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The City of Falador
The City of Falador





Also Called:

Farradorn, City of White Knights


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Afaritay I

This page is here to document the in-character history of Falador's political reigns in role-play. Falador is the capital city of the Kingdom of Asgarnia and is considered the primary role-play area in RuneScape.

This page is also divided into Eras. An Era is declared on the shift of the paradigim of the city, or by great events. Within Eras, great upheaval and change may still occur, but so long as the core order and ideals of the Era remain, the Era is considered to still be in effect. This definition is not absolute. Often a change of Era is recorded only after it has happened, and historians designate it as such.

The Classical Era

This era was defined by early rulers that are known, shaping Asgarnia to an early mold of what it currently is today.

King Aztarwyn I

  • Invasion of falador 2011

    King Aztarwyn with his army during the Invasion of Falador.

    Shortly after the Traven had taken over Varrock from the absent Aztarwyn, Aztarwyn gathers many of his allies to declare war on all Asgarnian forces, majorly the Nova Knights, and some allies set out to conquer Misthalin. This great war, otherwise known as World War II, would end in the dominant victory for Aztarwyn and his kingdom, whereas his allies fell in Lumbridge. The new Asgarnia included Falador as it's capital.
  • Burthorpe and Taverley are not part of this new Asgarnia, and are often forgotten about.
  • King Aztarwyn declares the kingdom to be Zamorakian, and during the early part of his reign, white knights try to remove him from the castle. They fail in every attempt.
  • Early in his reign, King Aztarwyn marries a woman Alexys, who had gone under the alias of Trace. She is crowned Queen of Asgarnia.
  • Later in his first year, Port Sarim and Rimmington are rebuilt, as well as all war damages.
  • King Aztarwyn attends the funeral of Kullin Webb, whom ruled Al Kharid when Aztarwyn destroyed it during WWII. He was buried in Falador Park.
  • Statues of Saradomin are removed and are replaced with Zamorak. One such statue is a statue of Aztarwyn.
  • Early in his second year of rule, Queen Trace gives birth to King Aztarwyn's first daughter. She is named Rachel and is crowned Princess.
  • The rest of King Aztarwyn's reign, which lasts one more year, is peaceful. He then disappears for awhile, Queen Trace taking his duties. General Rider Scarch as well takes some of his duties, essentially inserting himself as Lord Regent.

The Rebellion of Asgarnia

  • Thomas Nekai II is able to muster up a force and the two forces battle in Rimmington, ending with the retreat of loyal forces, beginning the war.
  • A blue Asgarnian flag flies above Rimmington and Port Sarim, declaring Southern Asgarnia independent.
  • The Monastery is soon captured.
  • Thomas takes his forces to Falador castle and battles with Zamorakian soldiers.
  • The war ends with Queen Trace signing the treaty of peace, ending with the rebels as the victor.
    • This war however is not recorded in Aztarwyn's war record, as he was not the King during this time and had no affiliation with the kingdom. He remains undefeated.
  • Thomas Nekai II is crowned King of Asgarnia, returning the state of Asgarnia to Saradominist.
  • Statues of Zamorak and other non-Saradominist statues are destroyed and soon rebuilt.
  • Queen Trace and King Thomas sustain a neutral friendship.

Return of Zamorakianism

  • This reign of Thomas is ended shortly when Aztarwyn returns and takes back his land.
  • Thomas is told Aztarwyn is his grandfather, and he refuses to acknowledge his ancestry of the Gonzo Family. He then takes his leave from Asgarnia before Aztarwyn can kill him.
  • King Aztarwyn begins his second reign, however he does not stay long. He decides to give Falador to a Zamorakian ally, Lord Pyro, and disappears again.
  • Lord Pyro rules Falador for a short while before Aztarwyn returns and reclaims his city and kingdom, beginning his third reign.
  • After many conflicts, King Aztarwyn decides to take his leave to try something new, as the kingdom was surely dying and white knight groups were gaining power. Only Falador and the Monastery are given to Pyro.
  • Shortly, after Pyro is able to win a civil war, he is pushed out of Falador by White Knights.

Commander Kane Tyrelen

  • Commander Kane Tyrelen, rose into the position of commander of the leading Knight Regiment after the suicide of New Haven's White Knight Commander Tiberous Elysian. The state was established as the 'New Haven Stratocracy'
  • New Haven was the dominating Regiment of the time, giving them rights to all matters within the city.
  • Under Kane's commandership, little changed, due to him allowing most of the other regiments to deal with the city.
  • Martial law was put into place before commander Kane took over the regiment.
  • Due to the dissapearance of Arn Helios, and the crumbling of the New Haven Regiment, Commander Kane resigned from his post, effectively all but disbanding the New Haven Regiment.

The Unification Era

Coming out of the Classical Era, Asgarnia was unified into a powerful Kingdom. Asgarnia remained united for the most part of this era, however there are times where its capital, Falador, had been part of a separate kingdom not under an Asgarnian flag.

Emperor Joseph Adalhard I (First reign)

King Aldaren

  • Aldaren Adregath assassinates James Veltora, a chancellor of the Empire.
  • After the assassination, he rallies support to openly rebel against the HAE. He is successful, and after storming Falador Castle, he takes up the throne of Asgarnia.
  • Oliver Ryder and his order of Knights are given military authority over the city.
  • Although his coup assured him the Kingdom of Asgarnia, Aldaren mostly held power in Falador.
  • Aldaren began enacting a code of laws that would later shape Faladian society. The laws are not officially recognized until the constitution drafted by Khalian Malleus. Later, some of them would be enacted in the Asgarnian Accord of 169, drafted during the Varisian era.
  • After fearing a military coup and assassination, Aldaren slowly realizes the true authority of the city belonged to Oliver Ryder, who's position and power forces Aldaren to abdicate.

King Oliver

  • Oliver rose to the throne, after it was stabilised and safe to.
  • Please contribute what occurred during his first regime.
  • Regardless, the weakened state and lack of civil support for the crown eventually led to the Kinshra taking over Falador, after kidnapping King Oliver and having Oliver hand the deed of the city to them, with little effort.

Lord Seri Mo'da

  • The reign of Lord Seri Mo'da of the Kinshra was, fortunately, a fairly brief one. His reign was marked with frequent riots that targeted the Kinshra knights and squires occupying Falador Castle.
    • Not a single riot was successful in penetrating very deeply into the castle and they were almost always quelled without significant loss of life.
  • During Lord Seri Mo'da's reign, Lord Octavian Vire sold the property rights of both the Mining Guild and the Artisan's Workshop to their then partner, Avery Enterprises.
  • Vire also took the opportunity to establish a web of contacts and bribed officials throughout the branches of the Bank of Runescape in Falador, ensuring corruption through "mismanaged" finances and "incorrect" book keeping would trickle funds through to the Kinshra so long as they remained in place.
  • Following the completion of their sinister machinations, the Kinshra abandoned the city, leaving it to anarchy and for some other poor soul to wrest control of it.

Dominus Bruce Clough

  • As anarchy struck Falador, Vigilis Cruor found this the perfect moment to make their historical mark. Even though they had already left historical marks upon Gielinor, with the attacks in Ardougne, the rebellion of Varrock, the improvements to Edgeville, the slaying of a Dragon, and the Cruor Rebellion, they had one more milestone.
  • After hours of convincing from Praetor Aztarwyn Gonzo, Dominus Bruce Clough finally gave the order to occupy Falador.
  • After leaving Port Sarim for the Kinshra to take as a peace offering, Cruor Soldiers marched into Falador, along with Bruce Clough himself, and the people knew it; A good ruler had arrived.
  • Bruce was crowned King, along with his title as Dominus of Vigilis Cruor.
  • Vigilis Cruor at this point was an Empire. Though, it wasn't mentioned to be an Empire, it was still a Military-Empire.
  • New laws were made from Cruor, so it would suit the people more than their military profession.
  • The Asgarnian Flag in Falador is changed so the white is turned to red, to show that they are multi-cultural.
  • Bruce passes freedom of religion, which I guess all the future leaders didn't give a rats ass about.
  • While plotting the utter destruction of the Kinshra, the Void Knights gathers Cruor allies to betray the Cruor and Bruce, to begin a pointless rebellion.
  • Bruce was never a fan of being a King. He decided to leave Gielinor to find a new land, where he could perhaps rule as King of a city he enjoyed.
  • Aztarwyn was given the city for a few short hours, however, Aztarwyn knew that once his short reign became public, this would drive even more rebels to gather to attempt to bring him down.
  • In an act to save the lives of many people, Aztarwyn ordered the entire army known as Vigilis Cruor into hiding, leaving their former lands behind. Falador was given to the former King Oliver, as the Goblin Village and the Monastery were given to the Kinshra. Edgeville was returned to Varrock, now ruled by King Ehrick.
  • Aztarwyn's fourth reign of Falador was never noted as his own, he decided to hide it under Bruce's.

