The Island of Crandor

Present rulers:

The Witch Queen of Karamja, Regrette Hex




The Zamorakian Brigade


0 documented humans, masses of undocumented hobgoblins, demons, and undead

As insignificant as this tiny volcanic island may seem to the layman's eye, it is not entirely useless. In fact, very valuable ore can be found on this island, which can make it quite the target for groups of an industrious nature. It is also one of the more secluded areas on Gielinor, making it a popular spot for infernal rituals, illegal trade, and other criminal behavior.



No records exist or have been recovered prior to the Era of the Chaotic Regency of Karamja.

Era of the Chaotic Regency

Witch Queen Regrette Hex

Though expanding the Regency into something greater than Karamja so quickly was not immediately on her mind, the Witch Queen knew a good oppurtunity when she saw it. Sovereign under only Elvarg's long decayed corpse, Crandor had vast quantities of untapped natural resources, especially ore. Therefore, on the 22nd of Septober during the second year of the Sixth Age, the Chaotic Regency annexed Crandor into its rule. The resources of the island have since been guarded against intruders by the undead that walk its shores, who seem to attack anyone who isn't a high-ranking Brigadier.


The reason known to no one, this vacancy abruptly ended one Autumn night. No trace is left of this rule.

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