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The House Von Holzern-Grau is an ancient family of Misthalites, predominantly apt in magical influences, originating from the early fourth age. The Patriarch of the House is traditionally the Duke of Holzern-Grafschaft, a Duchy awarded for service in the Drakan wars, which sits inside Misthalin north of Draynor, with a section of the River Lum running through it.

The House

Current prominent members

  • Fredrick Wilhelm, Duke of Holzern-Grafschaft. Aged: 33.

Current location: Karamja, on expedition.

  • Otto von Holzern-Grau, Regent of Holzern-Grafschaft in the absence of the Duke. Aged: 16.

Current location: Reigning in Holzern Palace.

Held Honours

  • The Duchy of Holzern-Grafschaft
  • The County and city of Holzern


The House of Holzern-Grau is a military family with a history largely buried deep into the past of the public record. They back to around the year 200 of the fourth age, when the tribal chieftain of the nomadic clan decided to settle his people, founding the village of Holzern. Steptimius took the name of Holzern-Grau    The village remained independent for nearly 800 years until, like all the settlements around it, it paid homage to Avarrocka and became a part of the Kingdom of Misthalin.

Faithfully serving the kingdom, when the call to war came against Lord Lowerniel Drakan, the Von Holzern-Grau were one of the first to answer the call. For the next few hundred years, the battle with the Zamorakian hordes raged on, and the family gained notoriety for their leadership capabilities, as well as combat prowess. The Von Holzern-Grau’s became notable for producing some of the most powerful battle-mages of the age, with the head of the family often being adressed an Archmage out of tradition.

After hundreds of years of warfare, Drakan's forces had finally been banished across the salve river. The Von Holzern-Grau served for many years with distinction, and their traditions of magical practice grew strong and well established. Throughout this time the family had been ruling the County of Holzern, however as they gain prestiege in the war, they eventually were able to become the Dukes of Holzern-Grafschaft, and have remained so to this day.

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