Holly Jeanette Genic
A creepy portrait of Holly J. Genic.

Birth Name:

Holly Jeanette Blakan


5 Raktuber, Year 147, Fifth Age Varrock, Misthalin








140 pounds

Eye Color:

Grayish Blue

Hair Color:



Holly Jeanette Genic (Blakan-Luxon-Genic) is the wife of Pidog Genic. She is the daughter-in-law of Path O. Genic. She is also a former teacher at the Varrock Academy west of Varrock that she ran during the Roaldyns' rule of Varrock. She was the Crown Princess of Al Kharid and Pollnivneach, but then demoted to Grand Princess of Al Kharid and Pollnivneach after her husband rebelled and was removed from the line of succession, but the Genics 'died' and gave the throne of those lands to the Sarimian Empire, led by Emperor Joe Adalhard. She is the widow of Shaun Luxon. She has 7 biological children, the first being from her short-lived first marriage, and the rest from her current marriage. She also has numerous adopted children who are all either missing or dead at the moment. In addition, she has 4 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild. She is played by Howdia.


Holly was born as a Blakan. When she married Shaun Luxon, she became a Luxon (At the time, it was not known that he was actually part of the House of Cross that later ruled Varrock and the Commonwealth, but she became a Blakan again when she became a widow. She became a Genic when she married Pidog Genic (Who is now known as Pidog Blakan). Here is Holly's family tree, which shows people in the Blakan Family, the Genic Family, and her first husband.

Holly Card

Fan-made card of Holly.

                                                                                                                                                               John Genic = Valerie Genic
                                                                                                                                                                     |             |
                                                                                                                                                               |                                |
                     Howdia Blakan I = Holly Jeanette Maki Blakan                                                                     Sapp Genic = Path O. Genic = Krystal Genic                Lee Genic
                                 |            |                                                                                       |              |         |          |  
                        __________________________________________                                ____________________________________________________         ____________
                        |            |                           |                                |                 |            |             |                    |
  Unnamed Wife = Howdia Blakan II  Robert Blakan  Shaun Luxon = Holly Jeanette Blakan = Pidog Blakan  Taronya "Onya" Genic  Dillon Genic  Cicca Genic           Aeron Genic
        |            |                                |         |                  |            |
        ______________                                ___________                  _________________________________________________________________________________________________
                   |                                       |                                            |              |              |              |             |              |
         Justin Blakan = Ms. Leech                Emma Marie Genic                               Zach Genic   Taylor Genic   Jacob Genic   Susan Genic   James Genic    Unnamed Kid (Pidog's in-development back-up character.)
               |              |
           |             |             |
      Alec Blakan    Albeit Blakan    Mikayla Leech


This is the history of Holly Jeanette Blakan Genic.

Early Life

Holly Jeanette Blakan Genic was born on the 5th of Raktuebr in Year 147 of the Fifth Age in Varrock, Misthalin as Holly Jeanette Blakan. Her parents were Howdia Blakan (I) and Holly Jeanette Maki-Blakan, knights in the Misthalinian army. Her father was Varrockian, while her mother was Morytanian. She spent her time in her childhood learning new things, learning how to play the lyre, and learning how to fight. When she was 8, she started going to school, and decided that she wanted to be a teacher. When she was 14, she finished school, and started an apprenticeship to become a teacher. Around that time, something sad also happened. Her parents disappeared in a battle, and were thought to be dead. She continued her apprenticeship, and finished when she was 21.


This is Holly J. when she was a teacher at Varrock Academy.

Life in Varrock

After Holly finished her apprenticeship, she moved to Varrock after her brother, Howdia, had to move to the family's castle where their uncle lived because he was depressed, and almost bled out from cutting himself in the Varrock Square. She took care of Howdia's adopted children and she found a teaching job at Varrock Academy. During that time, she got married, pregnant, and widowed.

Varrock Academy

Her job at Varrock Academy was her first teaching job. Her students included Princess Puppy, Princess Jessy, Justin Blakan (Her nephew), and many more students. She met her first husband, Shaun Luxon, when he worked as an educational aid.

