Hayley Kimberly Spears
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An Artist's Interpretation of Hayley Spears (Drawn by T K-421)



Date of Birth:

Wintumber 15th, 121 5E




152 lbs





Hayley K. Spears is one of W42's many iconic characters that is played by the user BrtneySpears . Born out of the Fremennik village of Rellekka , this half-icyene had sought for a life filled with duty, obligations, and adventure- Eventually finding herself as a Commander within the Temple Knights and a prominent political figure within the realm of Gielinor.


At first glance Hayley can seem very cold, unnerving, and distant. Basically to those she doesn't know, she can be an ice cube. However, you cannot judge a book by it's cover as they say- and don't let this fool you; Hayley can be a very warm and welcoming person to those she trusts and those she considers friends or allies. She has a great deal of sympathy and respect for those serving their countries and defending others, and holds a few prominent figures in Gielinorian history in high regard such as Kara-Meir and Sir Owen. Hayley has seen a lot in her day, and has experienced more than many people can say they have in their lifetime. She is very wise and will think things over more than once in her head for many things from day-to-day tasks to operational plans. All in all, she is a very mature woman that can be easy to get along with if you're not shady, shy, or dangerous. Honor, courage, faith, and respect are the four key virtues she holds high in regards to.



For a female, Hayley has very strong and prominent features such as a broad jawline, gaunt cheekbones, and a relatively straight nose. However, despite what many may think of her if described, she still resembles a woman. Many men in her day had found her quite attractive, actually. Hayley's near bleached angelic hair would be relatively straight with a few slight waves to it, reaching all the way down towards the midsection of her back, and her steely light gray eyes would give off a very cold feeling to those that fall under ger gaze.


She is tall for a female in these times, standing at around 5'10 with a muscular athletic body type. Her skin would appear to be very soft and smooth, and she'd have a relatively nice tan for being out in the sun for so long. She wouldn't really have any belmishes or significant scars. Nothing else really to say about her body.


Birth of a divine hero.

A man's feet must be planted in his country, but his eyes should survey the world

–George Santayana

Our story begins in the village of Rellekka, located in the cold northern Fremmenik lands of Kandarin. A cold land north of Camelot filled with Fremennik influence and many barrels of mead, secluded from most of the outside world- What, with their hatred of magic and distrusting of outsiders and all. It is a wonder how an Asgarnian native... a retired White Knight had managed to gain friendly access into the village of Rellekka. Perhaps he had bribed the Fremennik people? Perhaps he had snuck in? No. This man went by the name of Micheal J. (Jay) Spears. A White Knight of 20+ years, he had decided it was time to settle down in a quiet location and live the rest of his life in peace after many years of adventure and service. Like the Fremennik, Micheal was not very fond of magic users. He shared the same belief that magic was only supposed to be used by the gods... Not people. Ultimatley after much thought, Micheal had ventured off towards the village of Rellekka in hopes that the Fremennik peoples would allow him to settle down in their village to live a quaint life. Unfortunately, life is never easy. The Fremennik took interest in Micheal's proposition- But first he had to prove himself by passing the fabled Fremennik Trials all outsiders must go through in order to be considered Fremennik. Suprisingly after months of hard work, Micheal had passed the trials with ease and has been allowed access into Rellekka with the ability to purchace a home- Which he did. This accomplishment of his had caught the attention of an Icyene believed to be Valkyrie by the Fremennik people who has gone by the name of Nika R. (Roland) Altberg for quite some time now. She had been stuck in the village of Rellekka in hiding for many years now, ever since the end of the God Wars. Although the Fremennik people had believed her to be a Valkyrie, Micheal almost immediately recognised her as an Icyene. Eventually, the two had fallen in love and were officially married under Guthix's name in the village of Rellekka. And even then, months after their marriage, they had decided to have a single baby. The baby turned out to be female- Low and behold, this baby was none other than the legendary Hayley K. (Kimberly) Spears.

Goo goo gaa gaa...

Hayley. That's a good name, don't you think? Fits. You. Perfectly.

On Wintumber 15th, Hayley was born on a blizzardy winter night in their own family home without the aid of a physician. Her father Micheal did all the delivering. At birth, Hayley weighed in at about 7.2 lbs with no deformities or anomalies. A normal weight for a Rellekkan baby at the time, she was a perfectly healthy baby girl with bleach blonde hair and light, innocent looking gray eyes. Almost immediately, Hayley was taken into great care. Her parents adored every moment with her from the moment she was out of the womb. Her parents never left her side. Hayley grew as an infant with no major events or tragedies. Just.. grew up as a baby learning of the sights, sounds, human interactions, and everything in between.

One step in front of the other!

With the help of her parents Nika and Micheal, Hayley was starting to learn how to walk on her two feet by the age of one. She was never really a crawler, to be frank. She really had just sat there quietly with this goofy looking curious expression to her face, reaching out to touch things only after she had finished sticking her fingers into her own nose or mouth. She also had made the occasional noise such as "Guck!", "Gooo...", and everyone's favorite.. "Brrrrgrgrgrggbbrg" along with a raspberry with her tounge. Of course, she always giggled and smiled when she was in either of her parent's arms. By the time Hayley had entered her toddler stage, she was already well aquianted with a few of the other village babies. Amazingly, they seem to have recognised each other every time they had met for a "play date" while the parents talked or what not and would clumsily waddle around their designated play area until one had fallen and started to cry or their time had expired. Once Hayley started to talk and understand words by the end of her second year, her father Micheal had taken the liberty to immediately educate her properly. Ever since her toddlerhood, Hayley had been taught by her father about proper etiquette, how to write, how to read, and how to hold proper convorsations with other people. She was already having full out, half intelligent convorsations with adults at the end of her third year!

The one stage of life we all wish we could travel back to..

Hayley had entered her childhood with many friends, and a decent educational background all thanks to her father. Among the group of her better friends was a girl named Astrid. Astrid and Hayley had played almost every day! They also seemed to be in charge of all the other children they played with. The two would normally organize what game they'd play and had acted as the team captains against each other. It was great fun! Among Hayley's favorite games to play were stick & ball, freeze tag, and Run Away from the Dagonnoth. When Hayley wasn't playing with her friends, her parents further educated Hayley and taught her about Gielinorian history, how politics work, and basically everything else a noble child of her age would learn. Because of this, Hayley had an immensive interest in how militaries were ran and worked. Hayley had aspired to one day join up in a military as her father was a White Knight- She really had looked up to her father and wished to be like him one day. As a child, Hayley was also very adventurous. Her parents had trusted her enough to allow her to roam outside of the perimiter of Rellekka by her self, an eager to explore little girl. Well, one day, as she was doing another one of her rounds adventuring off around the outskirts of Rellekka, Hayley had stumbled upon a small, deep, dark, and wet cavern she was just big enough to fit into and crawl down. Curious little Hayley got onto all fours and decided to crawl into the cave to see what she may or may not discover! To her immediate suprise, she had stumbled upon a large pit of snakes! There were so many of them! She counted at least twenty.. They were large! And green! And slimy! They crawled and slithered all over her! She was literally frozen in fear. It was like she could not move! All she could do was scream for help as loud as she could as she just lied there helplessy while the snakes slithered all over here. Eventually, a patrol of Rellekan Guards had found her and managed to pull her out. Upon returning home to her angered parents, she was ordered never to adventure off alone into the outskirts again in fear that she would hurt herself badly one day. It was a mericle she was not bitten in that snake pit. It was there where she had aquired an obvious fear of snakes, an event she'll never forget. Her best friend Astrid wasn't very fond of snakes, either. After the two reunited, things were back to normal for Hayley through her childhood.

Spread your wings, baby!

Teenagers scare, the living S#!% out of me!


