When all is said and done, what else is there? To live, to breathe and carry on.

–Gabriel, on life

Void seal Gabriel Everric Guthix Symbol
Gabriel Render2
"There is a simple beauty in knowledge, but also great strife."


Draynor, Misthalin


Human; Moon-Clan Descent






Neutral Good

Religious Affiliation

Guthixian Guthix Symbol


Father, Void Knight, Crux Eqal Member, Wanderers Member


Dad, Daddy, Knight, Warrior, Mage, Sparkly Man

Physical Description

Dark Black Hair, Bright Green Eyes, 6'5", 200lbs, Lean-Muscled




Paula Rovin

Sir Gabriel Richard Everric (Gaehb-Rhee-Ell Ritch-Erd Eh-vehrr-rick), is a Human, former farmer turned Noble Mage, Warrior and Knight. He is the eldest biological son of Richard and Niki Everric. He is a Knight and Ranger of the Everric family, and like most of his family, he is a direct descendant of Ariston Everric and Flavia Everric-Ithell. He is a Mage, avid reader, scholar, work-out nut and nature activist, having lived on his parents farm for most of his early life, training magic and working. Even as a Wanderer, Gabriel has found a way to settle with his family. Other than this, Gabriel is a headstrong, warm, charismatic, witty and innovative individual. Gabriel is currently married to Paula Everric-Rovin. In what he believes is atonement for his sins, Gabriel has joined the Void Knights and is currently a Knight in the Void Knights Pax Sumnium Vallutae, as well as the Crux Eqal. Gabriel is also a member of the Champion's, Warrior's, Hero's, and Legends' Guilds.

Gabriel now continues his trade, his studies and his adventures in Yanille and throughout the world, meeting different characters. Though, the man now has eight children to raise, it is understood that duty comes before all. Though, he can be found within either Taverley furthering his studies in Magic and Balance, or with his family, and especially his wife in Varrock. The charismatic young man can be found frequenting several different bars, not far are members of his family, his brothers or cousins. Gabriel holds some form of loyalty to the crown of Misthalin, if only due to Paula's own loyalty, and the fact that he tries to remain beneath the law. 

Growing up, Gabriel was given the "proper mages" upbringing, the best education that one could recieve, from both the Wizard's Tower and that from the family of the Arens, whom he now despises. A troubled young man due to the death of his parents, he has only continued on, spending his years training, travelling and studying. Gabriel is, by all means, a weapon; forged in the hottest forges by the most skilled hands, he serves as the House's now top enforcer and he is in line for Patriarch.

The Collector is an enigmatic being who travels the world "collecting" individuals for his own gain. He is thought to hold extreme power, yet it is likely he withholds his abilities in combat. A quiet, strange man with little more to do than hum and "collect", there is little information on who this man is. Many who know of their existence suspect him to be a Mahjarrat, maybe even some sort of god; maybe both. In the end, Collector is an old soul attached to a powerful young man's body, taking on the name of one of the Nature Worshipers great forces.

Gabriel and his Collector counterpart were created and role-played by Matt.


The Everric Crest

The Everric Family Coat of Arms

This section covers Gabriel's biographical as well as in-character history.


Hello, child. You've been gifted with a very special name... Wear it well, I know you will. You have my blessing.

–Cyrus Everric, to an infant Gabriel.

On a warm, sunny day during the former parts of spring, in the late fifth age, a family flocked, several men and women, most of them jet-black hair and lime-green eyes, outside a bedroom. A tall man bearing the same unkempt black hair and lime-green eyes as the rest, stood within the bedroom, holding the hand of a woman with black hair and brown eyes. She was draped in a tattered white bed sheet from the shoulders to her the end of her thighs. Her legs were spread out, knees drawn up, her bloated abdomen was clearly visible, sticking up from the rest of her petite body.

Amongst the waiting masses stood a girl, about eighteen, with orange eyes and dark brown hair and crimson streaks in the hair. She stood beside two kids, a girl and a boy, one about eight, the other was six. A few more kids stood about, each younger than the other two, except for one, who was about a year older than the other boy.  There was an audible knocking at the door, only three firm thuds against the solid Oak doorframe before it could be heard. A man who looked rather similar to the fellow in the bedroom, and most notably was his brother, looking to be a younger version of the man with brown hair and a slowly forming beard, moved through the rest of the house towards the door. He lofted his hand and twisted the doorknob and pulled open the door. 

He looked as if he saw a ghost; a man, looking to be in his late twenties stood outside, grinning from pointed ear to pointed ear. His facial features were slightly sharpened, very defined and well sculpted. His lime-green eyes were a slightly brighter shade than the rest there, his hair that was pulled back into a spiky ponytail was also a shade darker than the others. His frame was slender, and he was rather lanky, his expression remained cryptic.

Perched upon his shoulder was a cat, matching his features, with the black fur and green eyes undoubtedly mystically altered to match his master. The man holding the door stood, half-white, as if he had seen a ghost. The man before him was his great-grandfather.

"G-..Garrick?"  Stuart inquired, it was all he was able to get out at the moment.

In response, the alleged Garrick offered a cheeky grin and a nod of his head. Without another word he stepped past Stuart and through the crowd within the small farmhouse. Those who looked around stared at him as he passed, Garrick offered naught but a smile to the family as he passed. Garrick opened the bedroom door and stepped inside, his gaze immediately flickering to the man and woman. "Richard, Niki! " He exclaimed, a jovial tone escaping his lips.

An aging Cyrus holds Gabriel

Cyrus gives Gabriel his blessing.

Richard, still holding his wife's hand smiled widely, his expression filled with both suprise and jubilation. "Grandpa Garrick!" He exclaimed in return, albeit rather quietly, he didn't want to nerve up Niki too much. "I didn't expect to see you here."

"It's good to see you again Richard, and, you wrote a letter, I had to come. The Institute can wait, and the Curator understands."  Garrick's expression remained a grin, he approached Niki. "Hello dearest, how are you?"  

"I'm-.. Ready."  She replied to him, clearly in pain.

"I'm glad to hear that, well-.. Let's get to it then, shall we?" Garrick smiled to her, and then to Richard.

The rest of the family waited outside the room, after some yelling and screaming, and a few audible and calm "Pushes" coming from Garrick, all went silent. And only a few moments after, the sound of a new life could be heard, only a gentle cry, something you wouldn't excpect from a newborn. Then, silence fell again, it was a boy. Within another minute of screaming and yelling, it all fell silent, everyone was surprised to hear one, let alone two cries. This one cried for nearly ten minutes.

The group was relieved, Garrick opened the door and spread his arms out widely, away from his slender frame. He smiled, looking over the crowd, most matched his appearance in terms of hair and eyes, three had brown hair, and one of those brown haired people had amethyst eyes. Garrick smiled and nodded upon seeing this man before he returned his attention to the crowd. "Two healthy, beautiful, baby boys!" He exclaimed before gesturing to both Stuart and the amethyst eyed man. "Stuart! Gus! Come on in." 

Stuart nodded and moved toward the room; Gus head canted off to the side for a brief moment, the man was tall, almost Garrick's height, with a well-muscled frame, his brows rose and he sauntered towards the room, holding a stack of books, looking to be books of spells. He and Stuart entered the room, placing the books onto the floor and examining the kids.

"Well, hello there you two." Gus said, Garrick entered soon behind him, Gus finishing his statement, "I've brought gifts for you, Niki. I know you like Magic." Gus thought it best not to state he intended for her to teach her kids magic.

Niki smiled, holding Richard's firstborn in her arms and then looking up to Gus, "Thank you, Gaius, that's very sweet of you." She smirked to Gus, calling him by his first name before looking back to Richard, who held her other son. "What should we name them?" She asked, looking down to the boy, who was relatively clean in the cloth, his little arms reached up, his lime-green eyes staring up happily to her and reaching up. In a few moments, his lime-green eyes flashed amethyst and soon enough, the books and lighter items in the room were floating around them.

Gabriel M Everric

Gabriel Matthew Everric, the Family's first Grandmaster and the man Gabriel was named for.

Richard's eyes widened, looking to the boy he was holding, and smiled. Garrick's brows rose, "Incredible. Much like my Uncle-.. Gabriel." He said, wondering who was doing this, but he looked to Niki, who's face held a half-surprised, half-amazed expression, thinking into the Everric's ancestry. "Gabriel." She said, "I'll name him Gabriel." 

Richard held his smile and offered his reply, "Arkaevum-.. This one will be Arkaevum."

In a moments notice, another man, in simple robes, with human features, slightly older looking than Garrick or most others in the room. The others looked to him with a certain reverence. "Grandmaster Cyrus." Garrick smiled, bowing slightly to him.

Cyrus put the rest of the room at ease before moving to take the swaddled clothed Gabriel, he gave Gabriel his blessing, though Cyrus still found himself unable to utter Gabriel's name. Another man with a stern expression, years of experience on his face, entered into the room. His long, dark brown hair was tied up high in a ponytail behind his head, his beard was wild, as well as his hair.

"What's his name?" Rennik spoke, his expression remained stern as he examined the young man.

"Gabriel." Garrick interjected, he knew that Cyrus was having trouble speaking the name out.

The Grand-Sentry's brows only raised and he nodded his head gently in return. Finally, Gus left and he was soon replaced by a few more, a black-haired Elven woman and three men with black hair and the same bright green eyes as the rest. "Alexander, Firia, Michael, Ingram." Cyrus nodded his head as he watched them enter and soon enough, the group gathered around, all offering the two newborns their blessing.

The Two Towers: Wizards and Aspera

Only about a year later, Connor was born, and the Everric continued the trend of having a child every year. The next child was Blaez, a mentally-off child. Another year and a half, Kennith Everric was born, and so on. Soon there came Melody and Griffen the next set of twins. The youngest of the full-siblings, Ravalan was born only a year after them. The last born was Alexis Everric, or Lexxi, who was a spontaneous and relatively annoying half-sibling, and the daughter of Niki.

Gabriel at the Wizard's Tower

Gabriel at the Wizards Tower

At the age of seven, Gabriel was sent to the Wizard's tower, along with his friend Mercutio Delimino, the two were inseparable, and they found themselves in a bit of mischief under their teachers. Gabriel always seemed to excel above his friend, and the two made a history of Gabriel saving Mercutio's skin, which was a thing that Gabriel would come to bring up many years in the future. 

It seemed that Gabriel had a natural affinity for magic, and his first castings without the need of a wand or an Orb were when he was about the age of eight. Gabriel also found himself in a pickle when he accidently injured one of he and Mercutio's fellow students in a magical spar that he found himself winning. Despite all this, Gabriel was not satisfied with all that he had learned, nor was he proud of it, he needed more.

At the age of ten he was transferred to Aspera. It was here that Gabriel first met Rebeckah Blackthorn, a red-headed girl with pale-blue eyes, and where he first developed feelings for her.

He excelled greatly in his studies before he returned home just after his thirteenth birthday  under the arrangement of Garrick per request by Richard and Niki.  By this time Gabriel had already been taught how to fight with magic, and with his bare-hands.

Gabriel, Aspera round one

Gabriel at Aspera

Gabriel had a bit of trouble in the first month re-adjusting to his parents presence, though, he always found that both of his parents cared for him very much, and eventually he got back into the feel for everything, and he took his place as the de facto leader of the kids.


They're gone... My parents... My brother. Slain. But why? Why them? There was no reason for this attack.

–Gabriel, after the attack on the family.

One fateful morning, the Everric were on their farm between Lumbridge and Draynor, some of the eight kids were gone for whatever reason, a few remained, the father, Richard, the mother, Niki, their oldest son Gabriel, and a few of their other children, being Connor, Kennith and Lynette, due to recent events, the area was subject to Bandosian Patrols. The night before, one of the younger brothers, Kennith, had spotted a group of goblins patrolling about two hundred or so feet north of the farm. Gabriel looked out to where his brother was, spotting it as well, though they didn’t bother to tell their parents. 

The day before was quite eventful, the events including things such as busting open the roof, licking windmill grinders, throwing each other through windows, helping out random strangers, and acts of incest being performed by their mother, Niki. After Richard had arrived home, Gabriel was informed by Lynette about the heinous acts that their mother had performed, which subsequently ended up in Gabe telling Richard about the incestuous acts, after all this and helping out a wounded woman with dark cobalt eyes.

The events left Connor, already the loner and rebel of the family as a scarred child. Gabriel and Arkaevum, the twin brothers, and some of the oldest of the family tried to keep the house in order while their parents were gone. Soon enough, as both parents had left for their different reasons, the kids were visited by their Uncle Stu, who talked to them about the various situations in their lives, and spent the night as well. Stu slipped out early in the morning to see how the renovations were coming on his own house.

The next morning, Niki and Richard ended up getting into an argument, mostly about Niki’s violation of the children, amongst other things. As the two strangers had also been within the house, they exited with Gabriel, Connor and Kennith. They argued all over the house, throwing things and what not until they went outside, a large group of rogue Bandosians was making their way down to the farm with a group of about ten Goblins, five Orks, two Ogres and one Bandosian Warpriest and Ambusher behind him, a small army. Niki, who had been charging an earth spell, impaled the Goblins with sharp rocks, while Richard fought off some of the Ork’s killing a few, leaving him tired. This wasn’t before some of the Goblin’s loosed some flaming arrows at the house, bringing down the wooden foundation with relative ease.

Gabriel Everric1

Gabriel at the old farm house

The eldest child in the house, the half-sibling to the others, Lynette had trapped herself within a thin layer of rock, having taken after her mother, this was a mistake, as it could have cooked her alive. After the forces had been thinned out, with some help from little Kennith and his bow, most of the remaining soldiers were dead, save for the two Ogres, the Ambusher and the Warpriest. Gabriel grabbed one of the younger brothers, Griffen and carried him to Draynor, with the rest of the family, and the strangers.

The Warpriest had made his way up to Richard’s position behind the Ogre’s, who had scooted past Richard, as Richard attempted to stop one of the big ones. The Warpriest took this opportunity to stab Richard in the left shoulder, who cried out in pain as he fell onto his back, being knocked over by the combined force of the Ogre’s sheer moving weight and the sword stabbing into his shoulder. Richard made an effort to stab at the Priest, who simply knocked the sword away with his foot, thrusting his left sword into his chest, and pierced his heart.

As the Priest’s blade had pierced Richard’s heart, the Priest spoke to him and said, “Your family will fall as quickly as you.”

Richard looked back; his green eyes glazed, blood coming out of his mouth and nose as he coughed his last words, “You don’t know my family.” With that Richard Everric breathed his last breath.

The Bandosian Warpriest called back his remaining forces, leaving the carnage of dead Orks and Goblins to rot, far exceeding the stench of when they were alive and grunting.

Meanwhile, inside the house, Niki was looking for the unconscious Lynette, who was still trapped inside her thin layer of stone. The stone had protected her from the searing flames, but not without cost. During this, Niki was sacrificing her own well-being, the flames searing at her skin, burning it off, as the beams and foundations of the house collapsed upon itself simultaneously, and she was subsequently crushed by the beams, and burned to death, her remains lost in the rubble, the house being burnt to a crisp.

The four brothers who were there returned, Gabriel, Connor, Kennith, and Griffen returned to the wreckage, looking over the dead Goblins, and Richard’s dead body in sadness. Connor headed over to see if Lynette was okay, treading lightly over Niki’s remains, though not shying away from kicking her skull aside coldly. Connor had no love left for his mother, due to her violation of him the day before. He broke through the thin rock shell, which had almost served as an oven for Lynette, and took her out, bringing her out to their brothers. Gabriel held onto his father’s head, and Griffen took his father’s sword, as Gabriel already had one.

Gabriel kissed his father’s head, before speaking to his brothers on the burial, and three out of four had come to a consensus, as the strangers had come to offer their condolences. Connor left to go back to the village, as he saw no reason to bury their father. They buried him, the boys cried over their father’s grave as the abused neighbor boy, Wade came to see what had happened, looking over the group.

Wade asked the group where the ones who had done this had gone to, Gabe, still mourning replied sarcastically, “What are you going to do?”

Wade looked back and replied sarcastically, “I’m going to throw them a tea party! What do you think I’m gonna do?”

Gabe looked back to him and replied, “Shut up. Your parents never loved you.”

This made Wade draw his bow and train it upon Gabe, who replied by drawing his sword. A little neighbor girl by the name of Nyuu, who had been hiding in the tree, jumped onto Wade’s shoulder, knocking him slightly off balance, and Gabe rushed in, over his father’s grave, jumping onto the well, and using it as leverage to sink his blade into Wade’s shoulder. Wade backed up, getting cut by it as well, as he tried to reach for his dagger, but found as Gabe had landed, he lunged forward with his left knee and knocked him into the tree, hitting his head and dazing him a bit. Gabe then brought the hilt of his sword to the back part of Wade’s jaw, knocking him out.

Connor returned, coming to tell them about the house that they had found in Draynor. This house actually belonged to a member of the Cut Assassins, Lyruil Iorwerth, one of the most prominent members. Gabriel handed the unconscious Wade to Connor, and asked him to bring him back to the house they had found. Wade had been dropped at the crossroads outside of Draynor, and left there. The scene truly ends with Gabriel sitting over his parent's grave, swearing vengeance on the Bandosians that had killed them. Gabriel went off to look for his twin, Arkaevum, the youngest brother and sibling, Ravalan and of course Melody, the mentally unstable younger daughter. 

Gabe at Matt's house

Gabe at Lyruil Iorwerth's House in Draynor

Matt exited the illustrious Usual Spot, walking not too far to see that there was an influx of children in the area, around his house. He walked up and spoke to Connor about the house that the children had taken for themselves, as it was the one he had for himself. He told them that they could stay there, giving Connor the key to the house and disappearing into the shadows. This would begin the new story for the Everric family, leaving an unsure fate for them, and their fates to the cold, cruel reality that is Gielinor.

A New Day

Gabriel has been doing a little bit of travelling, making his way over to Al Kharid, practicing his free-running and parkour skills, something that he had gotten quite good at over the years. He took a brisk jog merely to keep up his cardio, as he knew excercise was something essential to health family, leaving his father's old clothing in his backpack, and donning a new set, though not letting go of the clothing as he loved it.

The kids have now moved to Varrock, stealing the 'Cut Mobile' and are living in one of the slum houses, it has more room than the house that Matt had provided for them, so they appreciate it very much, and they have begun to repair it, making it look a bit nicer, as it was now cold and winter time as they had reached the area. Gabe has begun to watch over the other kids, even Wade at times.

Arkaevum ran away to Al Kharid, being trained for about a month straight with the Ali's. He was trained to be quite proficient in Air Magic. Kennith, Gabe, Lynette and Wade travelled to the site of the Battle of Lumbridge, aweing at Saradomin's pedestal. They looked at the divine tear pool, in which Lynette threw a few fish, which happened to be their dinner that Wade had fought hard for, and they ended up fishing them out with Gabriel's sword. They soon scaled the large scaffolding which held the guards of Saradomin's battlefield, looking over the site of the snow covered carnage.

Soon after this the family left to go to Varrock, stealing the 'Cut Mobile' in the prcoess, and promising to give it back with a note addressed to Mr. Bowie and their Uncle. The kids ended up going to Varrock, and Kennith asked Gabe to teach him how to freerun, running and jumping from building to building with great skill, Kennith learned quickly as well.

Gabriel then left again to Al Kharid, still wondering where his brother had run off to. He moved along the course that he and his brother had established, sliding down an awning, before finally reaching a group of planks that were close together that they'd look at. He saw two people there, recognizing one was his twin brother, Ark. Ark heard his name, and Gabriel had crossed the planks. They wondered what was going on, and Gabe pulled a stunt where he fell off the roof as Ark was performing his final test for the Ali's. He was caught by a ball of air, which slowed his fall. Ark then was gifted a diamond necklace by Master Ali, who then floated off humorously. To which, they returned to Varrock, and settled in for a short while.

Soon they were found by their Uncle Stuart once more, who then proceeded to offer to adopt them. This happened, Amber, one of their friends, being adopted as well as Wade. Uncle Stuart left for a moment to retrieve his two carriages to get them, as Melody arrived and showed her bucket of flowers, leaving again. Melody then left, and was replaced by her not-so-imaginary friend Roger, who was more or less, a pedophile, and a very large black male.

By this time Uncle Stuart had returned and Roger began to threaten him. After Roger had made a threat on Melody's life, Arkaevum and Gabriel both readied themselves for combat. Arkaevum punched him with his spiked gloves, while Gabe stabbed him in the spine and twisted it. Ark then followed up by shooting a Wind Surge at him. 

This ended the conflict swiftly as they soon moved to the mansion with their Uncle. Which was probably for the best, Melody revelling in Roger's death. They reached the mansion, and a few questionable events had happened, though the most prominent in Gabriel's actions, was him climbing the roof, using water magic for non combat things, and climbing the roof of the mansion.

The Windblade

And so it was written, a terrible force descended upon the returned gods, though small in number, each man seemed to carry the might of the Wizard's Tower and the skill of an army's best soldiers.

–A Spectator, on the Windblade

During first year, Gabriel began siphoning energy from the rift in the Lumbridge Swamp, doing enough of so to attract the attention of two very powerful demons, who have likely achieved the levels of power of what those have called Devils. Malphos sent his followers, the Windblade, to investigate whether this one was a Jinchuriki, or not. The Windblade quickly arrived, shaking their heads  
Gabriel at the Nexus

Gabriel's discovery of the Nexus

Their leader, Xenus noticed his ability, and assured him a future spot in the Windblade, as well as protection by Malphos should he pledge himself to service in the near future. Upon the  With this, the Devil, Dagon, made his way into the area, by the form of a human. He smiled warmly, speaking to them in a calm, condescending manner. In a few moments and a flash of light he captured the Windblades Auditor and Orator along with Gabriel. He challenged the group of three to a duel whilst he was in this human form.

The three fought hard against Dagon, with Xenus using what he learned from Malphos as help, and Garrett keeping him occupied while Gabriel pelted Dagon's forcefields with spells. Each and every moment seemed to make the group tire faster, and after about what seemed to be days, they collapsed from exhaustion. Dagon laughed at this, smiling as he lifted the three into the air, "I'm happy to see you three enjoyed my game."

Gabriel, being the only one of the three who were conscious at the time panted heavily. He shook his head as he looked to the demon, still floating in the air helplessly, "What do you want from me? I've done nothing wrong here."

"You're quite a powerful boy, tell me your name-.. and the names of your friends, hmm?" Dagon inquired lightly, he was not all seeing, the question flowed out with the utmost sincerity.

"Gabriel Everric. I don't know the names of the other two." Gabriel responded coldly, despite the circumstances. It seemed he didn't care much for his own well-being.

"How defiant-... No matter. Since you've played my game, I've only the choice to grant you all with great power. My eyes." Dagon revealed his eyes with the Ripple Pattern and silver corneas. "The consequence is that your fatal flaw, and whatever hurts you the most will become most evident. You will know Pain."

Gabriel took on the alias of Pain, serving alongside the Windblade and found himself being involved with several different conflicts throughout the world, most of them was just Gabriel using his incisive wit to assassinate and cause terror throughout the world alongside the Windblade. After a while, he found his way home, and began a semi-normal, terrorist life.

After the return of Connor to the house after being with a rogue faction of the Kinshra for a short time, a bit of disaster happened. Wade and Connor got into an argument, it ended in Wade shooting Connor in the leg. Gabriel and Connor chased off Wade, Gabriel doing so reluctantly after Wade had insulted Connor and then shot him in the leg.