Shaun Luxon

At Varrock Academy, a man named Shaun Luxon became an educational aid. Holly and him began dating. One morning, before school, Shaun Luxon proposed to her, and she said yes. Shaun Luxon began getting horny, and once, he had Holly end class early because he wanted to deflower her in the school basement. Holly believed in waiting until marriage to lose her virginity, so they quickly had their wedding on the 2nd of Moevyng in Year 169 of the Fifth Age and exchanged virginities at Blakan Castle.

After Holly and Shaun were away from each other for a few weeks, Holly found out that Shaun Luxon killed the regent of West Ardougne, and he had to get executed, or Varrock would be at war, wiping out all the citizens. Shaun Luxon agreed to have his head cut off to stop the war, so he was beheaded in the Varrock Square. Holly was given his head, which she burned and buried outside of the Varrock Academy.

Emma Marie Luxon

After Shaun Luxon was executed, Holly discovered that she was pregnant with his baby. Holly continued most of her normal life in Varrock, dealing with things her pregnancy caused, like vomiting.

When it was time for the baby's birth, Holly was visiting her family's castle with a friend. She was in the dining room when she went into labor. Her friend delivered her baby on the floor of the dining room. Holly decided to name the baby, who turned out to be a girl, Emma Marie Luxon. Holly ended up leaving Varrock to move to Blakan Castle so she can raise Emma.


This is Holly J. as a nomad.

Becoming a Nomad

A few months after Holly left Varrock, the Traven Kin killed Princess Puppy and took over Varrock. Holly decided that she needed a place to settle down at to raise Emma. She decided to move to Lumbridge, where her childhood friend, Topaz, was queen. A few other groups were fighting over Lumbridge, causing Lumbridge to change hands many times a day. Lumbridge was no longer a safe city to live in, so Holly became a nomad. She looked at many different places to settle at.


This is where Holly and Pidog got married.

Pidog Genic

While looking for a cousin of hers who ran away from her family's castle, she met a former prince of Varrock named Pidog Genic in the Blue Moon Inn. It turned out he had met a long lost cousin of hers north of Falador, so they went looking for her and found her. During the mission, she fell in love with him. She was nervous about telling Pidog her feelings about him, so when they took her long lost cousin to her family's castle, she got drunk so that she would reveal her true feelings for Pidog, which made her blurt out "We should get married!" After her drunkenness wore off, they went to the Taverley Stone Circle and got married in the name of Guthix on the 32nd of Bennath in Year 170 of the Fifth Age.

Life as a Genic

Two months after Holly married Pidog, she found out that her father-in-law, Path O. Genic, had returned from the Nether, a part of the Abyss. The Genic Family, which used to be a powerful family that ruled Misthalin, was being reborn. Long lost family members were being found, people were being adopted into the family, and children were being born.

More Children

Holly began adopting many kids with Pidog, mostly teenagers. Most of them eventually went missing, though. She also had 4 biological children with him during this time.


Ryo was a 1600 year old lycan who looked like he was 16. He was Holly and Pidog's first adopted child.


This is where Holly gave birth to Zach when she was held hostage.

Zach Genic

One day, while Holly was hanging out in Rimmington with Path, her water broke. Path took her into his house, but two assassins followed them. Path escaped, but Holly didn't, so they kidnapped her. She was taken to a house in Falador, where her baby was delivered, who turned out to be a boy. It turned out that the assassins were sent to kill Path, so they tried to lure him there. When he came, he bribed them away with millions of coins. She named the baby "Zach."


Jack was a 16 year old boy from London, England, United Kingdom who died in a train crash and got taken to Gielinor as a heaven. He stayed at Pidog and Holly's house in Al Kharid. On the day that Taylor Genic was born, Pidog and Holly adopted Jack.


This is where Jacob and Susan were born.

Taylor Genic

On Pidog's 25th birthday, Holly visited Path's house. In the throne room of his house, her water broke. She gave birth to a baby girl, who she named "Taylor."

