Gar'Vakk the Earthshatterer is an Infernal demon and former member of the Kal'Gerion Military, who was imprisoned and left behind on the Kal'Gerion plane for attempting to desert the army, as he did not want to enter into Bilrach's service. He remains trapped on the Kal'Gerion plane, awaiting release from anyone either foolish or brave enough to destroy the magical field that is keeping him imprisoned.


Military Life

During the Infernal era on the demon homeworld, Gar'Vakk enjoyed a life of battle and privilege, but that was ruined when the Chthonian slaves revolted. With the successful escape of the Kal'Gerion Military, Gar'Vakk continued to serve the army until Bilrach came to find Kal'Ger and his forces. Not wanting to enter into the service of a "lesser" creature, Gar'Vakk attempted to defect from the military and avoid service. This ended in his punishment and imprisonment on the Kal'Gerion plane, while the rest of the military moved on to Daemonheim. He remains imprisoned, and if one should find themselves in the rare circumstances of finding a way to the Kal'Gerion plane, they might find him there still; and the choice they make upon finding him could be for good or ill.



Gar'Vakk is a huge supporter of Infernal superiority, and he views all other races, be they demon or naught, as inferior to his own. Combat is his great pleasure, as he enjoys exercising his strength and power in battle, and views any defeat as a lesson; he is not one to ignore what he can learn from a loss. As eager as he is for battle, he does not do anything for the sake of evil or causing pain, while he may seem evil to his opponents he does not view himself as such. He simply believes in the betterment of the strongest, and if one is too weak or does not seek to strengthen themselves; then they do not deserve the gift of life. He may hate the Chthonians, but he admires the ambition they had that caused them to rise against their masters, and sees this in the Avernic who rebelled against their own Chthonian masters.


He is not called the Earthshatterer for nothing; his powers lay in the manipulation of elemental earth energy, and he can wreak much havoc on opponents who require the ground to fight on. Being an Infernal, he can feed off the anima of his opponents to heal and sustain himself, so avoid being grabbed. Most melee warriors would find themselves easily outclassed, and most archers unable to break through his defenses, it is usually only mages that have the best chance against him. Most modern magic spells, such as wind, earth, water, and fire do little against him; while the ancient magics are much more effective.

Other Information

  • If he had not been discharged from the Kal'Gerion military, he would hold a ranking similar to Yk'Lagor's.
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