Well, by the time Hayley had started to enter her teenaged years is when she started to want to venture outside of Rellekka and the Fremennik Province all together. Although she had a few friends like Astrid,  had upkept a few short relationships with other boys, and her parents had loved her unconditionally- She just really wanted to spread her wings, leave the nest, and explore the world to meet new people and learn about different cultures. Unfortuantely for her, Micheal did not see her mature or old enough to leave just yet. Instead, he decided to actually put her to good use and forced her to find herself a paying job within the village. The only real thing she wanted to do was something militaristic or authoritarian, but it seemed that women were not really allowed into the Fremennik Guard Force. Refusing to really work, she usually got herself into a lot of arguments with her parents that kind of furthered eachother away relationship wise. Eventually she had caved in and was put to work with the fishermen and women of Rellekka. Hayley spent long hours out on the coast or on a boat, casting her net or rod into the water to only find one or two fish biting all day. The pay wasn't very well either. In fact, she didn't even want a pay. 'What could she possibly buy with this money other than clothing?', she thought. So for the next 4 years of her life, she was stuck in a job she hated that she wasn't even allowed to leave. Disgustingly, she had stuck with the job all the way to her 18th birthday. Finally, after a lot of convincing and sucking up, her parents had granted her permission to set off on her own into the outside world. After her final good-bye's to her friends and parents, she stepped foot outside of the Fremennik Province for the first time, heading due south towards Camelot!

Jumpin' all over all over the wooorld! (Let me hear ya!)

I've got the music, I've got the lights! You've got the figure, full of delights! Let's get together, we're jumpin' all over all over the world!


The travel down towards Camelot took about a day for Hayley, only stopping to rest about two times. It was quite peaceful actually; Hayley's first time outside of the Fremennik Province. To her, things were really different. The people were different, the culture was different, heck, the air was different! It started to feel warmer.. She kind of liked it. Anyway, as stated, her trip down towards Camelot was very peaceful and quiet. She really had an appreciation for nature to be honest. Hayley knew she had reached Camelot upon seeing the massive castle in the distance from the road. Eager to venture close to it, she skipped all the way down the road until she had reached the village. After taking a quick tour of the castle, and renting a hotel room to stay in for the night, Hayley decided on chatting and meeting with the people of Seers Village to learn more about the outside world and to discover the different cultures and customs the entire rest of the day. The next morning Hayley had set off eastbound towards the village of Catherby.. Her main goal was to reach the city of Falador so that she may learn more about the White Knights and the nation of Asgarnia, which her father Micheal served. However, it took Hayley about half of the day to get to Catherby, and she was far too tired to venture any further. So she had sought out the local inn and rented a room there to stay, so that she may continue her adventure the next morning. Unfortunately for Hayley, The White Wolf Mountain was an extremely large obstical in her path that she must first cross to get into Asgarnia. At the crack of dawn, Hayley had hired a local mercenary that offered escort services to people who wished to cross the mountain. He went by the name of Johnathan. A large fellow, really. He looked to be at least in his mid fourties, what with greying hair and a long, old looking beard. But he sure looked fit. Hayley thought him to be perfect for the job! So Johnathan the mercenary had escorted Hayley across White Wolf Mountian with very little problems, dropping her off into the village of Taverly after yet another day on the road. Although travel took a while, and was very tiring, Hayley enjoyed nearly every minute of it. She could not fathom the fact that this world was so large! She just loved meeting new people, learning about their customs and cultures! So Hayley had rented yet another night in an inn in Taverly, only to leave for Falador at the break of dawn yet again. However, Hayley had taken a wrong turn along her path and ended up traveling south bound towards Rimmington. Because there are no hotels in Rimmington, Hayley had to travel restless in the dark towards Port Sariman, risking the unfortunate chances of encountering a highwayman. And what do you know? Hayley had encountered a highwayman! About 3 miles west of Port Sariman, Hayley was held up by a gang of 3 highwaymen. They had demanded she strip her clothes down and hand them all of her remaining money. Of course, Hayley refused and a small fight broke out between the four. Fortunately for Hayley, she managed to slip away with just a few bruises and cuts. On the dark side however, the Highwaymen had chased after her all the way to Port Sariman. Instead of running for the inn, Hayley had jumped into the nearest cargo ship's hull and hid there for the night so the highwaymen couldn't find her. Upon reaching her little hiding spot, she had fallen asleep... To her great suprize, Hayley had awoken inside the ship, which was oddly docked outside of the Wizards' Tower! What the heck!? The ship must have sailed off while she was sleeping! Oh man, she's so lost now.. Immediatley, Hayley had booked it before the crew found out of her presance and ended up heading eastbound into the Swamps of Lumbridge. It was about midday, and it looked as if she was stuck in the swamps. However, she could have sworn to see a faint outline of a castle in the distance. Going along with her gut instinct, she had followed that sight and to her suprise the faint outline turned into a solid structure of Lumbridge Castle. Wasting no time, Hayley headed straight of the inn and decided to settle down for a few days to get her bearings together and find her way back towards Asgarnia.

Lumbridge, land of the potato farmers..

Rather than trying to head back towards Falador, Hayley had decided to settle down for a bit in Lumbridge as she noticed she was running a bit low on funds. Plus, she needed a bit of a break anyway. The morning after Hayley had set out for a job. She wanted something she'd enjoy- Not a farmer's hand or some shop assistant. So, Hayley sought out for the castle and personally introduced herself infront of the current acting Duke of Lumbridge at the time, looking for some sort of cool job. Although it would be foolish for a commoner, let alone a forienger introduce themself towards the important figurehead of authority without permission, the Duke was impressed with Hayley and her background. The Duke had offered Hayley position as Guard Captain of Lumbridge, due to her extensive knowledge above the common peasant and her noble background. Hayley did not know how to really use a blade and fight, but the Duke promised she'd recieve training for that. So, with that Hayley had accepted the position and she was put to work that night. For the next week, Hayley had learned how to be comfortable in light armors and use a sword to the best of her abilities. She also had refined her leadership abilities and thoughts under pressure. Now, hear me out on this. Hayley was only about eighten years old. Everyone else in the guard were at least in their early to mid twenties, the eldest of the bunch being in his fourites. Hayley, being eighteen years old, in charge of all these grown men and women... It was a bit awkward for her. Well.. it felt odd to be in charge of all these people being older than her. She knew technically she was just as smart as them, but it was just something she never got over. A month into her position as leader of the Guard, Hayley was given permission to buy a piece of land near the Castle as a token of appreciation from the Duke. Instead of buying the land, Hayley had purchaced a small two story house just big enough for her to live in for a little while. She did not want to stay here for the rest of her life, so she thought buying a piece of land would not be wise in the long run. Or maybe it was? Either way, her life probably would have been totally different if she chose to buy that piece of land. Anyway, Hayley had stayed as the Guard Captain of Lumbridge for nearly a year and a half, defending the townspeople from goblins and lawbreakers. Hayley was pleased to say she had not taken the life of a goblin or human the entire time she was guard captian. After that long year and a half, Hayley had decided she had enough. She had a very good amount of money for a traveler, learned many new skills, and was ready to hit the road once again. She had intentions to continue her journey to Falador and try to become a White Knight as her father was all those years ago. Hayley went to sell her house, formally resign from the Lumbridge Guard, and hit the road to travel to Falador!

Spears... Hayley, Spears...

