and send his iron sword into the soft tissue around its neck.

The troll had been slain and the kid had been saved, this however was just the start of the elves life as a mercenary, he spent the next 40 years defeating monsters stopping bandits, and fighting in the various wars of the land, he was soon branded the white haired fury of Asgarnia.



The Adopted Son

Another ten years had passed and most of the mercenary group had all retired from old age or had been slain in one of the many events they partook in,Idris stood above a bed looking at a graying weather man, he smiled at him and used his right hand to brush through his hair, he asked him if he remembered the first time they met, the man replied and recounted the event, he was running from a troll that had destroyed his village and Idris had saved him, for Idris this event seemed like yesterday but it had been more then fifty years for the human,the human child had contracted a illness, it started to whittle away at him taking away his mobility first and then his organs before ridding him to bed, the man thanked the elf for saving him and for being a father to him before he passed away into the deepest of sleeps.

This was the second time the elf was taught about the fragile lifes of human and just how quick the flame of humanity goes out, sick of Asgarnia and the reminders of his past life he decided to head for the city of Varrock to make his way as a slayer.



A younger Idris

Upon arriving in Varrock, Idris could not help but notice the astounding different in feeling between the high and mighty Falador with its magnificent white structures and its air of nobility,Varrock was much more gloomy perhaps this had to do with it being so close to the dreaded Morytania the land of death,idris made his way to the blue moon he had heard from a local that it was the best place to look for work in the field he was skilled in, this is where he met Kendreth Holloway the slayer.

Waking inside the inn Idris  saw the typical bar patrons, the Farmer enjoying his weekend drink after a hard week of slaving away, the local drunk who’s job just seems to smell and annoy the other guests? Who knows maybe the bar staff keep him as  deterrent to criminals, the smell enough is a death sentence,but sat in the corner seat was a strange man covered in what looked like different pieces of armour and weapons made from several different creatures, even some Idris did not recognise.

After ordering a small glass of cheap whiskey, Idris wafted through the smoke emitting from the slayers giant cigar, and looked towards him, the guy looked down at the floor but somehow idris felt as if he was being stared right at, the man had an uneasy presence about him, some might call it killing instinct and would be scared of it, but Idris seemed to resonate with it, and this was how Idris became the slayer's apprentice.

Knife Ears the slayer's Apprentice

Knife ears, once a racial taunt that used to upset Idris as a child and actually quickly become his nickname within the slayer world due to his master incessantly shouting “Damn it Knife Ears” whenever idris had done something wrong,which if you asked idris would be rare, ask Kendreth however? Well you better pull up a seat.


Kendreth the Slayer

Years passed and Idris began to make a name for himself as a young slayer, eventually being allowed to take up dangerous missions alone and collect the bounties for himself, or so Kendreth told him, Kendreth always seemed to appear just as the beast was slain, which led Idris to believe Kendreth had never actually let Idris leave on his own,This angered Idris but deep down he understood that Kendreth only cared about him.

A few more years passed and Kendreth and begun to get sickly due to a cancer in the lungs or so was implied,Idris had no idea what cancer even was and not many others did either, at first Idris thought it was a made up word used for the doctor to steal money from the unintelligent, but as the months passed Kendreth began to die little by little, his muscles began to waste his hair began to become wiry and straw like  and his eyes lost the intensity that the man once had, his death came quickly for Idris, perhaps longer for a human, but a year is but a day in the eyes of an elf, this was another time Idris was once again reminded of a human's  mortality.

The Guild of Heroes


Idris in his Champion Armour

Lost and without purpose once more, Idris needed another fresh start and found a flyer for a new and upcoming guild built for heroes to prove themselves, Idris had never really been a hero before, he had been a mercenary, he had been a slayer, but both had never really fulfilled him as a person, so off her went once more this time to become a hero.

The Guild was located on a mysterious island later known to the world as New Arenvale and was located in a desert and arid  environment, it was a grand structure and have everything a hero could need, a gym, a fully equipped medical area and most importantly baths, it was here he would meet the people who would shape him into the man he is now.

Idris at first had a fair few problems adapting to the notion of being a hero, like using diplomacy first instead of his blade, this was something he often got in trouble for and was often regarded as hotheaded, eventually he would prove himself and become a full fledged member, he was not the most liked person in the guild due to his temperament and being heavily emotional.

Kal’Goth The Warden

Idris had now been at the guild for around ten years and had achieved the rank of Champion, becoming widely known for his recent endeavours with his allies, in the last ten years Idris had formed a small team within the guild that took on missions together which consisted of the human bard Dimitri Felks and his wife Lissa Ardoc an elven priestess, and the sentinel better know has Herakles the Dwarf, they had begun to make names for themselves as rising stars in the world of heroes.

Lance Kendell the then guildmaster called the team to his office, on arrival they noticed the guildmaster looked sleep deprived and completely pale on further inquiry the team learned of an encroaching threat an infernal had taken an interest in the island and by extension the rest of the world, this infernal was incredibly powerful and went by the name of Kal’Goth the warden.

Kal’Goth was old incredibly old that’s for sure, the reason he was named the Warden was because he took


Kal'Goth The Warden

great pleasure in capturing powerful members of various races and keeping them in his own prison realm, a morbid and twisted zoo if you will, he often pitted his toys against each other earning quite the reputation of a twisted and sinister demon.

Lucky for the heroes the demon had not yet taken his physical form  on this plane and was possessing a host in one of the old Zarosian ruins to the south of the guild in the desert region of the island, The team was led by the guildmaster as he deemed this threat worthy of his attention,looking back Idris would question why they was so easily led, champions taking on this task? While heroes was above them? But the pursuit of recognition by each of them blinded them to the fate that lied ahead.

