House Cruor is a new Noble House of Kandarin. It is a cadet branch of House Syvian. Their house sigil is a bloody skull on a black and burgundy banner.

House Cruor

The new Flag of House Cruor after the fall of Kandarin

House Words: "Densior deinde Sanguinem" ( "Thicker than Blood" )

Family Titles

  • Grand Knight of The Order of the Dragon
  • Lords of West Ardougne

Founding of House Crour

The Cruor Family was born with the Vekon reformation of Kandarin. When Eden Syvian went south and was declared King of Southern Kandarin, Ser Atreyu Syvian remained in Ardougne.

To avoid any confusion about Atreyus Status, he cut ties with the main Syvian family and gave up his rights and titles related to them. King Vectis, being pleased with Atreyu's loyalty to the Crown of Kandarin, gave him the right to found his own Noble House. Atreyu took the name Cruor and became the Noble Family of Seers under House Ryder.

After the events of the War with the Sicarius and the Red Ryder Trial, Atreyu was made Baron of Seers and his House raised from gentry to Nobility. 

Family Blood Line


The Cruor Family lines are a mixture of old blood of Kandarin, the Kharid, and the Fremennik Isles. The current Lord of the family, Atreyu Cruor, is descended from several high nobles of the past. Most prominent being Russia Blood, Emperor of Kandarin, along side Nin, Dae, and Syvian. The Family is the defacto keepers of the property and titles of House Blood as House blood has now become extinct. 

Family Tree

  • Atreyu Cruor, founder
  • Ronon Syvian, Atreyu's father
  • Acela Blood, daughter of Emperor Russia Blood, Atreyu's mother

  • Remus Nin, High King of the Fremennik Province; Ronon's father
  • Leeza Dae, Queen of Miscellania, daughter of Zenthos Dae; Ronon's mother

Current Members

  • Atreyu CRuor, Grand Knight
  • Luna Cruor, Daughter of Atreyu
  • Lyanna Cruor, Sister of Atreyu
  • Jushiro Cruor, Son of Atreyu


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