General Jorlund was a militaristic man from a kingdom of the high North named Cadderoc, long ago during the God Wars, he has returned from the dead to assist Mathus Arctus in his revenge against the gods. He is played by Raltin Avarr and is a member of the Revenge of the Ice King role-play.



Long ago before the birth of Mathus Arctus, Jorlund was the general of one of Mathus's forefathers, and fought and perished in the battle against the forces of Zaros, dieing with three other men against the Dragon Rider leading the opposition to attack Cadderoc. Jorlund did not die in vain however, as in his dieing moments he had managed to pierce the chest of the Rider's mount, causing the Rider to fall from his steed, at which Jorlund was able to kill the stunned Rider with one last sword stroke before he bled to death.


He has been resurrected alongside his men and the Dragon Rider whom he had fought against, the Rider having been given a chance to exact revenge against Zaros for the lies told to his people, and joined forces under the lich's guidance. Jorlund is set to make a scouting trip with the Rider to the South in order to get a summary of the enemies they will be facing.

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