Jacob Genic and Susan Genic

Right after Taylor's birth, Pidog and Holly went crazy, which made Holly pregnant with a set of twins. Months later, Holly and a few Genics were visiting her family's castle. They had curry in the dining room, which was next to the kitchen. She had a muscle spasm, flinging curry onto the kitchen table. She went to clean the mess, and got up onto the table to do so. Her water broke, so she gave birth to the twins on the table. First, a baby boy came out, then a baby girl came out. The boy was named Jacob, and the girl was named Susan.


This is the house in Al Kharid that Holly and Pidog lived in when they moved to Al Kharid.


In the first year of her marriage, Holly lived at her family's castle. When Lord Zenthos Daemor gave Al Kharid to Dalkal Stord, a friend of the family, as a peace offering, she and Pidog moved to a house in Al Kharid. They lived in it for 5 years, and then they moved to a nicer house soon after the Genic Family occupied and claimed Pollnivneach.


The Genic Family inherited Al Kharid when Dalkal Stord was murdered. This made Holly the Crown Princess of Al Kharid, raising her social status. The Genics later claimed Pollnivneach when it became abandoned, making her the Crown Princess of Al Kharid and Pollnivneach. Here are a few events that happened while she was royalty.

The Kidnapping Incident

On Kenny's birthday, Kenny's evil twin came to Blakan Castle, pretending to be Kenny, and asked Holly if he could take three year old Emma to his birthday party. He ended up taking Emma to Draynor Manor and tying her to Count Draynor's coffin, so when Kenny found out, he came to her rescue, and there was a lot of fighting between him and his brother. Emma's magic necklace protected her from getting hurt.

Holly, Kenny, and Emma went to Al Kharid, where some of the Genic soldiers were guarding, including a mercenary named Saric. Kenny began telling Holly about how to tell apart him from his evil twin brother. While he was doing that, Saric got shot somehow. He almost died, and Path thought that he did die. Holly was distracted with her conversation with Kenny, so when Path called over Holly to help, she didn't hear him. Path charged her with "assisted attempted murder," and punished her by not allowing her to be alone with Emma, because even though Holly loves Emma more than anything, Path thought that Holly would carelessly leave Emma behind somewhere.

Holly felt that having her freedom with Emma taken away from her was unfair, so she ran off with Emma. Path sent his soldiers and mercenaries to hunt for Holly and Emma and return them to Al Kharid.

Holly finally returned to Al Kharid with Emma. But then she and Saric got mad at each other, almost fighting each other, so Path decided to fire Saric. Saric asked to be paid, but even after Path O. Genic paid him 20K gold coins, he kept begging.

The Lumbridgian-Genic War

On the 7th birthday of Emma, Holly and Emma were outside on the streets. A mysterious man suddenly casted a fireball at Emma, but Holly picked up Emma and saved her. The mysterious man left. Holly arranged for the children to be sent to the Southern Academy of Magicks because she was concerned for their safety after the attack. She dropped them off there, then she returned to Al Kharid. She found a declaration of war on the palace door, so she started thinking of ways to save the city. She called Queen Gywn of Ardougne for aid, who sent some soldiers to help. The Ardougne soldiers went to Lumbridge to try to help make peace, and were told that the duke had already tried peaceful ways, which Holly explained meant that he tried to merge with Al Kharid, which the Genic Family considered a bad move for the city. The duke trapped the Ardougne soldiers in the castle to keep them from aiding Al Kharid, resulting in a battle, so Holly sneaked over into Lumbridge to try to blow up the wall, which she blew up a section of. Soon after that battle, the duke committed suicide to end the war because he felt like a monster. Holly was glad that she left her children at the Southern Academy of Magicks because that made them safe. She did bring them back soon after.

Assault by Caine Velox

A few times, a man named Caine Velox attacked Holly, using different pseudonyms each time, and got arrested and escaped. They included "Alex" and "Leon."