King Oliver (Second Reign)

  • Given Falador after the Great Disappearance of the Cruor Regime, Oliver does little with it.
  • The Guardians of Armadyl and the Void Knight Elite Corps support law enforcement in the City.
  • The "Occupy Falador" movement began in Falador park, run by the Vendetta, an organisation of freedom fighters, anarchists, and theives. Occupy Falador rallied people to rebel against Oliver Ryder, after Nathan Vindicta found a journal written by Lucius Renderra about a conversation with Celyn Agares, mentioning a few Mahjarrat that could be recruited to an unnamed cause, found with Celyn's aura abilities.
  • Nathan pushed the Vendetta to putting up posters all around Falador, urging the people to fight against a tyranical, Mahjarrat king.
  • Oliver responded, with posters of his own trying to show he was a Saradominist, with no ill intent to Falador.
  • After a failed rebellion in Varrock, led by Corvus Cross, Katsu, Aztarwyn, and Ulrich meet, to begin planning another rebellion.
  • It is suggested by Aztarwyn to focus elsewhere, where attention is needed and something needs to be done; Falador.
  • It is agreed that the rebels will invade Falador, and posters are posted all over the city, very similar to posters put up by the Vendetta during the "Occupy Falador" movement, Oliver completely exposed as a Zarosian, tyranical, Mahjarrat king.
  • Oliver, exposed, and now generally hated, hands to city to Corvus Cross, after an uneventful and rather short regime.

Commonwealth Era

This Era was defined by the rise of House Cross. The House would obtain a hegemony over much of Gielinor at this time, and was known to be a powerful, yet controversial group. Their time in power was defined by diplomatic, and often, armed political conflict.

King Corvus

  • Corvus acquires Falador from King Oliver.
  • Setting his eyes on expanding and creating the Commonwealth, he moves to Al Kharid whilst his relative Ulrich settles into Lumbridge. They would later swap.

Crown Prince Thomas

  • After a brief fiasco involving the unlawful sale of Falador, Corvus bestows Falador upon his son, Thomas.
  • Thomas does what he can to control Falador's rampant crime problem, but persistent attacks from the Kinshra make this difficult.
  • Thomas marries Amadis Snow.
  • Kinshra, under Seri Mo'da, burns half of Falador.
  • A battle occurs, almost resulting in Thomas' death when King Ehrick of Varrock betrays them.
  • When Thomas attempts, despite the pressures of war, to hear out his people at Open Court, he is assassinated by the Kinshra.

King Corvus (Second Reign)

  • Crown reverts to Corvus when Thomas dies.

King Ulrich

  • Before Ulrich was King, he attempted to execute Dion Magnan in the dungeons of Falador Castle.
  • King Ulrich enlists the help of Elwin Cadarn, a former leader of the rebellion. Elwin eventually ends up as steward of Falador.
  • Not long after, St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church forces The Commonwealth to surrender Falador to them.

The Theocratic Era

Following the fall of the Commonwealth in Asgarnia, Religious leaders would rise up in Asgarnia. Saradominists would intially hold a powerful grip on the city before their Zamorakian rivals would finally rise to power in their own right. This era was known for great religious conflict.

The Good King Dion

  • Dion Portrait 1

    The Good King.

    The Lord of Entrana, Dion Magnan, completes his campaign to purge Falador of all Vampyre presence.
  • Dion Magnan forces The Commonwealth to surrender Falador to him.
  • Dion Magnan attempts to restore the White Knights to a position of power within Falador.
  • After the fall of The Commonwealth, a vote is held. Those of power within Asgarnia invite the public to decide the fate of Falador's situation. Three options are presented to the public and citizens are invited to cast votes in Western Falador for the future of the city:
  1. The first option would be for those in favour of Dion Magnan becoming King of Falador.
  2. The second option was for Falador to remain unclaimable by any single body of power.
  3. The third option was for Falador to elect another leader, but not anybody associated with Dion Magnan.
  • At the end of the week, the votes are counted. The combined total of votes for options two and three when put together are less than half of the votes received for the first option.
  • Dion Magnan is elected as the King of Falador through the process of democracy and attends a coronation ceremony in his throne room.
  • King Dion is pronounced "The Good King", showing mass faith in him, his judgement and wisdom from Saradominist factions.
  • Dion's Coronation

    The coronation of King Dion Magnan of Falador on March 6th, 2012.

    The Reign Of The Good King Dion saw Falador home to The Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church. They were a monastic order of monk warriors commonly known as "That Saradomin Group".
  • The blue-robed monk warriors express their belief that Falador is not a place for anti-Saradominists and lead several campaigns against Zamorakians and Zarosians.
  • Crime in Falador is at an all-time low.
  • The Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church assists in restoring the White Knights to power.
  • Dion Magnan, in his old age, is last seen exiting Falador Castle with his friend Sander Stoneman.
  • Leadership of the city passes on to another government.

Lord Pyro

  • Shortly after Dion Magnan left Falador, Pyro and his army marched into Falador.
  • Aztarwyn and his army had Falador surrounded soon after hearing of his former friend gaining the city.
  • White Knights stormed the castle, pushing Pyro out in the process, removing Falador of the Zamorakian Tyrant.
  • Aztarwyn is able to take the Castle and begin a short reign of peril, due to him thinking Pyro was still in control.

Kaiser Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo

  • Aztarwyn puts a shadow barrier surrounding the castle, and allows his army to attack.
  • As the hours had gone by, Falador was put into a more hellish state.
  • The only place that was considered safe from the wrath of the army was underground. If you were above ground, you likely were going to die.
  • At the end of the second day of Falador's destruction, Eliot Altus begs Kaiser Aztarwyn to end his attack and hand the city to the White Knights. Aztarwyn simply replies, "When I'm done with it."
  • On the third day of Aztarwyn's fifth reign, he takes down his shadow barrior when the rest of the city is in ruins.
  • Deciding not to have the army mobilize inside Falador and take it entirely, he takes his leave from the castle.
  • Aztarwyn orders the army to destroy the castle, which they did so.
  • The destroyed city is handed to the White Knights.

White Knight Era

This era would see the Saradominists gain political superiority over Falador through a series of White Knight and Church-backed sovereigns. This era separates itself from the Theocratic era with the government of the military over the city, rather than the church.

Steward Richard Grosvenor


Era of the White Knights.

  • Marshal Richard Grosvenor, believing he was of humble origin, establishes a White Knight state and titles himself as a Steward. He looks for a legitimate heir to the throne, but this process was indefinantly interrupted by the politics of Falador.
  • The Marshal establishes ties with the Duchy of Lumbridge and City of Rimmington under Duke Filis Aerendyl through trade and military alliance.
  • Fearing a Kinshra coup, Richard installs a duel-Adamant portcullis in the gateway. He also installs six cannons on the top of the castle, of which are used when the Kinshra staged a brief show-of-arms in the city square.
  • Richard implemented many laws to defend the sanctity of Falador, often barring people with hoods and discriminating against non-Saradominists. White Knights successfully de-militarize the Rising Sun Inn, teaching the armed populace to sheathe their weapons. The crime rate drops significantly.
  • The City of Rimmington spontaneously invades the Duchy of Lumbridge, taking control of the city before Marshal Grosvenor could send knights to intervene. Filis flees to Falador and takes up the title of Chancellor while the White Knights annex Rimmington.
  • Richard acquired Port Sarim from the Kinshra after threatening a siege, and took Rimmington in exchange for peace by the army that had just invaded Lumbrige, unifying Southern Asgarnia. To govern the port, Richard appointed the famous sage, St. Weatherby Sworn Lionheart, who then constructed the Royal Asgarnian Armada. It was also during this time that tension increased between the states of North Asgarnia and South Asgarnia, for the Kinshra backed the north, and the White Knights ruled the South.
  • 57205cec42ffa9ca6facdd0b279c2eea

    Regiments in operation.

    He is injured and assumed to have died fighting off the insane Zamorakian despot Pyro, therefore passing White Knight command and the City to Richard's second-in-command, Seneschal Alexander Acriyata.

King Alexander

  • Alexander is crowned King of Falador as his own bequest, to provide a strong Saradominist beacon for the people to look up to.
  • Insert history of King Alexander's first reign here.
  • King Alexander, in a fit of what has been said to be either madness or depression, appeared to have thrown himself from the White Tower to his supposed death.

Grand Duke Weatherby 1

The Grand Duke

King Weatherby

  • The elderly governor, founder of the Royal Asgarnian Armada, was granted governership of the Duchy of Sarim by Richard Grosvenor. St. Weatherby Sworn Lionheart, his wife and former elven Kandarin Queen, Sylvari Neleseth, and his six sons ascends to royalty in Asgarnia as previous King Alexander "dies".
  • Proclaimed as the Sage-King of Asgarnia, Weatherby and the Six Princes holds the new Kingdom of Asgarnia together with a fair and honest effort, and attempts to reunite the scattered forces of the Order of the White Knights. Weatherby manages to gain a recognizable leadership status among the White Knight groups, attaining the allegiance of Section Finstere and the Section Rovin by maintaining them in seperate knight divisions, forging the Alliance of Asgarnia.
  • The Kinshra attempts to assassinate King Weatherby during a ball held by Queen Johanna of Varrock, intentionally separating him and his company of guardians, which he narrowly escaped before Richard Grosvenor's arrival. Tensions grew between both kingdoms as Weatherby blames and suspects Johanna as the assassination plotter.
  • A blockade of Crusaders` fleets led by Oliver Ryder mobilizes around the harbour of Port Sarim, in an attempt to invade the Kingdom of Asgarnia. The Ryder`s forces retreats, however, when both sides comes up with an agreement which Weatherby grants the Ryders temporary settlement at the Monastery.
  • The Kingdom of Asgarnia attains close ties of alliance with the Rovins.
  • Appoints White Knight Captain Alice, Weatherby's former lover, as the ambassador to Kandarin. He sent her through the Southern Seas via the Royal Asgarnian Armada, aiming at proposing the policy of "Cordial Entente" to King Oliver Cleeves at the Royal Court of Ardougne.
  • A spontaneous rebellion arise in Rimmington led by its Baron, who allied with the Ryders in an attempt to once again invade Asgarnia. However, the rebellion eventually fails due to lack of strength as Kandarin intervenes and completely destroys the town. Weatherby is heartbroken by the bloodshed of his own people.
  • King Weatherby calls upon Alexander, knowing that he is still alive, and returns the City back to him.
  • Saint Weatherby remains in Port Sarim and rebuilds Rimmington. He combines Rimmington and Port Sarim into one state, the Grand Duchy of Sarimia, which serves the new Asgarnia shortly before he abandoned his nobility to fully devote his loyalty to his Lord Saradomin, remaining as a legendary Sage of Asgarnia and a retired Paladin Hero.

