The most accurate art representation of Grunk's face in the known world.

Grunk is a cyclops origionaly from Cyclosis, an island in the Wushanko Isles. The simple and loveable beast is often mistaken for a peace loving creature, but in reality he can be just as agressive and dangerous as any other Cyclops.


Cyclosis, seen on the bottom-right of the image.


It is unknown how the beast made it onto mainland Gielinor, the few people lucky enough to recieve an answer are given criptic messages such as: " Big words man with magicness!". Since then, he has just always been. Adventurers have tried to kill the monster time and time again, mistaking the idiotic beast as an easy target. But whilst Grunk may be a friendly and dimwitted chap, his barbed mace has ended many, many wanna be heroes. 

The beast has been spotted in nearly every location across Gielinor, wandering, never setteling in one place for a long time. He is often involved in wars during his stays at citys and villages, spilling blood for his lord Bandos.

Whilst being an agressive creature, Grunk has only ever attacked one of the citys he has been in. During his stay in the area, the mad lord decided he wanted the beasts bright green eye as a prize. It was during this attack that Grunk was given his famous scar running down the middle of his face, the reason that he wears a mask today.

The beast is often spotted with a companion on his travels, a 5 year old girl named Lead, an ex Zamorakian warlord, and the most common, an unknown blonde man.

So that is all the known information on the beast, if you have any other questions, you may one day be lucky enough to find him yourself.


The Wushanko Isles.


Exaggerated art work of Grunk during his destruction of the city who tried to steal his eyes.


Local artwork of Grunk from his time in Varrock.

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