Holly went on an adventure to a green dragon's nest, and found a green dragon egg. Thinking that the mother dragon was dead, she took it back to Al Kharid. After waiting awhile, it eventually hatched. She decided to name the dragon "Verde," and she began taking care of him as her pet. Verde loved her a lot.

The Destruction of Al Kharid Palace by Mother Dragon

A few years later, Verde's mother came to the Al Kharid Palace and destroyed it and a couple of houses in the process of trying to kill Holly for taking Verde's egg. Bruce Clough and the Vigilis Cruor came and slayed the dragon.


This is the house that Holly lived in with her children after separating from Pidog.

Rebellion and Separation

Pidog received a mansion in the land of Kandarin. He decided to start a rebellion in it to try to overthrow Path. Holly decided to remain loyal to Path, so she ended up separating from Pidog. Holly found Path in Pollnivneach and she told him about the rebellion, resulting in Pidog no longer being heir. Holly's title was downgraded to Grand Princess of Al Kharid and Pollnivneach from Crown Princess of Al Kharid and Pollnivneach.

Separated Life

After she separated from Pidog, Holly lived in Al Kharid with Emma, Zach, Taylor, and Jacob. When an assassin for the Genics died (But was later revealed to be alive), his son was left to her in his will, so she adopted him. His name is Toshiro, named after his father. Holly began learning how to be an archer because she can't melee fight very well anymore. Toshiro and his father ended up being banished from the kingdom because Toshiro hooked up with Path's daughter, Marie.


This is the mansion that Pidog and Holly live in.

Reuniting with Pidog

After two and a half years of being separated, Pidog and Holly finally unseparated and then Holly moved to his mansion. They plan to let anyone who aren't enemies to them move there, like their children, friends, and pets. Valerian Ashford, a soldier for the Genic Family, burned down their Al Kharid house because their banished adopted son, Toshiro, was living there. Soon after, they were chased out of their mansion. As a punishment, Path wounded Valerian.

Kidnapped Baby

Holly got pregnant with Pidog for the first time in 10 years. One day, when she was at the point when she was about to give birth, she headed to Ardougne to look for a doctor who can deliver her baby. In the Ardougne Square, she met a couple of doctors. Her water broke while she was talking to them, so they took her to the Ardougne Castle. One of them delivered her baby, but the other attacked her and the doctor who delivered her baby right after she gave birth. She got strangled until she passed out. When she woke up, the doctor who attacked her and her baby were gone.

Breaking Off from the Genic Family

After the Genic Family 'died', Pidog and Holly decided to break off from the family and name their branch the "Blakan Family", after her blood family. They joined Zenthos Daemor's new Empire of Camelot. She also began going by Holly J.

The New Blakan Family

Many more things happened to Holly J. after breaking off from the Genic Family. Her son ran away, she was abused by the kidnapper of the baby, her first daughter got married, she was almost killed, and more to come.

Jacob Running Away

One day, Holly J. and Jacob were going to discuss his future, since he was finally 11. Emma and her boyfriend, Joe Bloikon, were coming over that day. Joe and Emma entered the dining room of the mansion and told Holly J. that they were wanting to get married, which shocked Holly J. When Jacob came into the room and saw Joe, he started trying to attack him. Emma and Joe went upstairs into her room and locked the door to hide from him. Joe began stripping for Emma because she wanted to see him naked. When he was wearing nothing but his underwear, Jacob broke the lock and got into the room and tackled Joe and Emma. He teleported them and him outside because he wanted to fight Joe. He kept trying to beat up Joe, knocking down and hurting Emma in the process. Holly J. kept trying to break up the fight, but Jacob continued trying to hurt Joe. Eventually, Holly J. decided to allow for Joe and Emma to get married so they can protect each other from Jacob, and to get away from him. Holly J. told them to teleport to Yanille, so when they got away from Jacob, and Holly J. successfully grabbed him, they teleported. Jacob was upset that Joe and Emma were planning to get married, so he disowned himself and ran away.

