Hrar Graysword

Hrar Graysword making a sword with the Graysword Hammer

Hrar is a dwarf of the clan Graysword, a highly respected clan of blacksmiths and artistians. Hrar is current heir to his clan's facility and vast amounts of wealth that has collected since the clan's beginning. Hrar hails from the city of Keldagrim.

Hrar's history

Hrar was the sixth son of his father, the legendary smith Rinde Graysword. Being much younger than his other brothers, Hrar took to staying by himself, or around his father, while the other dwarves got into shenanagins and other things. Hrar learned to forge much faster than any of his brothers had before him, he seemed to have a passion for iron and steel, which reflected onto his work. His father took him as his apprentice, teaching him more in the ways of creating works out of metal and jewels... But soon his brothers grew jealous of this, "Why is he, the youngest our father's apprentice!" They schemed. "This is unfair and an insult to our family!" In the night Hrar's brothers left for lands unknown, leaving him to be the sole heir of his family. Soon after his father died from an unknown sickness, it is unknown wether or not his brothers poisoned him, or he simply lost the will to live after losing all but one of his sons. And despite being the youngest, Hrar was the one to inherit his father's forge, and when old enough, the clan's riches.


A closeup on Hrar's face


Hrar is thinner than most dwarves. He also seems to be a few inches taller. Like all Grayswords Hrar has a short trimmed, dark brown coloured beard, because long beards and forges do not mix well. His hair is the same colour, being much longer than his beard. Hrar usually wears a black tunic and black pants to match, along with thick soled leather boots.

Graysword hammer

A close up of the Graysword Hammer when held by Hrar

The Graysword hammer

Legend tells of a large gold hammer that is passed down through the generations of the Graysword clan. Only few have been known to know of the hammer's existance and location, even fewer have actually seen and used it for themselves. The hammer seems to be dwarven made, dating back dozens of generations. It also seems to be enchanted, only letting those worthy of such a hammer able to wield it. The hammer will never dent or scratch, and is used to forge near perfect weapons and armour. This hammer was passed down to Hrar when his father died.


-Despite being named the Graysword clan, their sacred item is a hammer.

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