They continued their chase of him, Wade getting away on some steed that he had stolen. But, his days have taken a turn for the better as he has now established a relationship-thing with a neighbor girl, Mia Vere, as he has gained quite an interest in her, and have begun working on the house together.

They entered an official relationship, and spend quite some time together, though Gabriel does take much time to travel during the nights that she isn't staying with him to gallavant as Pain. Gabriel decided it was best to help out around the house, but he continued to help.

The Kinshra-Order of Virtue Conflict.

This world will know what Pain truly is. They will feel mine.

–Gabriel, Pain's thoughts.

He and Mia experienced a breakup after a few difficulties in their relationship. Gabriel descended deeper into the Pain Persona. Wade had gone of the Order of Virtue, and had his own problems, but decided he would bring his friends from the Order, along with Lynette to Stuart's Mansion.

Gabriel's awakening

Nature Magic, Gabriel as Pain

This caused certain implications, to where Gabriel gave them a choice, a sort of ultimatum. He offered them a place to stay, if Wade left. But, Sir Tristan Howe, the Master Knight of the Order refused and took Lynette, Wade and the others with him. Even with all of this, Gabriel  was already a genocidal terrorist.

Richard Everric, Gabriel and Connor's late father, visited each of his children that he could find. Richard was in ethereal form, and was essentially just a mystical ghost, claiming he had been unable to rest due to the feud between the family. He reached out to Gabriel, even though he had darkness and hatred within him after Richard's death over a year before, he eventually made Gabriel promise. Gabriel didn't realize it then, but he had been touched by his father's visit.

Still, Gabriel persisted to fight with the Malphovian Windblade, and he was present as Pain whilst visiting Connor at the Black Knights Fortress, Gabriel informed Connor of Wade's activities in the Order. Wade  showed up the next morning, in search of Connor, spying on him. Connor chased Wade away after Wade had teleported off. Gabriel was already gone by then.

Gabriel, as the Windblade member Pain, travelled to the Ice Mountain in order to battle alongside his brother, Connor, an evil, callous Zamorakian. Connor brought three Kinshra soldiers, while Gabriel himself brought two Windblade Initiates, a team, Pestis and Fairfax. Gabriel knelt for a while, keeping his senses upon both Fairfax and Pestis, while also keeping an eye on Connor.

One of the Kinshra died, and Gabriel's half-sister Lynette was almost killed by Fairfax, and he saw fit to end the battle by teleporting his men away, the opposition, including Wade Pierce teleported away as well, this caused Pain to tell Connor he had left, causing Connor to leave as well. 

Gabriel then approached Sir Tristan Howe, and told him he could walk away from this battle, if he left, which he did, dropping a teleport tablet and elaving.made an appearance with his brother, Connor, whilst Wade was hunting him, attempting to scout him out. He gave Connor a bit of information before he departed.

Not long after this conflict, the Windblade had a small reform as most of them broke off from the Malphovian ideals, Xenus, aka Lyruil Iorwerth released Gabriel from his service, and Gabriel was returned home, not wiped of his memories. He was left unknowing of what to do with himself, still struggling with the darkness within himself.

Yanille- Family Reunion

You're being watched, Gabriel Everric. Someday, all of the eyes in Gielinor will be upon you.

–Rennik Lovell, on Gabriel Everric.

Gabriel, like his brother Arkaevum, left home to find himself. However, unlike Ark, Gabriel left due to being consumed by his own inner darkness, the encounter with his father's ghost had seemed to have changed him for the better.

Gabriel has become much more headstrong and charismatic, making a trip halfway across the continent. Gabriel began training magic more and more often, until it became quite the habit, during this time, he had made a trip to Yanille.

Gabriel, not long after his fifteenth birthday, arrived to the city of Yanille during the middle of the day. His gaze flickered about, the city was marvelous, like any other University town, it was no different. The streets were filled with people from all throughout, most of them human.

Gabriel's gaze came to rest upon one of the largest establishments, the Aren Arcane Institute. The Institute's renown throughout the lands was nothing short of legendary, and so was its founding family, the Arens. It was here, for the first time that Gabriel spotted a man with a long, white beard and an emerald eye for the first time.

He watched the man as he talked about, and smiled, knowing full-well this had to be the one and only Aranitus Aren. Aranitus, at this time, was Gabriel's inspiration, and hero. Gabriel ran a hand through his jet-black hair, his lime-green gaze flickering through the streets and the crowds. He found himself looking around once more before making his way to the Institute. Gabriel hadn't been paying much attention, or so he thought, and he bumped into a man, tall, slender and wearing ornate black, red and gold robes, similarly to Aranitus. The man's hair, however was jet-black and pulled into a spiky pony-tail. Along with this he wore a gold, silver, maroon cloak with a rising sun on it. It was a High Order of the Family Cloak.

His his eyes were a bright lime-green, matching that of Gabriel. The few critical differences were the man's very defined, sharpened facial features, pointed, human-sized ears and the appearance of his age, which the man only looked to be in his late twenties. The men beside him also looked to be near the same age, one of them stood there with a full beard, but short hair, the same lime-green eyes and jet-black hair, and black and red striped robes. He held a friendly expression, it was one of seeing an old family member or friend that one hasn't seen in a while, his height was similar.

The man to the other side of the pointed-eared man appeared to be in his early twenties, he had his hand resting on the pommel of his curved sword, with a friendly smile held upon his features, his brown robes flowing gently. His eyes were the same colour as the rest of the group here, and his hair was the same jet-black, he was about the same height as Gabriel, that being 6'0", maybe even an inch shorter.

Gabriel shook his head, inclining his gaze to the man in the middle of the trio. "Apologies, I didn't mean to-.." 

"Hello, my dear boy." The man with the black and red robes smiled, his expression had not changed.

"Hello-.. I did-.." Gabriel paused again, he was interrupted by the interjection of the man in the center.

"Gabriel, is it?" The pointed-eared man spoke to him, it was at this time that Gabriel realized that they had to be family.

"Yes, how did you know?" Gabriel inquired, his brows rising, this had only confirmed his suspicions.

"You're my great-great grandson. And his great-great-great grandson. I am Garrick, that's Michael and that is Robert." Garrick smiled before gesturing to the man in the striped robes and then the man in the brown robes, each sparing a nod as Gabriel's gaze flickered to the respective person. "Robert is a second cousin to you, just about."

"But-.. You're supposed to be old." Gabriel replied quizzically, family or not, he didn't quite get to see these people very much, however, he knew well of others such as Allannah, Evelynn, John, Janelle and Eden's other children.

"We were all there for your birth, I suggested the name." Garrick said, his gaze flickering between Robert and Michael. In the background stood a man with long, dark brown hair and bright green eyes like the others, his hair was wild and he wore dark robes with a sneer on his face.

Gabriel nodded lightly, and he began asking questions on how to get into the Aren Arcane Institute, all he wanted to do was learn at this time. After an hour long conversation, and a tour of the Institute, Gabriel smiled and then Garrick looked at the young man. Over dinner, they discussed what Gabriel's plans were, and Garrick, Michael and Robert all gave their suggestions, most of it leading up to a conclusion for him to be sent to Aspera Academy.

Not too long into the dinner, a woman burst through the doors, her long, wavy hair was jet-black, her eyes the same lime-green as the rest of the group here. Gabriel recognized her almost instantaneously, and she seemed to as well. She grinned from ear to ear, running up to him. "Gabriel! It's so good to see you." She said as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

"Aunt Eden, I didn't expect to see you here."  He said, returning the gesture before pulling back and looking her in the eyes.

"You're so tall now!" Eden smiled, her gaze flickering over to her brother, Robert and then to Garrick and Michael. "So, I have news. I'm taking Allannah and Janelle out of of Aspera before Allannah reaches eighteen."

"So they're in Aspera still?" Gabriel inquired, his own gaze flickered between the other four.

"They've been training there since about ten now, just like you Gabriel. They're about your age now."  Eden smirked, she was still surprised to see that little Gabriel was so tall now.

"Oh, I remember being there with them, good times." Gabriel smirked in return, he found something strangely about Aunt Eden.

After a few more hours of conversation, the four others began to pack items, provisions, rations and clothing for Gabriel's enrollment into Aspera. Garrick needed only to make a few calls, and Gabriel was in Aspera, chuckling ever so gently. Within a few days, Gabriel was teleported off to Aspera, almost five years later than most Aren students and others.

Aspera Academy: Round Two

Aspera I remembered. Dark, occultic, wretched. A place of learning with the most questionable of methods. This is where I belong.

–Gabriel Everric, on Aspera

Gabriel arrived at Aspera, eyeing the campus with a smile. It was here that Gabriel began his studies in the four schools of the Ancients, blood, shadow, smoke and ice. Gabriel's favorite school of the four was blood, he saw it rather fun, as he learned how to control blood in many different ways, using it for combative and non-combative methods. 

It was also here that Gabriel met with his old friend Mercutio Delimino, who in turn introduced him to Garth Aren, and in the
Gabriel at the bottom of Aspera

Gabriel's second time at Aspera

first year, Garth became Gabriel's mentor as well as Mercutio's, teaching them a few secrets that others would not learn, as the Arens held more influence than most.

He showed Gabriel how to utilize blood and shadow magick as weapons, whips and chains as well as other special little secrets, the and Mercutio and Gabriel reconnected once more, as they had always been close friends.

Along with this Gabriel had re-met the Blackthorn siblings, Rebeckah and William Blackthorn, Rebeckah was the same age as Gabriel and William was a year younger. Rebeckah and Gabriel quickly found feelings for one another, though they had trouble acting upon them.

Aspera Two: Year One

Gabriel was glad to see his cousins, Allannah and Janelle at the Academy as well, they became close once more, sharing in their studies of the different schools of Magicks that they learned there. Gabriel and Mercutio became friends with Janelle and Allannah's friends and for the most part, these friends were girls.

After about a year, Gabriel had stuck to focusing more on his studies than maintaining healthy relationships, but still he managed to keep them. His avarice, mostly in the form of a thirst for knowledge, came to light, and Gabriel yearned to learn more and more. The others seemed a bit concerned about him, and a few months before his sixteenth birthday and after, Gabriel had become almost completely reclusive.

Swan Song
He seems colder now, more detached. Ever since he started studying magic again.

–Amber Derikson, on Gabriel's magic training

One night, after a day of hard studies, Gabriel lay fast asleep in his bed, a book lay on his bare chest.  Gabriel awoke abruptly in the middle of the night, as if awakened by some blood-curdling scream, an alarm or a bad dream. His heart was racing, pounding against his chest, his eyes glowing a bright green. He sprang from the bed and onto his feet, his hands charging with a green aura. After a few minutes of looking around, he realized there was no threat nearby. 

He took in a deep breath, exhaling and then approaching the window and standing on the balcony. He looked southward, this was where he wanted to go, to explore Port Sarim, even though it was the middle of the night and knowing full-well that the Journey would take some time. The now sixteen year old chuckled, moving away from the balcony as he began to dress himself properly in some black and red robes that he had purchased during his stay at Aspera. He packed the necessary provisions, rations and changes of clothing that he needed and then placed the pack onto his back.

He approached the balcony, looking down at the drop; it was about eighty or so feet down. Gabriel shook his head once before he took in a deep breath, his eyes glowing amethyst, his hands taking on the same gentle glow. After a few moments, Gabriel released his spell and placed his hands upon the short fence of the balcony. In a flash of light, runic sigils began to flow out into the night, forming what looked to be a staircase on either side of the balcony. Gabriel climbed onto them, quickly and carefully, he descended them and reached the ground in what seemed to be about a minute flat. 
Amaund Silverkin

Amaund Silverkin, head of the mage-priests responsible for Gabriel's torture.

He made his way on down to Port Sarim, travelling southward and reaching it in a few days, passing by a few different places, and resting where he could. Finally, one night, Gabriel reached Port Sarim, nearing the outskirts and the forests, he saw a series of lights, lighting up the night sky from the ground. They were campfires, surrounded by a group of mages, knights and soldiers. The knights' armour seemed to be shined, polished and pristine, only a few scratches kept them from being completely immaculate as if the armour was made completely from silver.

The group seemed to consist of about fifteen men at arms, wearing blue surcoats with a four pointed golden star in the center, five knights and ten clerics , all wearing blue robes, it was clear the star was a Saradominist Symbol. A wizard with blonde hair and silver eyes stared out into the distance, he seemed to be the leader. Gabriel watched as he approached the knights, he walked straight up to a bald man and they appeared to be having a friendly conversation.

It was only in a few moments that Gabriel heard yelling, the words were mostly inaudble, or indiscernible. He shook his head before turning away and walkin off, only to run into a man who had snuck up behind him while Gabriel was distracted. The man was about Gabriel's height, and so were his comrades, they all wore the same armour as the knights in the camp. They siezed Gabriel and brought him to their camp, where the mage and the bald man still argued.

Gabriel was quite literally being carried, and he was unable to do much as there was a group of five men holding him back. The mage looked him up and down, mostly examining Gabriel's lime-green eyes and his jet-black hair. He smirked, his gaze shifting over to the bald man. "Well, look what we have here, Badouin, a little Aspera Mage, and an Everric no less."

"An Everric-.. Those mages and farmers? What a surprise, Amaund." Badouin inquired, it was clear that the man wasn't a very intelligent individual, and Gabriel registered that almost immediately.

Gabriel's aura flared up, almost breaking free of the grip of the knights before being restrained again. "What do you know of my family?" He interjected angrily.

Amaund, the head of the group, chuckled again, looking over Gabriel once more. "Little Everric, old family ties will be your doom." Amaund gestured for the men to follow them. "Come now, extinguish your campfires, we're going back to base."

Before he knew it, Gabriel was tossed to the ground, beaten and bloodied, knocked out, and then brought to their base, which was a new outcrop of the Port Sarim dungeon created by this group. Gabriel awoke, he was in a very large room, chained up, an intense pain rang in his back and throughout his body. His clothes were off, blood dripped down his back from the first contact, and he had open wounds and bruises all over his face, his legs, his torso, and everything.

Gabriel cried out in pain, the crack of a flanged whip could be heard in unison with his cries. Another crack of a whip could be heard, Gabriel bit his lip til he bled, breathing heavily as he tried not to cry out. After about thirteen more lashes, it was over, and Gabriel was bleeding heavily, the blood ran down his back, it began to pool under his feet. The Silver Knights and the men at arms gathered around him, Badouin held the whip in his hand.

"How are you feeling, Everric?" Badouin smirked as he walked next to Gabriel, cleaning the whip of his blood. "Come on, cat got your tongue?" Badouin chortled briefly before continuing to throw banter at Gabriel, before pulling out a small knife. He began to cut random little wounds in Gabriel's torso, none of only bits and pieces that he knew would eventually scar over. 

Gabriel didn't even listen, his body slumped in his chains, he felt hopeless, alone. Was this the end? Was his avarice and his thirst for more going to get him killed here? No. He wouldn't accept it; His muscles tensed up, his aura flared up exponentially. He drew his arms closer to his body, making the chains snap taut. Before anyone knew it, Gabriel called out to Amaund, his hand extending toward Badouin and the knife, Badouin was only mere inches away from his face at this point.

Blood ran up from Gabriel's back and into his hand, he exended the hand full of blood and drew upon Badouin's face, running blood from his forehead and up his cheek. Gabriel then cried out, his other arm extending from the chains, a small explosive force being felt as the chains from that arm broke and he took hold of Badouin's bald head.

"My life-.. Is not for your taking." He whispered in Badouin's ear before Gabriel spread his right hand away from his body. A giant wave of kinetic energy was released into the air, taking out the knights and soldiers who had begun to charge out towards him.

In a few moments, all but Badouin were against the walls of the cavern, their armour and clothing in shreds as they lay unmoving, dead. Gabriel's chains and all that were holding him were gone from his wrists and he stood over Badouin. "What is your name?" Gabriel said, his eyes glowing a bright green, rage coursing through him as if it were intravenous.

"B-..Badouin Silverkin." Badouin was nearly speechless, he was in disbelief from what he had just witnessed, he was visibly and clearly in fear for his life.

"Who were these people with you, and where is the mage?" Gabriel inquired, squeezing upon Badouin's head, the blood that had pooled at his feet and from the dead soldiers and knights conformed to Gabriel's hand, ironically forming a a whip.

"My Silver Knights-... And Silverkin Men-at-Arms. The mage is Amaund, my brother." Badouin said, he still held the knife in his hand, bringing it up to attempt at a stab to Gabriel's immediate left side. Gabriel had been watching this, enough room had been extended, and he sent a law magic repulse at Badouin's head, sending him backwards and spinning. He was stopped abruptly in the air, Gabriel kept a hold of him, pulling his hand back and then bringing Badouin back to him, leaving him about ten feet away. Gabriel's right hand held the whip, and it was held backwards.

The blood solidified, and it seemed to be held into an extremely high pressure. Gabriel lashed his arm out, sending the blood whip at Badouins neck. The lash, instead of what one would expect, did not wrap around his neck, but completely decapitated him. Badouin's disembodied head remained floating along with his body, blood poured from the man's neck.

Gabriel dropped to his knees, breathing heavily still as he began to pull some blood to his wounds, aiming to replace some of the blood he lost and heal some of the wounds he had acquired slightly. In a few moments, Badouin's body and head dropped separately. This slowly happened, Gabriel's energy was insufficient, his strength, however was slowly returning. Before he knew it, the group of clerics returned, all all of their wands and staves charged with energy, they poured into the room.

Gabriel stood weakly, his arms swaying at his sides, he had already used far too much energy. The Silverkin Clerics surrounded him,Amaund circled around Gabriel. "You've got some determination, little Everric." He said, lifting his hand into the air, a command for his men to take him out. Gabriel prepared himself, charging quickly and raising the blood in his defense. After a few moments, it looked as if the Silverkin Clerics were about to release their spells, but, shadows came from the ground and began crawling up the forms of all the mages but Gabriel and Amaund.

Amaund watched in horror as his men yelped out, their bodies being literally burned away by the shadows, and in a few moments the shadows sunk into the ground, leaving nothing of them. Another man stepped into the room, coal-black hair and emerald eyes were his most distinguishable traits. He wore a red robetop with black pant legs. "Now now-.. eleven on one isn't very fair, is it?" Garth Aren smiled, looking to Gabriel and then to Amaund. A younger man with brown hair and light blue eyes, wearing blue robes stood next to Garth, it was Mercutio.

"You-.. Aren."  Amaund said, he took out a teleport tablet and held it in front of his chest. Gabriel saw this, exending his hand once, sending a telekinetic repulse at Amaund's hand, sending the teleport tablet at Amaund's chest. Subsequently, with the force, it cracked and it opened a rift into the abyss in the man's chest. Amaund yelped out, flesh, blood and bone being pulled into this rift, Garth only watched in relative horror as he saw Amaund's life torn away in such a cruel way.

"Garth-.." Gabriel said weakly, smiling as his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed onto his back. Garth quickly walked quickly over to Gabriel.

"Crazy fool." Garth said, bending over Gabriel's body and taking control of the blood that had pooled, aiming to close the wounds in whatever way he could. It didn't have too much effect, and he sighed, there were still gaping wounds left by the lashings on Gabriel's back, and a knot on the back of his head from when he had been knocked unconscious the first time. Garth lofted his hand into the air and returned to Aspera with Mercutio

Gabriel awoke a few days later, Allannah and Janelle stood over him, his entire torso was bandaged up, his body was completely clean and free of blood. "I-..What happened?" Gabriel said warily, searching about for any enemies or Garth. Garth stood at the corner of the room, his arms folded as he smiled.

"You were captured after you snuck out, Garth found you." Allannah said, her gaze flickering to her sister and then to Garth. Mercutio folded his arms across his chest and walked over to his best friend.

"Well-... Can I say that we're even?"  Mercutio joked, giving Gabriel a warm smile, Gabriel could only sit there stone-faced, any hints of a jovial mood were undetectable and indecipherable.

Gabriel sat up, he remembered everything that had happened, Gabriel was very weak, his body was aching and swollen. Garth had only told Allannah and Janelle what happened when he arrived, he was slightly awed and dumbfounded by Gabriel's abilities. "You're quite the lucky one, you lost a lot of blood." Garth chuckled, and they began to speak a bit more, Gabriel only revealing the minimum of what had happened, as he was rather ashamed of it. 


When he was returned he was greeted by Rebeckah and Will and they asked where he had been and that they were worried about him. Still, there were those undeclared feelings between Rebeckah and Gabriel.

Will left them alone to speak and so they did, they sat down, alone in the library. Rebeckah looked to him, her beautiful light blue orbs stared into Gabriel's fierce, bright green eyes. "Tell me what happened."

Gabriel didn't want to say, though, she was the object of his affection, and he knew she was worried. He explained everything, every little thing that had transpired.

Rebeckah seemed a bit angry, unsettled that he had done something so foolish and stupid. "How could you do something like that?!" Her face was as red as her hair as she spoke.

Gabriel wasn't startled, he had seen that she cared for his well-being, even more than he thought. Gabriel waited for her to calm down a little before he spoke. "You know you're really cute when you're angry." He said, rather nonchalantly.

Rebeckah was about to yell, "I.." Her angry expression faded and was replaced by one of utter surprise. Her cheeks flushed a bright pink, this was the first time he had commented on her looks. "W..What?"

Gabriel scooted in to her and his far hand drew up to place at her cheek and he stared into her eyes again. Rebeckah was doing all she could to not melt at his touch, but regardless, her blushing had deepened.

"I.." She was unable to speak, her blushing had only persisted as she did so.

"Shhh... It's okay." His other arm drew to wrap around her waist as he leaned in and tilted his head off to the side to press his lips to hers.

Even with the position they were in, Rebeckah had been taken by surprise. Her eyes were wide with surprise, though, she quickly accepted it and she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, linking her fingers together.

The passion they both displayed here was more intense than even the most heated of combat. Their tongues flickered back and forth, reeling and wrestling one another within their exchange.

They held this position for some time, though it had to end at some point and eventually, after a few long moments, they pulled away. She smiled brightly to him with this and, they both seemed to have something to say, but... what they wanted to say was left unspoken.

Aspera 2: Lovell Tower

Gabriel's personality had taken a bit of a darker turn, his faith in the gods had fully been shattered as he learned of what Saradominists were capable of. Gabriel's ideals changed, and he had become even more reclusive than before, his ambitions turning to the thoughts of vengeance.

Gabriel's hatred of Bandosians and his hatred of Saradominists had just began to develop. He saw fit to study the ideas and thoughts of the Arens in Aspera Tower, and eventually he came out as a full-on supporter of the godless ideology. He and Rebeckah seemed to have become alienated.

The Forge
And so it was that the darkness had taken it's grasp on me once more, as hard as I had struggled to fight it back... I wanted them dead. Each and every one of them, and so they did. Like flies, they fell.

–Gabriel, on the experience of Lovell Tower

Gabriel had now figured out that something had reawakened in him, it was his curse. The curse of rage, a side effect of the Infernal Power that lay deep within him.

Gabriel enlisted the help of those closest to him at the time, this time it was Mercutio Delimino, one of his oldest friends and two others, Bridget Keller and Marcus Stone. Soon enough when outside of Aspera in the streets of Falador, a man approached Gabriel.

The man wore dark crimson robes, his strange, cold smile seemed to burn into Gabriel's mind. He wore a cape of equal crimson, the symbol of the High Order of the Everric Family was adorned upon the cape.

