Grylls the Floating Axe
is a character played by Ellen on World 42. She may not have been entirely sober when creating this character.


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Grylls is made of tempered steel, his blade always sharpened to a perfect edge. His handle is about two feet long and made out of fine mahogany. Around his form a faint magical aura can be seen of a light blue colour, though this may not be noticable depending on if he is covered in gore or not.


Grylls is only happy when he is chopping things. Grylls really likes chopping things. Like, really likes it. People, trees, random objects, etc etc... It's all it's life really revolves around. While the axe can talk, it only really has conversations that lead to it chopping. Really, it could be considered quite malicious. 

Its alignment is Chaotic Evil.


It can float around, and it can do axe-like things, usually revolving around chopping stuff.


  • It's current killcount is one greater demon, and a ton of trees.
  • It will never kill actually serious characters.
  • Grylls' Woodcutting level is 120.
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