Frozen Descent
Frozen Decents info picture
Vital statistics
Start 2 Raktuber, Year 5, Sixth Age
End Unfinished
Prerequisites Recruitment
Level Skilled in adventuring
Location Varrock, Blue Moon Inn
Rewards Unknown
Previous Next
None. Unknown

Frozen Descent is the second quest in a player-made plot-line. Characters begin the quest after reading a flier, and speaking with Logan Stasov, who is in charge of the adventuring group.

On the lookout for motivated able bodied men and women in good standing with the law capable and willing to travel for a long period of time into the cold north. Experience preferred...

No guaranteed payment, most possible peril expected. Bring your own gear, clothing and food. Pack for long distance travel and cold weather into negative degrees.

Seek out individual 'Logan Stasov' in the Blue Moon Inn any time after the sun sets during the weekend to inquire about proposed expedition.

Day of Departure

At last, the adventuring party has been assembled and briefed. Everyone who wishes to go was confirmed and approved by Logan at the Blue Moon Inn. Logan had requested that everyone meet outside the Inn early in the morning before sunrise with all of their gear and clothing so they can get a head start for their destination. It is estimated to take approximately two weeks to travel if everyone moves with haste along the road. During the earliest morning, before the sunrise all the applied adventurers were met up with Logan, at the Blue Inn. After the brief catch up on where they're heading, the group proceeded in leaving the city before sunrise.

As they walked through the city, the drizzle would become a pouring rain wetting the group, as well as several guards who are on night shift. After reaching to the western gate only to be stopped to what seemed to be a higher ranking member of the Varrock military. After several talks, and attempt to bypass the guard, only to having to bribe the man to get through. After going outside the city and into the woods, they follow the road to reach the barbarian outskirt. As they kept traveling, the entire day passed reaching the night sky being clear. Son they'd find a small open field that they camp out on. After the group, but one member gathered around to eat and talk, they'd go to sleep where they'd begin their next travel in the morning.

Long road ahead

As morning came, the party headed straight towards Gunnarsgrunn, the barbarian village. Thanks to one of the party member having passed the Fremennik test, they were allowed in, despite being against letting the rest of the outsiders in. After going through the village and escaping a brawl, the group continued towards the road leading to Falador. Soon the part split into two, one setting up camp, with the other scouting ahead for possible attackers. The party had engaged in battle with two "knights" of Falador, which tool awhile to end. The party now rest in their camp, awaiting for the next morning to travel once again.

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