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Hunter Young is a human in his teenage years native to lumbridge, and currently living in and attending school in Varrock. He as played as a side character by Lutheenus.


Hunter was born in Lumbridge in year 153 of the fifth age on his parents farm, the oldest of seven children. His upbringings were modest, for his family was not rich nor poor. The farm had modest ouput which fed the family while having leftover to sell to the kingdom. He worked in the fields, while attending a public tutor in lumbridge which taught many of the children in town, of all ages. In the most recent couple of years in his life he began scratching the basics of combat, and how to hold a weapon. More recently, tragedy struck when the battle of lumbridge broke out. one of his very young brothers who was out with friends and was supposed to be watched by another parent was curiously observing the strange portal when the gods returned. The chaos and destruction happened too soon, and he was killed in the ensuing explosion. The family grieves over the loss of a child, and struggles to rebuild due to their loss of land in the battle. In order to allow the family to better support themselves, as well as seek out better, safer opportunities, he chose to leave Lumbridge and travel north to Varrock, alone. His family granted him the savings which had been set aside for him, enough to hold him over for enough time to establish himself, but the task will prove difficult.

Arrival in Varrock

Upon arrival in Varrock, Hunter made a deal living at the Blue Moon Inn for a reduced price. He'd work there, whiel attending school at the schoolhouse outside of town.

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