The man has bright green eyes, akin to Gabriel's own, his long brown hair was pulled up I to a top knot, his beard was left unkempt. He folded his arms behind his back and he spoke in a cold, demanding tone; his voice rang out as a deep, low one. "Hello, Gabriel."

Gabriel had no recollection of meeting this man before this moment, yet this man knew his name and he wore the same cloak that Garrick, Robert and Michael wore. Gabriel's interest had been piqued, and he examined the man for a moment before he offered his reply. "Hello, Mister..."

"Master Rennik Lovell." The man spoke, offered a powerful grin, once again, his tone was cold. "You and your friends will be serving me. Do not tell them of my involvement, only you and you alone shall know about this."

"Serving you?" Gabriel had a quizzical expression on his features, a bit of rage flared up in him at hearing the word 'serving'. "What do you mean?"

"Oh, missions is all... I will make you into a weapon for this family's use, even though... you already are." Rennik gave him a wicked grin. "We'll be in contact, Mister Everric."

Gabriel's expression twisted into a solemn grimace, that grin wasn't one he liked. Rennik, with hands folded behind his back took off to the western side of Falador.

"Wait..." Gabriel waited a few moments before following after, and through a back alley, he followed Rennik. During the walking, there was a flash of blue light, and Gabriel watched as the area around him morphed to become the bowels of a large tower. 
Gabriel at Lovell Tower

Gabriel within Lovell Tower's bed chambers.

"This... is my Tower, the Lovell Tower. Concealed. Just outside of Yanille." Rennik smirked and then chuckled slightly. "You.. You will be forged into a weapon. Moreso than you already are. For your family."

Gabriel narrowed his eyes for a moment before he released a low sigh. He bowed his head. "What do you require of me, Master Lovell?"

And so it began, Rennik explained what he had planned for Gabriel. Rennik indeed planned for Gabriel to become a weapon; along with his studies at Aspera, Gabriel spent sleepless, tiring nights training under Rennik in the Lovell Tower.

Gabriel found himself in the tower in lonely nights, many tried to kill him, many failed, and the bodies began to pile up once more. Moreso ever than before, his paranoia built and even those who surprised him in that Tower died. Along with this, Rennik eventually brought Bridget and Marcus to the tower. This "forging" continued for months on end, and Gabriel wasn't sure when it would end. Soon enough, the last four individuals that stood within that tower were Rennik, Bridget and Marcus.

One day, Rennik brought Bridget and Marcus into his office while Gabriel hadn't known of it. Gabriel waited for his friends, Rennik believed them to be his last bit of humanity. And, this wasn't untrue, but there were a few things that kept him more human than others. Gabriel waited their return, he had lost count of how many he had killed, though, he knew in the least four dozen had fallen at his hand by now, by his recollection. It was as if Rennik's cold, sinister grin was engraved in his memory, it didn't help that his memory was photographic.

It wasn't until the next morning that Bridget and Marcus returned to Gabriel whilst he was alone in the dining halls. They came in, magic charged and hands ready, this was Gabriel's training under Rennik. He prepared Arcanic Energy at its fullest. A duel ensued, and it seemed that Gabriel had the other two matched blow for blow, even though they were a year older than him. 
Gabriel stands victorious

Gabriel stands alone, victorious.

Gabriel eventually found himself bound, he was tiring, but so were his opponents. They were all panting, drenched in their own sweat. Marcus prepared a powerful spell that may very well have ended Gabriel's life. Gabriel's eyes glowed white, and the strange ripple symbol on his right side glowed, one that is usually unseeable to the naked eye, upon his neck. The ripple pattern once again reappeared in his eyes and a large repulse was sent out.

Gabriel was freed from the binds and a strange dark energy flowed over his body once more. His friends had been knocked aside, but not out. They were prepared to fight more. And once again a battle ensued, and soon enough, Gabriel collapsed. His friends were already upon the floor, blood lingered all over the area, and their bodies had been rended apart. The energy that had augmented his power left him and had made him weaker, and he knelt there for a while, until footsteps were heard once more.

"It's time you learned of the circumstances surrounding the death of your parents and brother, and the attack on your farm." Rennik placed a hand on Gabriel's shoulder, bidding him to stand. "Come... My office."

Gabriel nodded, he was covered in the blood of his friends and others; he stood, not wanting to be in that room anymore. Rennik led him through every twist and turn in those wretched halls. Finally, they had reached the office and Gabriel sat down, still covered in blood.

"Your family-..."  Rennik closed the door behind them and he continued with his speech. "A long time ago, there was a feud. A lot of people died."

Rennik continued to, rather coldly, explain the events of the Leotrun-Silverkin Feud. The events around Aralius, though, Rennik spared no detail in deaths, he never mentioned the good in people, even when Gabriel asked him. Though, Rennik explained that Aralius' orb had been buried beneath Claude's farm, which had become Gabriel's parents farm.

Gabriel sat there, taking in the information, a strange rage had built up in him. It was something different. How did Rennik know these things? Did others know? Gabriel found himself unable to speak at this moment; he sat there silent while Rennik explained the rest of this. Eventually, it was over: Rennik placed his hand upon Gabriel's shoulder and leaned in to whisper in his ear. "You're ready, my boy."

The near-seventeen year old Gabriel was indeed what Rennik wanted him to be, a weapon, made only for killing. And the next year would be written in blood.

Aspera Two: The Final Year

Gabriel was finally returned to Aspera "full-time" after his year experience and sleepless nights at the Lovell Tower, Gabriel found himself exhausted. But, he continued to be sent on missions by Rennik. Gabriel recruited his best friend, Mercutio Delimino and he founded the Partisan Magi, firstly, a group of five consisting of Gabriel himself as the squad leader, Mercutio as his second in command, and the other three, Aiden Bennett, Rebeckah and William Blackthorn.

The Partisans were a group of mages hand-picked by both Gabriel and Rennik. The Partisans were made to be weapons for the House and as such, they had begun their training to ready themselves for combat against all of the Everrics enemies, despite how cold everything was.

Gabriel and Rebeckah had rekindled and old flame and she was there to help him through a lot of things that were happening, though, she quickly found how far gone he was. Though, she loved Gabriel and she continued to support him throughout all of this. 

Gabriel never explained where or who gave him the missions to these other four, they simply followed Gabriel's command almost unquestionably, as they viewed him as an inspiring and feared leader. Gabriel's hunger for death of all had grown and Rennik seemed to only take advantage of this.

The Partisan Magi are as follows:

  • Rebeckah Blackthorn- A powerful young sorceress versed in many schools and the then love interest of Gabriel.
  • Mercutio Delimino- Gabriel's childhood friend and second-in-command.
  • William "Will" Blackthorn- A skilled young mage, he was a good friend to Gabriel and supported his and Rebeckah's relationship.
  • Aiden Bennett- A budding Pyromancer, he showed a lot of promise.
Partisans: The Sharpest of Steel
And so I took these people in... My friends. My allies and I made them weapons as well, sharper than a double edged sword.

–Gabriel, on the Partisan Magi

After many missions, and many deaths, Gabriel and Mercutio led the Magi to many victories against the greatest of foes. The studies had changed, and it was more finding a way to utilize magic to kill than anything. Gabriel became increasingly more brutal, and Mercutio took part in these things, though he was wary for the health of his friend. The other three, Rebeckah, Aiden and Will seemed to be more enticed with the killings as they had also been watched by Rennik.

Rebekah had pleaded with Rennik to allow her to be in this group; he knew she was skilled, but he thought she would only distract Gabriel from the true goal in sight. She was, after all, his love, and he was hers. He gave her the choice, to be with Gabriel here and now and leave once graduation was over, or dont see him at all, this was the ordeal as the Blackthorns had come from a long line of Everric rivals, a splinter of the Leotrun. She picked to be with him on the Partisans.

The three, in reality, had already been pre-picked by Rennik to join, and they were conveniently placed when Gabriel was recruiting. However, Gabriel himself did not know about this and thought it was of his own accord. In truth, the five committed genocide, one by one, in the most brutal methods that any of their young minds could think of, most of them involved the acidic properties of shadow magic, the burning properties of blood and other things that they had learned from their time at the Institute.

It was about eight months into the next year, a day that the Partisan Magi were sent once more to the island of Karamja to scout out the Jungles. They avoided many Craven troops among other things. After a few days of searching, and avoiding random jungle spiders and snakes the group happened upon a demon, large and strangely shaped. It was in combat against stray Larupia; the group halted and hid behind a tree, so as to avoid the spikes of the Larupia or the demon itself. Gabriel signalled for the group to begin their charging, though, as this had happened, a cry was heard.

Will peaked his head out past the tree and spotted something... A group of mages, ten in blue and ten in red, different symbols were crossed upon them. Either side had an abundance of soldiers and/or knights at their command. Gabriel's gaze narrowed slightly and he quickly signalled for everyone to go silent, though, their auras had not been extinguished. A third group appeared, a group of tribal looking Bandosians, and there stood an ambusher alongside a warpriest of Bandos.

Gabriel looked once more, and he saw their outfits, their uniforms. Gabriel recognized them fully, none of the creatures that were at the attack on the farm were there, however, there were Leotrun, Silverkin and the Bandosians. Rennik hadn't lied, Gabriel saw this and he prepared. He signalled for the rest to spread out, and they did. In this small radius that they were in, it only spanned a circumference of about five-hundred feet, a hundred feet for each member.

Gabriel trained his sights on his foes, and they prepared an ambush. It had seemed to all that the small squad hadn't been noticed, and their magics had reached the nearest to full charge that their young souls could manage, Gabriel wielded something that he hadn't used in some time, a green glow was on his hands. Gabriel entered the fray and a long magical battle took place, Gabriel created several large vine placements and took cover behind them, his friends did the same.

The battle may have raged on for hours, maybe minutes. It wasn't apparent and the Partisan's guerilla tactics paid off in this small skirmish. They continued their fighting, and eventually all that was left known to them, were the mages. The Bandosian creatures had been destroyed, some by their own people, a series of unforunate accidents. Gabriel himself had killed at least twenty people at this time. Gabriel was drenched in the blood of his enemies, and finally... it was over.

"Good work." Gabriel breathed heavily, he was exhausted.

Mercutio, to a lesser degree, was covered in blood, mostly his robes. He approached Gabriel along with the others and he folded his arms across his chest. "Thank you." Mecrutio gave a cocky grin to him and he flicked his gaze between Will, Rebeckah and Aiden.

It wasn't until a few moments later that a very concentrated fire blast came flying towards Aidens back. Gabriel's eyes widened in horror, all he could do was yell and before he could do anything, Aiden was hit with the blast and knocked straight onto Will, the duo flew a couple of feet back and he was killed. Will came to in a second or two and he looked down to Aiden who still lay atop him and scanned over him.

Not only had a hole been burnt in Will's robes, but a hole had been burnt through his back and through his chest. Aiden lay there lifeless and the others took cover behind a tree, Will himself stayed under Aiden's body, he was in shock. He pushed Aiden's body off of him and rushed to his feet. Gabriel conjured the blood that soaked him and brought it into his hands once more. Mercutio followed soon after, tendril's of shadow forming into his hands.

Rennik's sinister smile still lingered in his head, and Gabriel's anger had once again peaked, though, this time no curse had overtaken him much to Gabriel's surprise. He continued on and finally, there stood a Bandosian Ambusher outside a strange group of ruins. Something was wrong with him, and he crept slowly up to Gabriel. It was then Gabriel recognized that the man was dead, he had no pupils readily visible. It was a zombie, but where was his master? Gabriel didn't know this himself.

But, the man charged at him with surprising speed and yelled out in a growling voice, his arms simply hung at his sides as he ran towards him. Gabriel used the whip on him, and before the man neared him, his chest had been seared and ripped asunder, and it slowed him down significantly. Gabriel took this opporunity to straighten out the whip, the blood was placed straight and Gabriel shot it through the undead ambushers head. The undead fell as its head was taken out by Gabriel who stood over it, he was one of the two men who had raided the family's farm not so many years ago.

The Ruins of Karamja

The Karamjan Ruins

Gabriel now set his sights around the area, a large man with the same robes that haunted Gabriel's memories stood before him. Gabriel prepared himself for combat once more, a spell fell into his hands and Gabriel readied himself. It wasn't long after until a duel ensued, trees collapsed and grew and it seemed that Gabriel was only tiring himself out, the Warpriest just kept throwing spells out.

Mercutio, Will and Rebeckah approached, only to get behind cover as they saw that Gabriel was duelling this much more powerful opponent. Mercutio was ready to help his friend, but Rebeckah and Will both put a hand on his shoulder and shook their heads. Mercutio kept trying to escape their grasp once more, but, the sounds of magical duals had gone silent, the group's eyes had widened in horror and they moved around the corner, magic charged in their hands.

"No!" Mercutio called out in fear of his friend being killed.

All the trio saw was that the Bandosian Ambusher had his own blade sticking out of his chest and he was on his knees. Gabriel was standing over him, breathing heavily, to this day none but Gabriel know how that blade entered exactly or how Gabriel had done it. But, there it was, the man was dead and Gabriel had slain the man who had killed his father without ever recieving his name. Gabriel took the man's blade and held it at his side before walking over to his friends, who had stopped about halfway there.

"It's done... Where is Aiden?"  Gabriel already saw what had happened to Aiden so it was no surprise when they said this next thing.

"We brought his body here... What are we going to tell the Academy?"  Will asked frantically, he was a bit scared.

Au revoir

It's all just a memory now... The times we shared. But she couldn't be with me, I understood that. I just wonder how it would've been if we could've been together.

Gabriel at Aspera

Gabriel's graduation from Aspera

It was then that Gabriel and the others returned to Aspera, with the body of the young Aiden. They mourned him and had a semi-informal funeral for him, only the four survivors. There was little they could do about it and finally, the others had found themselves parting ways, Rennik's goal had been completed. Gabriel was now a weapon for his use.

Gabriel and Rebeckah spent a few days together alone finally. It was the night just after their graduation from Aspera and everyone had already had their things packed including Gabriel and Rebeckah. Just after their graduation Gabriel had told her his feelings for her, and she stated that she reciprocated them, but they couldn't be together even though it was said to be love.

However, she had kissed him deeply at that moment before she walked off and everyone had to go pack their things. Gabriel was a bit saddened at this and he, as most when they are rejected as such, was sad and sulking about.

It was later in the night that Rebeckah appeared at his door, in a white, thin, silken and cotton dress that hung down below her shoulder. It was all she wore and her fair, clear skin shined in the moonlight as she leaned upon the doorframe.

"Hey, you."  She said softly to him.

Gabriel was studying at that point, reading in his book with his hands holding onto his jet-black, messy hair. Gabriel slowly turned his head towards the door and his eyes widened in surprise to see her there. His mouth fell agape and he sat there in his chair.

"Hey..." Gabriel said, he wasn't sure what to do just then, even though this whole scene was not new to him.

Rebeckah stood from the doorway and she approached him, swinging her hips gently from side to side as she walked and she spoke in a sultry tone, her fiery red hair bounced lightly with each step. "Come here."

Gabriel stood from his seat quickly; he left his book half open and moved to her at a break-neck pace. He pulled her into his embrace, and then ensued a passionate kiss. Before they  knew it, both his heavy Asperan robes fell to the floor and so did her dress.

After a long night of emotion and love making the two lay there with their legs intertwined in the bed. Gabriel held on to her tightly, and they chatted for some time, with Gabriel asking her to stay with him. Rebeckah could only decline him sorrowfully and it wasn't long after that she urged that they sleep, calling him her "Sun and Stars". And so they did, and the next morning Gabriel awoke to find her gone. Gabriel searched around frantically after he had put on some clothes.

All he found there was a small fox, blue in colour with multiple tails just laying down, it was unusual. Here, he decided to name that Fox, Klein, meaning Little, something he had picked up from hearing one of the Northern People speak.

Gabriel, for a while searched wherever he could to find Rebeckah, but to no avail. They didn't know what had happened, where she had gone and Gabriel had fallen into a point of misery. It was another low point in his young life and he decided it was best to return home.

The Night of the Hunter

I had a death wish; I suppose I've had a death wish since my parents were killed.

–Gabriel, contemplations on pain

It wasn't much better for Gabriel in the next few days, the disappearance of Rebeckah, the leaving of his friends. Though, along with him, Mercutio and Will still lingered; Will had no idea where Rebeckah had gone off to, even though she had come to him the prior morning. Gabriel introduced little Klein to him, though, it seemed as if Will already knew about Klein.

This presumption wasn't wrong, Will explained Klein to Gabriel and Gabriel was wondering how he'd be able to utilize little Klein. Gabriel asked Will to come with him, but Will declined him; Will was not yet old enough to leave Aspera. Gabriel could only smile and nod and he departed Aspera for the final time that year, taking Klein with him.

Gabriel had lost his cool, and his mind. He set off to find more Leotrun and Silverkin, maybe Bandosians; he searched for whomever he could find that might be able to harm him. He was numb, cold, dead inside; Gabriel was, in all effect, a man with a death wish. Gabriel set off, duelling whoever and fighting whatever creatures he could, his hatred took him.

Gabriel finally found his place to utilize Klein's abilities: telekinesis. Gabriel traversed the forests near to Piscatoris and found a group of ten duelling Wizards, unknowing of their intentions or what they were doing there. Gabriel watched them out in the open for a while, none were killed, yet, none seemed to have even been nearing their physical limit.

The Wizard's prepared again, charging their spells on their wands, orbs and even their books. Gabriel's shadows formed away from him. Gabriel stood there in his Partisan leaders robes, the first carnation of them. They were a dark blue with a button down and a casual, small skirt. Gabriel took his wand out, one of the few times he would actually use a wand, along with an orb. Gabriel had a vast assortment of wands from creatures and people that he had slain and defeated.

Not long after, a firebolt was fired by one of the Wizards at Gabriel's chest. Gabriel stepped aside and was about to release some charged energy, but then he was interrupted by a strange wave that had come from Klein. A telekinetic wave was sent out that knocked each of the Wizard's back a few steps and had broken their concentration. Gabriel was surprised, but, he used this opportunity to send out some of his charged energy, and out flew arcanic energy in its fullest, though it seemed weak.

The wizard who had sent the firebolt was hit and he flew back, it had put him out of the game for a bit. Gabriel readied himself for more combat and so it was that more spells flew, it seemed that Klein was able to disrupt the charges by sending out his telekinetic waves. Gabriel continued to fight, trees fell and many things in the small section that they were in readied them.

Gabriel continued to charge and the shadows rose in his defense, whilst little bits of shadow continued to connect to the other mens shadows. It was then that the shadows moved to consume the Wizards where they stood, but, they simply chased them off with fire. The shadows were chased back, though, Gabriel persisted and instead found himself draining the blood of the man who was on the ground.

And to the same effect, he first choked out the grounded man using blood whilst the others' attention was distracted by Klein, who continued to only generate small forcefields. Gabriel offered what he called "the kiss of death," it was something he and Arathorn were notable for using. After draining the blood of the man's body, Gabriel proceeded to take out another wizard, a group of blood tendril's came up and grabbed the man before they swalled him whole.

There were still eight wizard's left, and they redirected their attention to Gabriel, everyone was panting heavily, and they began to fire more spells. This backed Gabriel into a corner and left him vulnerable, only the forcefields that Klein maintained left him unharmed. Klein's forcefields were failing, though, this allowed Gabriel to charge a disruption shield and send it out toward his enemies, which, effectively disturbed their charges once more.

Gabriel and Klein prepared to charge again; a raven flew into the area, the padding of small paws could be heard in the near distance. It was in but a few seconds that a small black cat appeared, and in two more steps, it was the size of a large tiger, though it resembled a black panther more. It was Russ, Garrick's cat. The Raven had bright green eyes and proceeded to send small balls of energy that teleported away the wands and staves of the Wizard's.

Gabriel watched as this happened, several sigils flew through the air and hit each of the chests of the wizards, and from them escaped binding ropes that tied over their bodies. Gabriel piqued a brow and then slumped onto his back; a man stood next to him now, tall, with pointed ears and the general traits of his family, it was Garrick. Arathorn dropped from the trees to stand beside Gabriel.

"You're wreckless, my boy." Garrick said solemnly, his hands were folded behind his back and he took a step forward to look at the fallen Wizards. "You did this?" His head had cocked back to look at Gabriel, who was now slumped on the ground.

"I killed the two dead ones, yes." Gabriel sighed and he drew his knees up and wrapped his arms around them. Klein walked up to Gabriel and nuzzled his leg.

"This is no place for children to play, Gabriel." Arathorn looked down to him, his face was concealed by a his cowl and a facemask and the raven flew to his shoulder. Arathorn frowned lightly, the 5'10" figure approached the two dead bodies. Arathorn didn't think that Gabriel had this in him, but, then again, most didn't know what Gabriel was capable of.

Gabriel remained silent and soon enough, he was returned home, although he had great magical prowess, he was still returned home, due to the scare; they knew he needed a break, a sort of rehabilitation. So, Gabriel began studying for a month and then started again along with travelling the world by himself. Stuart knew that couping him up in a house for a long time wasn't healthy.

The Return

I didn't know how they'd feel about seeing me again after three years. Would they hate me? Would they take me back in? I didn't find out until I got there.

–Gabriel, reflections on his return

Gabriel, after a month of being home, was given the option of becoming a sort of intern at Aspera right off the bat, or to return home and then later go to the Aren Arcane Institute. He respectfully declined the first offer, opting to return home for a while and vowed to return to the Aren Arcane Institute. His skill with magic was now known to far exceed any members of his family. And, Gabriel once again left home to do some travel and to train in Divining. 

One day while speaking with Faric Alva in the Falador bar, they exchanged a few secrets, Gabriel showed Faric his hidden blade, whilst Faric showed him his hidden crossbow, they showed each other their blueprints, and with a smile, Gabriel departed to speak with a woman that he had spotted at the bar. Her eyes were mud-brown, she was darker complected from tanning, and she had brown, curly hair. Gabriel spoke with her, beginning to flirt after finding out her name, Adrianne Gaspar. 

They spoke a bit on their backstories, and Gabriel seemed to take an instant liking to her, despite their obvious age difference. Gabriel eventually asked her to come visit him in Misthalin one day, to which, he gave her something they could communicate with. Their next meeting was in Varrock, the Blue Moon Inn where they had a short conversation, and then they ended up having a moment, where Adrianne couldn't find herself kissing him, instead she tried to push him away.

Gabriel nearly exited the bar, a bit of his pride had been damaged at that moment, but she stopped him and questioned why he had touched her like a lover would. He proclaimed his feelings, to which he was pleasantly surprised to hear that she reciprocated them. He came up and they shared an embrace, and a near kiss, until the arrival of Caelestis Grey, to which Gabriel knew he had overstayed his time there, and he asked her to come visit his house in the morning.

Gabriel was in the garden the next day, awaiting Adrianne's arrival. He smiled at her arrival, greeting her with a warm embrace. The two spoke a bit, Gabriel holding onto her hands before the arrival of Ravalan, who thought it was good to act out. Gabriel ended up having to restrain Ravalan by using his Nature Control ability, something he had become quite excellent at during his nineteen years of life. Eventually, he fed Ravalan and sent him off to bed.

Adrianne and Gabriel found themselves in the study, she seemed fascinated to see all these books. One seemed to pop out more than the others, this was the book "Fifty Shades of Varis Grey" which was an erotic novel on how to spice up the sex life. Gabriel blushed once she found it, she asked him what it was about, and then he told her. When it comes to love, Gabriel becomes impulsive, and this case was no different. He found himself grabbing Adrianne and taking her in her embrace.

