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The City of Dorgesh-Kaan
The City of Dorgesh-Kaan




Dorgeshuun Or Cave Goblin

Also Called:

Cave Goblin City


Brooch (The Lost Tribe) detail

Current Ruler:

Council Head: Ur-It

This page is here to document the in-character history of Dorgeshuun's political reigns and events in role-play. The Dorgesh-Kaan Republic is the capital city of the Dorgeshuun cave goblin tribe.

Dorgesh-Kaan entrance

City Gate.


Under a Company 

  • The city was once handed to a company of forgotten name for in return of protection against the surface threats.
  • The Company used the city as a reasource area to obtain the minning minerals it produced.

General Tur-grit

  • The company soon left the city unknowingly why and when, as the city panicked they made a Goblin known as Tur-grit as leader
  • Under Tur-grit rule the city soon became in a one ruler region.
  • A Civil war broke because of the new rule.
  • Tur-grit was defeated and exiled from the city.

City Council

  • The City had once again returned to the ruling of the council.
  • The council had made a vote on either closing the gate from the surface dwellers, due to the battle of lumbridge but decided to leave it open as an way to help those feel safe.
  • During the battle of lumbridge, a small group of both faction side had been battling in the city trying to claim it, luckily The Godless had arrived and aided the city into driving both sides out.
  • The Godless were given rights into the city as well as resources.
  • The City council soon fell victim of a small Bandosian faction that went to raid the city from resources as well as a killing the goblins for Bandos. They were driven out thanks to the Godless members that resided in the city.
  • During The Bandosian-Armadylean Conflict the city defense was tighten, as will as the access to it was closed off unless authorized by a ruler of the surface, or the council themselves.
  • After the event and Zanik leaving the city the Council appointed Ur-It as the head of the council which opened the city.

Council Head Ur-it

  • Ur-It kept the same rule and system to run the city, with no changes, he is also appointed as the youngest of the council.
  • The City defense was improved greatly after Ur-It was appointed head of the council. He also improved statures and training for the guards.
  • During the Battle between Tuska, Ur-It had doubled the city defenses and allowed those on the surface to hide there in-case that the beast managed to win.
  • Ur-It had declared the city open to new inventors who wished to learn from their scientists.
  • The City has remained peaceful for the time being, gaining new citizens and inventors overall.
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