Henrik the Trout
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Oncorhynchus mykiss


Year 169 of the Fifth Age

Fish mask detail

Henrik the Trout (pron. /ˈhɛnrik/, Year 169 of the Fifth Age ― ) is a rainbow trout character created and played by Ollie.

Henrik is one of the only trout in the world of Gielinor to have visited many of the humanoid kingdoms and to have survived his brief visit at the Rising Sun Tavern in Falador. This is not a feat that mere fish or even humans usually accomplish. He is indeed marvelous.

Humble Beginnings

Henrik was born in the gentle streams of the River Lum in Lumbridge with quite a myriad of happy brothers and sisters by his side. When the season began to change, Henrik, along with his siblings that hadn't been consumed by the larger Lumbridge fish, decided to swim south, ending up at the mouth of a great and stormy sea. It was this sea that would change his life forever.

The South Sea

River Lum (Lumbridge)
Henrik had never seen such a vast world before and was quite intrigued by his new surroundings. His siblings were less enthused. They were already discussing their great migration back to their birthplace but Henrik would have no part in it. He was young, his fins were strong, his gills full of water, and he was ready for an adventure.

Although his siblings sighed, bubbles of dismay floating from their mouths, Henrik was stubborn. Leaving his brothers and sisters behind, he began to swim through the strong currents of the South Sea, heading south-west. It was colourful, dangerous, bustling with a variety of sea creatures from all parts of the underwater world. This was going to be a great summer. 

Down into the Deep


As Henrik swam and swam, discovering new things and seeing amazing sights  ― a sunken temple, a Mahjarrat corpse, and some very strange looking fish with swords on their noses ― he ran into one of the largest schools he had ever seen in his life. Shimmering as they swam by, he couldn't resist. He joined in on their swim without knowing where they were headed. . .

And soon, absolutely out of nowhere, a whale! He could have never dreamed of something so huge! With that thought only fresh in his mind, half of his school was devoured in one go. Snap, gone, just like that! He immediately fled into the dark waters, racing down, down into the deep.

The Monkfish and the Sunken Ship


Facts and Trivia

  • Henrik is a fish of knowledge. He has read one entire book, somehow, which he found in the sunken ship in his journeys across the southern seas.
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