The stored heat they had for one another seemed rather great, and she exclaimed how she had been waiting for this. After hitting the wall a few times, the two ended up hitting the bed, and it was a battle. Gabriel was a tease, and after a while, he couldn't tease anymore. This was probably what summed up their relationship, and finally Arkaevum returned.

It was a good day for Gabriel, and he held onto Adrianne tightly as he introduced Arkaevum to her. After a few moments, they had dinner and Kennith and a few others arrived. And, as always they ended their nights with a good dinner and some other miscellanious activities.


I suppose it's time I emerged from my solitude, time to find Ariston and Flavia, my ancestors. It's time to gather the Everric.

–Gabriel, in his journal.

Adrianne disappeared, Gabriel presuming her dead, and sending him into another state of seclusion and studying and Divining for the next year, until his birthday, where he spent most of his time in Aspera Tower and The Aren Arcane Institute.

Gabriel training divination

Gabriel training divination

Gabriel had begun his studies in Divination almost a year before he opted to continue his training of the other schools  again after a year of divination studies, all of his time was being spent now at the Aren Arcane Institute, reaching the rank of Conjurer, and is  currently being considered for the rank of High Mage.

Within the study of the Mansion, where Gabriel spent most of his time when he wasn't out, he found a dusty old tome, which was actually the history of the Everric. It was written in the language of Infernus, and the text was encoded as well. It took Gabriel about a day to decode the first few pages, which was all he needed to see. It revealed to him that Flavia and Ariston Everric, the progenitors of their family had been sealed away. This book also gave a short biography of both, still it was unknown who wrote this text.

Gabriel met in the Jolly Boar with Arkaevum, Kennith and Griffen, he explained to them about this quest. He explained the whole idea to Ark, Kennith and Griffen. Griffen relayed some information that Augustus had told him via telepathy, and they set off to begin their recruitment. With this, Gabriel began travelling the world, firstly recruiting Isla Grey and Hannibal Moreau. The next recruiting was Daniil, a mercenary, by the visit of the Everric's elder cousin, Evelynn Everric. Soon, Gabriel met up with Wade Pierce, whom he recruited, and soon after was met by his old flame, Amber Derikson.

They reconnected after a short conversation, to which, he was happy to find she still had some sort of feelings for him, if only noting this through body language. He gave her a flower before he headed off, returning shortly after he tucked little Ravalan into bed, with Ravalan following him back again. After a short confrontation with a tall Kharidian fellow, whom Ravalan kept threatening, Gabriel shook is head slightly, prepared to kill the man if he needed, as he hadn't lost the edge yet. 
Gabriel at the Institute

Gabriel at the Institute

The Kharidian fellow seemed to enter a trance-like state, walking off, Gabriel then took Ravalan to leave and nearby to the woods of the Mansion, Gabriel began teaching Ravalan fire magic, giving him his wand as well. After teaching him some focus, Ravalan again started a confrontation, this time with Wade Pierce,  Arkaevum arriving soon after. Wade responded by shooting Ravalan in the shoulder with his crossbow, Wade feeling bad and offering his help. Gabriel and Arkaevum, both enraged by this, told Wade to leave.

Wade tried to approach Ravalan, pulling out his first aid kit, to which Ravalan continued to scoot back, Gabriel himself raising roots from the ground to make a barricade between Wade and Ravalan, his anger barely keeping contained. Arkaevum also told Wade to leave, preparing for combat if he did not. Soon, Griffen Everric approached while Wade was leaving, Griffen standing at about 5'6", being slightly lanky, and a powerful mage by this point.

The latest recruit was Julie, a bartender that he, Arkaevum and Ravalan met in the Taverley Bar in Anglia. They talked about joining, Gabriel showing off some of his abilities after Arkaevum had left. Ravalan left to go go some things, and then Julie showed Gabriel this scar, evidencing his way with women, a few days later, along with Arkaevum and Ravalan, they returned to their home.

Gabriel's next view in the public was in Falador bar, where he met many strange creatures and characters to boot. His most interesting were the group of "Atronachs" that had made their way into the bar, all claiming to be subservient to the Great Lord Zaros, and the General Nex. To which, Gabriel took his knowledge of the Old Language, and made a mockery of it, saying "General Death" instead of Nex, due to the mixing of languages. 

He befriended both Abraham the Wildman, and a semi-enigmatic figure known as the Traveller. Together, they had some strange conversations, exchanging stories, ideas, mostly on the topics of those before, as well as diverting and speaking about hobo's, Vyre and other creatures, Wildman becoming very confused on the whole ordeal.

After a good long conversation, Gabriel strolled out after a call from his twin, Arkaevum. Arkaevum had a strange feeling to call him, and soon Gabriel joined him just south of Yanille, where he fought an Ogre. Gabriel himself took to examining both an Elder and a Crystal tree, after a short skirmish, Gabriel taking down Ark in a single hit, showing his significant wit in combat compared to his brother, even while Arkaevum was faster and stronger, Gabriel knew where to hit where it hurt.

Gabriel and Arkaevum examine a Crystal Tree

Gabriel and Arkaevum with a Crystal Tree

Soon, they took the Ogre, which Arkaevum had just killed, back to their house to have a spit-roast with it. Gabriel and Arkaevum dealt with the Ogre, Wade simply watching and patronizing due to the fact of them cooking an Ogre. After a short while, Julie made her presence known, as she had been sleeping in one of the extra rooms. The two made a short conversation before they came back to the kitchen where Gabriel and Arkaevum hummed and then sang an old Everric Lullaby, one of the few things that had been passed down through the ages. Julie, being in reality, Celestia, the wife of their ancestors, who had been sealed away, recognized it, but was unknowing that it was an Everric Lullaby, and mistaked it for something common.

Gabriel found his ability to use telepathy, a hereditary trait, Arkaevum finding it as well after they once again had to chase off Wade Pierce due to Arkaevum's anger. Gabriel only telling Wade to leave for his own safety in the matter. After a short speech, Arkaevum found himself flipping the table, and then shooting air magic at Gabriel, to which dodged, and then sent water forth. After he sent it forth, Arkaevum was pushed into the sink and trapped in ice.

Soon after, Gabriel trapped him in a prison of rock, and they spoke again, soon after Gabriel teleported them both to Oo'glog, to which Gabriel freed him, and Arkaevum left in defeat, teleporting off to Pollnivneach to contemplate suicide and then travel the world.

Gabriel found himself speaking to Ravalan and then to Ariston, who had revealed himself after an encounter with Arkaevum, through the use of telepathy, he aimed to speak with all of them. He has only spoken, however to Gabriel, Arkaevum and Ravalan.

The Sins of Our Fathers

And the Vyres descended upon Varrock; they killed many, including my sister Lynette. Gods. I can still see her limp body laying there.

–Gabriel, on the Vampyre's invasion.

Gabriel found himself within Varrock during the time of the attack, keeping watch over the house of Garrett Praven and Caelestis Grey, simply as a favor to Garrett as he set off to find her. He was pleasantly surprised to find Paula Rovin knocking upon his door, to which he seemed to have fallen for almost immediately. Despite this, Gabriel kept his cool. After all this, he saw the urgency which with they were operating with, and he simply listened to what the Guard woman who was with Paula had to say. And after that, they ended up packing a few bags, Gabriel finding the proper provisions and filling the bags with rations and other things that might have been necessary. 

Gabe and Paula

Gabriel with Paula

After some travelling throughout the sewers, Gabriel found himself still admiring Paula, for her strength, and her resolve, not to mention her looks. He simply carried on through the tunnels, not lingering far behind her and keeping by her side throughout most of the journey. He was pleasantly surprised to find that Wade was still alright, and he smiled before they looked around more. Wade went off to scout, and the guard went off to help the others, leaving Gabriel and Paula mostly alone to talk. Afterward, they spoke on weaponry, and he showed her the crystal dagger, which he had formed himself only a few nights before.

She smiled, but commented on how it would likely be useless against a Vyre, and she proceeded to bless it, and they spoke a little about parenting, and some past, though it was a very uncomfortable subject for them both, and that soon passed. In a few brief moments, they moved onto the subject of magic, to which, they were both quite fond of. 

After a short time, Wade reappeared, Paula going off to sleep. Wade and Gabriel had a conversation, Wade revealing that his father had died via a letter that Gabriel read out for him. Gabriel simply nodded, only slightly saddened, but glad to hear that Wade didn't care too much himself.

Another night and Paula and Gabriel were left alone again to speak. Gabriel gave a message nonchalantly through telepathy, commenting on Paula's beauty, but, in the stressful situation coupled with aspects of her past she wouldn't reveal, she couldn't think of it at the moment, and wanted to get out and do their patrol.

Gabriel continued to aid with the resistance, meeting several new people to him, Captain Magnus, Arthfael Olivriar and a Mage named Victor, whom had been tithed, as well as Icriulis. After retrieving Malthael, a half-werewolf, and bringing him back with Paula, Gabriel went for a casual stroll alongside Victor and Wade. They travelled to the Blue Moon in silence, only to find it in shambles from a fight only three days before. 

After a brief conversation, they travelled to the basement of the bar and retrieved some proper weaponry from glass cases, as well as a crate of fresh mixed fruits and vegetables. Upon reaching the surface once more, Gabriel saw that Amber Derikson, who was now a Zamorakian and a Vampyric Sympathizer. Victor teleported off, Gabriel, Wade and Amber travelled back into the sewers. Gabriel seemed a little conflicted, due to being with both Paula, and his old flame.

Still, after a brief debate between Wade, Amber and Icriulis as well as another woman, he shook his head and knew he had to check on his family. Much to his own surprise and chagrin, he found that his twin was back, convulsing in pain in the bed, as he had struck a deal with Julian Duphrane, also known as, Malphos. Julie stood over Ark, as she had built up some feelings for him, and they were reciprocated. Gabriel reveal his past history with Malphos before teleporting off and calling upon Garrick Everric, their great-great grandfather, who fixed Ark's problem.

Gabriel himself teleported to Yanille to find aid from the Aren Arcane Institute, allowing Garrick to take care of it when he came back. Gabriel found himself returning to Varrock, glad to be back alongside the resistance, despite the risks. Along with this, he returned to the Blue Moon for more supplies, meeting with Daniil and his group, who were casually hiding from the Vyres.

Bloodlines: Pieces of the Past

Gabriel left the sewers, knowing he'd have to return at some point soon, but he decided his quest to continue onward to Yanille would be best, searching for more relatives of his. He found himself south of Oo'glog, only to live his more adventurous side. He entered a small hut, seeming to have been protected from the ages. He smiled, finding a book titled "A Zarosian's Guide to Dominating the Bedroom", by Ariston Everric. He smiled, his eyes flashed a mystical purple as he began reliving the memories of his ancestors. This memory, Gabriel decided to title it in his memory logs, "Drowning in Pussy" as he was reliving the memory of Celestia Longford and Razmael Everric. Noting the sequence, he recognized her uncanny resemblance to Julie.

Gabriel found the memory viewing interrupted by Wade and his daughter, Kali, whom, to all effect was his niece, and Wade his brother. He shook it off, the memory ending soon enough, and he began a brief conversation with his niece and Wade, getting to know her a little bit better. Wade soon strut off as Gabriel explained the family roots, and after a while, Gabriel led Kali to Wade, wherever he may have been. He then travelled into the city of Yanille. This way, he finally met up with Samantha Leotrun, one of the main pieces of the past. They shared a long conversation on what had been going on before departing to go their separate ways. 
Ariston and Flavia's secret date

A typical Memory viewed by Gabriel, this being of Ariston and Flavia

Gabriel remained in Yanille meeting with Driez and Lenea Renderra, soon after meeting little Aeson and Ravalan and Wade's arrival. They had a pleasant time until Wade arrived. Wade rode in on a horse, and the others questioned what it was. Gabriel stood stoically, half spaced out. The Renderra and Gabriel had a friendly meeting and they soon entered the bar, Gabriel staying outside to deal with Wade and Ravalan, after a few fireballs and a wounded guard later, the product of a small fly-demon. Gabriel finally decided to leave the area,  entering the bar, only to find that the Renderra had left.

Gabriel stayed within Yanille, staying with his family and socializing with his adoptive and blooded Elven cousin, Janelle, travelling in the rain with her to the bar. They found themselves with Elijah and Dylan Rovin. Eli first put his hand on Gabriel's shoulder, to which Gabriel reversed and put Eli's arm into an easy position to where he could dislocate it. After a short bit of hostile exchange, they finally came to reason and spoke, revealing only first names to Gabriel. Gabriel smiled, speaking with them along with Janelle. After a while, they departed, Eli and Dylan leaving him with a proposal to go off to the Jungle.

Gabriel returned to his siblings, Janelle going off to her house. He spoke with Griffen, Kennith and Ravalan for a short time, telling them of the Vyre conflicts in Varrock, and his need to retrieve their Uncle Stuart, who was within his house in Misthalin still. He soon teleported off, Kennith aweing at seeing Gabriel teleport off.

The Sins of Our Fathers, Cont.

Gabriel returned to the sewers to meet with Paula and Arthfael, they spoke on how to kill Vyre, and Gabriel told Paula of his encounter with Elijah and Dylan. Paula exclaimed the importance of him not associating with either of them, and emphasized the idea of a future relationship between the two of them. Paula, Arthfael and Gabriel returned to Garrett Praven's house. When Paul tried to open the door, Gabriel stopped her quickly, telling her about the trap on the door. Paula commented on how it might be illegal for Garrett to have the trap on it, but Gabriel shrugged it off.

Gabriel unlocked the door, disarming the trap and entering with Paula first and Arthfael last, they scoured the house, searching for weapons and the like, Gabriel finding a sword that brought him back to his dark past, and only wanting to shake it off, he stepped away from the wall after collecting bolts and swords. He let Arthfael take a Silvthrill shortsword, smiling all the while. They soon collected some silverwear, Gabriel grabbing both a wooden spoon and a frying pan. They hurried off to Paula's house, where she retrieved a shield from her kitchen. They all proclaimed that they were more than ready to get back to base, and so they traversed the sewers once more and returned.

After they reached the base again, Gabriel, Paula and Arthfael spoke some more, on family bonds, and some bits and pieces of their pasts. Arthfael told them the most about his past, being king, a lord and a commander. Gabriel remenisced on what he had done in his short life, shrugging it off as they exchanged in conversation. Arthfael soon teleported off to return home, to be replaced by Daniil Orlov and his band of adventurers. Gabriel smiled warmly, standing next to his flame, Paula. Paula and Gabriel proceeded to explain the situation of the Resistance against the Vyre, and welcomed their help. After a few moments, Icriulis arrived and he entered the conversation. Arthfael returned to the base, joining in on the conversation immediately. Icriulis' attitude had caused a small argument between the group.

Icriulis and Daniil continued their exchange until Icriulis made the comment: "If you put ice on Vyre's that's technically freezing them." To which Gabriel replied with sharp sarcasm, "So you're saying if you put ice on a Vyre, it's freezing them?" This guy is a fucking genius! FUCKING Genius!  He thought to himself, shaking his head and then re-directing his attention to Paula, ignoring any retort that Icriulis might have thought it necessary to make.
Gabriel with Paula

Gabriel with Paula and the Resistance

Paula attempted solemnly to calm the group down, displaying her magical abilities to the rest, for a short time, only to be ridiculed by Icriulis. She got a bit irritated and walked off, Gabriel following soon after and they began to talk again, mostly on her children. After letting her know of his past, Paula commented on how she thought he was a good person. He thanked her, leaning in slightly, to where she closed the distance, and the two shared their first kiss; it was lingering and far too short. Paula exclaimed that it was a happy beginning to their relationship, and Gabriel smiled in return before Paula wished him a good night and went off to bed.

Gabriel travelled around, finding himself in a short confrontation with a few Vampyre Juvenile's, beating them back with a spoon before running off. He then returned to the sewers silently and then taking a short bit off, his clothing tattered and covered in blood. He stood around, listening to a conversation Paula was having until Victor came in, informing him that Aralyn and Aranitus Aren were both dead. Aranitus was, to Gabriel, a hero and Gabriel found himself deeply saddened, which caused Kota Rovin to follow him and speak to him on life and how to kill Vyres.

Gabriel returned to Yanille for a short time, learning of the date of the funeral from some residents of Arenvale before soon returning to the resistance, he had missed the fighting, and found Paula entering the sewers alone, almost dragging her sword. They sat down at their favorite corner in the sewers before they spoke a little on what was happening.  Gabriel told her what was happening in Arenvale, and in turn Paula told him of the battle with the Vyre, and how they seemed to be frightened of her. Gabriel commented in disbelief that no one could be frightened, only drawn in, by her beauty. He then proceeded to give her a kiss on the cheek, continuing their conversation before they shared another passionate kiss. Only a few minutes later and they were off to sleep.

The next day, they went to Edgeville, recruiting a few new members to the resistance, and then bringing them back to the hideout. They spoke some on how to repair the Salve Barrier and prevent any more Vyre from crossing it. Gabriel then returned to Yanille, where he met up with his siblings, teaching them magic, or helping them further their control. The only three that were there for this were Kennith, Ravalan and Lexxi. 

After meeting with Grimdoc, a strange squirrel necromancer, he simply told the rules of Yanille, and then teleported himself and his siblings off. After this, they arrived home, talking with Julie and Arkaevum. Julie simply ridiculed Gabriel on being irresponsible for leaving Arkaevum by himself with her. He shook it off, he had more family affairs to deal with. He ended up searching for Lexxi's broken wand and glasses, that had been broken by Ravalan. After this, Gabriel helped Lexxi further her training for a moment.

Gabriel with Eve Aren

Gabriel with Evelyn Aren at the Institute

After this, they searched the house, looking for Ravalan, they finally found him hiding in the basement. After a moment, Gabriel produced a small illusion of a squirrel, which ended up breathing illusory fire on Ravalan, who ran away. Lexxi began controlling a small golem, which began to thrash about, and eventually she lost consciousness. Gabriel shook it off before sending the Golem into the basement wall and crumbling it. Gabriel spoke to Ravalan, before finally deciding to allow him to train Necromancy. Instead of sending him to Grimdoc, he sent him directly to Garrick.

Gabriel once more returned to Yanille, he seemed rather dismayed once Garrick told him that the funeral of Aranitus and Aralyn was an Aren only funeral. He understood, but he was unhappy and was on his way to return to the sewers to tell Paula that their plans were off for the funeral. Instead, he found himself stopped by an auld acquaintance, Evelyn Aren, whom he had met in the Rising Sun Inn a month before. They had a short exchange before Eve revealed that she was the sister of Gabriel's old mentor, Garth. 

In a few moments, they found themselves travelling into the Aren Arcane Institute, and after searching through the dormatory for a while, the group found themselves still walking when a door opened, revealing Arathorn Everric. After a short exchange between Arathorn and Eve, as they had known each other from Aspera Academy, she asked Arathorn to lead her to Garth's room after the arrival of Corvin, Arathorn's talking pet Raven. Gabriel and Ravalan followed behind, and soon enough they reached his home.


Arathorn stopped, opening the door to find that no one was here, which he made very clear. After a few moments of searching through Garth's notes, Garth himself teleported in, returning for the funeral of Aralyn and Aranitus. Arathorn made a comment on Garth having enough heart to return. Evelyn and Garth had a heart to heart whilst one by one Arathorn, Ravalan and then eventually Gabriel left the area and returned home for a while.

Gabriel returned to the sewers once more, pleasantly surprised to find Paula wandering around aimlessly while watching a spider for a friend. Paula explained the spiders presence and who it belonged to, Gabriel simply shook his head, wondering if he could control it with faunamancy, which, in theory could be used to bend creatures of the wild to your will.

Paula advised against it, stating that the spider was a creature that came from the Wilderness, and that it only obeyed because her friend Ali had told it to stay with her. Gabriel took a short step in and placed his hands onto Paula's waist. She shooed the spider away for a short time, who in return, went off to chase a random rat. They carried on a bit more of conversation before Gabriel stepped in to close whatever distance was left between them. Paula wrapped her arm around his neck and then pulled Gabriel into another passionate, lingering kiss.

After a few moments, the spider returned with a rat in its mandibles, Gabriel pulled back ever so slightly, maintaining their embrace. Paula then asked Gabriel what he wanted to do after the whole Vampyre Conflict in Misthalin was over. He thought on it for a few moments, and he admitted that he hadn't thought too much about the future, though he did think to himself about offering to adopt Paula's children, Aurora and Grant.

Paula then stated she hadn't thought on it too much, but she proposed the idea of going off to a getaway for just for the two of them. Gabriel smiled, thinking that this was a good idea, asking her what made her think of this. She bashfully told him that she was thinking about the conflict, and then how she thought of him while he was gone and proceeded to poke him in his sternum. Gabriel flexed into the touch, arching his back slightly towards her as he hadn't expected it. "Hey there." He said, chuckling slightly.

She only replied with a "Sorry" and a couple of innocent blinks. They started to speak on a few different subjects. It was about just then that Paula realized that Gabriel's robes, cloak and other pieces of attire were torn, singed and bloody, to which she asked him what had happened. He claimed it was just a friends, family and Vyres, which all of it was true. He reassured her that it was okay, due to her concern, and they had a short conversation on family. Gabriel stated that maybe when they were both willing to share more, as he wasn't so willing to share his past, then they would exchange information.

He then said that they should talk about it in the corner they liked so much, he pulled back more and took her hand, moving to the corner, Paula exlaiming that he was "Such a gentleman." He smiled and she set down her sword and shield and they sat. He wrapped his arm around her waist and she in turn wrapped her arms around his shoulder, as she was a bit too tall to lay her head down on his chest in this position. They spoke a little more on Elijah, as the spider had followed him, and Paula explained that Elijah had a phobia, and that he was her nephew. Not too long after they found themselves sleeping in this position.

Gabriel remained in the sewers with Paula, they had seemed bored, with nothing to do. Gabriel was deep in thought when he turned off to their corner and took his shirt off, revealing the copious amounts of scars. Paula twisted and she found herself blushing before she caught a glimpse of the scars and registered them in her head. She hadn't been informed of them previously, and he turned around, embarassed and ashamed. He hated that story, and telling it was a rather gruelling affair in his eyes. 

Despite all this, they sat down and Gabriel told her the story, up until the ending part when the story was interrupted by Daniel Orlov and his colleagues, one of them being Henri, another man who had been there from a week or so before and another woman. After a long argument, they were joined by Arthfael, Magnus and Wadjet, a menaphite Hierophant. After a while and some arguing, Captain Magnus ended up asking Gabriel to teleport them off safely. Gabriel nodded gently before teleporting them off, and after a few brief laughs, they walked off to do whatever.

Gabriel met with his family, Michael Everric and his distant cousin, Kristina, who had been at Aspera with him the first time. Gabriel was happy to see her before he met a gnome. He asked the gnome to travel with him before the small man departed. He then found Caelestis Grey and Eziak Avencianci, and he smiled, happy to see Cael, the woman who was and is engaged to an old friend of his.

After preventing an alleged attack on Eziak by Caelestis, she revealed that she was only trying to keep him there longer, to which Gabriel simply sighed and told her that Paula was looking for her. After a short conversation with her, Caelestis departed to Varrock. Gabriel introduced little Ravalan to Kristina before listening to their conversation on Arathorn and Lenea and then teleporting off.