Upon arrival at the ruins the team was met with an odd sight, the ruins was completely empty and there was no sign that the demon or his forces had even set foot there, Kendell would chortle for a moment, he seemed different now the aura of kindness he often radiated had been replaced with a sense of dread, it was then they realised that they have been tricked and there naivety had been taken advantage off,It seems the demon had been possessing the guildmaster the entire time.

The demon mocked the group about it’s gung ho attitude to being heroes, asking them why they didn't suspect foul play? Why would the guildmaster send out champions for a task of this magnitude?The dwarf Herakles was having none of it and brought up his shield and mace charging towards the possessed guildmaster, aiming to bring the mace down onto his skull shattering it into pieces what happened next was far too quick for the human eye, and the next thing Idris saw was the head of Herakles sat on the Possessed man's right shoulder. Dimitri brought up his enchanted lute and began to sing, ready to cast an offensive spell using his musical weapon, his wife lissa kneeled and began to chant an elvish prayer asking seren for the tools to defeat the demon,idris drew his two dirks and began to ran towards the possessed man aiming to engage him, the man would move at abnormal speeds dodging a fireball casted at him by dimitri and the swing of blades by Idris, it would then send a fist through the elven womens rib cage smiling as she died on his fist, however from her body a bright light would shine and repulse the demon, white mist would then start to circle the demonic man constricting him, choking the demon out of him revealing its spectral form.

Having had its body destroyed by the last breathe of the elven priestess, the demon could no longer sustain himself on this plane and had to leave, but before he did that he would activate a glyph that had been tattooed onto the former guild masters head and caused his body to implode in a powerful magical blast, knocking Idris out.

Guild Master

The next thing Idris remembered was waking up in the guilds medical room with one of the various medics standing over him he would then tell Idris, that the group had mostly been killed, Lance’s body was never found, likely due to the implosion his body suffered, Herakles’ body had been sent back to his family in Keldagrim, Dimitri had left the guild but has also left idris a sword of sorts made from the femur bone of the elven priestess which was still said to retain it’s serenic blessing, Dimitri would never again return to the guild,Idris was alone once more.


A portrait of idris

A guildmaster would not be chosen for the next ten years due to no one truly qualifying for the role, each year there would be a vote with little to no effect, it seemed each hero would vote for themselves, Idris himself had now become a legend in the guild and was one of the elite heroes within the complex, he

however had grown bitter about leading people due to losing his team in that fight ten years prior much to the disdain of his peers who desperately wanted Idris to step up.

Idris would get a letter from his mother detailing who his father actually was,a fact that she had always refused to share with him, his name was Elrond Cadarn, Idris of course knew who this man was who didn’t he was part of the group that brought down the evil lich Thorvald the soul eater,it was at that moment something clicked into his head,Idris always lost people because he was never in control of the situations, he decided that if he took the helm of the guild he could make sure he would become the best leader possible making sure to protect his friends and allies.

Gaining Allies

Having lost all his friends and teammates all those year ago, Idris was alone at the top and due to his attitude in the path had no one applying for the staff or the admin-ship of the guild,Idris decided to take a trip to visit his father and inquire about him joining the guild, and why not? The man was a legend within the hero community and a thorn in the villain's side, if anything he was more qualified for Idris’ job then Idris himself.

Idris arrived in the small town of Rimmington, to think his father only lived a few miles south of his original home, he did question to as if his mother knew where he was the whole time, the house was less of a homely home, and was a fairly large estate, Idris slowly made his way to the front door but instead of being able to knock was met with a large oak door to his face, which sent him flying backwards into the gravel.

Upon regaining his sense and picking himself up he was met with a sight of a fair blonde man, with muscles that bulged in places they should not bulge, he seemed to be somewhat of a savage and grunted towards him, later he would find out this was the son of the Fabled Baldor Greyfur, Forseti Greyfur, the savage questioned to as who the elf was and idris simply muttered that he was the son of Elrond Cadarn.

After hearing who Idris was, forseti became rather pleasant and called back to Elrond shouting about his spawn being at the door,Elrond would come over completely confused to the situation that was unfolding outside his home, as he casted a glance towards Idris his jaw fell and his eye widened as he looked into what seemed to be a mirror

After a few hours the two spoke while forseti looked onto the scene, after proving himself as the son of Elrond, the two became slightly comfortable with each other, after a few months of time spent together and some missions along the way, Idris finally recruited Forseti and Elrond to the guild, he now had the support he needed to run the guild..

The next generation of heroes

With the guild being in disrepair the new heads of the guild had alot of work to do, on the bright side Elrond had enlisted the help of some of his friends, His daughter Katrina Avery-Hyar, her husband Faramel Hyar, and last but least the up and coming hero Sajid Amari, this would be the start of the new and improved guild but it would take quite some time for it to become what it was destined to be.

The first batch of new heroes started to arrive among them Idris’ future wife Emilie Jongblood-Aren, she was a strange woman covered in multiple scars and disfigurements, but Idris saw something in her which made him fall in love with her almost instantly, he’s still unsure to this day what draw himself to her,not soon after the heroes arrived the first mission arrived, it seems  that in the west of the island a zamorakian cult had


The Jungle demon

been pestering the locals and are suspected of trying to summon a demon.

After a short trek the team found the cult but it was too late to stop them, and there rising from the circle was a huge towering demon of the jungle variant, after an extended battle involving multiple casualties and injuries of the new heroes, the remaining heroes managed to scrape together a last minute plan and began to attack the wings of the creature keeping it grounded, the mages who had been charging a powerful spell now had the opening to fire a large earth spell towards the demon crushing it to death.

Having lost several heroes and being completely unprepared Idris spiraled into a bout of depression once more unsure if this was the right place for him, but as weeks passed and people began to look up to him, Idris began to realize that he’s not here for himself, he’s here to make sure the new heroes of this world are prepared, it was here Idris decided no more running.