King Alexander (Second Reign)

  • Alexander was rather important with the rebirth and reconstruction of Falador. He introduced many important laws, that are still in use.

The City-State Era

This Era saw Falador as ruled as a city-state Kingdom, and later as a Non-monarchial state. This Era came about when the previous Asgarnian Kingdom lost it's territories to the rising Burthorpian Kingdom. It ended when the Burthorpians gained Falador and reunified Asgarnia.

King Axareas

Axareas Tryke proof

King Axareas of Falador.

  • Axareas, claiming the city after the Madness of Alexander, crowns himself King of Falador.
  • He swiftly improves Falador's prospects, strengthening its leadership and military and maintaining peace in the usually lawless tavern.
  • His reign is cut short, as the new King of Burthorpe, Varis Knives, perceives Axareas as a threat and declares war.
  • Soon after, Varis' coalition invades Falador and Kandarin decide to force the Faladian people to accept Alexander as King once more.
    • Alexander, however, tries to pass the city over to the Kinshra, though this fails as Michael Rystar claims the throne instead..

King Michael

  • His controversial actions include regular killings of criminals in the Rising Sun, which attract international attention (mostly negative).
  • Eden Syvian begins intervention by inflicting a siege upon the already battered city of Falador. The siege is broken as Eden redirects his efforts towards the Misthalite War.
  • Michael decides its in his best interest to decline advice from his advisers, and summon a hurricane into Falador, called Hurricane Ratkina. The highly controversial action completely trashed Falador's slums and nearly ruined the rest of the city. This was all done in attempt to make the city less valuable to attackers.
  • Control of Falador passes on to Amara Concendo.

Lady Amara Concendo

  • Lady Regent Amara Concendo took control of Falador temporarily in order to add some order to a city that was close to politically crumbling.
  • Peace, though rocky, was made with the Kinshra knights. A strong alliance was forged with Burthorpe under King Varis; the city of Falador maintaining it's independence for the time being. Tensions with other nations ceased.
  • The "reign" was rather short; in which Amara simply fixed the messes that she could, along with the help of several close advisers; one of them being Khalian Malleus, who she passed the regency to next.

Lord Khalian Malleus

  • Lord Khalian continued to settle grievances and bring stability to the city of Falador.
  • He created a new set of laws that passed unanimously; allowing freedom of religion, speech, and protest. The code also allowed for citizens to demand a new ruler without bloodshed or anarchy. The code passed on to the next rulers.
  • Upon the new laws being implemented, he officially annexed Falador to King Varis; thus uniting Asgarnia.

The Pax Imperium Era

This era saw the reunification of Asgarnia, it's regaining of Imperial status, and some of the longest lasting peace Asgarnia had seen in ages. The only major war fought during this time was the Misthalinite War, to which Asgarnia's involvement was limited to the annexation of Draynor by treaty, with no battles fought. Minor revolts, however, did spring up mostly from conflict due to the controversial temporary unification with Kandarin. Noteably, it's first three monarchs were all Emperors, though only the last would officially claim the title. The era would famously end with Queen Haley breaking up the Asgarnian Kingdom into it's pre-Varisian state.

King Varis I

HI&RM Varis I of the Royal House of Grey

"The Merchant King"

  • King Varis of Burthorpe becomes the first king of a united Asgarnia since the time of the first Holy Asgarnian Empire. He would later go on to expand Asgarnia's borders into Misthalin and Karamja. Though his realms would eventually become an Imperial domain, he himself would never style his name with Emperor, thinking it pompous. In his personal life, Varis Grey was originally a Merchant Lord and an avid Mage, and was termed the Sorcerer King by later historians. He is occasionally referred to as the Merchant King.
  • Varis' style of Kingship was already known to many from his days in Burthorpe. His was the first kingdom to uphold a written Constitution. Penned by Lord Khalian Malleus, the Constitution was the single binding factor that allowed the Crowns of Burthorpe and Falador to unite, thus bringing about the first reunification of Asgarnia since the Classical Era. Based off this document, Varis I issued great civil freedoms to the people of Asgarnia, and invested tax funds into public works projects and investments into Asgarnian businesses. One of these projects would become the Taverley Port, which in the sixth age has lead to a rebirth of the village.(Fun fact, Varis ordered the construction of the port, and two weeks later, Jagex updated Taverley with a small port, which was later expanded. The Player had no idea this update would happen and it was originally landscaled to Sarim.)
  • On the other hand, Varis' justice system was notably harsh. There were no jails in operation for criminals during this time. The costs of keeping criminals locked up for great extended periods of time exceeded the benefit, in Varis' eyes, and did nothing but release a hardened criminal afterward. Instead, petty criminals were sentenced to community service. It was through the use of this cheap labour source that the Varisian administration was able to continue to invest so often into public infrastructure and industry. Criminals would be forced to literally repay their dept to society. For more severe crimes, such as murder or assault, criminals were often given deportations. At first to a small camp in the Wilderness, and later to the Karamjan Colonies, prisoners would be shipped away once captured. This work force was used to build some of the kingdoms most secret facilities, such as the White Wolf Research Insitute, and Song Manor. After they completed their work, all prisoners who worked on top secret projects were immediately executed. Public knowledge of this particular part of the system was limited to the fact that they were Deported.
  • In all, Varis I was a shrewd King, but with policies progressive for his time. He offered relaxed laws and increased freedoms, but made an example of those who stepped outside of these boundaries.
  • His political savvy became well known across the courts of Gielinor. With the institution of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asgarnia's international influence achieved a new height. Asgarnia secured favorable trade agreements with many peoples, from the Fremennik lands of Neitzinot all the way to the Kharidians of Pollnivneach. Military alliances were secured with the major kingdoms of Kandarin and Misthalin and several other groups with Asgarnian Interests. On multiple occasions, the various leaders of the world would gather in Asgarnia to debate world matters and plan for war against the Worshippers. Prince Drazker often opted to allow Varis to represent both Kandarin and Asgarnia during these meetings, beginning the close bond between the two Kingdoms. Asgarnia became a center of trade and diplomacy for all of Gielinor.
  • Only two major battles were fought during Varis' Reign. One saw a coalition of Burthorpians, Asgarnians, and Kandars invade Falador and oust King Axareas in favor of another. The second was the Battle of Ice Mountain, in which Eden Syvian lead a crusade against the zamorakian north of Asgarnia. In both battles, Varis personally lead his troops into battle. A skilled general, his tactics were characterized by his unconventional style of warfare involving bypassing enemy strong-points and attacking from multiple surprise directions. He was also known to feed false information to his enemies beforehand to confuse them during battle. His greatest weapon, however, was the clandestine arm of the military simply known as The Agency. Little is known about this section of the military at the time, but it was rumored to be so effective and well organized that it is still in operation today.
  • Richard Grosvenor returns from retirement and is re-appointed as Marshal of the White Knights to create a balance between Kinshra and White Knight influence in the region.
  • Varis, fearing the failure of the uprising in Misthalin against the Worshippers of the Dragonkin, called upon the entire civilized world to intervene, forming the Allied Forces. The AF would become the largest alliance ever assembled, and fielded a force incomparable to any since the God Wars. The Worshippers quickly realized they were up against insurmountable odds, and opted to negotiate a settlement. This would lead to a now-famous scene of the Sorcerer King staring down the mighty Kronesian of the Worshippers over Gunnar's Bridge. This settlement would see Draynor ceded to Asgarnia, and an offical return to Imperial status for Asgarnia.(Legal Imperial status being ownership multiple Kingdom's territory. Asgarnia-Misthalin in this case.)
  • King Varis, Lord Kaeso Del'Vair, and Marshal Grosvenor draft the Asgarnian Accord of 169, dividing the rule of Asgarnia into three states of governance under the King. The White Knights are granted Falador, the Kinshra are granted Southern Asgarnia, and it is agreed that King Varis shall seat his government at Burthorpe and Taverley.
  • After hearing of a plot between the Kinshra and Crown Prince Galastus to stage a coup, Varis abdicates, fleeing to Kandarin, and arranges for Kandarin to temporarily secure Asgarnia.
  • Taken from Varis Grey: "As King of Asgarnia, Varis sought to unify the Asgarnian people and strengthen the state of the kingdom. Initially, larges investments into trade and military development became the focus. Military fortresses were constructed around Asgarnia, the alliances where consolidated into The Allied Forces, and Asgarnia then declared war upon the Worshippers of the Dragonkin. Varis returned to trade policy, colonizing parts of Karamja in order to boost the Asgarnian markets with exotic goods. Around this time, Varis' own son, Galastus would begin to plot to overthrow him. Varis, accustomed to the signs of corruption and the weakness of man, foresaw the collapse of his government to someone (he did not know at this time Galastus was behind it), and instead ended his reign on his own terms."
  • Notably, Varis kept the entire Asgarnian treasury, it's fleet, and it's Karamjan colonies in his name after abdication. Although unconfirmed, it is suggested Varis also kept several military facilities unknown to the public.