Gabriel with Amber

Gabriel with Amber

Gabriel found himself in Falador bar, his old friend Mercutio was there, in quite a bind. Arthfael Olivriar, Gabriel's friend and commander in the resistance was there, and a few others as well were putting Mercutio in a bit of a tough situation. Gabriel had entered the bar, almost instantly diffusing the situation, as Gabriel and Mercutio were friends since childhood. The situation had not been fully diffused, and the man who held Mercutio at crossbowpoint released his bolt, which sank into Mercutio's gut, and Gabriel watched for a moment before he and the others sprung into action. 

Gabriel's main concern in the situation was Mercutio's safety, and he grabbed onto the man, dragging him out of the bar, being bled on in the process. Gabriel exited the bar uninhibited before laying Mercutio down against the wall and charging a teleport. In a few moments, after the escalation of the barfight, Gabriel teleported his friend out, having to deal with the wound, he soon followed to Yanille, and the Aren Arcane institute. His family lingered in Garrick's office, occupying it was Claire, Garrick, Robert, Eden, Arathorn and Gabriel's brother, Ravalan.

After a short conversation, they got down to business, and Robert extracted the bolt from Mercutio's abdomen before Arathorn applied pressure, the rest of the family readied healing magic, and they all began to heal the wound, which took little to no effort from all of them, as it was a rather small, clean entry wound. Gabriel and Mercutio, along with the rest of the family then had a bit of a chat on Vyres, and Amber, soon discovering that Mercutio had a crush on Amber.

Gabriel shook his head, knowing that Amber had always had a crush on him, and he had once reciprocated those feelings, still he remained supportive. Not long after Michael ascended the staircase, in a drunken stupor as always, before descending them as he toppled over. Gabriel shook his head, Claire, Robert and Eden departed the room to see if Michael was okay. Gabriel then proceeded to lead Mercutio to his dorm, where he allowed Mercutio to sleep before Gabriel himself teleported off.

Gabriel arrived at his home where he was followed by Kristina, Wade and Lexxi Everric. He knocked on the door, asking the others to stay outside where they chatted. Gabriel casted a certain spell to allow only Arkaevum to hear what he was saying, so he entered the room and he spoke with Arkaevum. The two had a short conversation, and they made up so they weren't so much at odds anymore, or thought that they hated one another. It all ended up with Gabriel agreeing to keep Wade away from the house.

Gabriel with Selene, Kristina and Kennith

Gabriel with Selene, Kristina and Kennith

The others entered the room, and they had a short conversation, Gabriel left to call Paula, talking to her about how much he wanted to see her. Aside from this, the rest of the family had a short conversation, and Gabriel finished his conversation with Paula and then spoke with his twin, who was getting up, still wounded and in his sling. Kristina offered to heal him, Ark seemed a bit wary, but he allowed her after reccomendation of Gabriel. Gabriel then gave Arkaevum a book and departed along with Kristina and Kennith to Selene Everric's house, Kristina and Arathorn's older sister. 

Gabriel, Kristina and Kennith arrived in Draynor, looking through the market before they reached Selene's house. They were pleasantly surprised to see Arathorn, who seemed unpleasantly surprised to see them there as well. Selene welcomed them, and Gabriel and Kristina explained who they were. Arathorn seemed to be at odds with the family, but the rest seemed to shrug it off. Gabriel explained the family members, and they carried on some conversation. Arathorn's most notable interaction was when he made a comment about Lynette's rape, to which he was slapped by Kristina and scolded by his sister.

Gabriel remained silent about this, he was a bit irked and annoyed by it, and after continuous scolding, Arathorn departed by use of a sigil, one of his innovations to magic. Gabriel smiled and after Kristina departed, Gabriel departed as well to teleport to Varrock to return to the sewers to find Paula.

The Landgrab

James Craven abandoned the lands of Karamja. Firstly, the Concendo's under Magus the Mad-Eye were the first to sweep through. They first took Brimhaven, and soon found themselves helping in a bit of cleanup before abandoning the rest of the tribals, to which the Chief Ntchwaidumela, he who greets with fire, thanked him, as he was one of the last tribal leaders of the last tribes on Karamja. Gabriel arrived to Shilo in a shimmering teleport, one of those he had been taught whilst training with some of the Everric's masters.

Gabriel smiled and he approached the Chief and offered his help in the cleanup. Ntchwaidumela narrowed his eyes at him, but he nodded and allowed Gabriel to help in the cleanup, and Gabriel gave the sea of bodies a mass burial, and the people all paid their respects. After helping the rebuilding of the trees and the structures, Gabriel approached the Chief once more, to which, Ntchwaidumela challenged him to a friendly duel. Gabriel accepted haughtily, and they waited until the next day for their fight. 
Gabriel, on the way to Shilo

Gabriel headed to Shilo Village

The next morning, the two awoke, meeting in the center of the village, they met for their duel. Ntchwaidumela made the first move, he charged,  you guessed it, fire. He shot two fireballs, to which Gabriel responded by raising a few vines in his defense. Ntchwaidumela was a large man with dark skin, and Gabriel knew that if he got close, he'd be defeated easily if he was hit by the man's fists.

After an exchange of wind and fire spells, Gabriel found himself tired, but his opponent was nearly as tired, Ntchwaidumela approached him, prepared. Gabriel pressed his foot into the ground, which grabbed onto Ntchwaidumela's arms and legs and then brought him to his knees. He looked up to Gabriel with a smile, knowing he had been defeated by this young man.

Gabriel smiled and then offered his proposal, it was that he would be the one to run Shilo's tourism operations, and that tourists would be allowed in the whole affair of Shilo Village, with this, Gabriel released the Chief from his binds. In turn, Ntchwaidumela stood and chuckled, he couldn't deny the offer or the opportunity, after all Gabriel had just defeated him and had helped with the restoration of his village. This caused a bit of unrest within the rest of the village, but Gabriel had now acquired Shilo.

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Gabriel had indeed returned to the sewers, only to find that Paula was not there. She contacted him via telepathy, to which he responded almost immediately. She told him that she had a story to tell him, relating to Gabriel's sharing of stories with her a few nights before. He hurried through a secret tunnel, and took a pathway before arriving at Arthfael and Lexi Olivriar's Mansion. He knocked upon the door, Paula came quickly to the door and opened it, before Gabriel quickly took her into his embrace. 

Gabriel with Paula and Shaw

Gabriel with Shawdow and Paula

After holding each other for a short while, she suggested they speak in the kitchen, to which Gabriel obliged and followed her in, and the two sat at the kitchen table. Paula told him all about her encounters, her secrets, to which Gabriel was apalled and only could say "You had every right to do what you did." Paula asked him not to tell anyone else about it. Gabriel then mentioned dinner, and soon enough Shawdow Rovin popped out from the Shadow Realm.

The trio spoke for a bit before Shaw offered them dinner, and then almost mentioned something about being something that started with a letter g. Gabriel asked him if it was about being a god, due to his own past experiences in places such as the Rising Sun, or with Julian Duphrane aka Malphos. Paula and Shaw were quick to circumspect this ideal, and Gabriel shrugged it off. Shaw urged them to eat more of the food before he almost tried to squash the spider, Praxis, the one Paula had been watching for her friend Ali. Gabriel urged Shaw not to do so, and Praxis scurried away before Shaw tried to kill it.

Soon enough Shaw exited into the Shadow Realm, and Paula and Gabriel were left to tell each other their secrets once more, and so they did. They spoke, and finally, Gabriel was able to get something off his chest that Mercutio Delimino and Garth Aren had known about, his killing of Amaund Silverkin. They had eaten Shaw's food, and it was revealed that they had afrodisiacs within them, Paula had brought up a term that he had used the other night. After saying she loved him too, she took his hand, leading him to the bedroom where they shared more "secrets."

The following morning, Paula awoke to the sight of Praxis hanging on the celing above herself and Gabriel. Gabriel awoke to the sound of her scream, he was fully nude beneath the covers. He was a bit collected, but he frowned when he saw a commorb that shaw had left, projecting images, with a note that said "Enjoy being famous~Darius." Darius had been pulled into the Shadow Realm by another member of the Rovins a few days earlier. 

Gabriel and Paula in the dungeon

Gabriel with Paula after their first "encounter"

Gabriel stood from the bed after pointing it out and then slipped on some slacks, taking some of Arthfael's clothing in the process, as he had seemed to have lost his own. He then approached the commorb before shutting it off, Paula following soon behind, and Gabriel read the note, stating it was from Darius. Paula seemed to be in horror after he had told her that the commorb was on. And, he quickly understood why, as it was projecting to the entire Rovin family. Paula began to cry, and Gabriel held her there for a while.

Gabriel strolled into the Falador bar, wearing robes that only Aspera-goers would have, as it was such an obscure place. His everpresent gaze caught glimpse of Amelia Duphrane and Caelestis Grey having a conversation. He approached, noticing that Amelia hadn't remembered him, even though they were soon to be in-laws. Gabriel's appearance there was brief, as he had to be off to Aspera, and so he ordered an herbal tea before walking out.

Gabriel visited the Sanctum of Heroes, which had apparently been on lockdown. He was here to see his distant cousin Jade, and had arrived late to the meeting, as his other cousin, Kristina, was already there to greet her. Upon his arrival, Jade led him out the Sanctum doors to speak somewhere more in private where she gave Gabriel a tight hug and they spoke for a little while before Jade had to leave, as she was neglecting her job.

Gabriel was next seen with Paula in the city of Yanille, after he had retrieved her for the Wake of Aranitus and Aralyn. Gabriel looked over his hero's casket in silence before uttering parting words in the Ancient Language. Gabriel proceeded to leave his wand, which subsequently had a single emerald left at the tip of it, matching the emerald eye of Aranitus. He then took out a small heart-shaped locket and left it for Aralyn. Paula had to leave for a little bit, giving some random excuse before walking off.

After a conversation with Evelyn Aren, Samantha Leotrun and Mercutio Delimino, Gabriel half-shooed them off, and he pulled his orb out and Gabriel made the orb change shape after symbolically placing the orb against his heart and pulling it away, he placed it upon the ground between the two caskets, leaving a small red-rosebush there. He entered the bar soon after, allowing Mercutio to say his good-byes while he spoke with Sam. Sam was in a bad mood, and the two carried on short conversations before Mercutio's arrival into the bar.

Gabriel allowed Mercutio to attempt to flirt with Sam, and he simply watched, giving his tips where he could, after some playful banter, Paula was mentioned by Mercutio. Mercutio then said something about Gabriel not having long relationships, something Gabriel hadn't told him about, was the fact that his last girlfriend had died. Gabriel swung his arm out in a quick hook which sent Mercutio flying to the floor, knocking him out of his stool. He shook his head, clearly enraged, but Mercutio didn't know exactly what he had said.

Gabriel sighed, his shoulders dropped and he apologized for hitting him, as he realized he hadn't told Mercutio about his past relationship. Gabriel, between the funeral and the thoughts of his late lover, had become a bit of an emotional wreck at the time. He was heading out of the bar doors before he ran into Paula, who asked what was wrong. He hugged her, squeezing her tightly, but he found a lot of comfort in her arms, as she had done just the morning before. 

Paula Rovin

Paula Rovin, Gabriel's love.

Gabriel introduced Paula to Mercutio and Samantha, who were, by all means, childhood friends of his. Eventually, the conversation split between Mercutio and Sam and Paula and Gabriel. Not long after, Gabriel's brothers, Kennith and Griffen, showed up to the Yanillian bar. He introduced them, and much to his own surprise, they didn't make any comments on Gabriel being a skank. He spoke with Paula, while continuing to give advice to Mercutio, but Sam seemed to bring down his advances.

Gabriel and Paula sat and talked on what had happened in the sewers, and how the resistance had been flooded out. After a few moments more of conversation, Mercutio interrupted by cutting their table in half with a buzz-saw. Soon, Mercutio departed along with Paula and Gabriel.

Taleborne Leotrun appeared in Arenvale, looking for his daughter Samantha. After a short skirmish between Samantha, Kristina and Taleborne, they neared the Institute, and Aralius Everric, the father of Lex, Michael and he deceased Gabriel M. Everric appeared next to him. Samantha had retrieved Lex from the institute, being in charge of the Institute Defenses, he prepared himself for battle. Gabriel R. Everric and Garrick Everric appeared soon after to take a gander, along with Evelyn Aren-Renderra.

After a short magical duel, Samantha sent both Taleborne and Aralius through a house wall. And in a short span of time, the rest of the Everric present sent vines, shadows, blood or others towards the building, making it implode and then explode. After the explosion had cleared, dead began to rise, and in a few moments the dead were also taken out, and Aralius was incapacitated by a tree trunk sent by Kristina Everric. 

Time ceased for a brief moment, and Ariston Everric made a cameo appearance, literally grabbing onto Taleborne and then teleporting him off before time started up again. Everyone looked around, wondering what had happened, but they were glad to see that Taleborne was gone, and to find that the mighty Aralius was down. Aralius stood, Lex approached him, stating that Gabriel's sacrifice had not been in vain. Gabriel looked to Samantha, and Arathorn to Kristina, seeing if they were okay.

Taleas Leotrun, the son of Taleborne, and the biological brother to Samantha appeared. He sent a burst of magic out at Gabriel and Arathorn, which knocked them about twenty feet, sending them through a fence. Taleas teleported off with Sam screaming in his arms, and Kristina was left to tend to Gabriel and Arathorn. Gabriel was left with a few more cuts, a concussion and some bruises, as he was unable to react in time.

Gabriel's arm was also broken in the past encounter, and he walked out of the infirmary, finding his way to the center of Yanille searching for Paula. He was met by Lex Everric, the mercenary Kaiser, and Mercutio, who followed him about. He teleported out despite all better warning, he began to teleport in erratic patterns, which exhausted most of his physical energy until he found Paula's house, and was met by Tangeres, her brother as well. He simply said "I found you-.." weakly before collapsing and being caught by Mercutio.

Paula, who was at the door at the time, pushed pass her brother and took hold of Gabriel, who, couldn't feel it. But, he weakly stood before being carried into the house and then up the stairs and to bed. After a few short conversations, coupled with Mercutio finding out that Samantha had been captured, he and Paula had a short debate before Mercutio came up and went to punch Gabriel's shoulder in a sort of bro moment, still a bit unsettled after Gabriel had punched him. Paula stepped in the way and Mercutio backed off, ruining the bro moment.

And the two spoke a little more, and Paula healed Gabriel's broken arm with a form of body magic. Mercutio was angry still, and Paula went off to apologize to him. Gabriel and Tangeres had a short conversation, and much to Gabriel's delight, he had recieved the approval of Tang after stating how he felt for Paula. Not long after, Tang went off to talk to Paula, who had been listening in on their conversation.

Gabriel performed a new showier version of teleportation, which he only stepped forward, and seemed to fade a distortion of thin air and disappearing into the night. He next was seen in Yanille, telling Mercutio about a few things with the dragon that Mercutio had slain, albeit it being a Juvenile, Gabriel seemed semi-impressed that his friend could even achieve that. Lex Everric arrived and began cutting the scales off with the knife that Gabriel got from Paula, and then they all teleported off, preparing to find Samantha.

Gabriel met up with Mercutio, Arkaevum, Amber, Daniil and a man named Woodard. Gabriel and Arkaevum both waited expectantly for their respective better halves. Gabriel greeted Amber warmly and with a hug, and Amber commented on how Gabriel had become more distant ever since he had started practicing magic more and more.  Julie arrived and proceeded to, along with Arkaevum, patronize Gabriel as he spoke to his people.

Paula had arrived, but Gabriel had been oblivious, as his awareness was a bit down due to his concussion. She noticed that he hadn't said anything, or noticed her presence, and after he was talking she nudged him with her shield, and Gabriel smiled warmly to her, he was happy to see her. Amber had gotten her answer as to why, and Mercutio told her only to confirm her suspicion. Nevermind that, Gabriel teleported them off in a massive group teleport, which expended most, if not all of his magical energy, leaving him physically and mentally exhausted, especially with that concussion.

But, they proceeded on, killing many undead forces, with Gabriel doing minimal work after he had performed the teleport. The rest of the group did all the work, while Gabriel was happy to see that Paula was safe, he didn't like that she had lingered at the frontlines. And, soon, they reached the Leotrun base, where the mages held Sam on a pentagram, trying to exorcise the demon from her body. Taleas Leotrun was there, and Gabriel wanted to fight, but he wasn't allowed.

The rest of them handled it, and eventually, Taleas was defeated due to the blatant placement of his phylactery, as they were destroyed per Gabriel's advice. Gabriel smiled, as it was only a theory he had picked up, and they carried Sam out. In a few moments, they were outside, and Gabriel's eyes flashed green, Sam's white, and they began the memories. They relived the memories of Ariston, Flavia and Orion as Sam's old self, thus making Sam more human.

Gabriel was astonished as he awoke to see he was the first to be released from the Memory's grip, and he approached Paula first, rather concerned about her wounds, but she seemed more concerned about his, as he was rather pale. After a few tumbles down the hill, and the freeing of Dylan Rovin, with Dylan jumping on Gabriel's back a couple of times, knowing the repurcussions would be severe soon enough. Paula led Gabriel away where she handed him a teleport tablet.

Dylan blatantly charged magic before Gabriel, and Gabriel saw it and squinted his eyes before pulling something smart. He stepped in and pressed his body to Paula's and he looked into her eyes for a moment before he kissed her. With that, he dropped the teleport tablet beneath their feet, and it took them away before Dylan sent his teleport block, which missed, and Gabriel and Paula were off to her seaside mansion


Gabriel was pacing around, and he spoke with Aurora, Paula's daughter, who questioned why Paula was crying the other day, and wondered if Gabriel was the cause. He reassured her that it wasn't him, and then there was a knock on the door, it was Cyrus Everric, the Grandmaster of the Everric. Upon finding out who he was, Gabriel had a moment of realization. Cyrus approached Gabriel for the first time since Gabriel was about ten years old, and they spoke for a while before Gabriel went and retrieved Paula. Paula and Gabriel greeted Cyrus well and then came Arthfael, who also greeted him.

Gabriel led Cyrus to a table where they spoke, while Paula and Arthfael went off to speak,  Mercutio took their place. Mercutio walked off after Gabriel poured them both a glass of wine, and after a while, Paula approached, and the three talked for a short bit. Cyrus seemed unable to say Gabriel's name, and after a bit, he teleported Gabriel off to the sorceror's tower, where Gabriel was able to speak with Aralius Everric, Cyrus' grandfather and Gabriel's great-great-great-great grandfather. While he was here, Gabriel spoke to Paula via telepathy, and they told each other their plans. Their conversation ended with an exchange of "I love you's" before Gabriel promised that he'd take it easy on the magics.

Aralius, stuck in a crystal ball, kept throwing insults at both Cyrus and Gabriel, to which, Cyrus told him to be silent before placing him into a torch. Gabriel smiled before using a speech spell that Garrick and Cyrus had taught to the younger generations. Gabriel and Cyrus spoke more, Gabriel expressed his concern on the issues of the world, and his concern for the safety of Paula. Cyrus, a hermit at heart, was actually happy to meet Gabriel, he showed him a group of tarot cards that he had made himself. 
Gabriel and Cyrus Everric

Gabriel with Cyrus Everric

Gabriel questioned them a bit, and he questioned the ideas of fate, the world card, and all the images that the tarot card readings had told him. Cyrus was only explaining that there was a cycle to be ended, and that the outcome was something he couldn't be sure of. Gabriel smiled before asking how he and Paula were going to do, which Cyrus said it'd have to play out. Gabriel nodded again, and asked about the man he was named for, Gabriel M. Everric.

Cyrus replied by saying that, "Like all good men, he was a fool." This made Gabriel a bit sad, and he asked if he was a fool. Cyrus replied by telling Gabriel he'd grow up to be a fine man. And Gabriel smiled, but he doubted it, to which Cyrus told him to grab a book and read up on family history. Soon enough, Cyrus sent Gabriel on his way, and he returned to the Curfoir Mansion only to find Dylan and Elijah Rovin had been in a brawl, where Eli was on fire.

Gabriel got the fire off of him, and the other two continued to fight until Gabriel broke it up and ended up with control of Dylan's hammer. Gabriel was told by Dylan that Dylan had given Grant and Aurora a commorb, which had the recording of Gabriel and Paula's long night. Gabriel started again by punching Dylan several times after Dylan had tried to hit him with a coat hanger, and then Dylan ended up falling down into the cellar. Gabriel then left to take care of the commorb that had been left, unaware there was a recording on it.

Gabriel was appointed as a Sentry of the house by Rennik Lovell, the Grand-Sentry himself, and after a few days, he was given his cape. Rennik congratulated him, as he was the first to be appointed in some time.

Gabriel met with Mercutio in Garricks office, and after a short while he brought Mercutio on to meet Rennik Lorde, who showed up after the two had arrived. After explaining that Gabriel was the youngest Sentry, or protector, of the family, Mercutio was appointed as a Sentry as well, and Gabriel welcomed him to it warmly, while Rennik did not.

Gabriel next entered into the Tavern in Yanille, finding that Paula and Cyrus were there speaking about him. Gabriel was wary, as he knew that some form of war was approaching, somewhat due to Cyrus' readings on the Tarot Cards, some from the ramblings of Garrick and some from the teachings of Cyrus. Paula brought up the whole deal with Gabriel asking about their relationship, to which Gabriel looked at her and had trouble responding, even going as far as to pretend he didn't know what she was talking about.

Gabriel said that he had asked Cyrus for a prediction on their relationship and Paula said that she could offer a better prediction. She had stated that she believed they'd love each other very much, very quietly. Gabriel smiled warmly, he believed the same, and he leaned in to kiss her after a brief pause. It was interruped when she pushed him away, stating there was a better time. Cyrus began a coughing fit after he had tried to make an interruption cough.

Soon enough, Cyrus informed Paula and Gabriel that they had his blessing, as he had referred to her as "Kin" upon his entry. Not long after Mercutio Delimino entered and Gabriel asked him to leave, a glare being added for effect. Mercutio left only to be replaced by Michael Everric, the family's grand scribe and Gabriel's Lunars teacher. Gabriel smiled at Michael, who greeted Cyrus, Gabriel and Paula warmly.

Michael got a bit angry after Cyrus poured out his "tea" which had alcohol in it. And they had a little sit down for a moment, and then Paula and Gabriel spoke with one another via telepathy, Ravalan entered. It was son revealed that Gabriel was planning to propose to Paula in the near future, but Cyrus already foiled that. Gabriel, having just come from Rennik's office, was unprepared. Gabriel ended up telling Paula that the vacation spot that they spoke of was now his. Dylan Rovin entered the bar, and he recieved a very hostile welcome from all of its inhabitants.

Dylan looked around, seeing all the unfriendly expressions, and Dylan then asked for a word with Paula. Paula told Gabriel and the others to give her a moment. She then stepped outside to speak with Dylan, and the others began to charge their magics, prepared for any attacks they might have. Cyrus stated his happiness over meeting Gabriel and his hope in the younger generations. And after a long conversation, Paula ended up punching Dylan in the face, which caused him to be knocked over and Gabriel to spring into action. He sprang forth, opening the door and preparing his hand to shoot the spell he had been charging for all this time.

He was happy to see it was just Dylan on the floor, and he took a step back so that Paula could carry him into the bar, to which she did, and she set him on the barfloor. The two spoke for a bit, before agreeing to be teleported off to Curfoir Manor by Cyrus. In a few moments they were teleported back there to see their kids.

