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Gregory Rolferson, aka "Sir Rofler", is a character played on World 42 by Ellen.

Sir Rofler is an interesting character in that he has only ever been played over commorb channels. Nevertheless, from his nasty habit of leaving his commorb on, many facets of his life have been revealed.


Only certain aspects of his life have been revealed, but generally in this order (all through commorb):

  • He became a knight some point around the age of twenty.
  • He lost his virginity.
  • He got lost in the Woods of Ardougne for about a week.
  • He came back and gave orders in various battles and skirmishes (OOC note: when no other military officers were online).
  • In a battle with a demon, he lost a comrade in battle, and had to tell his comrade's family this. He also saw his comrade's mother die of a stroke during, due to a nasty stroke of fate created by the RolePlayer.
  • He married his comrade's widow, and has supported the family. They are expecting a child soon.
  • He appears to have risen in rank enough to order around various groups of soldiers.
  • He has participated in the Red Rebellion, the Hunger, and many, many Mogre attacks on Ardougne.


Gregory has yet to physically appear in-character, so Gregory's exact appearance is unknown. It is known that he is male, likely human, and of a size, stature, and build likely enough to be a soldier. Probably, anyways.


Gregory has seen many terrible things in battle. However, his devotion to Saradomin and the city that is his life, Ardougne, keeps him motivated every day. He can frequently be heard making heroic, inspiring, and very long-winded speeches whenever they are required, and often when they are not. Patriotic and loyal to a fault, he will try and inspire his soldiers to do good every day.


  • Able to speak for hours at a time without need for breathing.
  • A decent soldier, or decent enough to have a good rank.
  • Seems to be somewhat omnipresent.
  • The character was creater after the RP'er was unable to get online due to a computer issue, and somebody jokingly suggested more drama should be added to characters. This was the result.
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