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The curse-bringer of the north.

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Bane of yeti and northern adventurers alike, the gnoeal have the nightmarish ability to curse man into beast.

What is a Gnoeal?

Gnoeals are unusual curse-bearing creatures that live in the frozen caves of the north. The creatures vary in size about as frequently as a yeti would, and sport thick gray hair and goat-like horns. In addition to their long arms and sharp claws, they secreet a sort of green oozy substance that has dastardly effects on humanoid beings. Those exposed to the deadly toxin begin to undergo a wicked transformation, one that either over a course of many years, or a few seconds, will result in the form and manner of a yeti. The exact reasoning behind this transformation, as well as the motive on the part of the gnoeal is unclear.

Accepted Lore

  • Gnoeal live in arctic regions.
  • Gnoeal seem capable of secreeting either by means of magic, or naturally, a slime that transforms humanoids into yetis.
  • Rate of transformation is directly related to level of exposure to the slime.
    • It could be possible for a victim to resist the slime however.
  • Gnoeal and yeti seem to be natural enemies.


  • Gnoeal slime can transform men who fail to resist in any way into mindless wild yetis.
  • Gnoeal might be able to cast other forms of ice-based magic.
  • Gnoeal have a tremendous resistance to cold.


  • Gnoeal do not seem to be of any incredible level of intellect.
  • Gnoeal, like yetis, would likely not fare well against fire.

Other Information

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