Finally! After about a week and a half on the road! Hayley had at last reached the iconic white walls of Falador! She was so excited.. She had always dreamt about visiting Falador and that day had finally come for her. Without stopping at an inn or stopping to envoy any sights, Hayley immediately went up towards Falador Castle to enlist into the White Knights as a late Squire, in hopes she'd in time be deputized as a White Knight. The White Knights are already a bit hesitant to accept women, let alone outsiders.. but because of Hayley's family background and experiences, she was allowed to enlist into the White Knights as a Squire under the guidence of her soon to be mentor Acolyte James Washington. She was told to report back to the castle the next morning to start her training. So, that night Hayley had went towards the first inn that had caught her eye, which was the Rising Sun, and had rented out a room for the night so that she may report back to the castle in the wee hours of the morning. Well, as instructed, Hayley headed straight for the castle as the sun rose. She was given her squire gear and was instructed to fall into formation with the rest of her new squire class so that they may be assigned their mentors. During the brief induction phase, Sir Amik Varze had decided to give the squires a suprise PT test to see how fit they were before proceeding. Amazingly, Hayley outdid the rest of her fellow squires 10 fold. She really had impressed the observing White Knights. Following after that, Hayley was assigned her mentor and for the next week she learned more about swordplay and combat tactics, following her mentor's example. Another PT test was in order and she again impressed the observing White Knights. Sir Amik pulled Hayley off to the side one day and tasked her to a sparring match with an Initiate White Knight. After a long spar, Hayley had come out victorious. These small feats of Hayley had attracted the attention of Sir Tiffy Chasien, the head of recruitment for the Temple Knights- An elite group of Knights dedicated to perserving Saradomin's name whom recruit from the White Knights. Instead of going back to her squire class and mentor, Hayley was pulled out of the squire program and was instructed to follow after Sir Tiffy for some time. During these long few months, Hayley's mental ability, physical ability, and social ability were pushed to their limits. Sir Tiffy was impressed with Hayley's performance and offered Hayley a chance to try out for the Temple Knights, rather than joining the White Knights. Thinking her father would be extrordinarily proud, Hayley accepted the offer and before she knew it she was put into TK Indoctrination Class 7-45 as candidate #17 out of 250. Again, Hayley found herself in an odd place. Nearly every other candidate in her class was at least in their mid thirties.. latest being in their fifties.. and everyone else could say they have seen combat before, all being White Knights. Hayley was just a former Guard Captain nearly of the age of 20 with little experience under her belt.. Because of this, Hayley was picked on a bit by her colleagues. This kind of lowered her overall morale. But no matter, she still intended to keep her head in the game and give it her all. The Indoctrination Class has been tested, pushed over the limit both physically and mentally for the next two months. All throughout those two months, they each have been individually observed by observing Temple Knights who were to hand pick who stays and who drops out. Although Hayley was taking quite the beating, she stuck with it. They say the Temple Knight training is 20% physical.. 80% mental.. Near the end of the training, there were only about 62 people out of the original 250 remaining. From there, the Temple Knight Observers were to pick 20 out of those 62. Hayley was one of those 62. The selection process only lasted about 5 minutes.. but it felt like an eternity. The Observers were calling out the numbers of the chosen candidates.. "#75... #102... #69..." Each time a number other than 17 was called, Hayley felt her chances of getting selected were slimmer and slimmer. Finally, as the last number called, Hayley, candidate #17, was chosen as a selected Temple Knight Candidate to continue her training past the Indoctrination phase. Hayley could not believe it! She was now officially known as a Temple Knight trainee! She still had a long way to go, the training usually lasting about a year, but she knew she was now garunteed a spot into the Temple Knights after the training. Of the twenty selected, Hayley was the youngest and only female. For the next year, the 20 Temple Knight Recruits spent their time learning about unconventional warfare tactics, how to refine their blade ability, espionage, politics, and the whole 9 yards. It was a lot of information! During this time, the Recruits were given the choice to choose what specialty they desired. Hayley had chosen something in the Combat Medical field as she thought it would probably be better off for her in the long run. So for the last two months, the 20 Recruits were finally separated and split up to go learn about whatever they chose for their specialty. Hayley was put into a class that learned about anatomy, physiology, and combat medical procedures that would save lives on the battlefield. She found it hard to believe the human body was so complex.. And after those two months, Hayley finally graduated officially as a Temple Knight Initiate. Initiate Spears.

Welcome to the suck!

And could 'ye stop callin' me "Sir"? I ain't tha damned king or anythin'...

–Captain Jacob Valentine

Upon graduating as a Temple Knight Initiate, Hayley was assigned to a special "Combat Search and Rescue" unit after recieving her standard issue gear and equipment that consisted of land-navigators, mages, and combat medics. Codenamed "Guardian Angels", these guys specialized in as their description suggests. Combat Search and Rescue. They were the people that were expected to retrieve any lost Knight teams or Asgarnian diplomats and bring them back into friendly territory. The leader of this unit was a 20 year Temple Knight veteren Captain Jacob Valentine. Other significant figures included Drake Chavez the land-navigator, Alistair Saddler, Christopher Clayton, and Robert Thompson. Hayley got along with these guys fairly easy. They were all friendly and they shared their own knowledge with her, treating her as if she were family. Hayley had realised that the Temple Knight bond was strong. It really was like a family, rather than a military. She also found out things were pretty laid back in the Temple Knights. There was no real designated uniform, and they were allowed to do what they like to an extent so long as it doesen't break their moral code. Much better than being a mindless body in a tin can like the rest of the White Knights, she though. During this brief period of rest, Hayley had taken the time to write to her father of her accomplishments since she had reached Falador and informed her father of the new address he is to send his response letters. Before they started to embark on missions, Hayley had also taken the time to get to know the other members of the team and try to form a few friendships so that she wouldn't totally be alone. As stated before, she had gotten along with the others just fine and she already had made a few friends just after her first night with the unit. About a week into being with the unit, they finally got the green light for Hayley's first operation.. Into the depths of Karamja!

Black Gnome Glider down!

Hayley's first operation.. the "cherry popper", as they say, started around 0400 hours Asgarnian time. The unit- currently sleeping in their barracks, had been awoken and recieved word that a lone Temple Knight scout traveling via Gnome Glider codenamed "Hawk 1-1"  was oddly shot down by magical means in the depths of the Karamjian Jungles. The brass assumed he was still alive because they still had communication orb contact for about an hour after the crash before comms were lost. Immediatley, the unit had to suit up and get a teleport down towards Port Sariman to get transported over towards Karamja via a high speed boat magically powered by wind magic. Because of Hayley's constant training, she easily kept up with her team getting ready wasting no extra time trying to put her armor on. This was also Hayley's first ever teleport. She felt a little queasy afterwards but it didn't really bother her. Right after they teleported down into Port Sariman, they went straight for the boat that was to transport them and sat back to enjoy the brief ride towards Karamja. It lasted for about 30 minutes before the team unloaded onto the shores and proceeded into the desolate jungles. For the next 45 minutes, the unit traversed the jungles, trying to locate the supposed location of the downed pilot. Upon further exploration into the jungles, the sound of combat could be heard in the near distance as well as the smell of burnt wood. Perhaps they were nearing the crash site? Without further hesitation, the unit double timed it towards the area where the fighting was happening and low and behold there was the wounded Temple Knight Scout, his downed Gnome Glider, and three savage Karamjians desperately trying to end his life. Hayley's unit immediately interjected and assisted the Temple Knight Scout against the Karamjians. They managed to kill two but the 3rd one got away. So, Hayley was ordered the patch the Scout up for any wounds while the rest of them prepped to destroy the downed Gnome Glider for good with some rubium, as Temple Knight policy demands that all downed equipment in the field must be destroyed so that the enemy may not learn of their tech. After a bit of time, the Scout was patched and the remaining parts of the glider were ready to blow. Just like in the movies, and coincidentally, about a platoon sized element of Karamjians started to approach the crash sight. With little haste, the team ran back into the Jungles before destroying the crashed glider. This confused the Karamjians a bit, but it only stopped them for a few valuable seconds before they went to chase after the unit. The way back to the shore was much shorter than their original 45 minute trek into the Jungle because they knew where they were headed this time. The unit loaded up on the boat and made their way back towards Asgarnia before the persuing Karamjians could have caught up. Just in the nick of time! All in all the mission was a success as the scout was retrieved and there were little to no casualties. Not too shabby!

Saving Initiate Ryan!

About a day after the first operation, around 1325 hours, the unit received the green light for another mission. This time, a team of Temple Knight Saboteurs that were currently on a mission to destroy a small supply depot belonging to a Zamorakian mercenary company in the middle of Kandarin have gotten compromised and were in really deep shit. Hayley's unit immediatley suited up and recieved a teleport towards the outskirts of Ardougne, about 3 kilo's out from where the compromised Saboteur unit was currently located. Hayley's unit had to huff it towards the Saboteurs' location. As the unit neared, the intense fighting could be heard as if they were right next to it! Eventually, Hayley's unit got to where the Saboteurs were and immedietly they had went in to assist the Saboteurs. Hayley thought it amazing, there were only 5 Saboteurs but at least 20 mercenaries. How in the world did they manage to hold off without any KIAs? No matter. Hayley went towards the nearest OpFor and went to slice her sword across his stomach, effectively cutting it open. The man she had attacked almost instantly dropped to the floor as parts of his guts started spewing out of the torn area. Whether he was still alive or not, Hayley did not bother to check. She instantly acted on instinct and went after another target. She did not really feel much emotion either. However, that was in fact Hayley's first kill.. She would never forget the look on that man's face; It would stay in her mind forever. After a quick 5 minutes of fighting, the Temple Knights have managed to send the enemy mercenaries away and allow themselves enough room to slip away before any had returned. Once they have evaded the area, Hayley and her unit went to tend to the surviving Saboteurs' wounds as they waited for a small fleet of gnomecopters to fly them back to safety. Another job well done!

