General Graardor (The Mighty Fall)




34 (Human years)






11'4 ft



Eye & Hair Color

Green (eye) Bald (hair)




Chaotic Neutral.

Graalord is an hulk sized Ourg aligned to the Godless after the death of Bandos.


Fifth age

Much like Zarador, Graalord was also part of a group of ourgs that went into hiding after the banishment of Bandos. During his youth within the small settlement, other ourgs were noticing his raw strength through his play wrestle with even larger and older ourgs. As he grew older he soon started to notice how his kinds were dying out slowly seeing the amount of fighting and accident within the cave they reside. He then proceeded to train himself in combat so he is able to challenging the tribe's current leader, and that is where everything went astray.

During their match, Graalord proved too much for the ourg leader, who hated defeat, and in anger had decided to defeat Graalord by collapsing the cave. This had killed everyone, but somehow, Graalord lived. Seeing his injuries and the corpse of his tribe, he noted that he was the only survivor of his tribe, and probably his race. During the course of his growth, he began to fight off adventurers who were asked to kill him, learn how to craft, and fight to survive creatures that were harsher than he was. During his hiding he'd trick travelers into thinking he was an unknown god trapped in a seal by Guthix, wanting to hear stories of the surface world.

Sixth age

Years of hiding finally paid off, after overhearing the death of Guthix, the return of the gods, Graalord knew that it was time to get out of hiding and help his god. Once recruited by Bandos, he was tasked to help craft the tower. Of course Graalord attempted to bargen with the god into giving him something in return. Bandos had ignored this, threatening the ourg. After the tower was built, and emerged from the ground Bandos ordered most of his warriors to fight, only leaving Graalord behind, insulting Graalord's ability to fight, not proving himself worthy. Graalord grew hatred towards Bandos after his insult.

After the news of Bandos death was spread, those who were the most powerful in the faction blamed most of their own kind for being to weak to help, and not trying hard enough. This forced Graalord into hiding in attempt to let the slaughter of the Bandosian ease. He hid deep underground for two years, avoiding any interaction with others race, only hearing news of the surface from travelers who tell stories to each others. Around the fourth year is when he was recruited to the Godless faction, aligning himself with them to help free mortals from the gods.

After being recruited, the ourg was tasked in being a guard on Tuska. During, after awhile, Graalord helped fight off and kill some invaders of an ork and goblin. Killing only the ork.

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