The Most Venerable Military Order of the Guardians of Armadyl
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 The Guardians of Armadyl, also known as the Winged Guard, are the most prominent military order devoted to Armadyl, God of Supreme Justice. Historically based in the Temple of Ikov, their traditional duty was to defend the Staff of Armadyl - an infamous relic of unimaginable power.

Unfortunately, the Mahjarrat Lucien craved this power and ensured that the Staff be taken - yet this amounted to nothing, as his plots led to his own destruction.

With Lucien's, this role-played faction of the Guard revert to the primary directive - the defence and promotion of justice, over all else, across Gielinor. To ensure that in Gielinor, no one should meet injustice and that evil, in all it's forms, can be vanquished.

The Guardians are by far some of the best trained combatants located on this continent - trained to a remarkable degree, their new motto is what they are: Ignes Justiciae - the Fires of Justice. A great purification of the enemies of good. Let no villain or brigand feel comfort, for they shall know this - Armadyl frowns upon their actions and supreme and pure justice will be served. 

Leadership of the Guardians of Armadyl

  • Admiral Mia Vasco
  • Commander Devereux Lethbridge-Gordon (INCUMBENT)

Notable Members of the Guardians of Armadyl

Notable Events involving the Guardians of Armadyl

  • Post-Cruor Faladian Stabilisation (under King Oliver)
  • The First War of Misthalite Liberation
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