Strike of the Dagannoths!

Only about a week after their last operation did they receive the next green light for yet another mission. This time, around 2020 hours were they informed, this being Hayley's first nightime operation. A Temple Knight Reconnaissance team currently lying low in-country in the Fremennik Province of Kandarin in persuit of a HVT (High Value Target) believed to be somewhere near their location has gone missing. Wanting to know what has happened, Hayley's unit was called to arms to head over towards their last known location to investigate what had happened. Like usual, the team suited up and recieved a teleport over towards the nearest location, being somewhere on the outskirts of Rellekka. They were in no rush as the Reconnaissance team was already believed to be killed, so they enjoyed themselves a nice little night time hike into the Fremennik forests that border the village of Relleka. Hayley found it odd, how close to home this operation was. She remembered frolicking through these forests as a young child. Anyway, eventually the unit had reached the location of where the supposed Reconnaissance team was located. A mess. A complete mess. It looked as if it were  a scene out of a horror movie. The desceased bodies of the Reconnaissance Temple Knights could have been seen scattered about the wrecked encamptment, their tents completely destroyed. It was unfortunate, really. Sickening. But, Hayley knew what she had signed for. The unit was ordered to confirm the dead bodies of their comrades and retrieve their identification tags if possible before retrieving any important technology such as a communication orb or any special weapons. Well, while they were performing their duties a distant roar could have been heard in the background. Unsure as to what it was, they continued their duties until the roar was heard again. This time, much closer. Just as they were getting ready to wrap things up, a team of wild Dagannoths appeared! The unit instantly made for the forest as they were persued by the wild Dagannoths. Hayley had never ran so fast in her life! They were chased for a good 10 minutes before the Dagannoths decided to call it quits. Meraculously, everyone in the unit had survived and there were no casualties. Calling their job a job well done, they rondevouzed with a mage waiting on the outskirts of the forest near Relleka and recieved a teleport back home with a few retrieved communcation orbs and the identifications of the deceased Temple Knight Recon guys. A strike team was getting ready to head back in there to slay the Dagannoths just as Hayley's unit returned to base..


For the next few months, Hayley stuck with her CSAR unit doing basic things such as medical procedures, training, and very minor operations that weren't really worth mentioning. In time, Hayley was due for a promotion from her Initiate rank. After a quick strike team extraction assist near the coastline of Kandarin, Hayley was suprised to return to base to find there was a promotion waiting for her. She was given a new set of armor, a new rank insignia, and a certificate stating her promotion from Initiate to Prosylite from the Grandmaster and Sir Tiffy themselves. Hayley was very pleased with this, she was glad she had impressed her superiors and she was also glad she was deemed worthy enough for a promotion. Things were looking great for Hayley, and her future in the Temple Knights was looking better and better with each passing day. She was given an option to transfer units but she ultimately decided to stay for her bond with the men in her current unit was too strong.

Wilderness Extraction

For Hayley's first mission as a Prosyelite, Hayley and her unit had recieved word around 1600 that a Temple Knight Assault team that was sent to exterminate a Zarosian HVT in the middle of the Wilderness has been compromised and needed an immediate extraction out of the AO (Area of Operations) along with medical attention as they were one friendly KIA and held multiple casualties. Like many times before, Hayley's team suited up and immediately responded by recieving a teleport just outside of the Wilderness border. Like instinct, Hayley's team huffed it over the border and ran towards where the compromised Assault team was located. After a few minutes run, they had succesfully located the assault team and immediately went to cover their retreat. Now, they were fighting robed Zarosian cultists who knew how to cast ice magic. It was utter chaos. A few of the assault team guys were killed in the retreat but ultimately Hayley's unit got them to safety, patched up their wounds, and were teleported back home. Although the assault team had failed their objective to eliminate the HVT, Hayley's unit retrieved the assault team and made sure they were A-Okay. Just another day in the office.

The Al-Kharid Desert Incident

The infamous Al-Kharid Desert Incident. Hidden deep within the Temple Knight file archive, it is a day to remember for most men and women inside the Temple Knights. Not too long after the unit's mission into the Wilderness, they were again called upon. This time, an Asgarnian/Temple Knight Diplomat and a group of Temple Knight bodyguards sent towards Pollvineach in the Kharidian Desert has gone missing for about a week now, and the brass was wanting to send in a team to retrieve them. Or at least find out whatever had happened to them. It was supposed to be a routine mission, really. Nothing the unit hasn't handled before. Like so many other times before, they had suited up in their unit's little lockerroom section of the Temple Knight compound in Asgarnia, sharing rumors and jokes; Talking about their significant others or families before recieving a briefing and teleport down near their mission's AO. So anyway, they went down near Shanty's Pass and were granted free access into the desert because of their mission after a bit of talking with Shanty and his guards. From there, they traversed south into the desert en route for Pollvineach. Little did they know at the time, the navigator of the unit had read the map wrong and they were actually heading south-east rather than directly south. Unfortunately, they only had found out after the sun had started to set and there was no sight of Pollvineach or human civilization anywhere. Because of this mistake, they were forced to set up camp and had intended to correct and continue their trek towards Pollvineach in the morning. As if things couldn't get any worse, the unit had woken up to a horrible sight. Their camp was ramsaked; Backpacks were stolen, technology destroyed, and worst of all- Their navagator was found dead in his tent; neck slit and all. Unsure as to what to do, Hayley's unit decided to try and backtrace their steps back towards Pollvineach so that they may complete their mission and head home. After buring their navigator's body and taking his indentifications, they continued their trek. Hayley had seen comrades die before. In her own arms, even. It comes with being in the combat medical profession. But, seeing a member of her own unit die? It was horrible. It was like seeing a brother or sister die. It hurt Hayley on the inside, but she kept it hidden. She did not want to ruin the mission any further because of her attitude. Well, along their backtrack route, they were ambushed by a group of desert raiders. Holding their ground, they held off against at least 20 men. Unfortunately during the fighting, their secondary medic next to Hayley was KIA (Killed in action.) Taking his ID and buring his body, they set off into the night. Things were looking extremely grim now. They had no communication back to HQ and two of the 5 people in the unit were confirmed dead. The remaining three decided to hunker down in a small cave they had found for the rest of the night before proceeding out the next morning. They also had decided to call the mission over, scrub it, and try to head back towards Shanty's Pass. During the middle of the night, the three remaining in the unit were woken up by the sound of bandits outside of the little cave. Readying themselves, the magic expert of the team was swiftly killed by an arrow to the head as he peaked out of the cave to get a look of the bandits. It was just Hayley and the Captain now. The two held off valiantley against the attacking bandits but were ultimately overran. Hayley's captain was killed right before her eyes, and she was just about to get killed too if it werent for the leader of the bandits who stepped in at the last moment. Impressed with Hayley's combative skills, he ordered his bandits to take Hayley captive. So, she was tied up and dragged halfway across the desert towards the bandits' hideout. Fortunately, just in the nick of time, a team of Shanty's Men had raided the camp in search for Hayley's unit and found Hayley. Untying her, they lead her to safety and eventually back towards the Temple Knights in Asgarnia. And so ends the Al-Kharidian Desert Incident, the CSAR unit "Guardian Angels", and in starts a new chapter in Hayley's Temple Knight career.

