The Family Tree

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The Highborn Family Tree


This chart shows the bloodline of the Ryder Lord Commanders, dating all the way back to the Third Age.

The Third Age

The Zarosian Empire

House Ryder was among the many countless noble houses in Zaros' mighty empire. Though they held a seat in the politics of Senntisten, they held but a small voice among the mahjarrat dominated council. Just before the betrayal of Zamorak, a mahjarrat named Oliver Ryder was slowly gaining favor with the Zarosian military leaders for his efficiency and brutality toward his foes. His undead legion became a "living" legend among the common folk of Senntisten, fame that might even have written his name in the history books if not for the actions of Zamorak.

After Zaros was "destroyed" by the hands of Zamorak, the Zarosians fell into disarray with the loss of their god. Oliver, not willing to let a usurper destroy his god's legacy, rounded up the Ryder military and marched his legion toward Forinthry, to pursue Zamorak. For a century, Oliver Ryder rained bloody hell upon the Zamorakians, his undead legion and Shadow Guardsmen rendering the armies asunder. The fighting did not seem to have an end, as countless Zamorakians reinforced their losses at a staggering rate, but the Ryders' fierce determination inspired other Zarosians to join their guerrilla war.

The written accounts of the God Wars do not remember much of the Zarosian efforts, for much of its history was erased when Zamorak, with the power of the Stone of Jas, brought untold destruction to the world in a desperate attempt to stave off the advances of the other gods. Many Ryders died in the blast, reducing an army into a few survivors. With their losses proving to great to recover from, Oliver was forced to withdrawal.

The Fourth Age

The Rise of Ryderian Men

While human tribes began to conquer and take hold of Gielinor from the Elder Races, House Ryder was no exception. Oliver Ryder's demonic and undead forces were now destroyed, allowing the human slaves of the House to rise in rebellion. Marcus Ryder became the first human Lord Commander of House Ryder, establishing a precedent that only a human born of his bloodline will claim the Ryderian Throne. The creation of the fabled Ryder Blades, powerful weapons crafted with unique abilities that were gifted to the Highborn of the House, was also established under his rule, a tradition the Ryders still follow to this day.

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