Gabriel met with Rennik, who gave him an amulet that belonged to Caedmon that was given to Rennik by Caedmon's friend, Helseth Dagofth. Gabriel was teleported to Caedmon's location via tracking, and he knocked upon the barricaded, or slowly-being-barricaded, door. He was greeted by an unfamiliar voice, and after being let into this bar in the Varrock Slums, he entered and spoke to Caedmon a bit on their situation and life before giving him his amulet. He soon teleported himself and Caedmon to Seers Village, still a bit weak from his whole endeavor with the Leotrun, and the teleporting deal.

Gabriel continued his studies at the Institute for a bit and then headed off to find Ace Lansing, where he placed in a ring order for Paula's engagement band, and he agreed to the signed price as he thanked Ace, who he knew was a bit busy with the Vyre conflict. Gabriel returned to Yanille, his mind was elsewhere as he took a stroll, passing right by Sam and Mercutio as the two spoke. Instead, he ended up walking by a scowling Wade who stopped him and asked what was wrong. Gabriel stopped and spoke with him, learning that he and Amelia, to which Gabriel expressed his sorrow at hearing that.

After a bit, they turned and walked toward the bar before they were stopped by Mercutio and Sam. Mercutio kept being a bit edgier than Gabriel and others liked, and Gabriel warned him about his position. Mercutio suggested something rather devious to which Gabriel shook his head and walked off along with Wade to the bar. After a drink or two, only Wade had drank a lot, Paula entered the bar while they were talking about teaching Kali to read, and Gabriel had offered himself or one of his family members to teach.

Gabriel paused midsentence as he had seen Paula prepped and ready for combat and what she had to do with the Vyres. Gabriel was sorrowful as he knew he would have to stay for the appointment of the new Arch-Mage of the family, Ingram, the adoptive son of Lex, and biological son of Thomas Everric. But, nonetheless, he came up and immediately embraced her and gave her a kiss. The two proceeded to talk while Wade drank a bit more, and eventually he threw a little PTSD induced fit. Paula and Gabriel proceeded to talk about a few things, life and the 

He managed to calm down before having the same fit again and Paula had to leave so she kissed him. Gabriel told her he loved her once again, and she said she did as well. Gabriel's attention shifted his gaze upon to Wade, and the two began to speak. Wade told him about his younger brother and the fact he couldn't save him. Gabriel nodded and soon enough, Wade walked off. Gabriel walked out towards the swamps again, where he was needed, being stopped by Samantha Leotrun with a drunk Mercutio being carried over her shoulder. Lex had made him drink about sixteen shots in the bar at Brimhaven.

Sam told him about this, Gabriel prepared his lecture mentally for Mercutio, he knew Mercutio should be sober for the whole appointment of the new Arch-Mage the following day. He left for the swamps and began to talk to Paula during his walk via telepathy and they spoke on a few things that were on Gabriel's mind and her own. Gabriel then returned to Samantha Leotrun's room only to find that Mercutio was drunk and chained up to the bed.

Gabriel chuckled, having some fun with this and he entered the room, still talking to Paula, a bit surprised to the chains. Samantha informed him that he was joking around. He chuckled and then freed Mercutio from his chains after an arrival of Dylan Rovin, which was deterred by Paula asking him about something else, Dylan left and shrugged. Gabriel then walked out without saying anything and continued to speak to Paula through telepathy.

Gabriel snuck into the house of Tangeres Rovin to see Paula before they both left to do their thing for a few days. And silently he crept through the house before meeting up with Paula. She was already out of her armour and by the time he had reached the room, she was already there to help him out of his robes, and soon enough he was led to the bed where she giggled and tackled him. Tangeres had been in the next room, hearing this and he stepped into the room. After an awkward exchange of words, he stepped out and left.

Gabriel and Paula moved from their spots and redressed themselves before stepping out. Paula went to talk to Tangeres, who was just trying to get the scene out of his head. After a short conversation, Tangeres got a bit angry, going off on a bit of a tangent. Gabriel stepped in to prevent any further verbal abuse by Tangeres, though he understood the position he was put in. And, they had a bit of a conversation, both Paula and Gabriel had apologized for the position they had placed him into and told Tang about Darius. Tangeres threw his platter at the wall along with the viles, and broke them. 

Gabriel saw Paula walking out in full armour once more and he went to stop her. He hadn't wanted her to leave in shame, as he thought she would have. He put a hand on her shoulder after he had caught up to her and asked her not to be upset with herself. He pulled her into a hug and told her that she shouldn't be upset with herself, especially since she was about to enter a dangerous conflict with the Vyres. Gabriel kissed her and she promised him that she would be safe.

He asked her to take his Sentry's Cloak, telling her of its importance to him and that she was more important to him than that. After a short speech and another embrace, he said nothing more, and allowed her to head off to Varrock, to which Gabriel entered back in to speak to Tang.

Gabriel, after meeting with Tang, met Evelyn Aren and Eden Aramanth in the square of Arenvale. Gabriel and Eve had a short conversation, and he then spoke with Eden in a bastardization of Elven before he led her to the Institute where they were greeted by Garrick. Gabriel left to lead them through the rest of the institute, and finally they were brought to where Eden would be staying.

New Beginnings

I have a very important question to ask you.

–Gabriel Everric, to Paula Rovin

Gabriel, after a bit of frantic searching, found Paula in the Curfoir Manor once again, safe, but unconscious. He found himself a bit awkward after he woke up to hearing Paula scream "Aaron" as she awoke. Even so, he didn't know about the apparent death of Aaron Lansing.

He felt just a little uncomfortable after hearing this and he found himself unable to talk, at least until Paula had offered him his cloak back, to which he took her into his embrace. Gabriel told her that he was glad she was safe, and she told him it was glad it was over.

They continued to talk and as they were about to depart, with Elijah also standing in the room, Darius was pushed out of the Shadow Realm. And now the group went to fight Darius, they began a small skirmish, to which the group took a short bit to subdue him due to this strange energy, that and Gabriel had beaten the living piss out of him. Gabriel had spiraled into a rage that hadn't overtaken him in over three years, and he began to draw the blood from Darius' head.

Gabriel and Paula speak

Gabriel speaks with Paula after they beat Darius

Paula stopped him there, and he let the blood dissipate from him, though this left Darius dramatically weak. Not long after Dylan and Sadiah Rovin arrived and then Gabriel teleported off Darius at the urging of Paula and Gabriel left and took his cloak to speak with Elijah, who he noticed wasn't outside. He entered the kitchen, finding that Elijah was there at the sink, examining his non-existant eye.

Shawdow Rovin appeared after Paula and Elijah spoke and soon teleported Elijah off, leaving Paula and Gabriel alone to speak, and so they did. Paula proceeded with a bit of a scolding; she wondered why he did what he did to Darius. Gabriel proceeded to explain the curse, as he hadn't explained it before, and after some talking and more explanation, they left to take care of "unfinished business" from a few nights before.

Gabriel entered the Sanctum of Heroes once more, this time on a diplomatic mission for the Wizard's Guild, to which he proposed an alliance. As most in the world of Gielinor do, Gabriel had ulterior motives for being there. As they arrived, Gabriel, Arkaevum, Mercutio and Caedmon were greeted by Gonad Yaksplitter and his student, Rokrem. 

Gabriel and the others entered the Sanctum along with Gonad, the others were there simply as diplomats. After speaking a bit on the proposal for the alliance, and wishing to speak with Baldor Greyfur. After this, Gonad challenged one of four of them to spar, and then he offered Rokrem to spar, but, Rokrem asked Gonad to spar in his place, to which Gonad agreed.

Gonad led the four down to the front of the Sanctum again, where Gonad once again challenged them to the spar. Gabriel agreed to spar Gonad and after a short conversation, the two prepared and fought. After about four minutes of Gabriel pummeling Gonad with spells, somehow, the man continued on and ended up landing a single knockout punch on Gabriel. This was not until after Gabriel had cracked the wall using Gonad's back and damaged his stomach several times.

Gabriel proceeded to watch Dylan fight against Gonad, and eventually lose after he brought the young Vulpes Everric into the desert. He was happy to see his nephew run around as such and was happy to see that Vulpes considered Caedmon as his father. Not long after Dylan Rovin had lost, and a big sweaty manhug from Gonad, Gabriel and the others departed.

Gabriel, while fighting some rogue creatures in the swamp was messaged by Samantha Leotrun, who told him that Paula was trying to kill him. He listened to it, being told that Garrick was there as well as Mercutio, but, he only found himself returning to his room after, this is where he found that a wraith had slid into his room after fighting Mercutio. An Aralian Wraith, it was quite a powerful creature, and Gabriel had vanquished it in the blink of an eye. After this, he spoke with his friends, Sam and Mercutio, who were visibly worn from fighting the Wraith.

After their conversation, the two departed to sleep somewhere else, and Gabriel contacted Paula, finding that she was once again in Varrock. He proposed that they meet and soon enough, Gabriel arrived in Varrock via teleport. He approached Paula, who was waiting for him at the Varrock Castle courtyard. They spoke for a little bit, and Paula commented on the wound he had recieved from Gonad's prior hit. But, Gabriel shrugged it off and he held his hands in hers as they spoke. He told her he needed to ask her an important question. Paula, after Cyrus had already spilled the beans, already knew what was being asked, and urged him to ask it. 
Gabriel and Paula after his proposal

Gabriel and Paula after he proposed.

He nodded, and dropped quickly to one knee, the ringbox appeared in his hand and he asked her to marry him there. She replied with a happy yes, and they embraced and soon kissed. After a long embrace and kiss, they pulled away and Gabriel placed the ring on her finger. Not long after, they talked about family and friends, and the wedding, who they'd invite and everything like that for a while. Once they had sat back down on the bench, Elijah Rovin arrived, beaten by Shawdow Rovin.

Paula jumped up, and then Elijah had told them what had happened after Gabriel arrived. They spoke for a bit before suggesting that they return to Paula's house, and after a while they did so. Gabriel helped Elijah to the house and then up the stairs. After Paula revealed to Elijah that she and Gabriel were now engaged, Elijah walked down the stairs and Paula kept him from falling, and they led him back upstairs. Paula left to get an apple or whatever, and Gabriel stayed to speak to Elijah, who asked him a few questions.

After a bit of conversation, he had seemed to have earned Eli's trust, and Gabriel was happy to know this. He walked out soon after and went to find Paula to speak and spend time with her and Gabriel eventually returned to Yanille to check on his family.

Gabriel entered the Yanille bar the next day to find Samantha Leotrun there in a near-stupor, more hungover than anything. Gabriel sat there and they had a bit of a conversation on buying her a drink. When she had ordered a drink on his tab, he stuck his hand out in front of her, his left hand, which now bore a ring and cancelled her order. Instead, he ordered vodka of the highest quality, which was delivered after she had noticed his ring. She gave him a hug, as she was very excited about him getting married.

After Mercutio surprised Sam and ended up on the floor, the group drank their respective drinks and soon enough a Wraith appeared and a small conflict ensued to where a Wight appeared. This was only after Dylan Rovin had told Gabriel he was going to marry his cousin, Janelle, to which Gabriel told him that the family Elders would not give their blessing. But, despite all this they fought alongside one another and after a conflict, Gabriel, Mercutio, Janelle and Dylan incapacitated the Wight after Gabriel and Mercutio sent it through two walls. 
Wight fighting!

Gabriel with friends, prepared to fight a Wight.

After they examined the Wight and interrogated it for a bit as everyone tried to figure out what they wanted to do with it. After Gabriel, Dylan and Mercutio all abused the wight a bit, figuring that they couldn't quite hurt it. Dylan suggested that it was probably Darius, and Gabriel, as he didn't like Darius half-agreed. After this, they departed and Gabriel went to retrieve Caedmon and Vulpes so that Paula could meet Caedmon and Vulpes, along with Aurora and Grant as well.

Gabriel soon arrived to Paula's house along with Caedmon and Vulpes and, they proceeded to introduce one another. Gabriel still had a bit of remorse looking at Vulpes, but he was glad that his and Paula's children would get a friend to play with. And the three spoke over some things along with dinner, Paula revealed that she and Gabriel were engaged, as he hadn't mentioned it to Caedmon prior. 

After this, they discussed the Vampyres and a few different feats before Gabriel brought up the whole deal with the Wight that had happened earlier that day.They continued to speak on Wights, and the subject returned to Aralius, Tamoras and Flavia. Not long after Elijah had yelled for another apple and Paula sighed as she went to give him an apple. Gabriel and Caedmon were left to talk and they spoke a bit on the kids and the future before Caedmon had to leave to find a new house.

Gabriel retrieved his nephew and then spoke to Caedmon for a little while longer before Caedmon departed to find a house with Caedmon. Paula came down again, which had startled him slightly, he had an emotional moment there and he went to lean on the table. Paula grabbed his hands as he spoke, she tried to lift his mood and they began to talk more. Sam came and visited, along with Dylan. Sam had come to apologize to Paula, and Dylan had come to apologize to Elijah.

Dylan apologized to Elijah while they had a few problems with Mercutio they finally found that Dylan simply cried in the corner after Mercutio had threatened to beat him up, to which Gabriel could not allow, as he was trying to be responsible for Paula. Gabriel then tried to comfort Dylan and unsuccessful he returned to Paula, who suggested that they go rent a room for the night to avoid being walked in on again.

Paula went up to tell Elijah and the kids that he was leaving, and so she did, Gabriel and Paula left to the Jolly Boar so they might rent a room and have a more private place to sleep for the night so they could "talk" without have interruptions.

Gabriel paid a visit to Rennik, who had actually called him to scold him on a few things, namely Mercutio. Gabriel then was contacted by Paula, and not long after Gabriel went to meet with Rakon Rovin, instead of entering Piscatoris, he approached a red haired Fremennik fellow. Much to Gabriel's joy, it was Rakon himself and they spoke a little while, to which, Rakon blessed their union.

Gabriel departed and then went off to see Paula, he had told her a bit about Rennik before and he believed he was too dangerous for her to visit. Gabriel and Paula met with a passionate kiss and a hug as she had opened the door, and they went to sit and talk, Gabriel revealed his past about the whole Lovell Tower, and about his family. The other information was about the family, and the two proclaimed how much they cared for one another.

The Dawn

Gabriel and Paula had gone off to the Blue Moon Inn and while Gabriel was back in Yanille, Paula returned home to check on their kids without him. After another chat with Rennik, he was contacted by Lex, who revealed to him many secrets, what had happened, and who he truly was. Aside from this, Gabriel's friend Gus had just slain Xavier Rovin, one of Paula's cousins. Gabriel rushed to the Guild, where he found Paula and Alexander speaking and he pulled her into a hug, as he saw how upset she was.

They kept talking on what to do next, on what happened and Gabriel tried to calm Paula down even though he himself, was screaming on the inside. The kids had seen it, even Eli and Dylan Rovin were present for Xavier's incineration. Gabriel couldn't do anything about it, and he felt completely terrible. After another exchange of words, they left to go take care of their children.

Gabriel visited Mercutio and Sam once more, distraught over the fact that Lex/Gus had done what he did to Xavier and he didn't know what to do. He knocked upon the door and revealed it was him, Mercutio soon revealed to him that Will Blackthorn had come to visit, and that he had an important letter for him. Gabriel had  a son. Gabriel only thought in disbelief after he was told, but after confirmation of hearing that Rebeckah, his old flame, was alive and that the child was his, he promptly fainted.

Mercutio exited the door and proceeded to kick him, he proceeded to give Gabriel the letter after he had come to. Gabriel read it and then began pacing around nervously, half-concerned on what he was going to tell Paula, and half-concerned on the fact he had a child and it wasn't Paula's child. He could only hope, though he was reassured by Sam and he explained what had happened with "Gus" and Xavier. Gabriel ended up walking off to get a drink and he began to talk to Paula about some things via telepathy and finally he told her of what had happened and what he had learned.

He seemed to have some lingering feelings, and Paula had responded with a tinge of jealousy, though Gabriel made to douse those by telling her that she was his one and only. And she was most definitely so. He told her more and a bit on the history of them. With this, they spoke on the status of their own children, as they had seen Gus murder Xavier not but a day before and Gabriel told her about the dream potions. Gabriel told her he loved her once more and that he was hers and hers alone.

Dream Mentor

Alexander gave Gabriel a dream potion, to which he took and he waited for the go ahead. Alexander gave the same potion to Paula and the two entered the dreams of their little Aurora. They were taken firstly to the Hemenster Massacre where a group of people killed them. Though, it was distorted and it was how Aurora saw it happen. Eventually, the visage of the deceased Chris Soter appeared; he created a massive tidal wave, and Gabriel prevented himself and Paula from being swept away in the dream, along with Aurora and Grant.

Soon enough, they were transported into another dream and Paula held onto her kids before she told them to hide under the bed, it was the Vampyre Conflicts, specifically before Paula and Gabriel had even met. Here they fought a Juvenile Vampyre to which Gabriel slew after a few hits of his blade, and another Vyrewatch that Paula chased off with her Icyenic abilities.

Gabriel and Paula finally entered the last dream and Gabriel finally introduced little Klein for the first time in a while. He pet her head as she faded into existence before them, Paula questioned him on it. She was a bit disgruntled by the fact that Klein was a gift, the last thing that Rebeckah Blackwood had left for him before her departure. This is where they watched Xavier's death through Aurora's view and then fought a dream version of Paula. Gabriel was wounded in the ribcage, bleeding a bit and finally the Dream version of Paula was taken down by Paula herself.

Paula had come to realize that the monster in this dream to Aurora, at least, was her own self and she fell to her knees after she had finished off her dream version. Gabriel held onto his love, reassuring her that the kids didn't truly think like that and he kissed her cheek. He kissed her cheek and they were soon brought into Grant's dreams, this is where they discovered that Grant had snuck into the Varrock Palace Kitchen.

Gabriel and Paula fought a demon-guard thing, Paula first stuck an adamant tomahawk in its chest, but.. it somehow continued to fight on, suppose it was a dream still. It continued on, charging forward and then getting bashed with a shield and getting knocked back. This time, Klein had used quite a bit of force and knocked the thing back into the larder of the Varrock Palace. Gabriel burnt a hole in its stomach, and along with Paula finally defeated it when he stabbed it through its head.

To finish it, Gabriel ripped its heart out and let it crumble to dust in his hand, Paula scolded him for that, she had seen Aaron Lansing's heart ripped from his chest by Valentin, and she didn't like it. So, Gabriel apologized before helping her out with her shield, and then moving into a quick kiss; the scene faded again, and then finally they saw Dylan and Rakon Rovin there, talking to Grant and Paula, with Dylan eventually making Grant cry. The scene once again faded when Dylan ran off and Rakon went to chase him.

And once again, it faded into the next dream sequence, and Gabriel found himself with Paula again, watching as Dylan shot Grant into a wall and in a distorted version, slammed Elijah with his Elder Tree Hammer. After Dylan had a mental breakdown, and Paula was on edge for seeing this, and eventually, Dylan attacked. This resulted in him being slammed over the bed and Paula stabbing this incarnation in the head. The two spoke again and finally, the scene faded away.

The two awoke in their separate places, though Gabriel was at the Institute when he had taken his, so he was separate from Paula, who had awakened to the sight of Alexander Everric once more, and Esepy Rovin. The two spoke for a while, and Alexander left for the downstairs, only to be replaced by Gabriel. Gabriel saw that Paula's cousin... was holding onto her hand and he was a bit irked at that, but, he was relieved to see that they had fixed the kids' dreams. They were sleeping rather peacefully, and he smiled. He stepped downstairs, only to hear Paula exclaim that Gabriel was hers to "Esepy".

With that, Arathorn's companion, Corvin came up the stairs and spoke with Paula while Arathorn, Gabriel and Alexander spoke, and "Esepy" teleported off. After a while, Gabriel went up the stairs again to see if Paula was alright, only to see Corvin fly back down in response. Paula had a bottle of wine, and Gabriel knew immediately that it was Corvin who had given it to her. Gabriel was immediately suspicious, but he saw that Paula had already drank from it, and she was a bit intoxicated.

He smiled when she offered it, and took a sip before taking a gulp of the wine. The two spoke a bit, they were happy to see their children sleeping peacefully. Paula once again called him the new term of endearment, she pressed up against him, what was in the wine had taken its effect on her. The afrodisiacs were at their finest, and she rubbed up against him, making him shiver at her touch.

Gabriel didn't actually need them to want to be with her, and he had agreed to her suggestion to renting a room once more. The two kissed and after quickly barking quiet orders to little Klein to watch the kids, and locking the door, the two left for the Inn again, holding each other tightly for the night of sweet love.

A Lion Has its Claws

I kill because I must. To protect our family from all of those who wish to harm us, to destroy us.

–Gabriel, to his little brother, Kennith

So, after a long night of solace, without the sadness part, Gabriel departed to Yanille and found himself met by Wade who told him about the death of Kali, and all that had happened to him prior. Gabriel took down a few names and decided what he'd tell them. Gabriel took care of a couple of kids, meeting Creta D'Angelo for the first time, and taking care of two kids named Anna and Anthony.

Gabriel brought them to the Wizard's tower to be taught by Robert, where he watched for a little bit, he had already taught them a little bit himself, Anthony was a natural mage, Anna was not so much. After Robert taught them and teleported them off, Gabriel teleported back to Yanille only to find that Mercutio had killed Nolan Rovin and soon Darius was about to be slain, Gabriel tried to teleport away Darius, who was eventually killed by Samantha Leotrun (now going by Everric) and Dylan Rovin and Gabriel returned to deal with Mercutio.

Gabriel returned to the halls of the Vox ex Effectum, the Aren Arcane Institute and spoke with Mercutio, telling him that only monsters killed without feeling and that it was okay to feel guilty. Gabriel forgave him, he had done much worse, and Mercutio still accepted him. Kennith was standing there, listening to the entire conversation, and eventually called out, upset with knowing that Gabriel had killed people.

Gabriel conjured a book, the book on the Leotrun-Silverkin Feud and he began to show Kennith it, explaining the conflict and who the illustrations were of. He explained Aralius, the SIlverkin and the Leotrun, and why they were dangerous. He even mentioned the Blackthorns and their involvement in the family feud so long ago. After a while, Kennith had calmed down to go on a long walk to think, something Gabriel was familiar with. Gabriel only told him to be safe and let him go. He tried to contact Paula, but in her drunken state, she had ignored him again, and he just let it go.

After this, he found Samantha Leotrun in the center of Yanille, before the two spoke a little bit and they went to the Yanille Bar, where Gabriel told her that he wasn't upset with her about the killings of Nolan and of Darius. They proceeded to speak and Gabriel began to spill what was on his mind, he stated his clear doubts that everything around him went away eventually, and it wasn't untrue, Sam knew this. She tried to tell Gabriel that his family wasn't a family anymore.. It was more of a cult, and in all effect, it had become such now.

Gabriel was about to rant to Sam, but Paula had entered the bar and Sam tried to tell her to leave via telepathy, thinking that Gabriel was about to explode again. Gabriel only hugged Paula back when she had wrapped her arms around him, and Sam was relieved to hear this and the two talked for a bit, the private couples conversation. Finally, Wade walked into the bar to make it a bit more awkward, but it gave Sam someone to talk to. Gabriel told Paula of Wade losing Kali, something that saddened them both deeply. He spoke to Wade on a funeral, but Wade, as he was angry and sad all at once began throwing some cheap shots at Gabriel's family.