King Oliver II

  • Depending who you ask, this reign was also known as the Kandar Occupation
  • Upon King Varis handing responsibility of Asgarnia to Kandarin, a political crisis occurred. Kandarin Soldiers rushed to keep the peace where anarchy was brewing, and needless to say, the citizens did not take kindly to foreigners within their walls.
  • However, High King Oliver of Kandarin assured the public that it was only temporary; in order to find a suitable leader for Asgarnia.
  • Magus Concendo was tasked as the caretaker of the city specifically, with light authority over the rest of asgarnia. His role as the city's caretaker lasted no longer than two weeks and saw little conflict. He pacified some of the rebels through diplomacy, leaving the rest to the military. Most notable he relocated the leadership of the city from the White Knights Castle, leaving it to the public and white knights to use as they saw fit. Temporary command was set up in the party room in the eastern part of the city. There is little else to note, other than their being a mass of rumors regarding alleged looting of some buildings within Falador and asgarnia.
  • Peace was made with rebelling factions as many groups bidded for leadership.
  • In the end, Joseph Adalhard, formerly of the Holy Asgarnian Empire, is chosen for the next ruler of Falador.

Emperor Joseph Adalhard I (Second Reign)

King Richard Grosvenor I

  • In his first act as King, Richard invited the Kinshra to attempt to bring them to terms. The Kinshra's two leaders, the lords Deracot and Del'Vair, attempted to take Richard hostage. When that failed, the two lords dueled each other for the favor of the king, Deracot ultimately overpowering and killing Del'Vair before being beheaded as he swore fealty to Richard. As a result, the two sides called off all options of negotiation.
  • Richard expanded the economy drastically by re-introducing his Faladian coins, a coin that is nearly twice the size of regular coins. He did so more by introducing copper, silver, and blurite as alternate forms of currency, copper being the cheapest and blurite being the most expensive.
  • Outraged at the many claimants to nobility in the realm, Richard set a deadline for all Asgarnian nobles to re-swear fealty to him. As a result of this, most nobles in Asgarnia were kicked out. All military orders were also forced to re-locate. In order to provide a system for more future houses, Richard introduced his own system of noble houses.
  • Richard also re-formed the laws and created a general court system.
  • Richard marries Lady Alissa in a short ceremony at the Falador Castle Chapel, and abdicates his throne to Hayley Spears.
  • See the Holy Asgarnian Empire

Queen Hayley Spears

  • Hayley is made Queen of Asgarnia by Richard Grosvenor.
  • An Asgarnian military is united by the queen. The military includes three branches; the Royal Ground Forces, the Royal Navy, and the White Knights. This is the first time that the previously sovereign white knights acknowledge and support a ruler since Vallance.
  • The Queen decides to strip the right of inheritance to Governers over land, making them solely an appointed position. However, she was not there long enough for this act to need to be enforced.
  • Seeking neutrality during the coming wars brewing across the continent, Hayley decided to promote alliance with Kharidia and Kandarin.
  • Hayley divides Asgarnia, returning the kingdom to its pre-unification state.
  • Hayley abdicates designating Sir Amik Varze as her successor.

The Consulate Era

With the division of much of the kingdom, authority in Falador was relegated to White Knight Leader, Sir Amik Varze. A council of White Knights and Church officials would take over the city of Falador and rule in regency for King Vallance.

King Vallance/Sir Amik Varze

  • Sir Bool's TSG TWKOF Vexillums

    That Saradomin Group and The White Knights were World 42's two largest roleplay clans at this time.

    Queen Hayley Spears steps down from the throne of Asgarnia. She hands the title off to the original regent of King Vallance, Sir Amik Varze.
  • March of Falador

    The Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church and The White Knights demonstrate their support for Sir Amik Varze in a parade.

    An incredibly massive parade is organized by The Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church and The White Knights to demonstrate that the reign of Sir Amik Varze is backed by the two largest allied Saradominist military factions in existence; anybody that wishes to claim Falador would have to defeat both of them first. The parade was led by Sir Vriff Vendet and Lord Dion Magnan of Entrana.
  • Coronation

    The coronation of Lord Dion Magnan as the Patriarch of Falador.

    The Faladian Royal Ball is hosted in the Party Room to celebrate Falador being returned to its original owners.
  • Straton Ryder of Southern Asgarnia is permitted access to the castle for his coronation ceremony to celebrate his reign over Port Sarim and Rimmington.
  • Guards are stationed at the gate to prevent potential claimants from entering Falador's seat of power without first fighting their way through.
  • Captain Anthony Lombardi delivers a speech about the importance of Falador's resources and hosts the grand reopening of Falador's armour shop.
  • Lord Dion Magnan of Entrana is granted the title of Patriarch, allowing him to hold authority over the Asgarnian churches of Saradomin.
  • The Council of Sir Amik Varze is reinstated in Falador. The council's purpose is to help Sir Amik Varze in Asgarnian affairs while King Vallance is unavailable. Members of the council include:
  • Falador, Entrana, Ardougne at Battle of White Wolf Mountain

    Falador, Entrana, and Kandarin awaiting their enemies.

    Sir Vriff Vendet goes missing near the monastery. Sir Bool Cowbra is placed in charge as the leading commander of The White Knights and Sir Amik's council. Sir Vye Ver takes the previous place of Sir Bool. White Knight Captain Sir Ant the Gord replaces Sir Vriff on the council.
  • Bool & Dion hosting event

    The 2nd Annual Novtumberfest.

    The Kingdom of Kandarin calls for the aid of the Kingdom of Asgarnia to propose a siege on Burthorpe. The White Knights and The Order of St. Rimmington's Sarothic Church accept the proposal and begin preparing to attack. After King Vectis Vekon betrays the Ryders, Asgarnia pulls out of the attack, leaving Kandarin and Yanille on their own against the Sicarius.
  • Eden Syvian visits Asgarnia and arranges a treaty with the White Knights. Soon after, Sir Bool discovers that Monvallis also held friendly ties with the Kinshra and cancels the plans to sign a treaty with Monvallis.
  • Siege3

    Activity in the castle moments before the attack.

    Lord Dion Magnan of Entrana is declared missing in action while fighting in the Battle of Lumbridge, creating a gap in his order's involvement in Falador's council.
  • After a large search, an antique Kinshra chest filled with gold is unearthed just north of Falador. The White Knights claim a small portion of the gold and entitle the rest to the treasure hunter who found it.
  • Lord Dion Magnan of Entrana returns to duty and joins Commander Bool at the Battle of White Wolf Mountain to assist their ally, the Kingdom of Kandarin.
  • The second annual Novtumberfest party is hosted to the public by the White Knights on the island of Vallancia. Various events are held including a drinking competition, mime event, corn maze, and costume contest.
  • The League of Villainy organizes a string of terror strikes around the city. As a result, Cassie's Shield Shop, the Falador General Store and Falador West Bank were heavily damaged in explosions. There were minimal injuries. The buildings were quick to be refurbished by the Falador workforce.
  • The First Faladian Swordsmen Tournament is announced as planning begins, however, due to the change in government, it is never held.
  • A group of rebels attack the White Knights' Castle. A vanguard made up of Temple Knights, White Knights and St. Rimmington's Warrior Monks rush to protect the gate lead by Sir Sander Stoneman, Sir Vye Ver and Lady Hayley Spears, while Lord Dion Magnan of Entrana and Sir Bool lead the rest of the defence.
  • Sir Bool's Portrait - Their Last Drink

    The final time Lord Dion and Commander Bool drink ale together before Lord Vile's attack on Falador. The scroll is the Longclaw army's fabricated request for an alliance. Commander Bool commits suicide less than a year later, greatly depressing Lord Dion and contributing to his decision to retire from politics.

    The rebels manage to breach the walls and sweep through the castle, with Vile's creation Korr powering past the Knights to pursue the retreating Monk, leaving Gonad's barbarians and the Longclaws to battle with the White Knights. After chasing the bulk of Dion's forces in to a rounded chamber, Korr is surrounded and outnumbered, however with the help of Quidel Ujara turning traitor on the Monks, they're able to overcome and force the Monks to teleport out. Without the Monks to support them, the Knights are overwhelmed and also shown the door - They are later allowed to return after Vile arrived and secured the city himself.