Dealing with the Kidnapping of the Baby

Eventually, Holly J. went to Ardougne to try to tell the current queen about the kidnapping of her baby. At the market, she saw the kidnapper of her baby. She asked him how to get an audience with the queen. He asked why, and then out of rage, she said "Because you took my baby!" She began asking questions about what he did with the baby. She stopped when he threatened to chop a toe off of the baby for each question she asked and then blame her for it when the baby is older. To get away from the kidnapper, who stands at an intimidating height of 6'11", she began using sarcasm. He offered to let her see the baby, which she couldn't reject. He required allowing for her to be blindfolded, for her hands to be tied, and for her to allow for him to inject a sleeping poison in her. She accepted those conditions to see the baby.

He took her to his house while she was unconscious from the poison, and then she woke up on his bed. He took the blindfold off of her, then he showed her the baby. He began abusing the baby by violently spanking him and doing other things to torture him. Afterwards, he knocked her out with one of her pressure points and left the house. A few hours later, she woke up when he was back, and she asked if she could leave. He didn't let her because she would press charges. She sarcastically asked something along the lines of if she would be kept as his personal "toy." He took her seriously, and because she was still pretty at that age, he advanced on her and then he began taking advantage of her.

Wedding of Emma and Joe

Holly J. woke up at the market, forgetting what had just happened to her. She found Emma and Joe, who had went to Ardougne to look for her (But Emma was sidetracked with having to take care of a couple of Cruor members). Jacob happened to come up behind Emma. At the sight of Joe, he challenged him to a fight. Eventually, they started fighting, which forced Emma to turn away from the terror. Joe had horrible tactics, so he was losing. Eventually, Jacob decided to allow him to marry her, and to train him some. Joe, who was about to propose to Emma, realized he forgot a ring. Jacob gave Joe a diamond ring that he had stolen from someone, so then Joe proposed to Emma right there. She said "Yes." Holly J., Emma, Joe, and Jacob went to Blakan Castle to arrange the wedding. They quickly got the wedding together, and Joe even reached his parents so they could come to the wedding. When Joe's parents arrived, Jacob kept trying to attack them because he thought that they were robbers since he didn't know that Joe has parents. Holly J. grabbed him and explained stuff to him, and then she let him go when he understood. After Emma and Joe got ready for the wedding, Holly J. and Jacob walked Emma up the isle while Joe's parents walked him up the isle. Then Holly J. watched her daughter get married.

Conflicts with Aztarwyn Gonzo

After Emma met Aztarwyn Gonzo, Holly J. had a couple of conflicts with him. These include the kidnapping of Verde and Aztarwyn's attempt to kill her and Emma because he hates children under 20.

Theft of Verde

One day, Aztarwyn came to the mansion to look for Emma, but he was distracted by Holly J., Sarai (Her long lost cousin), and Verde. Holly J. asked him about his business there and how he got in. Sarai got ready to attack him. Aztarwyn started leaving, but Verde, who somehow came off as a stray dragon to Aztarwyn, followed him. Aztarwyn took him with him.

Near Death

One day, while Emma and Holly J. were home alone together, some Vigilis Cruor soldiers in gliders came down to their property. Their Dominus, Bruce Clough, was with them. Bruce warned Holly J. that Aztarwyn wanted them to attack the mansion, but he was against it. He had a decoy of Emma put in the house to fool Aztarwyn while Holly J. and Emma hid. When Aztarwyn stormed the house with some soldiers, he found the decoy and continued looking for Emma. Eventually, he found out that Holly J. and Emma were being hidden by Bruce. Bruce pointed out to Aztarwyn that Emma took care of him and Henrik when they were injured, and Aztarwyn had said that he'll spare Emma if she took care of them. Because of this, Bruce challenged Aztarwyn to a duel. Bruce winning would have Holly J. and Emma spared, but Aztarwyn winning would give him permission to kill them. Luckily, Bruce won.

Sending Jacob to School

Holly J. ended up sending Jacob to a school because he wanted to make friends and be social, and he was having behavior problems. His behavior problems were so bad that he attacked his own sister.