Gabriel could only understand why he was mad, afterall, he had lost many in his lifetime, and soon enough, Paula left to feed the kids, asking Gabriel to watch Wade. He agreed and Paula gave him a quick kiss before she left. After a little while of Wade's outbursts, Gabriel was called back to the house and he did so, he had to attend to both the kids and Klein.

Gabriel next travelled to the Jolly Boar, this time, he just wanted to spend some time with Paula, as he had surprised her by asking for the seat, only to see that it was him. The two sat and talked a little bit, readying for the wedding until the timely arrival of Sam, who had finally decided it was time for her to go by Sam had arrived to talk with Paula, intoxicated. She got into a nearly heated argument with Paula, and Paula left soon after. Gabriel talked to Sam for a bit, as much as he wanted Mercutio to come to the wedding, he knew it was best for his safety.

Gabriel exited the bar and contacted Paula, wondering if she was home. She was, and she told him to come on over. Upon his arrival, Paula had quickly unlocked the door and gestured for him to enter. Gabriel quickly smacked her behind, and everything escalated from there to the point where the two had to wake up the next morning, in a chair, and speak on what Gabriel wanted to talk about. And so they spoke a bit, more and more of their private sides were coming out and Paula smirked to him, saying she needed to clean up.

Gabriel smirked a devilish smirk in return and he asked if she needed help with that. She obliged and Gabriel kissed her again and told her he loved her. She told him she loved him as well and the two happily and excitedly went to "clean up" before Paula's meeting with Lumbridge's duke.

Gabriel went to visit Arthfael and Lexi Olivriar the next day, only to find the house empty and that there was a hole in the southern wall. Gabriel had waited around for a bit to see if anyone would answer, but, no one had. This spurred him to take a walk in the woods, where, ironically, he found at least one of the people he was looking for, Arthfael. Along with this was Evelyn Aren-Renderra and Arthfael's cousin, Levi. Gabriel overheard them talking about what had happened, and why Arthfael was all bruised up.

Upon hearing that Arthfael had cheated on Lexi, he had no longer felt as bad. His apathy had increased at Arthfael's explanation that it was Samantha Everric-Leotrun that he had kissed and/or made out with. He walked off into the forest before being stoped by Eve, who followed after him. Gabriel told her they should take a walk, and they continued on through the forest where Eve told him about Garth's disappearance.

Gabriel had already suspected disappearance, and he was used to it, but, when she had mentioned he was in a terrorist group, he knew immediately that it had to be the Galethornians. Who else would take an Aren as a terrorist? He thought. But, Gabriel spoke to Eve a little more before explaining the mission for hunting Harllocke, codenamed Magi Genocide. Gabriel then finished their conversation by saying "Don't let the shadow bite" to Eve, something that he and Garth had picked up.

Gabriel then walked off and eventually returned to the AAI where he began to question Rennik, wondering why he had prevented Rebeckah from being with him. Rennik explained and gave Gabriel a complete history on the Blackthorn family and Gabriel began to read, learning more about the wars and lores and history of his own family in the process. This still didn't give him much closure, so instead, after hearing of the death of Imperial Archmage Creta D'Angelo, decided to see Paula.

After contacting her, he visited, finding the door was unlocked. She greeted him warmly, wondering what was on his mind. He told her about Sam's cheating on Mercutio, and then divuleged to her one of those very cultivated family secrets, the circumstances of Sam herself. Paula was rather surprised to hear that Samantha had lived in the second age as well. After a short conversation, Mercutio Delimino arrived, and most of the important conversation had switched to telepathy.

The remainder of their conversation with Mercutio was more awkward than anything. Anything and everything was being said for them not to have to tell Mercutio about Sam cheating on him, and there was an air of distaste between Paula and Mercutio at the time for Mercutio being barred from the wedding, and Paula's relatives being killed. Aside from this, Gabriel and Paula had been flirting almost the entire time through telepathy, and everything had escalated greater and greater while they sat.

Eventually as Paula and Gabriel were looking at each other and blushing, Paula had leaned forward, her chair breaking and leaving her to fall flat on her ass. She blushed heavily, only they knew what had happened the night before, though their subtlety had still remained. Mercutio hadn't figured it out, and while maintaining their conversation telepathically, eventually they convinced Mercutio to try to find Sam.

After Mercutio had shut the door, Gabriel immediately latched an arm around Paula's waist and pulled her in close. He asked her about her ideas on using the table, as they had during their telepathic conversation. And then he asked her if she wanted to test out whatever the rug was made for and the sturdiness of the table. So, Gabriel kissed her and things went from there, the "testing" of the table had begun.

Gabriel once again, after a long night, returned to Lumbridge per request of Mercutio, who was sitting. The two talked it out for a short while, mostly on Sam and Mercutio's relationship. After this, Gabriel and Mercutio made a few jokes before they started to remenisce a bit, stating that things have changed and would never, ever be the same. Gabriel left with this, on a parting noe, he told Mercutio to visit Sam.

The Blue Wedding

What, did you think this story would have a happy ending?

–Galethorn Aren, to Gabriel

Gabriel and Paula finally gathered at the altar in the palace gardens, Tangeres had walked her to Gabriel where she stood ready. The two wore blue, very fancy attire compared to what they usually wear, casual clothes, armour and robes. So, after a few moments of waiting, the precession began and under the druid, they began to exchange vows, with a little bit of interruption. Ravalan had shot water at Gabriel's back and soaked him, with this, Godric Grey, in return pulled the water from his back.

Along with this, while Paula was giving her vows, Griffen tried to pull off Gabriel's pants. Instead, Griffen found that there was a belt there, and that his outfit was connected altogether. Gabriel shook his head and continued on with the vows, and the two kissed after the vow exchanging. The two embraced and everyone had gone to the wedding festivities. After talking with Tangeres, who seemed to be the only one who congratulated them, Gabriel and Paula stayed for their afterparty for a little bit before heading off and doing Gabriel and Paula things.

So, while Paula was watching the kids and visiting with the Olivriar's, Gabriel traversed to the Jolly Boar Inn. This is the spot that he'd finally meet Galethorn Aren for the first time ever, still, he was under the guise of Gabriel D'Arcania. The two talked about traveling and what Galethorn was after, Gabriel recognized his features as looking familiar, Arenlike. He had shrugged this off, instead, he listened to a story Galethorn had to tell. 
Gabriel meets Galethorn Aren

Gabriel with Galethorn Aren

Galethorn's tale? It was called the Soul Theif and the Elf. It was, unbeknownst to Gabriel, Galethorns own story. It was about a lot of hard work for a relationship, a snake as well as a few other implications. There was war and fighting, Gabriel could only place the setting as to being in the God Wars. Galethorn's tale ended in manner of "Life sucks." This left Gabriel wondering about the tale, but he didn't have time to think on it: he only continued conversation until interruption by a man named Chance. Chance asked them both of their profession, Galethorn responded by saying he didn't have one, but he was in the military. Gabriel responded by saying he was into business, though he had fought in a military style setting before.

And so, while Gabriel was gone at the bar, drinking some blue mixture, Paula had returned home, after the meeting with the creepy Duke of Lumbridge and she recieved a surprise visitor, Rebeckah Blackthorn. She had brought Gabriel's son, and her own, Aiden, with her. She and Paula had a long, awkward conversation, and finally, Gabriel arrived after a near heart attack. He was very surprised to see Rebeckah, and his son and Paula had possessively began to rub his neck, all Gabriel could do is stand there and watch, occasionally talking to Aiden and Rebeckah after the latter had referred to her as something he hadn't heard in some time, she called him her "sun and stars".

Rebeckah had explained why she had brought Aiden to Paula's home, and Paula had explained that she and Gabriel were married. Rebeckah had brought Aiden due to the problems within her family, knowing that Taerwin would probably kill a child she had born, and she was mostly right. So, after a while, Gabriel had been screaming inside the whole time, his former love had returned and he didn't know what to do. As she was leaving, Gabriel quickly pulled her into an emotional embrace and bade her farewell, it was all he could do, what they had was gone. Gabriel and Paula took in Aiden and.. to be continued.

Aside from this, Gabriel left to drink a bit in Falador Bar, because he could. After meeting a few people, he left and contacted Paula, who came and retrieved him, bringing him home to rest and watch the kids while she did some things. With this, Paula had brought some man in for questioning, and she ended up killing him. So, Paula contacted him, telling that she had killed a man, Gabriel offered what solace he could through telepathy, saying that only monsters kill without feeling. Gabriel still had trouble believing that he was nay anything but a monster.

Paula reassured him, and the two continued to talk more and more and soon enough. After a bit, Gabriel and Paula became a bit more flirtatious in their antics, Paula telling him that he needed to do more work, while Gabriel replied by telling her that he was going to show her what it meant to be an Everric. Paula knocked at the door and told him through telepathy to take her. Gabriel rushed down the stairs and quickly opened the door and taking her into his arms, and the two continued to flirt, Gabriel saying that he thought she going to make him do all the work. Paula replying with a "I can do a bit." before she tugged off the rest of his clothes and the two continued their journey.

For the first time Gabriel saw the kids sleep together, and he smiled before he and Paula went out for some drinks. Not long after, the two spent the night together before departing from each other again, Gabriel going to take care of some family business. They departed with a goodbye kiss and Gabriel scooted off to Yanille.

Gabriel returned from Yanille, teleporting into the Varrock Square while on his way home. He found that Victoria and Kristina Everric were talking in the Square and the three struck up conversation, Gabriel had been the instigator. They seemed slightly distrustful, as Gabriel was a Sentry of the House. He remained friendly as he talked to them about Robert's injuries, the Crusade and several other things. He smiled and wished them good luck before leaving off to talk with Paula on Caelestis' death.

He didn't find her there and instead went off to talk to Dylan Rovin on trade agreements with Shilo Village and The new Ogreland Province that he had established.

After departure he went home to Paula, finding that she was wearing the dress mean for the honeymoon. He didn't quite notice, he needed to tell someone about Cael's death, and he did. Paula took him upstairs and left him to lay down, but Gabriel stopped her and asked her if she had somewhere to be. He told her he didn't want to be robbed by the presence of his beautiful wife.

She said she had no intention of it, and he told her to return what she had stolen. This was only after she had already come back to the bed and wrapped an arm around him. They then did the usual Paula and Gabriel things as well as some planning for their Honeymoon.


Gabriel was studying one night when he was contacted by Paula, who had a meeting with the king of Falador and Anglia, now Godric Grey, who had attended their wedding. Paula informed him that she had also been met with her ex, Leon Grey, who was the biological father of Grant and Aurora. This had upset him slightly, coupling with the work and stress of his studies and combat training. Aside from this, he had decided not to return home as his studies were getting the best of him and he had passed out a few times. After helping a young girl named Jasmine get signed up for the Institute, he returned home to Paula.

It was later at night and he unlocked the door, Paula was sleeping; careful not to wake her, he moved through the doorway and promptly shut it, still with an awkward feel to him. He walked up the stairs to check on the kids, something that lightened his mood was to see little Aiden snuggling with Aurora and Grant. Gabriel returned downstairs to see Paula, it was something he couldn't stand, being away from her. He moved over to her and tapped on her shoulder, whispering in her ear. She awoke, still tired, looking up at him and asking if it was actually him. She could sense something was on his mind and she asked him about it. He sat back down and then looked over to her, scooting a bit closer to her and wrapping his arms around her waist, nuzzling into her a bit more until comfortable.

After he pressed a kiss into her hair, the pair talked a bit more and then fell asleep. In the middle of the night, Gabriel jolted awake, it was a sort of nightmare, he was a bit sweaty and his heart was pounding. Paula was awakened by this as well and she had gotten a different idea, that he was excited about something else. Gabriel realized what she was thinking after he calmed down and he cuddled back into her, which she responded by turning and burying her head into his shoulder and rubbing his hair, a place she knew very well was an erogoneous zone for her.

He persisted at rubbing her back as the two talked a little, exchanging the usual playful banter, to where Gabriel played the innocent one this time. Each of Paula's advances were shot down ever so casually, but, not shot down to the point where he made it clear he'd give up. Only things like "I don't think mother would approve" and "I don't like where this is going" was said as Paula suggested they go back to the house Garrett Praven had left them. She took his hands and dragged him over, more "innocent protesting" came from him, though he still didn't resist at all physically.

So, after reaching the house, she led him directly upstairs, Gabriel commented on the memories that had been past made in the house. Paula had suggested they make more, and she'd show him whilst dragging him over to the bed. She firstly, unbuttoned his cloak, only more feigned groans and protests coming from his end. She only continued to undress and disarm him, eventually doing the same to herself, with Gabriel protesting until the very first kiss initiated by Paula, as she wanted to shut him up. So, she dragged him onto the bed and they did something they were both very good at.

After a very long morning, the two posted up on the bed and he began to play around, asking what he owed her. Paula responded by telling him he owed her four days of watching their kids, and four days of more of what they had just done. Gabriel once again decided he was feeling "rebellious" (trolly is a better way to put it) and continued to poke fun, even when Paula had rolled on top of him. She poked fun at him as well and finally, he ended up back on top of her. Finally, all became serious and they rolled back onto their sides, looking at one another. The emotions were high and Paula explained to him that she was going to be leaving for Morytania soon, and after a long, emotional conversation, the two embraced for a while and then went their separate ways.

After Paula's departure to visit the King for whatever reason she had, Gabriel returned home to watch the kids. Gabriel was looking through books he thought would be good to read to the kids when he received a knock on the door. He answered it, revealing Barrister Doe, one of Paula's fellow Eagle Riders.

Gabriel greeted him rather flatly, due to the man making himself at home. The two held some conversation for a bit and finally, Gabriel asked about the axe, to which Barrister explained after Gabriel had the kids go upstairs, setting little Aiden up there himself. Barrister told Gabriel that every member of their organization carried one, and Paula carried the one that her first lover carried.

Gabriel was just a bit disappointed to hear that, as they always said they were each others "one and only." A jealous man in his own right, Gabriel seemed discomfited by that news. But, this was worsened by the arrival of Omen, who stated he was delivering love letters by request of Paula, from Mr. Faetugo as well.

Gabriel was about done there, after Omen had left also telling Gabriel that Barrister and Paula used to be lovers as well. Gabriel opted to give Barrister some money so he could get a drink at the nearest bar after Barrister had suspiciously tried to burn the letters.

Per his departure, Gabriel sat at their dining table, folding his arms and putting his face in his hands. Not long after, Paula returned with a new axe and Faetugo's axe still on her waist. She sat down next to Gabriel, being blissfully unaware of the situation. Gabriel proceeded to confront her about both the letters and the axe. He wasn't sure if he was more upset about the fact she still kept the axe, or supposedly had the letters delivered.

He had lain all of his cards out on the table that he could recall. Why couldn't she? This was his main conflicting factor, and to him, it was nearly as bad as cheating. At least he had spoken of Rebeckah and his child with her, and when she came to visit it wasn't such a terrible surprise. No, he was about through, a passionate impulsive young man, Gabriel stood and moved towards the door, he needed a drink.

Paula darted and ran in front of him as he was reaching for the doorknob, which he had gotten to. She proceeded to talk to him, pleading for him to stay. He told her multiple times to do whatever she wanted. After a bit of resistance on his part, he finally said "Have fun on your trip" as he went to pull on the door again. Paula kinda nudged his hand away from it with her hips and then wrapped her arms around him as she went to push him towards the table. He was pushed back gradually and finally she sat them down. Paula continued to plead with him, and Gabriel continued to be passive, he didn't want to hear it. She continued to press on and finally, at her own choice, she tossed her ex-lover's axe away.

Gabriel was still angry, his emotions were that of fear, jealousy, anxiety and many other things. Finally, Paula explained to him what had happened during the events of the Vampyric invasion of Misthalin and how she was requested to help. This time, Paula leaned in for the kiss, only to be rejected again. He shook his head, unable to speak. Paula then recommended he follow his own advice, that which he gave to Mercutio and Sam. She had already been freaking out during this, but, this time? All was calm, and she moved in for the kiss once more. It was received with reluctance, however, he couldn't stand it. She was so beautiful to him, every glance at her seemed to melt him a little. After-all, he wasn't able to look up at her until a few sentences ago. He, very slowly, resigned into the kiss, returning it with an ever growing ferocity. It was one that few have seen and none but Paula have ever received.

He pulled her onto his lap, oh how great it was to feel her weight on him comfortably. It wasn't long after that he picked her up and set her on the table, keeping very close to one another. One better believe that he would have taken her then and there. He was holding onto her tightly when the table went "crack" and almost collapsed in two. They paused, laughing it off before Gabriel carried her off to Garrett's.

Into the Void 

Void Knights PSV

Gabriel (left) and other Void Knights PSV led by Captain Remus (Center) into combat

After settling down with Paula in their marriage a bit more, Gabriel found it confortable to leave and begin his squireship within the Void Knights after the birth of Emilee, David and Delilah; he was now serving closely alongside several other members, even through all of the boring, tedious squire-work.  Upon joining up with both the Crux Eqal, and the Void Knights Pax Sumnium Vallutae, Gabriel's Guthixian Ideals had only strengthened in their nature, and he continued to fight against the enemies of balance.

Including this, Gabriel has taken part in the hunting of the Worshipper's God-General, the Kronesian. The Kronesian's death, in Gabriel's own opinion, would usher in a new Era of some sort of peace. Thus far, Gabriel has stayed out of the affairs of the Argrevian Empire, and Argrevia's fall, though he is still happy to do so. Gabriel's service with the PSV was short lived, though he still remained heavily as a contact as he left to take care of his kids. Currently he serves as a member of both the Crux Eqal and the PSV to make sure that everything remains okay.



Delving into the Deep

Gabriel, while out on a walk, found himself in a skirmish with several bandits, and killed the majority of them until two were left. That was about when Paula walked out, and asked him not to kill any more of them. Soon after incapacitating one and allowing the other to flee, Lucifer Everric appeared and killed the last two whilst offering them a special opportunity before leaving. Paula decided to decline the offer, Gabriel agreed at first, but after more thinking, thought it would be good to stop what his cousin was offering.


This section describes Gabriel's personality from past and present.


Gabriel as a young man was a protective, happy and friendly boy, not straying too far away from his twin, looked up to as the top dog of the family compared to the others, highly protective of his siblings. His father Richard was his favorite parent, compared to Niki, whom he loved, but ended up hating. His favorite sibling being his twin brother Arkaevum, with the close seconds being Kennith and Griffen. In the next year after the death of his father, he became more grown up, seeing how harsh life was, becoming much more stoic and hellbent on revenge, succumbing to his darker, more chaotic side, though now that he's achieved his revenge, he has decided it was best to try to leave the past behind.


With this, Gabriel left to find himself, traveling to Yanille and was sent to Aspera Academy for three years, he learned a few new things, and even after all that happened, Gabriel learned how to control himself, becoming much more charismatic, warm and friendly. Gabriel has learned that his impulse leads to many mistakes and flaws in his life, as well as heartache. Gabriel has tried to suppress this notion by becoming a more logical minded fellow, which has led to apathy on a certain degree and it sometimes outweighs his usual impulsive mannerisms. Gabriel has come to rely on his emotions more and more as his relationship with Paula develops and he gets to know Aurora and Grant a little better. Gabriel is of a Chaotic Good alignment, and he tries his best to respect the wishes of his family, after all, he's selfish, but at the same time he can be just as selfless. Gabriel, despite all he's been through also has an alright sense of humor.

You're going to grow up to be a fine young man. You give these old bones hope; wear your name well, Gabriel.

–Cyrus Everic, to Gabriel


This decribes Gabriel's overall appearance. 
Gabriel and Paula Everric

Paula and Gabriel in their more formal attire.


Gabriel is a tall, slender, yet well-muscled individual. His features are heavily chiseled and sculpted from his former rigorous self-exercise and training regimen. He stands at a height of six-foot and five inches. He is very conscious about his figure, but more conscious about staying in shape in mind and body, and prides himself on not only his appearance in body, but his strength of mind, as his ambition and avarice keep him going in such a way. Gabriel also has skinnier legs and a nice thigh gap, as well as being said to be quite well-hung. Gabriel has scars all over his back and arms from his capture and torture as well as his other escapades.

Facial Features

Gabriel has a narrower facial structure, a bit more pointed than others. This is coupled with a high, squared-off jawline, symbolizing, in most cases, that he can take a punch. He has a thin set of lips, which are a lighter shade of pink. His nose is a bit short, and comes off at a bit rounded, with a slight point to it. His ears are ever-so-slightly pointed, hinting at his Elven heritage. Gabriel's slender eyes are also a bright lime-green, and he is thought to have some of the brightest eyes in the family, some say it's because he has the brightest mind in the family as well. His hair is jet-black, and usually kept in a mess while he sports a red, or a crimson headband. He has recently cut it a bit more per suggestion of his love interest, Paula Rovin.

You're not too bad yourself. Maybe you should cut that wild hairs of yours. It could do wonders.

–Paula Rovin, to Gabriel on his appearance


Gabriel's usual travelling attire consists of: a brown set of slacks, with a series of pouches that hang at the belt, where he carries a series of rune pouches, to which he can always quickly draw runic energy without any problem; a red robe, hooded and ornate, with a goldish-orange trim and some bits of metal lined here and there, as well as gems encrusted into the arms, topaz to be exact. The topaz's are enchanted with several different spells, namely they are used to draw energy faster, but it is unknown if they truly work. The robes themselves, once ornate are now stained with blood, singed, torn and tattered.

He also wears a white cloak, with some enchanted leaves on the top as a decoration, and a twig design on it as well. This has since been replaced with a Sentry's Cloak with the High Order Family Crest on. It is quite tattered and torn as well, as he has worn it in the same combat situations as the robe top. Gabriel's padded leather undergarment is brown and sleeveless, plain and simple, though it has a sash on it where he carries a few more pouches of runes on the occasion. He also wears a set of bracers and spiked gauntlets to couple with his armour.

Aside from his usual travelling attire, when at a more formal event, or at home, he wears a more noble outfit, a paler, creamier green color with white fur lining it, it has a defined cummerbund, and is has some bits and pieces of leather in it.


Gabriel wears a variety of different armours for different situations; and all are designed for different situations. Gabriel's favorite armor is likely his rogue's leather set, made for both a ranger and a mage.


This section covers Gabriel's abilities in magic, mind and body as well as his weaknesses.


Magic. All the world's secrets. The Anima Mundi, Oneiromancy, Divination, Summoning. I wish to master them all.

–Gabriel, Commentary on Magic

Gabriel prepares

Gabriel charges magic

Gabriel is, perhaps, one of the most skilled young mages of his time. Being of the blood of the Everric who boast descent from the Moon Clan, the Seers, the Druids, the Elves, the Children of Mah and the Icyene, Gabriel is thought to have a natural affinity for magic.

Nature Magic

Nature Magic is something that Gabriel had picked up from his mother, Niki, perhaps the only thing that he believes keeps him semi-connected to her.

  • Floramancy- Gabriel is a skilled Nature Mage and, at most times when he wants to subdue a foe quickly, this is what he uses, making use of Vines for the most part.
  • Faunamancy- Gabriel has not quite picked up this school, and he sees little use for it, though he can use it to have a better communication with animals. However, he may never understand the truest parts of this part of the skill.

Elemental Magic

Gabriel began his training in elemental magics from when he could walk and he has learned more and more.

  • Pyromancy- Gabriel is well-versed in the study of Pyromancy, and he has devoted much of his free time to it, however, like everything else he is no master.
  • Aeromancy- Gabriel is rather decent at Air magic, and he likes to use this in fights to keep him more agile and augment his speed.
  • Geomancy- Gabriel, as well as being a Nature Magician, Gabriel is also a well-off geomancer, being able to manipulate earth rather well.

