House Draculesti
Draculea Crest




Count of Kharyrll

Count of Cave Canem

Count of Canifis


Prior to vampyric presence in Gielinor


Vladiyad I Draculesti


Vladiyad I Draculesti

2nd in Command:

Lucifer Draculea

Land Regency:

Castle Draculesti


House Drakan, Zarosian (just a few members).

House Draculesti (previously known as House Draculea) was an ancient vampyre family that ruled over their own keep in Morytania, known as Castle Draculesti; a wonderous collection of spires that was built overtop the ruins of Castle Fenkenstrain. The family also had representation in Darkmeyer's political system.

Throughout most of the Second Age, the coven was Zarosian. During the God Wars, many of its members allied themselves with Zamorak and served under Lord Drakan. In modern times, however, many of the members turned either Zarosian once again or Godless.

The last head of the house was Vladiyad I Draculesti. With his death at the hands of his bastard daughter, the few remaining members of the coven were scattered. Not long after, the once noble house crumbled into ruin and thus no longer exists.


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