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Neutral Good




1/4 Human, 1/4 Elf, 1/4 Werewolf, 1/4 Mahjarrat



Grayson Merrik Nocte-Renderra, nicknamed Gray, is a mixed race member of the Nocte and Renderra families. Known as a charmer and an outgoing socialite, he is often considered the face of the Nocte branch of the Renderra family ever since his father, Felix Nocte, was killed. He is roleplayed by Eli.


Friendly and sociable, Grayson has no trouble striking up a conversation with someone he isn't well-acquainted with. He is generally seen as someone with a silver tongue when he desires something, with incredible skill in the art of bluffing, convincing, and lying. However, he tries to be honest and sincere - which often works out for him - because of his sense of morals. Ever the socialite, he always does his best to remember everyone's names and check up on people he's met before, treating them as friends. Although he is an agreeable person, he will often snap back at someone using personal information and emotional baggage if he is insulted or wronged, in an attempt to strike home. With children, he is supportive and encouraging, often being called upon by friends and family to watch over their kids while they're out, a job he handles well. He is also known to be flashy and a bit of a show-off when it comes to his appearance.


In accord with his nature as a charming and outgoing person, Grayson is usually seen with a faint, lax smile on his face. He is almost always well-kept, with his face shaved and body washed. Gray possesses a physique that can be described as one found on a lifeguard, with a decent amount of well-defined muscle on his frame of six feet, three inches. His skin is tanned as a direct result of his elven heritage, with blonde hair and darker blonde eyebrows above Renderra green eyes. Most frequently, he wears an outfit that displays green and white colors, for a multitude of reasons, among them being green is his favorite color, he likes to be stand out, he enjoys showing off the fact he can pull off white, and green represents the Renderra. His shirts often show off his physique, either by being form-fitting, short-sleeved, or unbuttoned if the possess buttons (or any mix of the three).

Skills and Abilities

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