Overlord Vile

  • Vile is coronated as Overlord of Falador, with the flag being changed. The Council of Sir Amik Varze, The Order of St Rimmington's Sarothic Church and the White Knights are allowed to stay under Vile's rule, but are later exiled and excommunicated.
  • Popular uprisings resurface under the Aldarenian Free People of Falador (this time led by Aldaren's son Aeveredir), who soon exert an increasing degree of control in the eastern districts of the city. They were quick to fade in to obscurity, however, for reasons unknown.
  • For reasons only known to Vile, the Sarothic Monks are removed quite suddenly from the city. At the same time, a new sect of White Knights is formed under the guidance of Overlord Vile.
  • A month after assuming power over the city, Overlord Vile declares a city-wide tournament to be under way, offering enchanted medallions to participants. At the end of the month, the person who'd collected the most medallions would be declared the victor. Unsurprisingly, this turned out to be Gonad Yaksplitter, who was promised management of the Rising Sun should Vile offer it up.
  • Refusing to support the new rule, Sir Bool commits suicide after many terms are broken and changed. This results in the first reformation of the traditional section of White Knights of Falador formed under Sir Tain Def.
  • Lady Rena Ritel was approached by a rebel faction comprised of those Vile had neglected to reward for their involvement in his takeover, and was asked to become the face of their rebellion. She agreed, and after assuming control of East Falador, began seeking out supporters, supplies and soldiers to lead a rebellion.
  • As this was going on, Vile had a meeting with a reporter from The Gielinor Times, where he was interviewed about his most recent project - The Falador Duel Arena. In this interview, he stated that after years of observing and battling alongside the citizens of Falador, he learned of their lust for combat. As he was more in touch with his people than past kings were, who had seen fit to waste away in the protection of the castle, Vile was feeding their lust for combat and supplying them with ways to sate their bloodlust. A large deposit of 500,000 Gold was delivered to Avery Enterprises for their men and supplies in building the Duel Arena, and only 15,000 of this Gold was withdrawn from the Kingdom's coffers.
  • By the time construction had begun and negotiations had been made, the rebel faction in East Falador was garnering quite a force, and had let themselves be known to the public, hoping to garner support. Those who had lived, spoken, and fought alongside the Overlord remained faithful to him.
  • Airdrops from gnome blimps began to drop in to East Falador. It was becoming quite evident that outside factions were lending their "voice" to this rebellion, unsure of the Overlord's past and his many titles of accomplishment throughout Gielinor, and goaded on by the Grand Martial that assumed control over the Rebel's weaponry.
  • Vile, with full knowledge over the growing rebellion and its development over the past few months, decides that his experiment must come to an end. No lives of his people must be taken, and he had guided them in to fighting for what they wanted, instead of relying on him to be their fist. As such, he chose to depart from the city, taking with him his money and his men. The castle was barren for days, and the Titan had gotten what he wanted - A stronger city.
  • Despite his public departure, there still remained citizens that decided to stay and fight, eager to prove the Might of the Titan. Due to the sheer number of rebels and the mass of firepower they carried, these citizens were quickly quelled, both by the words of Rena and her army, and the wise Gonad Yaksplitter, who remained to oversee the defense of the innocent.
  • The construction of the Duel Arena was cancelled, but no public request for refunds were made - Vile had sacrificed his project and his coin.
  • The castle, barren and open, was quickly scouted and taken by the future Queen Rena. Later in her rule, the Titan would return, and thank Rena wholeheartedly for her clean peaceful takeover, and offered her his wisdom should she need it. His first warning; "Do not trust the Knights, or their battle-monk friends."

Restoration Era

Following the despotism of the Vilican Dictatorship, a new Kingdom of Asgarnia was restored under Queen Rena. This period has been defined by the slow progression of efforts toward re-unification. Major political acts of the time were often in support of, or in opposition to unification efforts. The entire region of Asgarnia was reunited following the Falador Crisis and crowning of Varian Grey as King.

Queen Rena Ritel

  • Following the restoration of the Asgarnian throne, Rena begins work on attempting to restabilse the Kingdom of Asgarnia.
  • She is betrothed to, and later married to, Prince Godric of Anglia, who would go on to be Emperor of Argrevia. This marriage signaled the largest step yet in unification efforts for Asgarnia.
  • House Ritel however began a policy of opposing full unification after the marriage and the birth of twin heirs.
  • The Asgarnian Royal Family receive a captured Bandosian banner as a gift.
  • She has two children with Godric - Julian and Sekrana.
  • Negotiations for a new, more balanced relationship between the Crown and the White Knight Order.
  • An eighteen year old Sekrana starts a courtship with General Thessaly Grimdark of Camelot, only to murder him in cold blood on a Sarimian beach.
  • Rena Ritel ruled a mostly quiet and peaceful reign.
The Falador Crisis Event
  • Queen Rena and her children mysteriously disappear. The White Knights declare a revolt in response to this and try to seize control of White Castle. They attempt to arrest the Queensguard.
  • A faction of Queensguard led by Lord Sekra Thayne, alongside Bravo Company of the White Knights, refused to be arrested. They fought back against the arrest attempt and managed to hold out against the Knights in the upper floors of White Castle.
  • News of the resistance left Falador and travelled afar. Emperor Godric sent an Imperial Arcanist to investigate the events going on in Falador. Elsewhere, Aegidius Blackwood began to move the Imperial Army, seizing checkpoints along Asgarnia's southern border. Emperor Godric decides to link up with the Army in Falador to try and reestablish proper command.
  • Battle of Falador : The armies of Ardougne and Camelot met with Godric in Falador. It had been originally decided that the Imperial Army would establish peace in the city and host peace talks between the Queensguard and the White Knights.
  • The Kandars however, with evidence to suggest Godric orchestrated a coup to overthrow Rena, took the opportunity to turn against Godric, and captured him. Then, under assumed pretenses that the White Knights were working with Godric, the Kandars besieged and captured the White Castle, taking control of the city.
  • Godric is charged by the Kandars with treason against Asgarnia. Notably, no actual Asgarnian court was involved in the arrest however.
  • With the battle won, the Kandars took temporary control of Falador and had planned to install a new leader.
  • Ormond Del'Vair, now acting Emperor with Godric's capture disbanded the Empire of Argrevia.
  • Ormond raises an Army and marches on Falador. Rather than another battle escalating, of which the Kandars wished to avoid, Ormond, along with Varian Grey, acting King of Anglia, and two of the commanding officers of the White Knights met with Kandar officials: King Sennis of Camelot, General Logan Courval of Camelot, Prince Siris of Ardougne, Primus Strategos Aegidius Blackwood of Ardougne, along with other respective members of the Kandar courts for peace talks.
  • After some negotiations, the Kandars agree to leave Asgarnia, and both groups agree to allow the White Knights to vote for the next King of Asgarnia. A binding non-aggression pact was signed by those present promising no future hostile intent between Asgarnia and Kandarin.

Interim Leader Sir Knights

  • Without a current ruler to guide the citizens of Asgarnia, Ser Knights of the White Knight Order steps up as 'Interim Leader of Asgarnia'.
  • Letters are sent to the nobles of Asgarnia, Kandarin and Misthalin by Ser Knights. These letters detail that an election is being held by the White Knights for the new monarch of Asgarnia and all those suitable for the position and interested should apply.
  • Varian Grey is elected King of Asgarnia by the White Knights, thus merging Anglia with the Asgarnian Crown and reuniting the entirety of Asgarnia.

The de Moselle Dynasty

The de Moselle Dynasty was formed with the crowning of Varian Grey and then the later marriage between Varian and Zara, thus connecting the House Grey and House Le'Gaunt. They form a new Household named de Moselle, this refers to all rulers under the de Moselle Family.

King Varian

  • Lord's Sekra Thayne and Gawain Drake travel to Burthorpe to inform Varian of the election and escort him back to the White City.
  • Varian arrives in Falador with his escort and crowned King of Asgarnia.
  • Frederick Grimdark is knighted by Varian for his courage in beating back an assassination attempt a week prior to the coronation.
  • The vassals of Asgarnia gather at the White Knights Castle and pledge fealty to the King. Varian is interrupted during the meeting by an adventurer who reports that an undead horde has been sighted at the Wilderness border. Varian sends a small party of rangers into Forinthry for investigation.
  • Varian issues a summon for Baron Atrum Erus of the Kinshra to swear fealty to the Crown in Asgarnia.
  • Due to this new threat from the Wilderness, Varian creates a Military Order called, 'The Wardens of Forinthry', and names Frederick William Grimdark

    King Varian I

    as the acting Lord-Commander alongside large supplies of gold and men to protect the Northern Border.
  • In order to counteract rising Bandosian aggressions within Asgarnia, King Varian sanctions Operation Cleansing Flame, and leaves Master Arthur Castlereagh of the Leonid Chapter to plan and carry it out.
  • The Kinshra Lord, Deracot, arrives in Falador with a group of knights to answer the summons. Varian holds court in the castle to meet with the Kinshra, who inform him they've placed the Baron under house arrest. After a lengthy argument, they ultimately refuse to swear fealty to the Crown and are ordered to leave.

    Varian meets with Lord Deracot, discussing the Kinshra dilemma.

