Guild of Heroes
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Al Kharid


Sir Jorris Bonson

The Guild of Heroes is located on the eastern side of Al Kharid, and backs onto The River Salve. The Guild is an extension of The Heroes' Guild. It accommodates facilities for aspiring heroes to obtain the skills required, along with more frequent questing opportunities, to assist them on their road to becoming a hero.

After being dubbed a hero, the former students are invited to become a member of the guild. If they accept, they will be able to continue their accommodation inside the guild. They will be able to progress their skills, increase their renown, become more recognised throughout Gielinor, and eventually become a legend.

After becoming a legend, former heroes are invited to join the Legends Guild, and are eligible to become Guildmaster of the Guild of Heroes.



 Notable Rooms

Church of Faiths

The Church of Faiths is a multi-faith church, constructed to reinforce the guild's religion policy. The policy states that members are allowed to follow whichever religion they wish, but they must do this discreetly in order to avoid conflict or offence.

It is forbidden to be disrespectful inside the Church of Faiths, as is the wielding of any weapon.

At the easternmost part of the church are a series of guilded mahogany symbols, each one representing every known god in Gielinor.

Hall of Heroes

The Hall of Heroes is a chamber devoted to celebrating the noteworthy heroes of Gielinor, and concreting their existence for all eternity.

When a guild member obtains 1,600 Renown Points, they will have their name added to the Book of Heroes: a tome containing the names of all heroes that have achieved this amount of Renown Points, and thus considered worthy to be remembered in this method.

When a guild member obtains 3,200 Renown Points, they will have their portrait hung inside the hall. The hero's name will be enscribed on a plaque, and hung below their portrait.

When a guild member obtains 6,400 Renown Points, their portrait will be taken from the wall and instead hung on the frontal side of a small plinth. The hero's name plaque will be hung below their portrait, and a statue of the hero will be erected behind their portrait.


Renown is used to gauge a person's progress during their time at the guild, and can be used as a prediction regarding how famous a person is in Gielinor. Obtaining more renown will increase a person's standing within the guild, obtain unique awards, and increase their rank.

Renown can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Completing quests.
  • Taking part in plots.
  • Defeating powerful foes.

Renown Stages

Stage Renown Points Slayer Master Classification Reward
Unknown 0 Easy
Unsung 50 Easy Ability to fight inside the Arena; Item: The Adventurers Log
Recognised 100 Moderate Item: The Enchanted Mug
Familiar 200 Moderate Invitation to join The Warriors Guild; Epithet: The Warrior
Sung 400 Challenging Item: 500 Gold Pieces
Heroic 800 Challenging Ability to become an instructor; Epithet: The Hero; Invitation to join the Heroes' Guild
Achieved 1,600 Intermediate Item: Guild Ring; Persons name will be added to The Book of Heroes
Famous 3,200 Hard Ability to become a master; Epithet: Persons may choose their own title; Persons will have their portrait hung in The Hall of Heroes
Champion 6,400 Hard Epithet: The Champion; Persons will have their statue placed into The Hall of Heroes; Item: 10K Gold Pieces; Invitation to join the Champions Guild
Legendary 12,800 Expert Ability to become Guild Master; Ability to be burried in The Heroes Graveyard; Invitation to join the Legends Guild; Item: The Cape of Legends; Epithet: The Legend.


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