Harrak Starstrider is a young man hailing from the Lunar Isle, and is a member of the Moon Clan by birth. Not your typical Moon Clan mage, Harrak is absolutely terrible at magic, and usually manages to botch everything he does involving the craft; thus he is your typical screw-up mage. After barely passing his right of passage, Harrak was shipped off the isle and told to discover the world for the clan, though it was mostly an excuse to get rid of the poor guy. He is played by Raltin Avarr.

Let's just say it involved scalding hot tea, floating shards of razor sharp porcelain, and a lot of angry women afterwards... In short: you don't want to know.

–Harrak describing the final straw that caused the rest of the Moon Clan to send him on his "expedition".



Harrak eventually found his way to the village of Yanille, where he joined the magic guild to study Southern magic.

-More to come.



Harrak is a very cheerful and happy fellow, a very friendly person, and barely ever allows himself to get down. He maintains a happy disposition at most times, and only seems to get down when his spells go awry.


Only twenty years of age; Harrak stands tall and has a lean look about him, with some muscle but not much. His hair is a dark blonde, and despite his young age he already has a fair beard, which he likes to fastidiously maintain. His eyes are a deep green and his skin is a light color as most Northern people have, so he sunburns easily.


Harrak is, without a doubt, one of the worst mages in recorded history despite his lineage, and although he tries with all he has most of his spells do nothing but go wrong. Needless to say, he is not worth much more than nothing in combat, but he's a fine guy to sit down and drink tea with, as he's quite the talker. He tries not to levitate in order to walk, as that often goes wrong as well, but he can read minds like other lunar mages with surprising success given his record of failure. Due to the mind reading, he prefers quiet locations with little population, like villages, as opposed to cities, because he finds it harder to function when things get "too loud". Like all other members of the Moon Clan, he is capable of using magic without runes.

Other Information

  • Harrak is actually a distant cousin of Raltin Avarr, as he is a descendant of the half of Raltin's family that left the Fremennik to help form the Moon Clan.
  • Harrak is prone to talking to himself.
  • Unexplainably, Harrak is only good at doing magic when he is drunk.


  • His ability to only do magic properly when drunk is a reference to Popeye and his spinach.
  • His last name is a reference to the Fremennik title one can earn by doing Fremennik tasks: Far-strider.
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