I Adair you.

The Adair family are perhaps the most famous among the inhabitants of New Arenvale as they are it’s current ruling family atop the throne of the central city,Some call them the usurpers other call them heroes, a decade before Levito began his political career in the mainland, him and several members of his family overthrew the former reigning head of the land then known as Greysura, and began to rule over it’s people.

However Levito went slowly made in his time in the mainland and vanished, leaving his throne to his grandchild Valence Adair, A few months after Idris’ placement as guildmaster Levito would start to show his face toying with his father Elrond, tampering with missions that his members had been sent on,the real first step over the line that Levito took was when he controlled a group of necromancer on an island in the far north.

After a horrific shipwreck, a fight with wolves, a rumble with the undead, they reached the final room and sat on a dark gilded throne was a rotting necromancer who went by Adreun Aren a former relative of the Aren’s of old, and they engaged in battle with him, while the battle was going on Idris was teleported away, the guild members would only notice this as they defeated the necromancer.

It was here the true puppetmaster would appear the long thought dead Levito had once again reared his head to torment the heroes of the world, however he was not the human he once was, it seems that part of him was lost years prior to his reemerging and he has become something of a magical construct, he appeared with the brutalised body of Idris and mocked the  group for it’s lack of attention to its leader, and began to beat Idris on the floor while the group could do nothing but watch, a few moments would pass and the barrier that blocked the group was dropped, Levito left leaving Idris near death.

Journey of Peril

A few months passed and levito still mocked the guild, turning up whenever he wanted due to his bloodline and causing general trouble, the group then decided enough was enough and set out to his current location and prepared to take him and those that followed him down, the group spent a week preparing itself for this upcoming battle of epic proportions

The group had found the location of Levito and his followers, the group landed at the empty dock of the local village that the evil group had taken over, the eery silence was soon broke as they came onto the town a single column of men wearing kinshra esque armour patrolled the streets of the village,after a clever ambush and a short battle the heroes made short work of the soldiers and was ready to move on.

Not soon after finishing the previous battle the ground began to shake in the distance a large figure would start to approach it was armoured in the same equipment as the soldiers before, as it got closer it;s true nature became rather apparent, it was a titan that towered over the village and stood at around thirty feet tall, however it made no moves to attack the group and remained stationary as if it was waiting for orders.

A figure appeared a rather grotesque figure at that, it was the wife of Elrond at least his first one, and his child stitched together to create some kind of abomination, it began to taunt Elrond and started to keep him busy, meanwhile the other guild members engaged with the titan and began a long and drawn out battle, all the while the horror would continue to  torment Elrond much to Noirs distaste, it was soon however defeated by Elrond and Noir. and the titan was also defeated soon after it was discovered to be a contraption made of gears and cogs.

After a short walk with the remaining members who had not been ko’ed in the last fight they would soon come across the man himself Levito, after a short battle of wits which the man won, or so he would tell you he vanished once more setting the stage for the upcoming battle between him and the guild this was going to be the hardest trial of the guild yet.

The stage was set and the competitors had taken their places, Levito would burst into action revealing his true form as some sort of pyromaniac elemental creature that was immune to any physical attacks, he was also made stronger by any fire based attacks, something Ezra found the hard way as he was blasted away by Levito, after a combined attack involving Elrond and Midnight, Levito was slain, his body later devoured by an enemy who would likely arise in the future, however for now the guild had won, the first battle was over.

Threesomes are Squarkward

Archard a recent addition to the guild was a man Idris has known secretly for some time, but for the first few months of his membership he was to be treated like a complete stranger, this was hard for Idris, Archard was a good friend of his after a mission gone wrong, the crimson swift or as he is known now Archard saved Idris and his friends from incarceration by a renegade general and his rebels.

Years would pass since that moment and Archard would eventually bring a renegade Armadylean group to Idris’ attention headed by Skree the Aviansie a twisted former servant of the Aviansie god Armadyl, it was brought to Idris’ attention that he had gathered a whole host of  human followers promising them a new land where the values of Armadyl reign supreme, this was however a lie, Skree had long but since grown out of touch with his god and decided to proclaim himself the true prophet of the winged lord,spreading his warped teachings of Armadyl.

Idris did not want to act too soon but his hand would be forced with a shocking revelation, it seems due to some kind of trade agreement with the cave goblins, a settlement of them had moved into one of the cave systems, this, on it’s own was a cause for celebration however it was smack dab in the eastern country, a place of almost constant war due to the defeat of bandos and the aftermath.

Most of his human followers were outcasted and chased away, a large chunk of them was led to the island of New Arenvale, it was here that they would clash with the locals and the forces of the Adair in what would be known in the future as the thirty year war, again this would almost be dealable on it’s own

But Skree had other ideas he saw this as  a chance to cleanse all Bandosian esque creatures from the island and began to scheme, as luck would have it Archard had infiltrated the Armadyleans  years previous and was privy to this information, it was here the three pronged conflict would start to build.

Bandosian Diplomacy

Idris warned the guild of the incoming conflict and gave them a choice? To fight first or to try and reason with them and the secondary choice of who to start with, for some reason it was the bandosian’s who was chosen as the most susceptible to the charms of the guild.

Idris and the rest of the guild set of the fortress of Hekren as it was here that the orcs was stationed the front line of the forces if you will, Faramel led the talks and was greeted at the gates by a large Orc-Troll crossbreed, he was leading the forces here and went by the name of Gaelnosh Fireclaw, after a failed few moment of peace talks, Faramel challenged the chief to a one on one conflict to win a delay of three days.

After a brutal clash of elite fighters from each side, Faramel was declared the winner as he cut the head from the chief's shoulders, it was here that the guild thought they had fucked up, but alas that was not the case, Bandosians may be bloodthirsty on the most part, but if there was one thing they respected it was brute force,and Faramel had delivered that in full.