  • Varian offers Zara Le'Gaunt a marriage proposal in Taverley, which she agrees to.
  • Hayley Spears renounces her fealty and forfeits the County of Rimmington to the Crown. Rimmington reverts to an earldom and is held by the King until a successor is chosen.
  • The Princess of Al-Kharid arrives in Falador at short notice, delivering kind regards from the Emira. A military alliance and trade agreement are established.
  • Arthur Castlereagh is ceremonially named the new Grand Master of the White Knight Order.
  • With the recent battle of Fort Aegis in Kandarin, Levito Da'Angelo renounces fealty to Camelot. Levito then pledges his noble family to Asgarnia and takes up the earldom of Rimmington. He is sworn under oath in Falador Castle.
  • Varian meets with the newly-crowned Louis I of Ardougne on good terms, forming what may become the beginning of an alliance.
  • The first Assembly of Asgarnia is held in the conference hall of the east square. Attendents include the King, Lady Zara Le'Gaunt, Crown Princess Isla Le'Gaunt, Lord Levito Da'Angelo of Rimmington, Lord Sekra Thayne, Lord Dunegun of Sarim, Grand Master Arthur Castlereagh, Lady Natalie Renderra, and Sir Misha of the White Knight Order. The following are the actions approved by the council:

    The Asgarnian Assembly

    • The Anglian military agree to assist in Operation Cleansing Flame.
    • All Asgarnian military groups within Asgarnia that have sworn allegiance to the government will be formed into the National Army. This alliance of splintered combatant groups will be deployed to the field during the invasion of a foreign army and combat against large-scale threats to the security of the kingdom. The National Army can be summoned for deployment at any time by the King or the Assemblies. As for training, the southern military can receive joint-training at the military encampment south of Falador. The military of Anglia and militias of Blackmarch (those militias which remain loyal to the Crown) shall train in Burthorpe.
    • The Royal Family must affirm their alliance with Camelot and seek to maintain Sennis' rule so that peace can exist between Kandarin and Asgarnia.
    • A military and trade alliance with Ardougne is approved.
  • Grand Master Arthur Castlereagh of the White Knight Order resigns from his position and nominates Sir Misha to take his place.
  • Flyn Le'Gaunt is found dead in a pond outside the west walls of Falador. Varian immediately sends a dispatch of Grey Knights to collect the corpse and escort it back to Kandarin. It is believed that the Lord Le'Gaunt was robbed by bandits, stabbed, and forced to drown in the pond.
  • Anmor Niall is charged with the role of Royal Arcanist, permitted with researching the archives for future assignments. Anmor will await his first task in the office.
  • With the death of Flyn Le'Gaunt, Zara inherits the Le'Gaunt family and all of their assets. She and Varian then assume control over the Duchy of Moselle, formally swearing to pay homage to King Louis of Ardougne.
  • While the royal family is attending a meeting in Lumbridge with the Grand Duke, Lady Zara gives birth to Elijah Flyn, a bastard between her and the King. This happening just weeks before the royal wedding. After returning to Falador, Varian immediately commissions the construction of a castle to give his newborn son once he reaches fourteen.
  • Levito of Rimmington announces the reformation of his family and taking on the name Adair. Later, he is awarded the Duchy of Southern Asgarnia, serving as a liege lord to the vassals of the region.
  • The Royal Wedding ceremony between Varian and Zara is held in Falador Castle, performed by Grand Duke Lothar of Lumbridge.
  • Afterwards, guests moved to the Party Room for the reception, where the Camelite Kingsguard proceed to insult Princess Isla and the Duke of Sarimia, and then threaten the Grand Duke of Lumbridge.
  • Years of relative stability occur during Varian's reign, marking the step towards military reformation, establishment of government, and the Crown's influence over lands. Queen Zara gives the Royal Family six healthy children while pregnant with the seventh.
  • Reynard Grey dies of an illness, his corpse returned to Camelot for burial. The very next day, Princess Caelestis is arrested for assaulting her sister Isla, and commits suicide in the castle cells. As Varian and Isla share the news of Cael's death, Victoria Le'Gaunt, the Queen Mother, is evidently pushed from the battlements of the castle to her death. Varian takes the news badly, resulting in his seclusion for several days.
  • An assassin attempts to murder Sennis Grey at Princess Isla and Misha's wedding. Part of the castle ends up being destroyed by Queen Iliara and tensions rise between Camelot and Asgarnia.
  • Camelot breaks the alliance with Asgarnia in response to the assassination and an investigation begins with Isla, Misha and Varian being suspects.
  • Squire Cullen Soleil, Sir Frederick Grimdark, and the various Princes and Princesses of Asgarnia go on an adventure.
  • The King knights and then executes Cullen for the danger that the Princes and Princesses were put in. The children and Princess Isla then brawl with the King, whose violent rage is eventually brought to a stop by Sir Frederick Grimdark, Lord-Commander of the Wardens, who ends up killing the King to defend Isla from a killing blow.

King Varrick

Regency Council

  • Upon the King's death, a regency council is convened in order to appoint a regent and organise the affairs of the realm until Varrick reaches the age of ascension. Queen Dowager Zara is appointed as Regent.
  • The Regency Council agree to send diplomatic envoys to each of the local major nations in order to ensure and continue positive relations.
  • Queen Dowager Zara visited Camelot with Crown Prince Andre and Princesses Amelia & Katalynne. Meeting acting regent General Logan Courval, the Royal Family presented the assassination order of King Sennis, signed by Varian, himself. With this new information, tensions between the nations seemed to have improved with Asgarnia promising to investigate Prince Mikhail's involvement in the matter and report all findings to Camelot.
  • In a private deal, Queen Dowager Zara, names Aegidius Blackwood Duke of Sarimia, who starts on a number of much needed reforms in the Southern Duchy
  • For unknown personal reasons, Varrick abdicates his claim to the throne leaving his brother Andreas next in line for the crown

King Andreas

  • Following his brother, Varrick abdicating for personal reasons, the next in line for the Crown is Andreas.
  • Andreas is quickly crowned King of Asgarnia in a rather large event in the White Castle, with foreign heads from all over to see the young King crowned.
  • Tirus Vekon swears fealty to Andreas and the Crown of Asgarnia.
  • Lord Edric of Wenderly swears fealty to the Crown of Asgarnia.
  • The Chosen Battalion's emissary attending the coronation practices respect in giving a small gift to the new King.
  • An unknown male is burned to death during the after party, promoting Duke Aegidius Blackwood to break down a side window and lead the King, Princess and a few other Royals to safety.
  • In the Duchy of Sarimia, the People's Court calls a number of Church officials to stand before the local assembly to answer crimes that are up to and not limited to; Corruption, High Treason, Murder and Theft.
  • There are planned talks between Duke Blackwood of Sarimia, King Andreas and the Pope to ease tensions in the region and find a peaceful solution to the slowly burning hot zone.
  • Tensions between the Free People of Asgarnia Political Movement and the Royalist's rise as Andreas is crowned King, causing more to the issues of the Kingdom.
  • Andreas disappears, which is followed with the Kingdom of Asgarnia dividing into three sovereign states; Falador, Burthorpe and Sarim.

The Second Theocratic Era

After the fall of the de Moselle, the Church of Saradomin would take control of Falador once morE.

Prince Bishop Julianus

  • Invested as 'Prince Bishop of Falador' after the Church took control of Falador, Divine Rector Julianus officially rised to power.
  • However, soon after, the Prince Bishop would die. The Grand Synod appointed Francis Villiers as Prince-Bishop of Falador, afterwards.

Prince Bishop Francis

  • Francis Villiers would lead a short reign, before stepping down from power.

House Olivriar

After the decline of theocratic rule in Falador, the House of Olivriar would reinstate a monarchial rule.

King Anthony

  • Anthony Olivriar, after marching through Sarimia and annexing it as territory of the House of Olivriar, was appointed by the ruling Grand Synod of the Church of Saradomin as the Lord of Falador, officially reinstating the Kingdom of Asgarnia.
  • Anthony's coronation brought many visitors from the far reaches of Gielinors to spectate his rise to power, in ceremony. It was overseen by a priest of Saradomin, and finished with a speech.
  • Anthony forms his royal court, and officially appoints his cousin, Levi, Duke of Sarimia. In his appointment, James Grey is also given the County of Rimmington.
  • Anthony appoints Rosaline Stonerow as Countess of Sarim, much to the dismay of his cousin.
  • Anthony reforms the law of Asgarnia, lessening the punishment of heresy and adding in more direct law against acts such as necromancy or vigilantism.
  • The King of Asgarnia makes a speech to his court, and the White Knights, declaring war upon the Kinshra order, deeming them terrorists and criminals of the state of Asgarnia; stressing their danger to the prosperity of Asgarnia.
  • The Kinshra and its allies launch an assault on the town of Rimmington, resulting in catastrophic damage to the land and civilization. A battle between White Knight defenders, Clan MacFirthane, Void Knights, and Kinshra ensued, however, the Asgarnian defense was able to maintain control of the town, as the Kinshra fled. The Void Knights took prisoners from both sides.

The Jameson Dynasty

James' Dynasty refers to a succession of Asgarnian rulers starting with James Grey. As descendants of Varis I, they adhere to the school of thought that considers the Kings of 'Anglia' to have been the legitimate Kings of Asgarnia during their reigns(Eras 8-9 on this page), despite ruling only a portion of the country and ruling from Burthorpe instead of Falador. Hence, why Edward was crowned 'the Second', despite no previous Edward ruling falador directly.

