Cleeveman staring at a peasent.

George Cleeveman is a no nonsense smart talker played by KingJohnRock/Icriulis on World 42 in public roleplay. He is most renowned for being a writer, author and narrater. His human body was born in Misthalin and currently has a manor on a secluded Island away from mainland Gielinor. His true from is unknown where it came from.  He travels back and forth with a teleport link. It is believed Cleeveman is narrating the life of all Gielinorians.

The legend of Cleevemen.

Before being a human, Cleeveman was a spirit brought to Gielinor by Guthix in the second age. He was originally a Spirit of wisdom. It is unknown where he comes from. From the Third age beyond, he gave people Wisdom on how to survive the onslaught of the gods, protect themselves. Many people won wars because of him.

When the fith age came around he decided to take on human form and get born into a family.

It is said Cleeveman narrated his own birth. It is said he even talked in an adult voice at age 5 and walked like an adult. Born in Misthalin to a family of Voodoo shamans who casted curses upon people and ate souls, Cleeveman was the only person who in his family who did not take up voodoo. When the Varrock authorities had raided the slums in attempt of finding in mafiasters, his Mother and Father  began casting curses at the guards, making them vomit, blinding them. At age 9, cleeveman said. "You people are crazy as hell. I ain't gonna' do this for long. Bye." And then he went..Leaving his family.
George Cleeveman.


Spirit, taking form of Human.








Lawful good.


Religion? Hell, I'm a god myself.


Narrater, Author.


Real age: 3,000 years old. Appears to be 75.


A luxurious manor on a desolate Island 100 miles from mainland Gielinor.

At age 15 he reached Eagles' peak. He found a seer named Mother Frosnite, she sensed great potentiol in him and blessed him. The blessing gave his voice and words the ability to try and persaude ((meaning his voice is so smooth, so cool, so laid back that if he tried he could most likely persaude someone)). He didn't think much of it.

He took a canew from Eagles' Peak to off-land Gielinor. It took him a few years of stopping by remote, desolate islands to restock for food and stuff. At age 20 he reached a desolate Island, the size of the city of Varrock. He decided this is what he'd live on. He explored the Island, searched it up and down, and now calls it "Cleeveman land."


George cleeveman.

Powers and abilities

  • Forms: He has 3 forms he likes to take on. His human form, form of a Lion, the form of an old elven sage.
  • Voice: His voice can persaude weak-minded people if they let him.
  • Magic: If he ever had to, he would use destructive Earth Magic.


If one of his forms are destroyed, his spirit will gradually weaken, fleeing back to his Island for many decades.

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