Rehabilitation & the formation of Order 171

Upon being brought back to the Temple Knights, she was mentally and physically examined by nearly every doctor on location. Supposedly she was diagnosed with a case of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and was put into immediate mental care. She was also given a few weeks off, so that she may cope with her recent disaster. Every sundas during her few weeks off she was ordered to report to counciling with a Temple Knight doctor to talk about what had happened and how she feels now. Really, she thought this ridiculous as she beleived herself fine and they were just overreacting to how she had handled the situation. Eventually after some time, Hayley was brought back into Temple Knights active duty and was required to attend the ceremony and funeral for her unit. Seeing the caskets representing the remains of her old unit's teammembers was killer for her. Staying for the whole ceremony really saddened her. Oddly enough, after the ceremony the Grandmaster had offered Hayley an interesting proposition. The need for a special task force Counter-Terrorism team was in high demand for the Temple Knights, seeing as terrorism was at a rise in Gielinor at the time. There were no available candidates for leaders, so the Grandmaster had decided to offer Hayley a chance to become a captain and lead her own unit of Counter-Terrorism trained Temple Knights known as "Order 1-7-1". Agreeing to this proposition, Hayley was promoted all the way up towards the rank Captain and was given a group of 18 men to command. They were expected to train together before any actual OPs were performed, so after many months of training with her new unit Order 171, the unit was finally ready for combat. And Hayley was only of the age of 23.

Seige of Falador- Order 171's story

(This is where the actual RPIng started, from October 2011 with the old Order 171)

Order 171's first official Operation began during the War of 164, more specifically, the night before the legendary battle known as the 'Seige of Falador' as historians like to refer to it. As Falador was strategically seiged for that week of famine and despair, the Temple Knights were hard at work trying to figure out the Kinshra's gameplan on actually assaulting Falador and the area around it. Eventually after some time and long hours, Temple Knight intelligence has come to the conclusion one night that the Kinshra were ready to start the battle anytime the next morning as scouts have reported the Kinshra readying their seige engines and troops for battle- different from the other nights. The Temple Knights had to react quickly, and thought a sabotauge mission would be well for the defence of Falador. After a bit of discussion, Hayley's newly formed Order 171 was ordered a green light on the operation. Their objective was simple, really. Element Order 171 was to infiltrate enemy lines outside of the city walls and destroy three key targets; Two of the three being artillary pieces while the third was a seige engine. This way, the defence forces in the city will have a better fighting chance against the Kinshra. After the briefing was given in an underground tunnel built by the Temple Knights underneath the city of Falador, Hayley's unit of 8 men loaded up in light scouting gear and had grabbed a bunch of explosives similar to today's C4 made with hints of rubium. Finally, in the darkness of the night Hayley had lead her team out of the tunnels and outside of the Falador walls into the surrounding land. They had walked about 3 kilometers in the pitch black darkness to evade Kinshra patrols and camps so that they were behind the enemies' lines without being spotted succesfully. After some time, they were finally in a good position to execute their plans. They had a visual on the three targets they were supposed to destroy, which were all spread out by about 100 yards each. Hayley had ordered three of her men to head for the farthest, another three for the center most, and had taken her one other with her to head for the nearest. Unfortunately, the sun was starting to rise. So their element of darkness was starting to dissapear, and it was only a matter of time before the battle started. If they didn't destroy these three pieces of war before the battle started, it could have meant the end for Falador. So, Order 171 had to move fast to destroy this seige engine and these two artillary pieces. Quickly but carefully Hayley and her other man approached the artillary piece. Like quiet professionalls, they both had simutaniously dispatched the two Kinshra engineers finalizing their work on this artillary piece before they had planted their share of explosives down. Just as they had planted the explosives, and just in time, the other two sub teams Hayley had ordered to destroy the other two objectives had said they also have planted the explosives. Hayley had told everyone to regroup where they have started and lit the fuze to the explosives. The explosives were to go off after 30 seconds, so Hayley and her other man had huffed it back towards the rondevouze point to watch the fireworks. Just as the three objectives were blown up, the 8 man team of Order 171 had regrouped. Chaos abrupted! The Kinshra started scattering as their war machines were blown and they started searching for the sabetours who have destroyed their pieces. Hayley made a call in towards the brass that their mission was completed, and they were ordered to remain in-country for the battle so they are ready to assist whenever possible. Following orders, Hayley lead her unit around to evade Kinshra scouting parties and had lied low somewhere near these bushes about 300 yards away from the northernmost wall of Falador. As the battle started, Order 171 was given the green light to head into the battle and assist the defending forces. Running into the Kinshra lines in a wedge formation, the eight Order 171 Operators dispatched as many Kinshra as possible taking aboslutely no casualties. After a long, intense battle, victory was won for Falador. And just as quickly as Order 171 was deployed, they had slipped away. No one had ever known of their work that day and no one would ever knew. The unsung heroes, Order 171 had a bright future ahead of it. Just as Hayley had when she was an initiate.

Operation: Stormclaw

About a year after Order 171's involvement with the Seige of Falador, Order 171 was called upon once again to respond to a hostage crisis in an Asgarnian Embassy somewhere near Yanille in southern Kandarin. The terrorist's motive was for the most part unknown, and it was unsure if they even belonged to an organised group. However, they were in fact armed and dangerous; There being at least 8 of them, at most 16. Among the hostages in the embassy were four Asgarnian diplomats, two Ardougne politicians, and one Yanillian janitor. At first, this job was supposed to be handled by specialized units in the Yanillian Guard, but eventually that had flunked. The night of the hostage crisis, Kandar reached out towards Asgarnia for assistance. Agreeing to help, Asgarnia sent a call for Order 171 from the Temple Knights to be put on scene. Agreeing to the mission, Hayley's Order 171 was promptly teleported down inside the city of Yanille to prepare for the mission to save the Asgarnian, Ardougne, and Yanillian hostages. After Order 171 had settled in outside of the Embassy with the Yanillian Guards that were holding up the area, Hayley's team was briefed and was expected to assault the embassy that morning. The Yanillian Guards have already been holding up the Embassy for two days to tire out the terrorists, and they were starting to get antsy. They were demanding a free ticket out of there towards the docks of Port Khazard, or else they were to execute one hostage the next morning- Which is why Order 171 had to act fast. The Embassy was a large, rectangle shaped two story building with many rooms and offices with a sort of Roman-esque design. Think one of those many government buildings in the District of Columbia. Anyway, All of the hostages were believed to have been held in the diplomatic meeting room on the second floor. Occasionally a terrorist was sighted near a window or the front door. They were believed to be armed with explosives, swords, and crossbows. During the briefing, Hayley had decided on the plan to take four men up towards the roof of the embassy while another four infiltrate from the back entrance of the embassy. From there, Hayley's team on the roof would rappel down in through a window and clear the second floor while the ground team pushes through the first floor so they may eventually meet up and locate the hostages. They had to be silent and fast, and were expected to move the next morning. If Order 171 was spotted attempting to infiltrate the embassy by the terrorists, or were compromised somehow during their mission inside, there would be no doubt the hostages were to be executed. They needed to be professional here. So, after the plan had been set, the participating Order 171 members had suited up in Yanillian Guard kits as they were not to be identified as Temple Knights by bystanders and civillians. As the sun set, the team of 8 Order 171 Operators snuck out towards the Embassy. Halfway there, they split into two four man teams. Hayley's team went for the Embassy's right side while the other team of four circled around so that they were in position near the back entrance. While the ground team set up near the back, Hayley's team was already halfway up the building's side. Eventually, they had reached the roof with little to no problems and began to hook their lines up to stable surfaces so they may effectively rappel down in through the windows of the second floor. Once the lines were stable, Hayley's team slowly started rapelling down towards the windows. In position, the plans were executed. Simutaniously as the ground team breached in through the bottom floor, Hayley's team broke in through the windows into a well lit hallway with many doors. One room by one, Hayley's team breached the doors in searching for the terrorists. Finding none yet, all was going according to plan. After a bit of time, Hayley's team finally came upon their first bunch of terrorists. They were dispatched easily, and Hayley's team wasn't spotted. Save for some quick fighting later, the top floor was clear and Hayley's team has located the room where the hostages were held. The four terrorists inside had no idea Hayley's team was outside, and just as they set up to breach the door in the ground team came up the stairs to regroup with Hayley's team. Now the team of 8 set an explosive charge on the door, lined up in a line against the wall, and set it off. Just as they set the charge off, the line of 8 Order 171 Operators stormed the room as fast as lighting and effectively killed the rest of the terrorists with absolutely no casualties or hostage deaths. From there, the Order 171 Operators led the hostages to the hostage collection zone outside where the Yanillian Guards. To their suprize, as they exited the Embassy with the hostages they were welcomed by a large wave of clapping and cheering. Quickly leaving the hostages in safety, The Order 171 Operatives slipped away into the night back towards Asgarnia, not to recieve any more praise. Another job well done, and the whole world thought that operation to be Yanillian Guardsmen work. Just as the Temple Knights wanted. Another job well done; The men that participated in the hostage rescue were treated to free rounds at the NCO Club in the Temple Knight Compound by Hayley when they all returned.