Skree Rising

After the half failure of persuading the Bandosians, the group then tried to reason with the Arma followers to see if they was more perceptive of the guild’s plea to stop the war that was about to happen, the group was met below the headquarters of the Arma followers of Skree, a rising tower likely modeled after Armadyl's tower located in southern Asgarnia,after a short conversation with one of the guards the guild was permitted to ascend the tower and meet with Skree himself.

Once the guild had climbed the tower they was met with a strange sight, locked around a gilded cage was a large magical orb, that seemed to be a power source for some kind of weapon that was placed on top of the tower, not a good start to quelling any worries the guild members had, after a short silence to contemplate the environment they found themselves in, it would be lifted by the sound of large beating wings, as Skree began to land on the ground before them, he was a large Aviansie who was akin to an Eagle he wore  several plates of metal mixed with leather as his armour, and carried a large gilded spear with the markings of Armadyl.

Skree was everything they was expecting arrogant and worse of all he thought himself the voice of Armadyl himself, often correct the members when they addressed him simply as Skree, he was to be known as the almighty winged prophet of the winged lord, after a short chat in which Skree told them of his plans to completely wipe the bandosian’s from the island and that the cave goblins were just a slightly worse evolution of the filth he meant to eradicate for the greater justice of the word,the guild deciding to stop any effort to solve this with diplomacy left the tower and began the walk home,Skree after hearing the bandosians had planned to move in three days due to a slip of mouth from one of the guild members led to him firing his grand weapon, the weapon that the magical orb powered, in a loud and powerful blast from it a shot of pure runic energy shot across the sky, the guild members could only look in horror as it destroyed the entire bandosian complex, and a local village of humans nearby, Skree had committed genocide, Idris vowed from this moment to deliver true justice to this bird

The Terrible choice

The time had come to strike Skree, but the guild was incredibly outnumbered by the larger group, Skree had gathered a small army at minimum  and was preparing to launch, this is where Archard comes back into the picture, Archard had managed to become Skree’s right hand man and had become somewhat of a double agent for both groups, ultimately being loyal to Idris however, idris and Archard hatched a devious plan that would upset the guild and it’s members for quite some time.

And so the plan was to be launched, Archard would be called into the office of the guild master, after a short sharing of words, Archard would apologize before  throwing a dagger towards Idris, catching the man between the eyes, the blade instantly killing him, After this Archard would then explode the office, making his escape with Feliks who he had unwittingly made his accomplice, later the group would find out Idris had ordered Feliks and Archard to infiltrate the Armadylean’s,the group had become convinced that the two had been brainwashed.

Archard and Feliks would return to Skree telling him that they had killed Idris and that the deed was done, Skree would praise the two for the skills they had shown, Skree had never seen Archard out of armour and only knew him as the name he went by in the group, not realizing that his double agent from before was the man who he had tried to trick before, a mass of confusing events that nobody's quite sure of today, Skree launched himself forward and impaled Archard on his spear before throwing him off the tower dead, Feliks by luck managed to escape back to the guild


The guild was in complete chaos, Idris had been found beheaded and charred, his body almost unrecognizable, the guild has placed him on the bed covering him in a black burial shroud, the only person who was allowed at his side was Emilie his fiance at the time, she would not allow anywhere near it, Forseti meanwhile had decided to turn his grief into his fuel for the upcoming battle, Skree had tried to shatter the resolve of the guild by killing its leader, he had only made it stronger.

Elrond and Forseti began to assume all of Idris’ duties, Elrond finding this hard due to losing his son, however in respect towards his fallen son he donned a set of his armour, the plume however being black to signify his state of mourning,Forseti had gathered the members together each one equipped for war, after a rousing speech from Forseti the guild was ready, ready to save the goblins, ready to avenge the fallen Guild-Master.

Battle for the Cave

Before the battle would fully commence the cave goblins would be evacuated, as they would only hinder the heroes as they defend the home they had only just made, the guild was ready, a silence befell the heroes as they waited eagerly to engage in combat, the silence was eventually broken by the sound of marching overhead, the flapping of wings signifying that Skree had come, and with him he had brought his war machine, the stage had been set.

Bang, that was the only thing they heard next, as the walls around them began to crumble away from explosives,men began to pour into the room now, surrounding the heroes, lines of pikeman and crossbowmen set up, the heroes were outnumbered and about to face a hail of bolts, the guild took a few casualties in the ensuing fire, but other reacted quickly moving against the enemy whittling down their numbers , the heroes began to launch an effective counter attack, the battle was hard and fast, and the heroes had defeated the first round.

If the heroes were expecting respite they would be sorely disappointed as through the entrances the previous soldiers had left behind appeared what seemed to be the bomb sect of the enemy forces and they began to utilize Molotov cocktails, launching them towards the heroes causing a mass array of explosions and small fires, leaving several more of the members dead and the rest at least slightly burned, however due to the quick thinking of the mages within the group the bombers would be quickly dismantled not being prepared for such a reply.

Skree made himself apparent now, entering from a hole in the caves roof, he was followed by two heavily armored men, one with large metallic wings, almost mirroring skree but in metal, the other a slender man dressed in Armour with a blade, the other simply wielded a large ornate spear, the heroes looked on as main villain came into play, he looked at them, a large screech of a laugh emitting from his beak, it was here the final event would come into play.

End Scene

Skree had set his stage and had begun to unfurl his monologue as often these types do, however midway through this, his general would start to move, the group could only watch in shock as the more slender of the pair brought his right hand down to his side sheathed long sword, and drew it in one movement, cutting  upwards into Skree’s left wing completely cleaving it from his body.

