This is the diary of Harry Scorin starting at the 6th age

5th Age

Last month

Last week

"The age is ending, Guthix is dead, the gods can return."

6th Age

Month one

Week one 

"They made a tribute the Guthix near Falador. The Kinshra lords are meeting, I fear an attack. I fear a new Lord Sulla. Kinshra are swarming into Falador, the emperor needs to be ready. I will help as much as I can. I need men to fight, Zamorak and Zaros are getting strong, Sythe Blaster hasn't been seen for a week. We cannot lose this city. War is coming."

Week two

"The clan has hit the highest it has ever been in members. Over 200 of them. But the threat grows, the Kinshra are strong. The emperor asked for help against them. We all need to be strong during this time. I hope this ends soon."

Week three

"Nothing much has changed, the attack hasn't happened yet. I want to make plans about making sure Entrana does not get attacked. If Saradomin needs the island I want it in my clans hands, not some zamorakians. I have also been thinking about the ruling of Falaldor, I believe a senate system is a better way to rule and each clan can make Falador a better place, Saradomin clans only of course. In the later days of this week the citadel castle reopened and I am eager to do my part. Also an Icyene has joined our order, this will be a good help to us."

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 1.09.11 PM

Harry just after his arm grew back.

Week four

"The icyene has proven more useful then I though, she had an accident and bled into the Taverley pond today, I drink this water with a Saradomin Brew and my hand regrew! Saradomin has blessed me. Also me and the Icyene Azura have figured out the existence of a werewolf in the clan, but we are not yet sure if she is harmless or not."

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