Operation: Copperhead

Not very long after the hostage crisis, Operation: Stormclaw, in Yanille, Order 171 was called to arms yet again to respond to a current lead the Kandar 'Special Forces' have been tracking for quite some time. Supposedly, one of Gielinor's most wanted underground white-collar criminals at the name who went by the name of Yuri Gospic has finally been tracked down to an accurate location of his hiding place believed to have been nestled away in the great White Wolf Mountain that separates Kandarin and Asgarnia. The Kandar 'Special Forces' were ready to strike after many weeks of forward reconaissance of Mister Gospic's compound, but was a little low on men at the time and seeked a helping hand to assist in the arrest of Mister Gospic. Knowing Mister Gospic has scammed the Holy Church of Saradomin in the past, they thought the Temple Knights would be a perfect selection for help as their combat style was also unconventional. Not long after the call was made, Hayley's Order 171 was ordered to report to an inn the Kandar Special Forces operatives were staying in Catherby, rondevouze with the team, and organize a plan from there. So, Hayley took a team of four other men, grabbed some gear including a few crossbows, and loaded them up into large duffle bags before recieving a teleport down outside of Catherby. After a short walk, Hayley's team checked into the hotel and met up with the Special Forces team in the private meeting room on the second floor. Hayley and her team were shown a map of the compound that Mister Gospic was believed to be hiding in and the Special Forces team suggested their plan. In essence, the plan was for Hayley's Order 171 to cover the SF team's approach towards the compound with their crossbows whilst the SF team breached into the compound to apprehend Mister Gospic. Hayley's team was given the discression to enter through the back entrance if need be. Also, according to multiple reports, there were always at least 7 men on guard outside of the compound and an unknown amount on the inside- But there was definately well over 20. The Kandar SF team consisted of 6 men and Hayley's team consisted of 5 including herself. Although appearing tough, they had the element of suprize on their side. Hayley's team and the Kandar SF guys both agreed they would strike the next morning as a blizzard was believed to be hitting the area that time, so their approach would be masked naturally by the weather. After a good night's rest and a hearty breakfast. Hayley's team and the Kandar SF team kitted up in the woods outside of Catherby and proceeding on their little hike up the mountain towards Mister Gospic's believed-to-be compound. There was in fact a blizzard, so visability was a little rough. And the cold wasn't helping at all, not to mention the heavy wind and snow. But the two teams roughed it anyway. After about an hour worth of hiking, the two teams were finally outside of the compound. It was time to exectue the plans. Fortunately for Hayley's team, there was a small hill that overlooked the clearing that Mister Gospic's compound was located- So from there they should be able to snipe out the perimiter guards as the Kandar SF team made their way into the compound. Once Hayley's team got into position, they could have already made out about 6 guards. They couldn't spot a seventh guard. Taking their time, Hayley told the Kandar SF team to hold position and stand by whilst Hayley's team loaded their crossbows. Ready to go, each member of Hayley's 5 man team picked a target and waited the go code. Simutainously, they each shot their crossbows with dead on accuracy and effectively killed each of their targets via a bolt to the head. The 6th guard seemed to have noticed one of his comrades die, but Hayley was fast enough to pull out the secondary crossbow and eliminate him just in time before he had called for help. Reloading their crossbows, the Kandar SF team moved into position onto the compound as Hayley's team overwatched their approach. Once the Kandar SF team was in position, Hayley's team circled around the compound to get near the back so that they may also breach in. Once both teams were in position, they both had simutaniously had breached the compound and had effectively killed all of the men inside with only one casualty, being a member of the Kandar SF which was later confirmed KIA. During the breach into the compound, Mister Gospic was spotted but seemed to have gotten away into a small network of tunnels underneath the compound. Hayley and her team decided to chase after him while the Kandar SF team secured the compound. After a long chase into the tunnels, and a few brief fights with guards, Hayley's team finally caught up with Mister Gospic and effectively apprehended him. They brought him back up towards the compound and handed Mister Gospic over towards the Kandar SF team before promptly recieving a ride home via gnome choppers from their current location.

Shadow Moses

Order 171's first long-scaled Operation, dubbed 'Shadow Moses', in which case many do not know that Temple Knight Order 171 had saved Gielinorian Civilization from a deady neurotoxin gas/agent. It all started only months after the compound raid of Mr. Gospic's hideout. Temple Knight Intelligence & Scouts have picked up an unidentified and unknown large caravan of covered goods traveling west from Misthalin up in Northern Asgarnia. Given multiple warnings to stop, the caravan had failed to respond and just kept going minding it's own business. Now normally a caravan such as this would not be much of a problem, but the thing is that all of the 30 carriges that were involved with said caravan were covered with a black tarp with an unidentified substance lying beneath the tarp, and there was an oddly large amount of armed guards accompanying said caravan.. As a result, Temple Knight Paramilitary teams were called onto the scene to seize the caravan and discover what they possess. Among the paramilitary teams were Order 15, Order 72, and Order 171 each with 8 members, making a total of 24 Temple Knights against the caravan of at least 60 armed guards. After kitting up and getting a teleport down into northern Asgarnia to rondevouze with the few scouts that were trailing the caravan, they had devized the plan. It was simple, reall. Order 15, 72, and 171 would run ahead of the caravan until they reached a small valley about 2 klicks from there current location. From the location of the valley, Order 15, 72, and 171 would be able to make a quick ambush from the top of the valley. Once they rendered the caravan useless, they would be able to storm down the hills and mop up any stragglers and resistance. Doing just as they planned, the 3 Temple Knight teams ran into position on top of the valley just in time for the caravan to come around. As the caravan entered the valley, the three Temple Knight teams armed with bows and crossbows open arrow fire upon the few leading carriages. From there, they tried going about to snipe out a few of the other guards before making their run down the valley. The guards responding with a bit of arrow fire, so a little arrow firefight broke out between the two parties. Eventually, as the guard's resistance was cleared up a bit the three Temple Knight teams stormed down the valley and went to eliminate the remaining guards in close quarters. The battle in itself lasted for about 10 minutes, and like always the Temple Knights came out victorious. Only 10 of the enemy guards were captured while the rest were killed, and the Temple Knights have only taken 3 KIA's. Informing the brass, they were ordered to search the caravan and seize any of it's possessions. What the Temple Knights found were multiple metallic cases the size of garbage cans with an unknown gas like substance residing inside. The Temple Knights again informed the brass and were teleported back out towards the Temple Knight Compound with their prisoners while a clean-up team went in for the caravan to contain the unknown objects. Order 171 was ordered to stand by for further tasking while the unknown substance was researched and the prisoners were interrigated, because there was obviously a larger problem.. Not even a week later, Order 171 was called on scene once again. The prisoners that were captured from the caravan revealed that their caravan had started in a small compound they had used as a gang hideout which was just west of the city of Varrock, and that they were handling a contract for a terrorist organization known as "Free Gielinor", which strived for anarchy and the destruction of human settlements for the greater good of some polythiestic religion. They had told the Temple Knights that they knew not much of the nerve agent, but their group's leader was still believed to be located at their hideout west of Varrock. If the Temple Knights hurried, they would probably be able to catch their leader and find out more of the contract and the nerve agent. The Temple Knights ordered Hayley's 171 towards that compound west of Varrock and had told her to "do any means necessary" on raiding the compound. Recieving little intelligence in terms of resistance, Hayley's team of 7 kitted up once again and teleported down near Varrock. Save for a long description that would waste a lot of the reader's time, Hayley's team successfully breached the compound with no casualties and captured the leader of the group that was transporting the caravan, ultimately bringing him back towards the Temple Knight Compound for interrogation. Two days later, it was revealed that the "Free Gielinor" terrorist cell was based out of the Lumbridge Swamp and that their nerve agent was created from some fungal pore that lurked in that swamp, with a mix of magic. It was also revealed that "Free Gielinor" had intended to use this nerve agent on the human kingdoms within the week, so Temple Knight intelligence was hard at work trying to figure out "Free Gielinor's" pattern while Order 171 was disptached down with another Temple Knight element towards Lumbridge Swamp to raid "Free Gielinor's" base. After a long search and destroy operation in the Lumbridge Swamps, both Hayley's team and the other supporting Temple Knight element had successfully destroyed "Free Gielinor's" Base of Operations, recovered a stockpile of this nerve agent, and had captured the "Free Gielinor" commander alive. The "Free Gielinor" terrorist cell was wiped off of Gielinor, all of the believed to be remaining samples of the nerve agent was recovered, and the underground crime scheme of Gielinor was at peace yet again, all thanks to the ghostly efforts of Order 171.