Ancient Magick

Under the studies at the Wizard's Guild, with the right teachers, Gabriel has acquired a basic knowledge of the four main elements of the Ancient Spellbook, and continues to practice it. The teaching has been further elaborated upon by the Arens and Garrick Everric. 
Gabriel charges magic

Gabriel charges a spell.

  • Umbramancy- Shadow Magic, Gabriel is a powerful shadow manipulator and he has focused much of his time on the study of it. Though, with sharp mind, Gabriel is able to recognize the use of it, his use of it seems to lack and will lack.
  • Cruomancy (Hematomancy)- Blood Magic, a magic that Gabriel scarcely uses, though he has killed many with it through the method of draining, or using it as a solid weapon, though he has only been seen using it when "The Rage" kicks in and he loses control.

Lunar Magic

A skill that Gabriel is gradually learning under the tutelage of several of the Everric's top Lunar Mages, including Cyrus and Michael Everric. He has discovered mostly the abilities of telepathy at a younger age and can use it when he pleases.

  • Telepathy- Gabriel is a learned telepath, and he has found himself able to communicate with any and all who are open to do so. However, with stronger mental barriers placed, it is easy to keep Gabriel out.
  • Oneiromancy- Oneiromancy is the magic of dreams, Gabriel is quite interested in its studies and he has begun his studies on the magic as well as learning how to induce sleep, it is a work in progress.
  • Teleportation- Gabriel has learned how to utilize group teleportation methods and uses it occasionally, though he has learned that the more people he takes, the more drained he becomes and he uses it less.


As all studies, Gabriel has gained knowledge on Necromantic rituals and is able to identify, without actually practitioning it himself, he's been taught a minor amount of this by both Ingram and Galen Everric.

  • The Heart- Gabriel is capable of ripping a man (or woman's) heart from their chest and crumble it to dust or place them  under his control.

Dark Magics

Dark Magics are magics that are seen as obscene or unacceptable by normal standards, usually this encompasses Witchcraft, even Necromancy. Gabriel has a bit to learn about the "Dark Magics" but, he can recognize them when he sees them.

Miscellaneous Magicks

There are a few different types of Magicks that Gabriel knows that can't quite be classed in any spellbook, and these are as follows:

  • Arcane Magic- Gabriel is being taught Arcane Magic by Rennik Lovell, though he shows promise, he seems to have trouble harnessing it.  
    Gabriel with Arcanic Magic

    Gabriel tries Arcane Magic

  • Law Magic- Gabriel has learned many applications of this school from his own self teaching from his mothers spellbooks, levitating books while reading them and other types of things, showing incredible promise. The training from the Windblade showed him how to use it properly and manipulate gravity itself. He has recieved further training at the Aren Arcane Institute. Gabriel's main usage for this is to augment his hand to hand blows and every law magic punch is enough to knock two normal men out cold.
  • Divination-  Though, not technically a school of magic, Gabriel's first start in Divination was his attempt to draw Divine Tears from the Battle of Lumbridge's site, Gabriel has stored up copious amounts of energy, though he does it less now, he still tries to do it most of the time. He has only done this for a year and has stockpiled in it, and he has not tried doing more of it for some time.


Even as the body fails and the skin is reduced to wrinkles, the mind is still the key to controlling your enemies and keeping your friends. With the mind, there are no limits.

–Gabriel Everric, on the state of mind

Gabriel has one of the sharpest minds of his time, a brilliant strategist with a gilded and jeweled tongue, Gabriel's mental capabilities are some of his valuable features. Gabriel values the strength of his mind more than any other thing. Gabriel's inquisitive mind and his avarice lead him to want more knowledge rather than material possessions, and he's content with what he has.

  • Genus Level Intellect- Gabriel's intellect far exceeds most that he comes into contact with, even some of the most learned scholar, his problem solving skills are unmatched within his family.
  • Photographic Memory- Gabriel has a photographic memory, being able to draw and describe anything that he sees without little trouble, this greatly helps in his learning.
  • Ambidexterity- Gabriel is an ambidextrous fighter, being able to use both hands and fight leading with either, in his mind, he has cross dominance. This allows him to also draw with both hands and write at different times.
  • Multilingualism- Gabriel is able to speak several languages, these include: Common (Fluent) Elven Bastardization (Semi-Fluent), The Infernal Language(Fluent in the spells he casts, otherwise semi-fluent), and Karamjan (Semi-Fluent).


Gabriel with Valluta Blade

Gabriel wielding his Valluta Blade

A sound mind and a strong body, it is my pride to keep my body in the correct shape I need it, only then will I be able to keep my mind as sharp as I need it to be.

–Gabriel, on physical traits.

Gabriel has a very fit body and he's thought to be in peak physical condition for his age. He prides himself on keeping his body fit and believes that his physique goes in hand with a strong mind.

  • Scrapping- Gabriel as a young man used to brawl with his his twin all the time, the two consistently did this whenever he was home and whenever they fought, this was further learned during his training in the Windblade.
  • Bladesman- Gabriel has put more focus onto training swordplay. He is now a master swordsman, and is proficient in most weapon types.
  • Physicality- Gabriel, still as a youth, is in nearly perfect physical condition, as he engages in a near-daily running and exercise routine which changes up every day in a few different ways, along with this he has several different courses he uses to keep his body in shape as it is needed to keep up with his personal ideals. Though, even with this, it leaves him as a lighter weight fighter and therefore, unable to take more hits.
  • Martial Arts- He has trained under several masters, inluding the Ali's, knowing basic moves from many styles, he is a decent hand to hand fighter though magic is his strong suit.


Gabriel with Mercutio and Janelle

Gabriel along with Mercutio and Janelle

My friends...My curses... They are my strength. They are my doom.

–Gabriel, on weaknesses

  • Avarice- Gabriel is extremely ambitious, coupling with his intelligence and his lust for knowledge, it is one of Gabriel's main flaws and leads to his apathy and logic over passion.
  • Anger- Gabriel is usually very calm and collected, but when he gets angry, everyone knows all hell will be let loose, and he loses control, killing all those he registers as an enemy.
  • Apathy- Gabriel's secondary "curse." His apathy is seen as a problem by his family members, and is a result of his idea of trying to think more logically than others.
  • Impulse- Gabriel's personality dictates that he is impulsive, but, due to his circumstances, Gabriel tries his best to think logically. The impulse and logic are almost at the whim of a coin flip, and whichever wins becomes what he does.
  • Humanity- As a human, Gabriel is subject to all weaknesses and physical limits that humans have. With this, he is subject to diseases and sickness.
  • Curse of Rage- When Gabriel gets into combat, he enters an enraged state seeming to augment his power, but leave him extremely weak after leaving it as well as vulnerable to attacks whilst in the state. This state can also be invoked by the Infernal, Dagon, at will.
  • Overconfidence- Gabriel, in combat becomes rather overconfident, and if he is winning, he may continue to taunt his enemies.
  • Friends- It can be said that Gabriel's friends are his weakness, Gabriel is wreckless enough to take an arrow, or a spell to save the life of a friend.
  • Aquamancy- Gabriel cannot use water magic, especially not in combat, and the one time he did use it and won, was out of complete luck and a charge for almost ten minutes. He absolutely dreads it.
  • Fumamancy- Smoke magic, although Gabriel has a basic concept on smoke, he can't seem to use it well, nor does he show potential for it.
  • Glaciemancy- Ice magic, although Gabriel has a basic concept on how to use it, he's rubbish at it.
  • Chaos Magic- Gabriel has not shown much promise in the school of Chaos Magic, and confuse spells and such have seemed to backfire when he's tried.
  • Healing- Gabriel tried to use healing once and expended more energy than he needed, as well as only harming his friend further.
  • Lunar Misc.- Baking pies and household-Esque magics are not Gabriel's strong suit.
  • Summoning- Gabriel once tried summoning, he couldn't get a grasp on it, so both he and his teacher quit.
  • Lunar Combative- The more damaging type spells utilized by Lunar Mages are not at all Gabriel's strong suit, and when he tried to use a "Vengeance" spell, it ended up backfiring with Gabriel bleeding all over the place.
  • Physical Weakness- Gabriel, even though he has a very great physical form, the weakness he has is taking hits from more powerful non-magical attacks. Gabriel was once take down by Gonad in a single punch, Gabriel cannot be hit in combat or else he loses most focus or has chance to be knocked out.
  • Archery- Gabriel, hands down, cannot use a bow and arrow unless possessed.
  • Crossbows- Gabriel may have good aim with magic, but with a crossbow? Good luck.
  • Blunt Weaponry- Gabriel is not good with fighting with most weapons, although he did okay with a wooden spoon as well as a frying pan, you won't see him with a mace.
  • Armor Wearing- Gabriel hasn't been trained to wear armor and couldn't use it properly to save his life.


This section covers Gabriel's Romances, past and present.


Paula Everric-Rovin 

Paula and Gabriel

Gabriel and Paula

Paula is a tall half-icyene/half-elf crossbreed with brown hair and pale blue eyes. Paula and Gabriel met during the most recent Vampyre Conflicts in Misthalin where the Foryx and Vaeyl Covens crossed the Salve. Gabriel was a late arrival and was watching the house of Caelestis Grey and Garrett Praven. They entered the house while Gabriel happened to be inside, reading, he had noted the clouds and he stuck to the house.

Upon sight, he fell for her and even though everything was professional at first, he ended up giving her a flower at first by use of Nature Control, and then exclaiming that he found her very attractive.

Not long after, Paula had prospect of relations with him. The two eventually shared a kiss and their relationship took off from there, and they, like a good couple should and with assistance, the two ended up spending some time alone together in a friends mansion. Gabriel loves her very much. After all they'd been through, and the reception of blessings from both sides, the two became engaged. Not long after, the two were wed in Varrock Palace Gardens with two families and other friends gathered.

Married life for the two is filled with a lot of excitement, and promiscuity. The two are constantly caught up in their duties, between family affairs and their other responsibilities, such as Gabriel's service to the Void Knights, the two cherish what little time they have together. They also have had a set of triplets together, as well as raising their other kids as well, whom they respectively treat as their own.


Gabe's relationships never last very long.

–Mercutio Delimino, just before Gabriel punched him.

Rebeckah Blackthorn

Most possibly Gabriel's true first love, Rebeckah is a fiery redhead with bright blue eyes. She and Gabriel met when he was ten at Aspera tower, she was only two months younger than he was. She was his first crush, though they didn't share their first kiss until they were sixteen.

Their first and only sexual encounter was when they were both eighteen years old and had just graduated from the Academy. Gabriel had waited up for her, though she loved him, she, by the urging and pressure of Rennik, was not allowed to be with him, and so she left, taking their lovechild with her and disappearing.

Mia Vere

A fair skinned, black haired and cobalt blue eyed girl. She was a year younger than Gabriel, and they met when she came to request a job to support her sickly father. The two spent a lot of time together working in the yard.

She was the first girl that Gabriel slept with. Their romance lasted a span of about six months, between Gabriel's exploits in the Windblade and his other miscellaneous activities, they had some issues to be resolved. They experienced a break up just after they had their six month "anniversary." Mia had twins with Gabriel.

Amber Derikson

A fair skinned, amber-eyed and black haired girl. She and Gabriel have known each other for longer than any other. Though, their relationship never got past the lingering baby crush.

Cersei Blackthorn-Cross

Gabriel and Cersei had a brief affair as they both call it.. their "escapades". They tried to work something out, but alas, Cersei found that she was actually in love with Arathorn, and Gabriel was still in love with Rebeckah Blackthorn.

Adrianne Gaspar

A brown hair, tan-skinned and brown eyed woman nearly twice Gabriel's age. They met in Falador Bar, and once Gabriel got passed her shyness, they ended up in a passion-filled, adventurous relationship.

Though they had only been together for a short time, Gabriel loved her very much. Adrianne eventually disappeared one night and Gabriel had presumed her dead ever since, which left him in a bit of a depression once more.

Notable Relations


  • Paula Everric-Rovin- Gabriel's wife, best friend and lover. Gabriel has fallen in love with Paula, and it was faster than he ever could have expected. She reciprocates these feelings, and the two have had quite the interesting journey so far.
    • Grant Rovin-Everric- Paula's son and Gabriel's adoptive son.
    • Aurora Rovin-Everric- Paula's daughter, the adoptive daughter of Gabriel.
    • Aiden Everric-Rovin-Gabriel's son, named for the deceased Aiden Bennett. He is now being raised by Gabriel and Paula after being left by Rebeckah.
    • Layla Vere- Gabriel's son by Mia, twin to Zane.
    • Zane Vere- Gabriel's son by Mia, twin to Layla.
    • Emilee Everric-Rovin- Paula and Gabriel's daughter, eldest of the triplets.
    • Delilah Everric-Rovin- Paula and Gabriel's daughter, middle of the triplets.
    • David Everric-Rovin- Paula and Gabriel's daughter, youngest of the triplets.
Gabriel with Paula and Cyrus

Gabriel with Paula and Cyrus

  • Ariston Everric- Gabriel's ancestor, the first Everric. Slowly, as Gabriel follows Ariston's trail throughout the world, he learns more of his bloodlines, and more of Ariston's teachings.
  • Arkaevum Everric- Gabriel's twin brother. Before the death of their parents, they were rarely seen without one another. They have that "twin telepathy" type deal where they can anticipate one another's words and finish sentences, where subtle facial expressions, nods and smirks were their own secret language.
  • Cyrus Everric- Cyrus is a very distant cousin of Gabriel. He is the son of Gabriel M. Everric, and Gabriel has taken an interest in finding out more about the man he was named for.
  • Garrick Everric- Gabriel's paternal great-great grandfather, a skilled mage, and the now, Guildmaster of the Aren Arcane Institute.
  • Michael Everric- Gabriel's paternal great-great-great grandfather, and the father of Garrick Everric. Gabriel is steadily learning Lunar Magic under his close guidance, though he's not learning as quickly as he hopes to.
  • Rennik Lovell- Gabriel's boss, the head of the Everric Family's Vanguards. He and Gabriel have a distant type of relationship.
  • Arathorn Everric- Gabriel's distant cousin, a powerful arcane and blood Mage, the two are a bit distant, but Arathorn keeps tabs on Gabriel, and he does so in return. Arathorn sees him as sort of a rival.
  • Stuart Everric- Gabriel's paternal Uncle and former legal guardian. The Everric's Misthalani head, a hard working, drinking man. He took Gabriel and his siblings in, knowing that it would be a strain on his cash. Gabriel has a lot of love and respect for Stuart, and in return, Stuart sees Gabriel as his favorite nephew.
  • Kennith Everric- Probably one of Gabriel's favorite siblings, little Ken, an aspring rogue. He thinks that Ken will grow up to be quite a charmer.
  • Griffen Everric- One of Gabriel's favorite siblings, Griffen is one of the youngest brothers of the family, and Gabe is very protective of him. Gabriel sees fit to teach him and others.
  • Melody Everric- Melody is Gabriel's little sister, as Gabriel has always been viewed as the leader, he has always taken care of her and the rest. Melody is inherently Gabriel's favorite sister.
  • Ravalan Everric- The youngest brother of the family, whom Gabriel is also very protective of, he is quite the angry little boy and likes to cause mischief wherever he feels like.
  • Alexander Everric- The Everric's current Arch-Mage, and the teacher of Griffen. Gabriel and Alexander are distant.
  • Kristina Everric- A distant cousin that Gabriel met at Aspera, they have only recently re-established contact.
  • Lexxi Everric- Gabriel's youngest half-sister, Gabriel has a lot of love for her as well as his other younger siblings.
  • Selene Everric- Gabriel's distant older cousin, a powerful Witch. She and Gabriel know little about one another.
  • Jade Everric- Gabriel's distant cousin, and a member of the Sanctum of Heroes. He's convinced she has a crush on him.
  • Caedmon Everric- Gabriel's older half-brother, the son of Robert. He and Gabriel remain distant, and they haven't made much attempt to re-establish contact.
  • Allannah Everric- A friend of Gabriel's, and his cousin. The two are both students at the Institute together.
  • Janelle Everric- A friend of Gabriel's, and his cousin. Janelle is an archer, like John.

Deceased (Family)

  • Richard Everric- Richard was Gabriel's father, a farmer who seemed to have no magical affinity. He followed the ideals of his grandfather, Claude, and his father Bartholomew. He was slain by Bandosian Attackers.
  • Niki Everric- Niki was Gabriel's eccentric mother, a Lunar Mage and Moon Clan descendant. She taught him magic from infancy. Gabriel had once loved her but learned that she was a cheater and a slut. She was killed when the Everric Farmhouse collapsed upon her while in search for Lynette.
  • Lynette Everric- Lynette Gabriel's older-half sister, who Gabriel used to take care of until they were older. The two were at odds with one another for some time, and remained at odds until her supposed death. For some time, she was believed to be dead, but she was in the mountains until she was found by one of the Order of Virtue members, Jillian Reese, blind. Lynette was found and slain during the Vyre's invasion of Varrock.
  • Blaez Everric- Gabriel's younger brother by two years. He was slain in the attack on the family's farm. In life, Gabriel did his best to watch over him, but at one point, he came home with a Goblin, and he was thought to be the cause of it all.


And it never will be.

–Mercutio Delimino, on his friendship with Gabriel

  • Rebeckah Blackthorn- A friend from Gabriel's stay at Aspera and a former member of his Partisan Magi. She the mother of Gabriel's biological son, and former love interest.
  • William Blackthorn- Rebeckah's younger brother and a good friend of Gabriel's. He is the Commander of Gabriel's Partisan Magi.
  • Mercutio Delimino- A childhood friend of Gabriel's. He and Gabriel attended the Wizard's tower and then Aspera together for a while before Gabriel was pulled out and Mercutio was left at Aspera. After a year or two, Mercutio ran off and wasn't seen again until after Gabriel's second stay at Aspera Tower.
  • Samantha Leotrun- One of the family's oldest friends, and an old friend of Gabriel's, he has pieced together her history little by little.
  • Tangeres Rovin- The full brother of Paula. The two have connected, and Gabriel has his respect for both his cockiness and his strength. As well as this, he has Tang's approval in regards to Paula and Gabriel's relationship.
  • Garth Aren- One Gabriel's magic teachers for three years. Gabriel sees him as rather strange, the two barely make any contact as of late.
  • Caelestis Grey- The fiancé of Gabriel's old friend Garrett, the two are decently close, and he occasionally watches their house.
  • Amber Derikson- Gabriel childhood friend and the Everric's former neighbor and a friend of the family, as they have known one another for quite some time. Despite the age gap,  they have had a baby crush on one another for a long time.
  • Wade Pierce- Wade is not well liked by most of Gabriel's siblings, but nonetheless, Gabriel stays true to his fathers word and sees and treats Wade as a brother and a member of the family. Despite all of the protests and hostility that Wade recieves by his siblings.

Deceased (Friends)

  • Aiden Bennett- Aiden was a member of the Partisan Magi, and a budding pyromancer. He was killed by what he loved most, fire, during a near-botched mission to Karamja.
  • Bridget Keller- A friend of Gabriel's from Aspera and then the Lovell Tower. Bridget was slain by Gabriel himself when Bridget attacked him near the end of his stay at Lovell.
  • Marcus Stone- A friend of Gabriel's from Aspera and then the Lovelll Tower. Marcus was slain by Gabriel himself when Marcus attacked him near the end of his stay at Lovell.


  • Icriulis- An irritable acquaintance, Gabriel holds a strong distaste for Icriulis, thinking he's an idiot for making comments such as "If you put Ice on Vyres, that's technically freezing them." Also, anything he says makes Gabriel spit a sarcastic retort.
  • Taleborne Leotrun- Taleborne attacked Arenvale to try to get back his daughter, Samantha. This automatically made him an enemy of Gabriel and the rest of the Everric.
  • Taleas Leotrun- Taleas has established himself quickly as an enemy of Gabriel as he popped in on the last battle between the Leotrun and the Everric after it was over, blasted Gabriel through a fence and then captured Samantha Leotrun, his former sister.
  • Aralius Everric- An enemy of the Everric and the father of the first Gabriel, Michael and Alexander Everric. He is an evil necromancer and is subservient to Taleborne.



Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around

Johnny Cash The Man Comes Around

  • Gabriel's current known blood is 95% human, 1/31st Elven and 1/63rd Icyenic and 1/511th Mah on his father's side due to his direct descendance from both Flavia and Garrick Everric, whom were both half-Elves as well as Annabelle who was a quarter Icyene and Aralius who was an eighth and Augustus' piece in the bloodline. There is likely more blood found throughout. Despite the low percentage, Gabriel has just ever so slightly pointed ears. Aside from this, Gabriel also descends from the Moon Clan and the Druids.
  • Gabriel's name means "God's might" or "Strong man of God" in Ancient Hebrew. His middle name, Richard, which comes from his father, means "Brave Power."
  • Gabriel is an Aries when it comes to real world astrology.
  • Despite his name, Gabriel does not follow any gods. He has seen the death of three members of his family by the hands of Bandosians; the capture of friends and family by both Saradominist and Zamorakians and has been taught the ideas of the "Free Will" in Ariston's teachings by Rennik Lovell, Cyrus Everric and other Elders in the Everric family.
  • His surname, Everric is derived mostly from Everett, but the name means "Brave Boar." The boar symbolizing the strength and resolve of the family. This is quite fitting because many see Gabriel as very strong magically.
  • Gabriel beat out three other suitors for Paula's hand during the Vampyre Conflicts in Misthalin. These were John Smith (Pyris), Captain Magnus and a strange warrior named Ali.
  • Gabriel also has a very strong, and good voice, though he is relatively soft spoken when he speaks, his singing voice along with most of his family, is rather impressive.
  • Gabriel's favorite passtimes during the days are running, working out and reading, whether it be spellbooks or  history. With all this, he maintains a nice figure and a very sharp mind.
  • Gabriel's two favorite books are Monarchy and Fifty Shades of Varis Grey by both. He owns a copy of each, as well as a copy of Ariston's "A Zarosian's Guide to Dominating the Bedroom."
  • Gabriel is a strong believer in nature and the Anima Mundi, aiming to be attuned in his magics with nature the best he can, with this, most believe he's either a Guthixian or a Serenist, despite this, he is neither.
  • His favorite colours are red and green, many ooc'ly referring to his usual attire as looking like a Christmas tree.
  • Gabriel was the First Everric character ever created, and is thought to have the most potential.
  • Gabriel prefers a strong sentimental relationship over one night stands, and he has only ever had one of the latter, and that was with a girl he was in love with.
  • Gabriel, much like his ancestor, Ariston, has a special interest in Half-Elven Women and mages. He is seen as being a womanizer and a casanova in general in the view of others, although he's only ever been with four women in his whole life, and likes to commit to relationships if made possible.
  • Gabriel was named for Garrick's uncle, Gabriel Matthew Everric, who sacrificed his life in order to stop Aralius from becoming too powerful.
  • Gabriel, as Pain, was a Commander in the Windblade, his first mission as a commander was fighting against the Order of Virtue alongside his brother, Connor and a group of Rogue Kinshra.
  • Gabriel has an intense hatred for Bandosians and creatures of Bandos, during the battle between Armadyl and Bandos, Gabriel teamed with the Godless faction and ambushed where he could. He also has a strong hatred for the gods in general.

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