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A Hobgoblin soldier from the God Wars.

Brief History

Hobgoblins are said to be a crossbreed between goblins and orks and were apparently bred by Bandos to fight as soldiers in the God Wars. While not as tenacious as goblins or as strong as orks, hobgoblins have strength that exceeds that of a goblin significantly and are agile, mobile units in battle unlike lumbering orks and ogres, making them a good all-round fighter. They also possibly threw their spears as ranged support for Bandos' armies. After the God Wars, when Bandos left Gielinor, they were left leaderless and now mainly live in desolate areas or caves, being uncivilised and unorganised. Hobgoblins live mainly on a diet of limpwurt roots

Accepted Lore

  • Hobgoblins have no king or any other form of ruling body. Most tribes are leaderless or have a strong individual who calls the shots, like a chieftain.
  • They are shorter than humans.
  • Their intelligence varies from hobgoblin to hobgoblin, because some would have a bit more "ork" in them than others.
  • Hobgoblins usually have brown skin, though hobgoblins found in the God Wars Dungeon have green skin.
  • All hobgoblins have a pair of tusks, assumably inherited from their Ork ancestors.
  • Hobgoblins are remarkable soldiers. They possess adequate strength and stamina needed for prolonged combat and marches, dexterity that allows them to work with nimble weapons, and intelligence that surpasses goblins. These factors make them out to what could be considered "ultimate soldiers."
  • From their many different attributes, it would not be entirely impossible to think of one as a good smith. If one took the time to learn the craft, then their natural physical qualities and mental knowledge of war related items would help in the creating various weapons and armor. The Trasghdak tribe of hobgoblins that inhabited Yu'buisk were one such tribe that proved themselves to be adequate smiths and crafters.

Since the hobgoblins were "bred" by Bandos, hobgoblins typically follow his religion.


  • Asgarnian Ice tribe
  • Crandorian Tribe
  • Morytania Tribe (Myreque Caves)
  • The Fierce Water Hobgoblins (Peninsula west of Crafting Guild)
  • The Cave Hobgoblins (Edgeville Dungeon)
  • Near the Karamja Hunter area.
  • North of the Outpost
  • North of Rellekka
  • Gnome Village Dungeon
  • Waterbirth Island
  • Wilderness
  • Witchaven Dungeon

Debated Lore

  • If an ork and a goblin breed, it will not result in a hobgoblin. Hobgoblins are the result of thousands of years of breeding conducted on Yu'buisk by Bandos.

Common Mistakes

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