Zhenbao Crisis

Not very long after Shadow Moses, Temple Knight Command had started recieving these strange communication orb transmissions in an unknown language originating from a small island near the mysterious lands known as the Eastern Lands codenamed "Zhenbao". Originally not supposed to get involved, Order 171 was ordered to be at the ready to deploy for the next few days in case the Temple Knight Reconaissance team that was being sent out towards island Zhenbao reports anything major. Sure enough, the Temple Knight Recon team had discovered a massive army that consisted of many eastern men and women on the island that looked as if they were ready to launch a strike on the mainland of Gielinor. They had boats, seige weapons, training camps, and much more. Even if they weren't ready to strike the mainland, they sure as hell were ready to pick a fight with someone. It did not help that they kept sending these weird transmissions over towards the mainland in their native language. Obviously a threat to something, the Temple Knights have informed the White Knights of their findings and the two factions had discussed invasion plans. Before an invasion was set and ready to commence, the White Knights had sent an ambassador from Falador over towards the island to talk with the Eastern Landers of their intentions. A week went by, and the only thing that returned from the ambassador and his party was a severed ring finger. The White Knight had seen it as an act of war and finally started making final plans with the Temple Knights to invade the island. It was settled that about three company sized elements of White Knights were to be stationed on Mos'Le'Harmless whilst a few Temple Knight teams were sent forward onto Zhenbao island to disrupt the Easterner's defences before the White Knights can get a foothold on the island. From there, the Whites and the Temples would work together to wipe the opposing force straight off the island. So, Order 171 was chosen to be one of the few Temple Knight teams to be deployed a day in advance to disrupt defences and confuse the enemy before the White Knights had started their invasion from Mos'Le'Harmless. Hayley's team suited up as usual and recieved a teleport over towards Mos'Le'Harmless to rondevouze with the other Temple Knight teams and White Knight companies. That night, Order 171 and the rest of the Temple Knights commondeered a boat out towards Zhenbao island to do their mission. The Temple Knight teams had succesfully entered the island in the dead of night unspotted and were ready to wreak havoc. Order 171 was personally tasked by Sir Vey to destroy the Zhenbao Communications Station while the other Temple Knight teams went out to destroy the Easterner's heavy weapons, and one to secure an LZ for the White Knights to find on their coastal assault. Order 171 complied and hiked their way towards the communications station; They easily destroyed the communications station just as the other teams had destroyed the defences. From there, the Temple Knight teams were to rondevouze at the designated Operating Point and set up a FOB (Forward Operating Base) for some of the White Knights and the Temples to work out from after the inital invasion. That morning, Hayley and her team had a front row seat to watch the coastal invasion of the White Knights. It looked difficult at first, but the White Knights pulled through and eventually rondevouzed with the Temple Knights. From there, Hayley's team started pulling  out small operations from the FOB on Zhenbao for about a week until her team was tasked with assassinating the Zhenbao Army's Commanding Officer. With a successful assassination via crossbow, and zero casualties in Order 171, the Island was officially taken over by the White Knights and Order 171 was sent back home to Asgarnia. The invasion took about a week in all.

Operation: Rampart

Meanwhile in Varrock, trouble was brewing down in the underground crime world of the streets. A new government separitist/anarchist group known as 'The Peoples' Fist' had risen and started terrorising the government in multiple ways. Assassinating governmental figures and destroying infastructure among the things they have commited. The Misthilanian Military couldn't really handle the situation so Order 171 was called onto the scene. For about a month, a few select members of Order 171 were stationed within Varrock to help train and teach a few select Misthilanian Soldiers and officers while 'The Peoples' Fist' continued their little rage of terrorism. Eventually, a Varrockian Embassy down near Al-Kharid was raided by this terrorist group and a few key governmental figures were caught up in the raid. Similar to the Yanillian Embassy Raid, really. Similar form of execution too. After a long 4 day hostage rescue, Temple Knight Intelligence had found a base of operations, or well, cave of 'The Peoples' Fist' located in Al-Kharid and tasked a fireteam lead by Hayley of Order 171 to raid it and capture an officer of the terrorist group who was believed to be hiding there for a little while. Another quick raid, an officer of the terrorist group was captured and interrogated. With the intelligence from the captured officer, Order 171 was sent to Lumbridge to do an extremely quick lighting raid on a house located outside the castle to capture another officer of the terrorist group. With the combined information from the two captured officers, Order 171 was able to determine the terrorist group's main headquarters based outside of Draynor in the forest. A joint operational effort from both the Misthilanian Military and Order 171 was required to raid the base of operations. The whole raid lasted about two hours but in the end Order 171 and Misthilan was successful in the raid and had shut down the terrorist organization known as 'The Peoples' Fist'. The government was once again at peace.

Darkrim Incident

Arguably one of Hayley's most well-known operations, the Darkrim Incident was a series of joint operational missions between Gielinor's Guthixian Inquisition/Crux Equal and the Temple Knights that involved a mad search for an extremely dark and legendary magician's sarcophagus, formerly known as 'Darkrim'. It all started one night in Falador's White Knight Castle. Order 171 was stationed there for about a week to help teach and train some White Knights in unconventional warfare and guerilla tactics. Captain Spears was standing on the castle's balcony at the time overwatching a bit of the sparring that usually happened in the courtyard when a man entered the room and stood beside Hayley. The man turned out to be Inquisitor Garran Crux of the Gielinor Inquisition, and he had explained to Hayley about some sort of situation between a splinter group of Inquisitors searching for the sarcophagus of Darkrim and how they must be stopped. In essence, he was asking for Temple Knight support. About a day later, Hayley took up on Garran Crux's offer and sent word to head of the Temple Knights, Sir Vey. Sir Vey agreed to help the Inquisition and tasked Order 171 as a support element to the Inquisition. Shortly thereafter, the Crux Equal stepped in as well to assist the Inquisition in finding the sacrophagus before the splinter group of inquisitors. After Order 171 was officially briefed by Crux and his Inquisition, they've recieved word of a raid on Ardougne Castle by a small group of those splinter inquisition members. A team of Inquisitors lead by Crux backed up by a few Order 171 operators lead by Hayley suited up and arrived on scene in Ardougne. Crux and Hayley spearheaded a quick assault along with the Ardougne Guard to re-sieze the castle and rescue any hostages. Upon re-seizing the castle, word was recieved that these splinter inquisitors had planted demolition charges around the castle. A team of Explosive Ordinace Disposal members of Temple Knights were sent on scene to disarm the explosives while Crux's team of inquisitors searched the grounds for any clues as to why these splinter inquisitors raided the castle. With the Temple Knight EOD team succesfully disarming the explosives, Crux and his inquisitors had found an odd set of cooridnates on a sheet of paper and about a paragraph worth of text written in the Vampyric language. Crux relayed this to Hayley and both Order 171 and Crux's Inquisition was sent back to the Inquisitor's main headquarters. It took about a week's worth of time to decipher the message and the coordinates, and to their surprise it was a riddle and a set of coordinates that lead to an abandoned castle near northern Morytania. Once again, a team of Hayley's Order 171, a team of Crux's Inquisiton, and two Crux Equal members suited up and set course for Morytania to search this abandoned castle for any more clues. Eventually, the party had reached the castle with extreme luck considering they haven't encountered any Vyres or Werewolves yet. But they were prepared none the less. Anyway, the party had cautiously approached the castle before being ambushed by a group of odd leathery creatures that had these sharp spines spread around their backs. A long fight endured, and the party had entered the castle. The search continued inside of the castle as they occasionally were attacked by these weird creatures until a member of the Crux Equal had discovered an orb of unknown but powerful magic. With that now in their possession, the party had went back towards Inquisitor Headquarters for another debrief and await retasking. For the next 6 months, Order 171, the Inquisitors, and the Crux Equal was on a wild goosehunt around Gielinor finding clue after clue, They went everywhere from Al-Kharid, to Karamja, to the Fremmenik Lands, to even the Wilderness! Eventually, their goosehunt had ended when their final clue had lead them to the Fremmenik held Diemonheim. Supposedly, Darkrim's sarcophagus was held there on the 20th floor. After recieving permission from the Fremmenik, so long as they don't use magic, a group of about 60 members which consited of Temple Knights, Inquisitors, and Crux Equal agents set sail for Deimonheim to fight their way down to the 20th floor. Hours upon hours of fighting ensued once they entered Deimonheim, and casualties were extremely high. But in the end, the remainder of the group had reached the 20th floor. To their surprise, the sarcophagus was missing- and in it's place, a portal. With no real turning back now, the survivors including Hayley and Garran jumped into the portal and found themselves outside of Brimhaven on Karamja. Who was also there, was the leader of the splinter group of inquisitors. They found the sarcophagus before Garran and Hayley did! The leader of the splinter inquisitors did this standard bad guy speech that distracted him long enough for Garran to duke it out with him. Hayley and the rest of her Knights tried to help but they were stuck and bound by magic to vines from the ground that came from a nearby tree. All they could do was watch Garran and the splinter Inquisitor fight. Fortunately, the splinter inquisitor had to retreat and Darkrim's Sarcophagus was in Garran's hands in which case it was properly disposed of. From there, Garran free'd Hayley and her Knights, plus any of the other suriving elements and set course for home. It was there Garran and Hayley had a sort of romantic relationship, but it did not last very long and eventually the two parted ways.

