The Village of Witchaven
Witchhaven view
The Village of Witchaven





Witchaven is a town in south east of Kandarin. This page should serve as an archive of in-character history and any major events that the town of Witchaven has experienced, as well as a list of known rulers.

Fishing Platform

The Fishing Platform is located due east of Witchaven, in the ocean. This location is what makes the major supply of fishing for the town, and for them to sell through Gielinor.


The town resources has several resources which are:

  • Woods
  • Fish
  • Fabric
  • Water
  • Rubium

History of Mayor Kaij

  • After helping push back the attackers from Ardougne, Kaij was made Mayor of Witchaven in honour of his help.
  • Kaij, as a member of the godless, invited them to Witchaven, where they anounced it as another location for them to use.
  • The Godless set up a small defences to the town. They also discovered an empty mine which contains rubium, on which one of the godless states, that now they have endless supplies of bombs.
  • Thanks to the mine, the citizen of Witchaven no longer need to strive for a job, as Kaij opened a new job for them to work. Now citizens in the town also work as miners collecting rubium.

The City-State of Ardougne

  • During Ausar Dae's reign of Ardougne, Witchhaven is placed under the City-State control
  • Witchaven is placed under the direct control of the Crown after forming the land into three Duchies under King Louis I
  • Edi Sicarius is made the Baron, though gives up the title some time later
  • During the Elfish takeover of Ardougne, Witchaven stands as one of the few stronghold of the Military Council.

Baroness Ysaveth of Witchaven

  • After the House of Pierrel's long exile under the Emperor Russia, Ysaveth returns to a Vekonic Kandarin and is reinstated as Baroness of Witchaven by Queen Viven Vekon of the Crownlands.
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