Attacking Emma

One day, Jacob messed up Emma's room because he felt like it. He tried blaming Emma when Holly J. found out, but she and Joe were on a date. When they came home, Holly J. told Emma that her room got messed up, and that Jacob said that she did it. Emma guessed that Jacob did it, and made a comment about his behavior problems being the reason for her guess. Jacob began attacking Emma with his whip, and he ripped skin off of her leg. Emma began bleeding massively. Jacob went upstairs. When he came back down, he overheard Holly J. commenting about not knowing what to do about him, and he asked Holly J. what they were talking about. Holly J. yelled at Jacob for attacking Emma and potentially harming the baby that Emma was pregnant with and told him that she was thinking about kicking him out of the house for it. Jacob left the castle and went into the city. He ended up coming back to heal Emma with a healing spell that he taught himself. After that, Holly J. changed her mind about possibly kicking him out, and decided that it's time to discuss his future. She gave him a couple options. Going to a school or getting an apprenticeship. He wanted to go to a school, so Holly J. looked for schools after him and Emma went to bed (Holly J. did fix her room for her). She couldn't find one, but she was planning on opening a school to return to her teaching career.

Finding a School

A week after that, Jacob went to Falador Park, and left a note in the kitchen that he was doing so. Holly J. went to check on him, and it turned out that someone he met ran a school. She approved of him going there, but she asked to see the school. She was taken there, and then she dropped off Jacob with plans to visit often.


Holly J. decided that she wanted to be a teacher again, so she began planning the opening of a small school in the Kingdom of Camelot. Sadly, those plans were cancelled when she learned from her half-brother-in-law, Aeron Genic that Path had recently attacked him outside of the Blakan Mansion when he was going to invite Holly J. to his wedding, but luckily, he survived. Considering that Path went to the Blakan Mansion with violent intentions, Holly J. and Aeron realized that he was probably trying to kill her and Pidog.

Cassie Longbow

Holly J. told Xian, her butler, about her need to go into hiding. They decided that the best place to go would be Keldagrim because Path would probably least expect that. Holly J. decided that she would need a disguise, so she dyed her hair black and put on some makeup to create her fake identity, a 20 year old woman named Cassandra "Cassie" Longbow. She and Xian then went to Keldagrim where they met the king to find a place to stay while hiding there. They spent the night in an inn there, and then moved into a house to live in for awhile.


While Holly J. was in hiding, her daughter, Emma, who was pregnant with her first child, was visiting the Camelot area with her husband, Joe, when she went into labor in front of the castle, giving birth there. She named her son "Blake". He was Holly J.'s first grandchild.

Some time later, the Kingdom of Camelot eventually collapsed in a war with the rest of Kandarin. Alexander Aerendyl became the new King of Camelot, and soon after came to the Blakan Mansion, which Blakan was watching over at the time, and told Blakan that he was coming to evict the Blakan Family from the mansion because the Blakan Family was associated with Zenthos, with Pidog being his warlord. Blakan refused, claiming that they were just civilians because the majority of the family members were just civilians, but then Alex called over his army. Being outnumbered, Blakan eventually ran into the mansion to collect most of the things that the family owned to put into a sack or two to save them as the army broke down the gate and began to storm the mansion. Blakan then charged a teleport and teleported back to Blakan Castle. Soon after, Emma sent an angry letter to Alex about the forcing out of her family just because they lived there when Zenthos ruled.

Return to Path

Eventually, Holly J. got tired of trying to hide from Path, so she talked with her half-brother-in-law, Aeron Genic, about reuniting with Path without getting killed by him. She learned that Path was establishing a Genic outpost east of Varrock, so she met him there and joined his small army to help build Genic outposts. During this time, she met her brother-in-law from her first marriage, Ulrich Zalch.

Moving Around

Having lost her mansion, Holly J. needed to find a new home after Path's small army fell apart. She ended up living in Lumbridge for some time after her daughter became a princess there from her first husband's brother becoming Duke of Lumbridge in the Commonwealth of Gielinor.