No Sleep 'Til Wintumber

Months after the Darkrim Incident and needless amounts of paperwork and requisition orders to be done by Hayley, a Gielinor Bank branch down in Al-Kharid was seiged by terrorists and were holding the banker hostages at ransom. Al-Kharidian authorities tried responding to the matter at hand but it seemed it was too much for them to handle, so Order 171 was called on scene to dispell these terrorists from the bank and rescue the hostages. The terrorists were demanding that the Gielinor Bank Corporation release banking records of a certain individual named "Martin Sicic" from the 4th Age, a free teleportation home, and as per usual a bunch of money- Or else the hostages were to die. It was a classic hostage scenario and Order 171 was more than prepared to take on these terrorists. Recieving word, Hayley and her team geared up and were sent to Al-Kharid to deal with the situation. As Order 171 intelligence went to work to research this "Martin Sicic", they rondevouzed with the Al-Kharidian authorities and devised a plan to breach the bank from a wall to subdue the terrorists and rescue the hostages. A day went by before they initiated the plan, and when they did so- The terrorists oddly surrendered at the sight of Order 171 and the hostages were free'd. Hayley captured the terrorists and were sent back to the Temple Knight headquarters with news from the Intelligence guys. They stated that Martin Sicic was a rich business investor that cashed away many deposits of gold somewhere in Misthalin with the help of the bank, and that these terrorists were likely after the deposit of gold. The captured terrorists further proved this theory correct. A month went by with no problems until eventually another bank near the Lumbridge area was seiged. Like before Hayley and Order 171 went to the bank to free the hostages and subdue the terrorists. This time it was more of a fight, but Order 171 reigned victory. One of the captured terrorists revealed their main base of operations and Order 171 was sent to clear it out. It was a long and bloody battle, but again Order 171 came out alive after destroying the headquarters and finding where the terrorists were to strike next, which was a bank in Misthalin. The Temple Knights contacted Misthalin of their plans and their bank seige was foiled all thanks to Order 171. Month after month went by of following the remainder of the terrorists' trail until one day in Wintumber they had found them just outside the place where Martin Sicic had burried his hidden gold, which was a hill mound in the middle of a forest somewhere in Misthalin. Order 171 and the terrorists faced off, resulting in the death of an Order 171 Operator. In the end, the terrorists were killed and Martin Sicic's gold was turned to good hands. Finally, that whole mess was over.

Typhoon Rising

The records to this operation has been lost in time due to the creator forgetting completely about this one. However, one can safely assume terrorists were busted up by Hayley and Order 171 and everyone celebrated over a cuppa in the end.

Operation: Adoconda

Dismantling of Order 171

Love of my life

Promotion to Major

Lone Wolf

Civillian Life

Return to Duty

Promotion to Commander


White Lion

Near Death


Queen of Asgarnia

Plane hopping

The End

And so ends the story of Commander Hayley Kimberly Spears, the both famous and infamous legendary fabled, nigh immortal-to-age half-icyenic Temple Knight Commander. She would find herself remaining in the Temple Knights for many years to come, up until the day of her retirement. Come the day of retirment, she had seemingly dissapeared off the face of Gielinor. Some say she had ended her own life... while others say she went into hiding on Gielinor's moon- Zanaris. Truth of the matter is no one knows, and no one ever will know. She is just another face in the long history of Gielinor; Perhaps one day to be forgotten.



  • Hayley's first name was named after my own name as I originally thought role-playing in World 42 was adding yourself into the game, rather than making a fictional character. Funny enough, her middle name Kimberly was just a draw out of a hat persay. As for her surname, it was taken from the performer Britney Spears as I am a big fan of her music.
  • Hayley as a character was inspired by many spy flicks and military-esque movies, considering I adore those two genres in the Hollywood department. I personally consider Hayley to be among the top few to be considered the "James Bond" of World 42.
  • Interestingly enough, when I had role-played Hayley for the first time in the Rising Sun Inn making her debut appearance into the World 42 scheme, she had almost no history behind her name other than that she was a Temple Knight, was born in Relleka, and had a little bit of experience behind her at the ripe age of 21. As time evolved, however, I have taken the time to give her a hopefully plothole free, interesting, and semi lore friendly background. Nearly everything after the Al-Kharid Desert Incident was role-played out and a result of great character development I am very thankful for.
  • Many people after seeing Hayley's "official' facial portrait thought her to be ugly and manly looking, even to have some call her a "Brienne of Tarth" figure from the Game of Thrones series. I would just like to add that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not every character has to be super beautiful and skinny, and I have personally modeled Hayley's appearance after the singer/songwriter Annemie Coenen, also known as Ian Van Dahl or AnnaGrace. If you ask me, she is drop. dead. gorgeous.
  • The Temple Knight CSAR unit Hayley was a member of in the beginning of her Temple Knight career was directly inspired by the United States Air Force Pararescue, also known as PJs. They are my most favorited Special Forces team in the military community of the world and not a day goes by without my own thoughts going out to them. Those men have sacrificed so much and have gone above and beyond the call of duty so that many soldiers and Special Forces operators who are alive today still have a chance at kicking ass and taking names. My hat goes off to them. As far as Order 171 goes, I was directly inspired by a mix of the United States Army's 1st Special Forces Operational Detatchment Delta, also known as Delta Force, and the United Kingdom's Special Air Service. In my opinion, they are the two most high speed Counter-Terrorism units on the planet and I hold an extremely great deal of respect for the men involved in that tiny, selective, and bonded brotherhood.
  • Hayley is fluent in three languages. Them being, Fremennik Tougne, Common Tougne, and Kharidian. She also knows enough of Karamjian to get by around that area. Recently she has taken the time to study the ancient Icyenic language, but it may take some time to learn that fully.
  • Hayley's official confirmed enemy KIA count by the end of her days as a Captain before her promotion to Commander was at 187 out of 210 claimed kills.
  • Hayley's favorite food would seem to be a nicely baked redberry pie with a bit of whipped cream on the top and a small cherry; Perhaps a little bit of confectionary sugar sprinkled around it as well. Oh yeah, don't forget the side of spinach and a tall glass of Asgarnian brewed ale!
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