The shock that was already buzzing the room would only increase, as the spear wielder brought up his spear and slammed it forward piercing into the bird’s back and through his front, kebabing the creature onto the shaft, before he kicked forward sliding Skree from the spear, and onto the floor down below, to be at the mercy of the members below, however the slender man would remove his helmet shocking the guild once more.

Idris’ face would be the one to be revealed as the slender general removed his helm, the larger man also revealing his to be the face of Archard, it seems the two had faked death, the members could only fill  two things, anger towards the two for his act, and relief that the guild-master and another member was still here,Skree began to squirm among the members begging for mercy, before he was swiftly silenced by the blades and  the like from the members, Skree had been defeated, and the added bonus of Idris and Archard being alive, only made the victory sweeter.

Idris would lower himself to the ground before walking towards the group, the first thing he found was a swift punch to his jaw from Midnight, who told him to stay dead next time, her way of showing affection one might assume, after some harsh words from his fiance and father, Idris told them all of the events that led up to this final battle, after they all returned to the guild to lick their wounds and prepare for whatever came next.

Infernus Rising

While saving a town from a strange spell of silence that covered the whole area, the team uncovered the imp Balthazar a general well known to Idris from his old foe Kal'Goth the warden a powerful Elder demon, the imp simply told the guild that Kal'Goth was about to make his move against the heroes, judging them as the only thing stopping him from making the world his, and thus began the struggle.

The next sign of the wardens activities would come in the form of his latest project, after several missions involving the heroes each reported a normal race of the world being corrupted by some kind of rune-stone that seemed to control the creature but also giving it increased power and strange abilities , Idris and Griffin came up with two equally disturbing conclusions,

One that Kal'goth might be trying to create some kind of new lifeform to build his army, or he was using the runestones to act as vessels for his demonic army, so that they didn't not have to be present physically on the world, and could be replaced easily again and again, Idris was not happy about either of these and began to look for signs of the Doctor a general under Kal'goth a madman known for demonic experiments.

After a tip off from one of the guilds demonic hunting heroes, the guild made it's first aggressive move infiltrating the Doctors lab a large tower full of several of his creations, the guild was then made to watch as each of them had to fight a creature that was created by the doctor each with a runestone embedded inside it.

After a long tournament like array of battles, the roof above them began to crack as the doctor who turned out to be a large slug like demon fell through it, being rode by Idris who had been keeping it distracted while his members took care of it's creations, the doctor not being built for combat at all was a useless creature, and was easily dispatched by the guild once it fell onto the floor, however moments after the first victory something to null it happened, Kal'goth teleothered Forseti away and has claimed him to be his new general.

Demon-general Forseti, leading an army of demons, attacked the guild in force! With demons coming into the guild at all sides, the entire place soon became a battlefield! With the Guild seemingly holding back the demonic tide, a large beam of energy destroyed a portion of the upper guild, killing many on both sides. Soon, Forseti, revealed to be possessed by a cthonian demon named "The Fleshbinder" came forth to finish. Defeating Idris relatively easily, he began to charge another attack to destroy the entire guild. But before he could fire, Astrid, wielding the Sword of Blackwulf, stabbed him from behind. Strangely, instead of killing him, it purged and killed the demon, leaving Forseti unconscious but seemingly uninjured. This time, the Guild won the fight. But, this still leaves one general and The Warden himself.

Out of the Two Hundred members of the guild, fifty were lost, most when the tower fell. Eighty plus are listed as injured,As for the state of the Guild, The entire front wall is destroyed. The tower was completely annihilated, with debris scattered around the courtyard. The dome and roof of the Hall of Heroes was vaporized. The med room, and parts of the hallway past were vaporized. The statue on the fountain was heavily damaged,The Guild suffered heavy losses,Out of the 1000 strong army, 500 were killed by Fleshbinders Blast. another Three hundred were killed by members of the guild overall, and Fleshbinder himself was destroyed forever.


After months of preparation and scouting looking for the location of the giant beast general of the demon Kal’goth, the heroes finally located it’s whereabouts not that it was hard considering the sheer size of the beast, after some careful preparation and research the heroes learned of a extremely strong sealing spell the only way they would be done with this creature, fighting it head on would merely result in the quick death of them all,five stakes were made by a druid imbued with parts of a sealing spell each take to take effect would need a forfeit of life energy resulting in the lost of years, the legs required ten years each however the main body and head required just over hundred years unknowing to the rest Idris sacrificed these years in secret.

And thus a suicide mission was formed a small strike team of heroes set out to vanquish the beast and save the world a typical day out for this group it seemed,the group headed to the last known area and teleported there quickly, as soon as they got there they felt the effects of being near the beast, short but powerful tremors rumbled underfoot and a strong wind blew against the group causing them some difficulty in progressing towards the general, it was not long before the group ran into trouble in the form of a demonic scouting party, which they quickly dispatched with adept teamwork.

The group continued onwards before a loud crashing stopped them in their tracks, in front of them a large cloud of dust and tree shrapnel shot towards them, the dust eventually settled and revealed was a large structure bigger than most buildings, it was the beast's first leg and it was walking to the side of them, the time to strike was now and Idris gave the group the final orders reach the legs, seal them, defeat the Lieutenants and don’t die, with that he casted a short serenic prayer bolstering his abilities as he ran towards the head of the beast to distract it, the group moved towards the first leg.

With Idris distracting most of the main force Forseti,Griffin,Feliks,Maganne, Ems and Sharne followed by Ter’ka headed towards the next stage, on finding the leg the group were horrified at the sight of it, it was as if the leg was stitched from thousands of demonic corpses,at the base of the leg was three demons holding axes waiting for the heroes, behind them was a robed figure holding a stave made from real bone, it was the last bone item the guild needed in the last fight versus the Warden, the group now had two objectives defeat the lieutenant and his guards and claim the bone stave, the group engaged in battle with the demons a long fought out battle occurred costing the heroes valuable time, Sharne the slayer opted to ignore the Lieutenant and flung herself using an air spell towards the leg landing on it.