King James

  • King James I,Grandson of Varis Grey and first cousin of Varian de Moselle, ascends to the throne of Asgarnia. Supported by local militias, international allies, and the clergy, he restored the rule of the Grey bloodline lost at the abdication of King Andreas.
  • The Royal Ministry is founded as the administration of Asgarnia. This bureaucracy is based on merit rather than social station. In conjunction, the State Civics Academy is founded to train and issue exams to hopeful ministry staff.
  • The Royal Asgarnian Military is founded along with the State War Academy, which trains the military's officers. A large recruitment effort is initiated, military materials increase in production, and the first classes begin training at the War Academy.
  • The LDF is dissolved and replaced with the Royal Asgarnian Military. It is headed by Field Marshall Ajax, a veteran commander for James.
  • The construction of the Ivory Palace of Falador begins, an enormous structure built to accommodate the nobility of Asgarnia. Other smaller estates begin construction in Falador as some of the first richer nobles trickle in. Prince Varis is given the title of Regent, often holding court in place of the King; Whom spends increasing time managing new budding bureaucracies.
  • The Royal Asgarnian Military deploys into the northern hinterlands of Asgarnia, putting down local strongmen and other criminal organizations of prevalence throughout the region. Units are regularly rotated to help train new recruits and keep old units well trained. James personally leads several of these campaigns, some locals referring to him as 'the Hammer of Blackmarch.' As the local strongmen are subdued, order is slowly restored to the North.
  • King James meets with Prince Arkhan of Burthorpe, which had become independent since Andreas made it so. They signed the Concordat of Entrana on the isle for which it was named, reunifying Asgarnia once again.
  • James appoints new governors and organizations to oversee the details of governance throughout the countryside as more of the nobility move into Falador. The Ivory Palace nears completion as Falador grows to become a center of wealth and splendor. Already completed and open to higher members of society is the center piece, Flavian's Garden; a maze of artificial rivers and waterfalls running among lush foliage imported from across Gielinor.
  • Asgarnia and Kandarin hold the first diplomatic talks in a great while. Military alliances are discussed and it marks the beginning of closer ties between the two great kingdoms.
  • Prince Arkhan is found to be conspiring with Morytanians by Kandar Intelligence, and charges are prepared against him. However, before he can face justice, Arkhan's own men slay him for breaking his oaths. Fearing a coup, Arkhan's imperial guard lock down the capital keep and call for James to meet with them. James indeed comes, but shocks many by bringing much of the Royal Asgarnian Military with him. They seize control of the Principality and afterwards meet with the remainder of House Aerendyl, Arkhan's family. James agrees to recognize his daughter Louisa as Princess, but at the heavy cost of Burthorpe's privileges. Now even all Burthorpian nobles were subject to the full law of the Crown.
  • On the return journey from Burthorpe, James takes on a Squire, Garlan Dayne, as well as a Champion, who join his personal retinue. Eventually, he presents them with a quest to forge House Grey a family sword. The end result is Lightfire, the Sword of Asgarnian Kings. Forged from Silvthrill and lain upon a splitbark hilt, it was blessed in the salve and enchanted to never break or dull. James carried this sword for the rest of his days.
  • The Ivory Palace is completed alongside the Great Cathedral of Saint Edward the Good. More nobility flock to Falador as these and other minor estates spring up to house them. Falador becomes a center of high society culture, opening up concert halls for orchestras and playhouses for theaters.
  • James issues an edict formally requiring all nobles to remain within Falador for at least six months out of the year. With most already there, many take no issue. Many were perfectly happy to live within the decadence of the Ivory Palace and the other Faladian Estates. A great number already lived in Falador year-round. Other less wealthy nobles were glad to live a more glamorous lifestyle within the capital. A handful of lords refused to leave their lands and openly opposed James' edict. James marched personally against each and every one, putting down any who refused to submit. These lords were primarily Northern Lords, many with historical Kinshra ties and long-standing independent traditions. Spending a good deal of his reign smashing the northern lords, James was named by his troops "Malleum Aquilo", or "Hammer of the North"
  • It eventually became known that Tuska, the World Eater, was approaching Gielinor. James beheld in a prophetic dream that he was destined to do battle with the beast. Within the dream, he also forsaw his death. He gathered an elite unit, known as the Paladins, to join him. Each was a veteran of James' wars, and each had sons to carry on their family names. Knowing he marched to his death, James final edict was to declare his son Varis II, King of Asgarnia.

Emperor Varis II

  • Varis II Grey-0

    King Varis the Second

    King James called the court to order and told them of his plans to take a few hundred men and travel to the tusked terror known as Tuska. Knowing he would not return, he crowned his son Varis the new King of Asgarnia.
  • Shortly after his fathers departure and assumed death, Varis would hold his coronation, inviting the worlds nobles and merchants. The ceremony itself went smoothly and was performed by the Church of Saradomin.
  • Varis began to instate economic and trade reforms and began to rebuild his government inviting fresh local political talent into the governmental body
  • King Varis found plans of treason committed by the Prince of Anglia Sael Caspar and sent his commander Velonus Adair to arrest him, when the commander got to the scene he found the Khardian Prince Saaero Vahar being burned alive on the stake. Later the prince was executed in front of his people.
  • With tensions high between Al Kharid and Asgarnia following the execution of Prince Saaero, hostilities are growing between the two factions.
  • Garlan Dayne is invested with the Principality of Burthorpe by King Varis II.
  • After repeated attempts the first four colonies of Asgarnia has been completed and long serving soldiers have been offered land on these new acquisitions, these islands include the Penile Island of St.Edward which houses the criminals of Asgarnia, The second is Sadawan a island located in the khardian sea far from the lands of the khardian people. the third is Port James which is located on the island of Karamja, the fourth and final is a small island named after the king himself the Island of Varisia
  • King Varis becomes engaged to Lady Menia Concendo a temple knight and a misthalite hero of the vyre invasion that terrorized the kingdom of Misthalin
  • In a small ceremony King Varis was married to Lady Menia Concedo and she was thus known as Queen Menia Grey. This however would soon change to Salvian as King Varis decided to create his own house away from the past of the name Grey.
  • A few years would pass and the king and queen would be blessed with four children. They would be named and titled Prince Edward, Prince Edmund, Princess Quinn and the baby Prince Leon
  • Another period of time would pass and the young prince Leon was betrothed to Princess Katrina of Misthalin, sealing an alliance between the two.
  • King Varis decided to do away with the absoloute monarchy his father had created and restored the lands to the fuedalism the kingdom had once embraced, restoring power to the nobles of those areas.
  • A terrible blood plauge was released onto Burthorpe and the surrounding areas it killed many smallfolk and govermental men and women. It would eventually reach Falador, kiling a few people before vanishing.
  • King Varis meets with several inportant members of his kingdom including Prince Garlan of Burthorpe and Lord Angus of Ashdale.
  • King Varis promotes Malcolm, Chief of Clan MacFirthane to the rank of Lord for his service and loyalty during the Battle of Rimmington. He received land in the Ice Mountain range.
  • King Varis falls ill, leaving his son Edward to declare himself Prince Regent. Annoyed by the lack of consultation, King Varis declared himself Emperor of Asgarnia, thus reinstalling the imperial status Asgarnia has held before
  • Emperor Varis then soon writes the edict of Falador which contained his abdication. His abdication stated that Imperial Princess Quinn would inherit the throne, much to the shock of Prince Edward and Prince Edmund, as well as several of the Emperor's subjects
  • Emperor Varis II then retires to his estate in Rimmington, opting to live a life of peace.

Empress Quinn

  • A ball is held to celebrate King Edward I of Sarimia's Birthday.
  • Lord Harys Forrester was named Earl of Rimmington, and Commander-General of Sarimia's Military by King Edward I.
  • An invasion plan overheard by Harys was communicated to King Garlan of Burthope. Burthope locked its borders and prepared to send out scouts to find said invasion force.
  • Quinn was told of the plan by Harys as well, putting more stress on the young Empress. Falador was placed under lockdown, by urging of Harys during tea.
  • Harys moved his camp to the crossroads north of the city. Should Burthope come under attack, Harys would be able to rally his men to defend her from the Goblin Village.
  • A ban on weapons was put into effect after a recent surge of murders. Military personnel are still permitted to carry standard-issue weapons, and certain civilians with special permits.
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  • The Empress is killed whilst fleeing from the castle. She defiantly fought until the bitter end, having her throat slit by William Skeat, a Kinshra Lieutenant, and teleported off to Ardougne. The job was finished by a Crown Cavalier. However, the public did not know of this and publically thought she had bled out from her injuries while Ardougnian mages attempted to save her,

Emperor Edward II

  • Edward is crowned by the Bishops of Falador and Sarim in a Saradominist ceremony.
  • A Parliament is convened of a number of commoners, nobles and clergymen, and begins to meet and debate legislation.
  • After an appeal from Prince Daedalus, the Emperor's brother, the Kharidian Calipha and her fiance Kharron agree to meet with the Emperor to discuss trade terms. Insults are traded, and a challenge is posed by Kharron to duel the Emperor, which is refused at the time.
  • Parliament is formed, and the first session is held.
  • A meeting is held with the Kharidians, after being arranged by Edward's younger brother Daedalus, in an attempt to mend relations, however a racist insult from the Emperor results in a challenge to a honour duel with Kharron Ahkran, husband of the Calipha Keerah. The Emperor refuses, and is branded a coward.
  • The Commonwealth of Burthope is dissolved, and the Principality is restored, with Arthfael Olivriar taking the title of Prince.
  • Grand Marshal Harys Forrester is slain by the Emperor for his alleged incompetence.
  • Prince Edmund is selected by the Emperor and confirmed by Parliament to serve as the new Grand Master of the White Knight Order.
  • The Emperor accepted the Kharidian challenge and met Kharron Ahkran outside of the city walls. They dueled, and the Emperor was slain by Kharron.

