The family Coat Of Arms. Note the sun and moon; this shows the family's patron god is Tumeken, god of light and the sun.

The House of Jarhket were a noble family who erupted in the early Third Age. They later merged with their long-time running feuders, the House of Mehjit in the Fifth Age. They claimed their wealth and nobility after saving a chieftain from certain death in the early Fourth Age.

History Third-Fourth Age

The history of the House of Jarhket dates back to the Third Age, where two poor families, Jarhman and Ketlin married each other. The House consists of mainly politicians, including Geslin Jarhket, Grand Vizier to the Emir and Heret Majorcus-Jarhket, Royal Scribe to the Emir. They became the Jarhket Family. About 50 years later, they claimed wealth and nobility by saving an unknown cheiftain from attackers. He granted them eternal wealth from his tribe, and this earned them the title of Nobility. They became the House of Jarhket. In the early Fourth Age, the House Of Jarhket developed a feud with the opposing House, the House of Mehjit, after agreeing with the Emir's decision of executing the Mehjit leader, Alaisima Mehjit.

History Fourth-Fifth Age

Later, in the early Fifth Age, the Houses of Mehjit and Jarhket united after a relationship and marriage between two members, Emisha, a Mehjit, and the Jarhket Felos. This marraige was not recognized by the families, as both House's Laws state that anyone who doesn't inherit the family fortune must be shunned and live in pocerty, with no help from the other members. The family had merged though, as a peace treaty, becoming the House of Mehjit-Jarhket. The family still has a heavy influence over Al Kharid today, as every door may have the family crest embedded into it somewhere, or the crest embroidered onto market stall cloth covers at the corners.

Notable Members

  • Tutmosi Jarhket, retired museum curator and author of 101 Ways To Tell If A Dragon Is Lying
  • Harisa Mehjit, first member to have been recognized as a merge between two families, currently Grand Vizieress to Emir Kato
  • Aqilah Jarhket, wealthy merchantess and brother of Tutmosi Jarhket


  • The name has no meaning in Arabic; it simply sounds exotic
  • Tutmosi's name comes from the pharoah Tutmosis III
  • Aqilah's name means wife in Arabic; this is ironic as she ended up a spinster
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