The mage demon would act now swinging his blade from right to left a strong blade of wind emitting in an arc towards the group, lucky for most it would miss however Mag would be cut across the ankles grounding her a demon in front of her taking the brunt of the spell however,Griffin ducked away from the spell however a tree that had been cut before made to land onto the bard trapping him under it.

With a swift movement using an earth spell she plunged the first stake into the leg of the Beast turning it completely to marble, however her victory was short lived as the spell took effect ripping away her life force causing immense pain.

Sharne soon fell to the floor to which the mage saw a chance and went to swing the stave towards her using an air spell to end her life, however she was saved by Forseti who used a small blast of her to negate the spell, which allowed Mag the female knight to step in front of the demon and slice a blade across its abdomen, allowing Feliks the chance to slice at his side if that was not enough the Aviansie Ter’ka let loose and arrow that embedded in the demon's head causing it to implode in an display of ic*or and ash, Sharne was retrieved and the group hurried to the next demon and leg

The group found the other rear leg and began to make the way towards it, however they would only be met with one demon this time a large and armoured behemoth carrying a large hammer, Emilie would face it head on swinging her greatsword towards the beast clashing with weapon on weapon, she attempted to disarm him which worked, however he would grab at her neck throwing her to the floor, hoping to knock her into Sharne and the pathing of the fire spell Griffin had fired,lucky for them the Aviansie would shoot a well placed arrow into the creature's spine causing it to implode in an array of ash and ic*or.

Meanwhile this was all going down Forseti using his enchanted gloves would launch the knight Maganne towards the leg however she fell just short of it and cracked her knee in the process however this did not stop her and she crawled and fought her way to the leg before she suffered the same fate as Sharne to seal the leg.

After defeating the two rear legs and the Lieutenants that watched vigil over them, the had succeeded in halting the generals movements and only had two legs to take out, however the group had started to show signs of fatigue the slayer Sharne almost dragging herself to the next conflict, the group hurried on however knowing that they didn't have time to compose themselves nor take a break.

The group soon hurried to the first frontal leg and was met with a fiery demon who seemed to be made completely of flames and a horde of imps that were almost set on fire, which danced around the group almost mocking them.

Earlier in the mission Idris handed out four spikes to the group however the medic Feliks and Griffin refused to take part in the ritual Sharne deciding to carry two increasing the pain and burden she might eventually feel she made to flank the demon using Forseti as his cover, the creature simply moved forward and almost walked straight into the brutes fist, which did little to hurt it and likely caused more damage to Forseti.

The imps kept the others busy for a short while causing little to no harm merely an annoyance,Forseti continued his attempts to accost the man made of flames and would send his whole arm inside to find something to grab, finding nothing but the searing of skin, The Aviansie continued to fire arrow after arrow towards the fire demon to little avail, meanwhile Sharne slowly made her way towards the leg focused on her goal.

The imps were dispersed and removed allowing the others free reign to get involved, seeing that attacks were having little to no effect on the demon, Feliks made her way to the waterfront and went to mould a water spell,however the demon read her mind and went to take care of her speeding towards her, Emilie using her magic enhanced strength went to grab the armour of the fire demon pulling it backward attempting to slow it down, this and a well placed arrow in an unprotected area caused it to fall to it’s knees where it was soon doused in a water spell causing it to implode from the sheer amount of water, Sharne fought through to the next leg and eventually stabbed the stake into it this time taking far too much a toll, causing her to pass out just before the fire demon was destroyed, her goal was met she had done it not once but twice.

Forseti had ran ahead with Mag to the next Lieutenant the others lagging behind or passed out unable to continue onwards, they would soon see a familiar face it was the demon known only as the river king. A large toad like demon who they thought had agreed with them too fight Kal’goth only it seemed to fake his own death and become one of the generals lieutenants.

The bard Griffin had earlier gone to take the stave back to the guild for safe keeping, it seemed just as they reached the river king he had returned flanking the demon, sending a binding spell towards the river king rooting him to the floor,Griffin was incredibly angered by his betrayal and had a small vendetta against the creature, Forseti meanwhile lacked the ability to use his hands and ran blindly towards the last leg using a small leap of faith to latch onto the leg and plant the last stake into the beast.meanwhile Griffin added another layer of binding spell to the river king and stabbed a blade through it’s head, Feliks also had a part to play cutting it’s long tongue in half while the Aviansie once again fired a well aimed arrow towards the beast defeating the last Lieutenant.

That should have been the end of this dispute however Forseti went weak a small aura of dread surrounding him as he released his hold on the final leg stake, the spell stopping halfway. As Forseti passed out Griffin supporting him, it all went silent until from above the beast the well known voice of Idris would cry out as the head stake was implanted the leg being the last thing left, this seemed to spur Forseti who ** awoke and finished the job the Beast was sealed it was over or so they thought.

The group would hear the victory cry of their guildmaster and would hurry over to him to find the man laid on his back covered in wounds and plastered in the demonic ic*or they had come to know well in this outing,.

This however was short lived as a rift behind Idris ripped open a large elder demon stepping out into the fray, it was the warden himself and he was now looming over the Guild master, the Aviansie tried once more to fire a well placed arrow which was simply flicked away by the incredible might of the demon,It was here the heroes would learn the terrible truth of the generals, it seems the warden was a threat to others of his kind and was seen as a threat by several demons who became his chains of sorts binding him to earth so that he may never regain power again, the stage was set the warden had no intention in fighting them and stepped backwards likely heading into his prison realm,

It's a bad plan

A few days would pass after the guild was informed of the final phase of the plan to defeat the warden Kal’goth and the unfortunate news that they would have to rely on a once enemy of the guild the notorious conman and thief Ibrim Rahal to lead them to the creature, after the defeat of the general the warden escaped to his own realm a pocket realm of sorts in which he resided over a prison more akin to a zoo full of dangerous and deadly creatures he had collected while terrorising different worlds, the time had come for the final battle and no one was truly ready.

