Saradomin star House Caspar Saradomin star
"Strength and Sacrifice."

Family Name:

House of Caspar

Head of Family:

Lord Sael Caspar

Family Type:

Trading, Nobility


Caspar the Cunning



Family Colours:

Blue and Silver

Family Animal:



~ Caspar Keep, Asgarnia
~ Caspar estates, Al Kharid (primary)

The House of Caspar are a Saradominist trading family that has existed since the early Fifth Age when they began to establish trade relations between many of the neighboring nations. Caspar served under Sailas von Holzern-Grau during the reign of Radallin, which he used as influence to gain favor in the Asgarnian court. Caspar the Cunning earned his epithet by his political schemes and maneuvers which brought House Caspar to a greater standing among Asgarnians and even Mithalinians, who established trade with them shortly after. Caspar’s son and heir, Falrus, managed to keep the trading company stabilized and built the trade fleet to the standards it possesses today. Falrus was known among the Caspar for establishing trade between Asgarnia and Al Kharid, also acting under orders from King Vallance to slowly convert the city to Saradominism. This was never truly completed, yet the task is still in the hearts of the Caspar to this day.

The Caspar eventually became rivals to House Drahon of Al Kharid, who overstepped the Caspar’s and began trading their valuable resources from the desert with nations further west such as Kandarin. Lord Falrus could not stand to see his family’s influence wane, especially since House Drahon were a Menaphite family trading with far-reached Saradominist’s. He devised a plan to take the settlement of Trekartha on the island of Karamja, unbeknownst to him that House Drahon had planned the same thing. Word eventually reached Falrus that House Drahon seized the settlement of Trekartha and established it as a colony. Angered by the sly hand of the Drahon, Falrus ordered a fleet of warships to set sail for Karamja where the Caspar-Drahon conflict began in violence. Lord Falrus and the Lord of House Drahon, Makra, were killed in the naval battle off the coast of Trekartha. Their sons, Sael Caspar and Deon Drahon, ordered the battle to a halt. Deon ordered his own men to stop once he watched his father’s ship be destroyed by cannon fire. He then sent a messenger by rowboat with terms to Sael, requesting to end the bloodshed by duel between the two new Lords. During the fight, Sael managed to severely wound Deon, leaving the latter the loss of his left arm. Believing Deon to be dead, Sael gathered what remained of his fleet and sailed back to Al Kharid where he further elevated the status of House Caspar from his fearless reputation gained during the Battle of Trekartha.

However, Deon was not dead and returned to Al Kharid in the next year, beginning an intense rivalry between Drahon and Caspar that began from trading assets to a religious conflict. Now, the two houses fight and vie over the conversion of the Al Kharidian populace to either Saradominism or the Pantheon.

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