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"Forgive me for this rather dramatic scene, sometimes you need a bit of theatre to get people's attention." - Zamorak

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The killer of stone.

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Patiently it waits, unmoving, untiring, still as statue. The gargoyle is a beast of sadistic cruelty, and mind boggling reserve.

A Brief History

The exact origin and nature of gargoyles are unclear. Some theorize that the race as a whole are actually a subset of demon summoned to Gielinor from the infernal plains, bound to physical stone, rock, and ornate statues. Others think more sense in a magical life-giving animation of grotesque statues at the hands of dark wizards.

Regardless of this unclear start, gargoyles proved themselves as fierce warriors to the chaos God Zamorak.

Physical Appearance

Gargoyles are physically grotesque and unpleasing to look at, sporting horns, jagged teeth, sharp claws, leathery wings, and generally ugly faces. Their bodies are often described as ones of stone, being hardened and heavy, with harsh edges, and rigid shapes. They sport long gangling arms, legs, and tails.

Accepted Lore

  • Gargoyles have no need for feeding, and any kills they commit are brought about simply by their own sadistic desires to spread pain, rather than sustenance.
  • When severely battered in combat, gargoyles have an interesting ability where their flesh hardens to a point comparable to solid stone.
  • Gargoyles are quite capable fliers.
  • Gargoyles typically support the God of chaos.
  • Such creatures are typically found in ruinous castles, or deep underground in places much like the chaos tunnels.
  • A still gargoyle could easily be mistaken for a statue.
  • Gargoyles, lacking any significant intelligence, make better minions than villains.
  • As a race, gargoyles make for good spies and guards, being able to keep watch over places, hidden in plain sight.
  • Gargoyles are usually found in tribal groups, rather than on their lonesome.


  • Gargoyles are ruthless killers in combat, jumping at the opportunity to slay humanoids who wander into their midst.
  • Gargoyles have extremely hard skin, difficult to damage with either magic, or slashing weapons.
  • Gargoyles can sit perfectly still of vast amounts of time, quite literally behaving like statues.
  • Gargoyles can fly.


  • Gargoyles aren't the most cunning of races.
  • Gargoyles are weak to crush attacks, having stone-like flesh which cracks when put under such strain.

Debated Lore

  • It is unclear as to the relationship of gargoyles and the sun. It may be possible that gargoyles turn to stone, freezing in place upon contact with the rays of the sun. Whether this is true or not, it is clear that they express a strong dislike for the astral body, opting to be active mostly at night.
  • Gargoyles may be able to turn to stone at will.

Common Mistakes

  • Gargoyles are harsh and cruel monsters. It would be unfitting for a gargoyle to behave in a way contradicting this rule of thumb.
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