Idris, Setrius and Griffin had devised a shaky plan using a device that would unleash a uncontrollable amount of divine energy into somewhat of bomb hoping that such a blast would completely destabilise the realm closing it’s dimensional walls to fold in on themselves almost erasing the realm so to speak,however Setrius informed them of the danger of such a plan and without any devices to slow down the releasing of energy the heroes would have no chance to escape and would die along with them.

Idris was told that he would require six different dragonstones, not having much to his name he had no choice but to enter the guilds emergency vault a place he’d never really enjoyed going and a place where members had never been allowed before, Chael, Griffin and Setrius became the exception to this rule when they were taken into with Idris, however meeting them was a strange magical image of a young woman her features indescribable as she was somewhat made of light, her hair however the only noticeable trait flowed to her feet.

The construct introduced herself as the first guildmaster Lux, she named Idris number eight perhaps a shock to the other members the previous masters rarely being spoken about, it seemed Idris and the construct didn’t actually see eye to eye, and after much back and forth he asked her to pass him the dragonstones after an attempt to make him beg and his grumpy reaction Griffin spoke up ceasing the argument she handed over the stones and they left, Idris instructed Setrius to prepare the bomb and the others to get everyone else to prepare for the trip, he also advised them to write to loved ones as this might be the last time they had a chance.

Hours would pass but the time would come, and Idris would stride into the guild’s courtyard, it was here that he began to bark orders at them all, the members started to gather, some of them scared, some of them eager for revenge, and some of them apathetic to it all, but everyone was armed and somewhat ready, Idris informed them all of the plan and told them to meet Ibrim outside the gates, the members slowly moved out, some stayed behind to protect the guild,others were preoccupied but most of them had started the trip to the final battle.

Ibrim would be waiting for them outside, a rare sight would meet the members the thief who favoured light clothing was armed to the teeth in regal red armour, he smirked at them all rattling off some curses and some jokes about mothers before he told them to surround him, before he unlocked the rift which would carry them to the prison realm, after some grumbles and some angry members shouting at him he teleported and the battle was about to begin, they landed in a dark room no light that however didn’t last longer and the lights flickered on.

Necromancy is fun

Ibrim would be waiting for them outside, a rare sight would meet the members the thief who favoured light clothing was armed to the teeth in regal red armour, he smirked at them all rattling off some curses and some jokes about mothers before he told them to surround him, before he unlocked the rift which would carry them to the prison realm, after some grumbles and some angry members shouting at him he teleported and the battle was about to begin, they landed in a dark room no light that however didn’t last longer and the lights flickered on.

After a slight adjustment to the sudden light the members would start to see the room that they had been teleported into, after a brief search they would find no trace of Ibrim,however they would find themselves sat on wooden benches inside a box of sorts, much like a jury box in a court and at the head of the room a large stone desk, behind it sat the Warden Kal’goth a tall and muscular grotesque elder demon, in his hands a large gavel, he simply looked at the group letting them soak the current situation in.

The group instantly went for him, the headstrong Sharne led the charge once more heading straight for him, not that he was going to entertain the heroes with himself just yet, he vanished inside a portal leaving the heroes questioning what was coming next, from the shadows stepped out a man some of the members had been told about recently when Idris was warning them of the dangers of necromancy, it was a former lover of Idris, Lexius the mad formerly known as Lexius the mage, a long thought dead enemy of the guild of old,Idris had little time to take in the shock as he and Setrius prepared the bomb.

The heroes began to engage the necromantic horror, as he began to create skeletal hands that would start to grab at the heroes from below attempting to bring them through the floor or tear the flesh from their bones,  using this technique he managed to keep the heroes away from himself for quite some time, killing one or two of them in the process.Marius the brave as he would later be immortalised as broke free of the hands and without cause for concern dived straight for the necromancer tackling him to the ground, the necromancer taken by surprised ceased his necromantic spells freeing the other heroes.

However the surprise that they had caused would not keep the necromancer locked down for long, using Osteomancy he contorted his ribs into some manner of bone spikes which he used to quite literally impale Marius’ chest in a mortally wounding fashion, however the fight had not left Marius just yet, and with his right hand he brought up dagger from his belt and cut across the necromancers neck and then stabbed it into Lex’s heart, lucky for Marius he was no wight and this killed him instantly, the crumpled body was then booted off him by a geomancy infused kick from Sharne,Marius succeeding in saving his friends then died in the medic Feliks arms, the heroes sadly would have no time to grieve as Kal’goth reappeared behind them his large flail dangling from his right hand.

A waltz with power

Kal swung his flail through the air the sheer power of the swing sending out a powerful shockwave that caused the heroes to be flung around the hall, severely injuring some and killing even more,he was attempting to show the heroes just how futile their efforts were futile, however lucky for them Idris and Setrius were almost finished with the bomb the necessary precautions being taken, idris called out to his group to tell them that they would have to start teleporting out,they were all set to finish it, that was until Idris and Setrius found themselves next to their group, the sight they saw next spelled only defeat, Kal’Goth was stood next to the divine energy bomb, with nothing but a smile on his face.

Kal’Goth smiled at the group before he plunged his clawed hand into the divine bomb, deactivating it by breaking it;s container without anything to actually cause it to react in a manner that would cause the explosion it was just a cup of energy, Kal began to absorb the energy the room and realm coming apart as the sheer power he was gaining began to take effect, he was starting to leave his demon self behind and achieve ascension as a god. The heroes could only look in horror as their planned had horribly backfired, they were all too injured to fight anymore and could only lay crippled.