Living in Lumbridge

Her brother-in-law, Ulrich Zalch, discovered that his long lost brother was Corvus Cross, the former King of Varrock who was trying to take over Varrock to help improve it. Soon after, Corvus Cross gained control of Falador, making Holly J.'s daughter, Emma Marie Genic, become Princess of Falador. Soon after this, when the Eyvindi Provinces collapsed, the House of Cross took Lumbridge and Al Kharid, forming the Commonwealth of Gielinor that later expanded into numerous territories. Emma followed Ulrich, who led Lumbridge at the beginning of the Commonwealth. Holly J. and her other daughter, Taylor, decided to move to Lumbridge and run the general store. While in Lumbridge, Holly J. met Jyort, and told him about when her youngest son was kidnapped at birth. He then went to Ardougne, found Ray, and killed him, rescuing the son who was discovered to have been named James by his perverted kidnapper. It was discovered that James was neglected and sexually abused by Ray, fed only Ray's semen and given sex toys to play with, so he began being rehabilitated.

Back to Blakan Castle

Later on, after the collapse of the Commonwealth, Holly J. moved back to Blakan Castle, where she lived for a couple of years.

Back into Hiding

One day, Holly J. was visiting Al Kharid where her daughter, Emma Marie Genic, was then Queen. She saw Path O. Genic, and said Hello to him, unaware of the hostility that he still felt towards her, so he grabbed his crossbow and aimed at her, firing. Luckily, Holly J. had her satchel with her, so she used it to block Path's shot. She then ran south out of Al Kharid and then teleported to Blakan Castle where she dyed her hair light brown and changed her hairstyle. She moved to Ardougne and took the pseudonym Mary Oakstock and became a guard, using a crossbow, and lived there for a short period of time.

Return to the Genic Family

Tired of trying to hide from Path, Holly J. decided to write him a letter asking him to let her back into the family without getting attacked by him. He replied to her with a letter saying, "See you in Sophanem." Holly J. then left Ardougne and moved to Sophanem, then the city of the Genics, and reclaimed the Genic name, along with volunteering in the Genic guard force.

Her Last Child (At least so far...)

Soon after returning to the Genic Family, Holly J. reunited with her husband, Pidog. Holly J. ended up becoming pregnant, and later gave birth to a son.

A Long Term Visit to Grandma's...

During her time in Sophanem, some business was going on with Emma going into hiding with Bruce Clough to hide from Aztarwyn, so Emma needed a safe place for her son, Blake, to live. Blake ended up staying with Holly J. where he continued being homeschooled (Due to the lack of non-combat educational institutions...) and working on his hobby of art. During his stay there, he began working on building a dark room of clay to mascarade as the Abyss in case Aztarwyn intercepted his commorb calls with Emma. Eventually, Blake returned to living with Emma when she married Bruce.


Holly J. at age 52.

Back to Living at Blakan Castle

The Genics ended up moving out of Sophanem, so Holly J. ended up moving back to Blakan Castle to live there. She has spent a lot of the past few years there, spending a big portion of her time studying various subjects in the Blakan Castle study/library, still longing to teach again. She applied for a job at the University of Falador, but she never got a response from them). She later applied to teach history at The Gielinor Academy, but unfortunately closed down before she got the chance to teach.


  • Holly was originally supposed to go by "Holly J.," but Howdia made his display name be "Holly Blakan," due to the limit of characters in a display name, so people just called her Holly instead of Holly J. Recently, she has been going by that again (Hopefully it will catch on!).
  • Estimated creation date: February 6, 2011.
  • Date that she married Shaun Luxon: February 10, 2011.
  • Date that she became a mother: February 26, 2011.
  • Date of becoming a princess: July 11, 2011.
  • Date of becoming a mother-in-law: December 5, 2011.
  • Date of becoming a grandma: December 28, 2011.
  • Date of becoming a princess' mother: January 31, 2012.
  • Date of becoming a queen's mother: April 3, 2012.


  • Howdia, the roleplayer of Holly J., for the information that he has remembered.
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