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Grey Golem

A clay Golem.

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Brief History

Golems, in short, are anthropomorphic beings created from inanimate matter. Created by mages and artisans alike, Golems are destined to carry out any task their creator gives them.

Accepted Lore

  • Golems are usually, depending on what they're made from, solid and strong.
  • It would take a skilled artisan, along with an intelligent magi to create a proper golem.
  • A golem is, by nature, bound to follow any commands given to it by it's creator, or the first person it sees after being animated.
    • It will attempt to carry out this task until killed or told to stop by it's master.
  • Golems are capable of speech, but rarely if ever speak fluently. If a golem were to talk, it would be slow, focus on key words, and sound somewhat broken.
    • This applies most extremely to new golems. Some may become more effective with language over long periods of exposure, but even then will probably still form words slowly.
    • Golems are seen as monotone; as automatons, their speech lacks emotion.
  • Golems are powered by a magical core found inside their bodies. If this core is severely damaged or disabled, the golem "dies."
  • A golem, like a computer, can only process information in ways that its masters have enabled; while a golem is able to freely collect data from its surroundings, it is unable to draw new conclusions that were not written into its instructions or produce creative ideas. This trait features most clearly in a golem's inability to stop pursuing a task without permission even if the task becomes irrelevant or obsolete.

Debated Lore

  • Golems are much stronger than humans, comparing to the strength of Ogres. As robotic, nerveless life forms, this is a logical assumption, but there is no official statement confirming it.
  • Golems are incredibly slow constructs.
  • Golems are unable to cast magic.
  • A golem only takes commands via a slot in it's hollow head, in which notes are placed in, the command written on them. There is no known instance of delivering written commands to golemns in any other way, but it is unknown if there is a reason for this or if it is just a popular style choice.
  • Golems can be "fed" knowledge through their magical core in the form of magic.

Common Mistakes

  • Golems are not unintelligent beings. A Golem can absorb knowledge and learn at the same pace of a human, if not faster.

Other Info

  • Golems are used by many, including The Wizards Tower and Kandarin.


Armadylean golem

An Armadylean Golem, created for battle in the Second God Wars.


A Prague representation of a Golem.

Bandosian golem

A Bandosian golem

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