However Ka’goth did not increase in size, in fact he looked the same as before, perhaps something was wrong? He however did not see this and began to power up a magical spell aiming it at the heroes, only one hero remained the assistant guildmaster Forseti Greyfur, he was the only thing standing between the crippled heroes and the assumed god level Kal’Goth, with a final charge he went to punch Kal, it had little effect as the skin around Kal just gave way letting him shoot through him, causing forseti to flail into a wall, just as Kal was about to vaporise the heroes his body started to crackle with a blue light, a few moments later he started to crumble and fall apart as the divine energy began to break apart, clearly he was not strong enough to handle any of this power and he quite literally exploded in a ball of divine light, the demon was dead and the heroes were safe once more.

Next Chapter

After a few months of continued service as the guildmaster, Idris began to feel himself stagnating, he was a hero of old, and the heroism of new seemed so alien to him, he didn’t understand it truth be told and he decided it was time to pass the title onto someone new, he didn’t cause a fuss when he left, he came to Forseti one night telling him the secrets of the guild, before handing everything to him, idris stepped out the courtyard giving the guild one last look a singular tear dripping as he looked ahead, his wife and children being left behind, some may say it was selfish but Idris didn’t plan on burdening them with his new life.

Idris decided to become a nomadic slayer master to make coin when he needed it, he didn’t seem to get involved in much heroism anymore everywhere he went new heroes cropped up to save the day, no longer did the lone traveller enter the village to be its saviour, something inside him should be happy that heroism had spread so far, but in truth it began to make him feel empty and without purpose, he decided to kick it in Varrock for the time being, observing the current flow of the city, looking for someone to succeed him.

Skills and Abilities



Idris has barely any skill in this field of knowledge only knowing how to cast very basic level spells with the correct runes,and only ever uses magic for slight of hand tactics or to start camp fires and the like.

Mind and Body

Idris has never tried to use body magic and finds the whole idea of it bemusing, he does however practice mind magic and is fairly adept in it's uses, however he only uses this to calm the minds of his guild members and is incapable of using it offensively.

Ancient Magic

Idris views all of this magic as incredibly evil and is strongly against it's use, he does however have quire a fair bit of knowledge on the magics due to fighting against it on occasion


Idris’ main style of fighting is using melee weaponry and over his fairly long lifespan is incredibly skilled in various forms of fighting, his top two being his martial arts that he learned from his accomplice in the mercenary group he was part of, his second primary style is the use of a longsword and a shield something which he has over a hundred years of training in.

His secondary styles include the art of daggers and smaller sword, and often uses this when the situation calls for stealth, and the art of spear play something which he has only just picked up,


Idris is fairly capable in the usage of ranged weapons often carrying a bow along with his sword and shield but he is far from a master with it his skill only extends to the usage of longbows and is a fairly decent shot, he also has a raw talent for throwing knifes, it is however very rare for Idris to use anything but melee which leads to his ranged mastery to be fairly rusty.


Fremmenik- Fluent

Elven -Fluent

Common- Fluent

Khardian -Fluent

Idris has always had an incredible talent for picking up different dialects and over his fairly long life has become fluent in all major dialects of the world.


Diogelu- A set of armour weaved by the expertise of elven craftsmans including magical warding and crystal mixed with leather dyed in an array of greens.

Cleddyf- A drudic enchanted scimatar made from a mixture of mithril and Silver, it also as a weighted tip and a spiked handle.

Gwerthfawr- An enchanted crystal shield.



Selwyn  Baines ( Mother)

Idris’ mother who he is incredibly close with, she brought him up alone in the alien town of port Sarim the place Elrond had left them in his pirate days, never returning breaking the woman's heart as she waited for him never loving another man, she herself was from the elven lands, well versed in the arts of herbs and potions, she would eventually open up a potion store in the port town, becoming famous the land over for her quality potions.

She tried her hardest to help Idris adapt to the humans around him, trying to break his aging to him, that he would age much slower compared to the children around him, and she found it impossible to fully describe why, she could only watch in sadness as Idris began to cry when his friends died of old age, himself only just an adult, she still lives to this day in her old shop awaiting news sent by Idris of his latest adventure.

Elrond Cadarn (Father)

Idris’ has only really known his father for a little less than a year, and has only just started to consider him a figure worthy of his respect,the relationship has likely only progressed so far due to Elrond’s placement as the guild’s magistrate forcing father and son to work closely together, that mix with the various missions they have fought together on, they now share a fierce bond not only signifying a father and son but brothers born from combat.

Emilie Cadarn-Jongblood (Wife)

At first Idris didn’t like his now wife, he found her thick headed and without proper sensibilities,however distaste would soon turn to attraction as they constantly came to blows, they both started to realize they was more alike than the other would admit,Idris soon became the only man who could calm down her fits of rage, after many months of fighting the affection they felt for each other they finally gave in, and would eventually end up married.

Andras Cadarn-Isildur (Son)

Godric Cadarn- Isildur (Son)

Morgaine Cadarn- Isildur (Daughter)

Turi Cadarn- Isildur (Son)

Titles and Achievements

Demonbane- Given to him by the demonic world due to being famous in the art of demon slaying, due to most of his career focusing on such.

Guild-master of the Guild of heroes (Retired) - Given to him when he became the guild master of the guild of heroes (Arenvale)

Member of the Legends guild - Awarded to him after various trials set by the guild

Member of the Heroes Guild - Awarded to him after varius trials set by the guild


Bloodborne Soundtrack OST - The One Reborn

Bloodborne Soundtrack OST - The One Reborn

The Wardens Theme

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