King Varis III

  • Prince Daedalus rises to the throne on Edward's death, as Emperor, in accordance with his will. He takes the regnal name of Varis III.
  • He has a meeting with King Vergil of Kandarin, and tries to stall a decision on agreeing to a war against the Caliphate, knowing that it would be a violation of the terms of the will.
  • The Emperor appeals to King Caius of Misthalin in order to form a bloc with the Kharidians to prevent war. The resulting negotiations, involving King Vergil of Kandarin and Sultan Kharron of the Kharid also leads to the Concordat of Varrock, which the Emperor signs.
  • Maela Aerendyl-Blackwood is named Duchess of Sarimia and later agrees to marry the Emperor. She becomes Empress consort after this wedding, which occurred quickly.
  • Charles White, the bastard brother of the Salvian children returns from quelling rebellion in the colonies. He is named Varis' Champion.
  • A new leader of the army is selected, in Tommen Calderon, who has also been made Duke of Ashdale.
  • A conspiracy attempts to see Varis arrested and dethroned on false charges of heresy. The charges are quashed, and the Emperor released. In the chaos, Princess Quinn returns and attempts to seize the throne for herself. She is arrested for treason.
  • The Edict of Falador is issued, which restrains the powers of the Church to prevent a repeat of the incident, and also reforms the Empire back into a Kingdom, signifying Varis' position of a single nationality, common to all his citizens.
  • Varis quietly divorces his wife due to the breakdown of their relationship, and begins to court the Lady Grey.
  • The Renderra begin to ship radishes and other produce grown by magical means into the city in order to alleviate the food crisis.
  • In a series of quick, unexpected attacks, numerous prominent Asgarnians are kidnapped by the Enlightened Order of the Crown Archival, and one of the Order's lesser members attempts to murder the King. He is thwarted, and the King orders that he be impaled.
  • The Lady Grey is kidnapped by House Praven, but her disappearance is blamed on the Crown Archival.
  • After the Lady Grey pays her own ransom, she returns to the Kingdom. Unbeknownst to the Asgarnians, she has been conditioned by the Pravens into obedience.
  • King Varis and the Lady Grey get married at a ceremony at the Basilica of the Seven Apostles of Asgarnia in Falador, and have a reception feast at the Edwardian Palace. Wade Praven causes a diplomatic incident by protecting a Bandito Rojo gangster, and later furor is raised over Queen Senna of Kandarin and Sir Bear Welshly's attempt to murder the Queen's cousin, Thaylon Grey.
  • At a tea party at Vairton Manor, the King is rendered paralysed by a botched assassination attempt by the Queen's escort and is forced to abdicate due to his incapacity.

Queen Erysail

  • Commodore Princess Imperial Catherine Salvian is named sovereign ruler over all of Asgarnia along the Prince-Electors and is crowned as Queen Erysail I in a short event. Banishing both her Salvian and Aerendyl names, she restores the Grey House as the rulers of Asgarnia and reigns in a new Era of Saradominist thinking. She starts her rule with gifting the Coronation's food to the homeless and poor in Falador.
  • HI&RM Erysail names her cabinet that is charged with the running of the Kingdom under her;
    • The Secretary to Her Majesty's Cabinet - Prince Edward Sebastian Salvian
    • The Secretary to Her Majesty -Lady Vauna Vandrake
    • The Secretary of State for Maintenance of Her Majesty's Peace - Lord Hedark Blackwood
    • The Secretary of State for Her Majesty's Affairs Abroad - Lord Kaeso Del'Vair
    • The Chancellor of Exchequer - Lord Warren Harway
  • The Queen Erysail announces the reforming of the Estates-General, to take place of the Parliament that was long ago disbanded under her Father. She deforms the Lord Lieutenants of Burthope and Sarimia, reforming the feudal ties, all swearing fealty to herself.
  • The Queen meets with the Guardians of Armadyl where they demand the Kingdom's men and Navy to fight an ill-planned war against Karamja. Erysail shows her distress of the situation, but can not risk her entire Kingdom for a few.
  • Queen Erysail announces her plans to travel to Entrana to ask for a tree sapling of one of the large oak on the island, to planet in the Royal Gardens of Falador to become the sigil of her rule.
  • The Queen enters a time of fasting and silent prayer in the Chapel of Saint Edwards with the news of the Divine Rector's Sanction. Sticking true to her peace loving ways, she calls for a meeting to be held between all parties in Falador to find a solution to the issue without bloodshed.
  • Queen Erysail travels to the Blackmarch Province with the entire Northern Army to put an end to the Kinshra one way or another. After short peace talks, the Kinshra formally surrenders to and rejoins the Kingdom of Asgarnia as a legal entity. It agrees to disarm and swear fealty to the Throne of Raddalin, in exchange for the protection of its culture and way of life. History is made.
  • The Kingdom of Asgarnia formally disconnects from the Saradomin Church and creates their own called; the Church of Asgarnia, creating a new difference in Saradominist thought.
  • The Crown of Asgarnia and the Guardians of Armadyl take steps to repair relations though stalls when Queen Erysail asks for a formal apology from the Guardians former Grandmaster.
  • White Knight Grandmaster Edmund Salvian causes a diplomatic crisis with Al-Khaird with heavy racist tones.
  • Grandmaster Edmund Salvian is recalled back to Court and discharged from the Order by Queen Erysail. Edmund lashes out and attempts to kills the Queen, he is later killed while resisting arrest by Hedark Blackwood.
  • The White Knight Order is placed directly under the Crown's authority.
  • Later, a small rebellion led by a hand full of White Knights and supported by the Divine Rector attempts to take the White Castle. It is put down in full by the Queen's forces leaving only a single knight, Sir Toras Eabral, alive and he's later pardoned to show the Queen's mercy.
  • The conflict will later be remembered as a battle between radical and moderate teachings of Saradominism.
  • Queen Erysail calls for the rest of the loyal Knights to hold an intern council to ensure that this rebellion can never happen again.
  • Queen Erysail announces plans to rework the legal and justice System of the Kingdom. Calling forth all students and practices of Law to go over every piece of legal legislation from past rulers to make a single and lasting legal code.
  • The Queen announces that she is to travel to Al-Khaird with a small selection of her Court to normalize relations once more. After the cut off from trade with Khaird is slowly being felt in Port Sarim and the Kingdom at it's whole.
  • Queen Erysail reforms peace with Al-Khaird and relations become normalized once more.
  • Erysail gives birth to the first of her two children; Prince James and Princess Catherine II. Later she gives birth to Princesses Camelia and Cassandra.
  • The Queen and her legal aides craft the Erysailite Code to stand as the base work for the Asgarnian Justice System. Surpassing all codes crafted in the past.
  • Queen Erysail announces that Princess and Prince Imperials, Catherine II and James, will take the titles as Regents to be allowed more responsibility in ruling the Kingdom before the Queen crowned one of them as her successor.
  • After a long and healthy rule, allowing her daughter, Catherine II to earn experience, Queen Erysail finally steps down from the throne. Crowning Princess Imperial Catherine II as Queen Varissa.

Queen Varissa

  • After a time as serving as Regent under her Mother, Princess Imperial Catherine II is crowned as Queen Varissa of Asgarnia.
  • On the 36 of Moevyng, James, Prince of Asgarnia, Marshal of Her Majesty's Forces and Constable of Falador, issues a proclamation to declare Martial Law in Falador and the County of Farradorn, following an assassination attempt on Queen Varissa. The proclamation also reintroduces the ban of carrying weapons within the city of Falador.
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  • Queen Varissa is poisoned by a unknown assassin. She is saved by her mother, the former Queen Erysail, but just barely. Due to her illness she named her daughter, Anastasia, Queen of Asgarnia.

Queen Anastasia

King James II

Queen Efaritay

  • As Princess Jacquelyn, Efaritay passed the Jacquelite Duelling Codes.
  • Jacquelyn had a joint Coronation and Wedding, where she was crowned Queen Efaritay I, married to her husband Emrys Renderra-Grey.
  • Emrys promoted and had approved the Lady Natalie Hospital, located in the Southwest of Falador for top of the line medical treatment. Featuring three operating theatres, and a staff comprised of Druids, Saradominist Clerics, and trained doctors, Emrys' decision has saved many lives.
  • Efaritay saw a strong relationship with Misthalin come to her reign.
  • Due to aid in rebuilding Falador, the Concendo family were granted Port Sarim.
  • Efaritay raised a replica of the banner of Raddalin high, to further cement her legitimacy to all of Asgarnia.
  • She brokered peace with the battered Kinshra, to turn against a mutual enemy.
  • With all vassals in Asgarnian held land in line, Efaritay sends Thalia Renderra as an ambassador to hire mercenaries.
  • Pirates raid Port Sarim. Skull gang Slavers under Jed the Iron Link and traffickers under Fauramizu Rin raid the port.
  • Public support outstretched to Sarim, leading to the Interceptor class ships' construction. A fleet of small, fast gunboats equipped with heavy forward facing cannons and swivel guns. These ships sailed to the East, liberating many slaves of the Arc. The return brought new ships, captured from the Pirates, and a colony on the uncharted island now known as Salvaria. Salvaria has since become a trading outpost for Asgarnian sailors.
  • Efaritay rallied banners for war, calling the Kinshra, White Knights, Asgarnian Loyalists, and vassalage armies to Burthorpe, defeating Lord Jekyll in a hard fought battle. With the Republic brought to heel, rewards were given. The Kinshra had Taverley Dungeon returned to them, and Raulph L. Dodge Junior received the right to Haggshome for his father's valiant acts.
  • As peace came to Asgarnia, trouble began to brew as a Golem under Falador stirred, but the quick work of the White Knights saw to its defeat.
  • Efaritay returned from a pilgrimage with newfound knowledge of the Grey family, as well as the realization her current pregnancy would bear triplets.
  • The Triplets were too much for Efaritay's womb and were born prematurely, at 30 weeks. The strain on her body led to Victoria Grey being a breach birth, requiring a Caesarian Section or both would die. The Queen died of an overdose of painkiller accompanied with bloodloss. She was survived by her four children, Jane, Safalaan, Ivandis, and Victoria. As stated in her will, her cousin Eofare took the position of Lord Regent, until Queen Jane was old enough to rule.
  • Moments after Efaritay's death, her husband set his crown down, before leaping from the fourth story of Falador Castle to the stone below. He died on impact.

Lord Regent Eofare Grey

Queen Jane

Queen Fiore

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