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"Frog Man" is an alias taken up by individuals that possess the identical abilities of the Frog Genome, most notably know to be played by the user Emery Rocks1 on world 42.

Currently the alias is being "split" by the users Jason Mcquad and Marcus Rocks.

Frog Man is Runescape's first legitimate super-hero since 2010, and has spark many others to follow him. As of now there have been 5 people who have portrayed themselves as Frog Man it goes as follows: Emery Rocks the First as the Original Frog Man, Emery Nin as the Amazing/Supreme Frog Man, currently Jason Mcquad as the Spectacular Frog Man, Damien Vorce as The (Rebirth) Supreme Frog Man and Marcus Rocks as the Marauding Frog Man.

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The Original Frog Man
The Original Frog Man.


Defender of Falador.




Augmented Human.


Circle of Heroes.(Disband) White Knights Nin Family (Emery)


Lawfully Good.



The one and only Frog Man! There is almost nobody like him or his abilities and nobility. Frog Man is Falador's Hero, protector of the white walled city. A noble man with considerable inhuman strength, healing, and agility due to his acquired "Frog Genome". Well known by both the people who love him and others who want him dead.

You're nothing more than a thug!

–The Original Frog Man

The Original Frog Man


Frog Man was born when young 23 year-old Emery Rocks the First was traveling after the tragedy of BB Vorce a.k.a Julie Genic. He came across a chemistry shop ran by a old but crazy professor called, Professor Kerns. Kerns was developing a genetic alteration from where humans may gain the ability of regrowing limbs, natural occurring anti-poison, increase agility, and other unknown features from frogs. Emery didn't believe that this "science" can be true. Unfortunately Emery needed money, but he also wanted to prove something, so Kerns asked him to test the experimental Frog Genome. Kerns hooked him up into a chamber with some tubes pinned into his veins and set the machine off starting it's combustion engines and starting pumping the Frog Genome into Emery. During the experiment something went wrong, there were cut wires somewhere in the complex machinery that then set off an explosion so big that the whole place burst into flames. Through the wreckage Emery move the piles of metal piled on to him with huge patches of skin burned thus screaming because of the pain. Surprising the experiment worked as he watched his burned hands grow back flesh and bone! Once he was healed he rushed to Kerns only to find him in his last moments of life. Kerns last words were, "You are my Frog must.. heeel.. people.... in...grea.." and he shortly dies. Emery flees from the scene not wanting to get the blame for it, but ponders on what those last words actually meant.

Once he reached Falador he went into the Rising Sun Tavern for a drink to ease his mind when disaster struck. A Bounty Hunter named Raven Claw was drunk and menacing people in the bar, but no one was able to escort him out because he threaten anyone who even looked at him. Raven grabbed someone and took out his crossbow ready to fire. Emery watched as he began to remember the wrongful execute he ordered that killed Vorce. Emery ran around the bar and found a sharp object to cut off some of his robes and made a makeshift mask to hide his identity. Soon he smashed through the window and challenged Raven Claw. After a tussle and an accidental beer slip Emery manage to win the fight. The shocked women he saved thanked him and asked him for his name, but Emery just looked at her and then ran off.

Dawn of Voltage

A few weeks after stopping Raven, Emery would contemplating what happened in the lab. Emery started to feel stronger, faster, and more agile. The only thing he remember was the machine, the explosion, and Kern's sayinghe know had the Frog Genome. Then he look over to his side an saw green cloth which gave him an idea. After several months of stopping petty crimes Emery found himself making quite of a small name for himself as Frog Man. Going through a couple costume schemes he only found one. One day as he was perching on the roofs of Falador he spotted a strange man wearing yellow robes who was terrorizing a couple of guards, so to Frog Man's expectation he thought it was just another thug. Leaping into action he confronted the man. The man in yellow robes looks up with his eyes somewhat cover with his yellow hat and his beard, saying "Oh you must be the Frog Man. hmmp." With a smart remark Frog Man was not ready for what happened next.

The man shortly later claimed his name was Vectron, after which he shot a gust of electricity at Frog Man from his special enchanted gauntlets. This was Frog Man's first real Villain compared to the petty thugs he fought. Frog Man amazing found a way to beat Vectron by making him fire while drenched in water, and after his first encounter he found a way to slightly adapt his suit to with stand more electric shock. He had many more battles with Vectron and at one point Vectron was killed in a huge battle with the 'Kree'lix.

Then a foolish Alchemist opened The Gate and was sacrificed by the very spirit of Vectron and came back even more powerful with more knowledge. More harsh encounters came with Vectron especially when was on of the many Villains who were brought to ambush Frog Man. Strangely after the last battle before Frog Man was transported to another dimension by Ring Master Vectron is thought to be dead or missing. This was only the begins of strange criminals to come yet.


After Frog Man's encounters with Vectron more "unique" individuals starting to appear all of the cities. Those being the foolish Jester Menace who planted small but dangerous bomb like object over Falador, and it was a race against time for Frog Man to find him and stop the imminate destroy of the city. The notorious speed devil Dash, who left Frog Man in the dust with his enchanted cane that granted him great speed. It took cunning and great agility to stop Dash in his tacks when he planned to rob banks all over Gielinor. At one point Frog Man stumbled across a big hit placed on a couple of individuals and stopped it, but in the process gave a bounty on his head from an assassin's guild leader Vampyre Slayer, whom got 2 other guilds to assist on the hunt for Frog Man, eventually Frog Man managed to stop these organizations but it took great amount of his time and blood.

But at times Frog Man would find help from other Heroes with their own abilities like Razor Claw with his impenetrable armor and razor sharp claws, also the braniac Tooray who always supplies he with the special costumes and items Frog Man needs from unique situations. One of the deadliest encounter must of been by Kexax the crazed mime killer, he has an enchanted blade where as if you would be cut you won't heal until he lets go. This cause a terrible problem for Frog Man because Kexax was cause mass killings in the royal family of Varrock and Frog Man caught word of this and headed straight over there to find Kexax attempting to kill more citizens. Hoping into the scene Kexax addressed himself formally and quickly stroke Frog Man on his leg, but to Frog Man's surprise Kexax knew all about his Healing Factor and the enchantment prevented it from happening which greater hindered Frog Man as Kexax played more mind games with him. Almost bleeding out Frog Man managed to beat Kexax  in the Digsite east of Varrock with his own mind game. Through all of his crime busting Frog Man enraged a powerful man by from the Longclaw family, Nex Longclaw. From stopping Nex's thug from doing their jobs Nex gather most of Frog Man's foes and gathered them together at Draynor Manner and trapped Frog Man to die. He managed to fight most of them off, and was about to get killed but Razor Claw and Beowulf came in to save him.


The Longclaws


There was a point in Frog Man's heroic career where he ran into many super natural beings. Include the incredible Kerien DLR, a demonic human with the ability to summon demons. He was defeated by Frog Man luckily north of Falador from their first encounter, but Kerien summoned a demonic lycan which managed to bite Frog Man gave him a rather strange case of lycanthrophye. He only transformed not by the full moon but when fully enraged, during this time he was not the same person easily angered and at times transformed and cause havoc. He sought temporary help,seeing the the permanent way of getting rid of the unique disease was to kill the beast the bite him, from the Monastery north of Falador he obtained a necklace where it would absorb the demonic rage to prevent Frog Man from turning.

He eventually found the demon lycan with Kerien near the Dwarven outpost where they were trying to steal they metals products. Frog Man fought his best, his rage was building due to the fact Kerien was messing with his head and the demon was destroyed Frog Man's necklace with unleashed the near full form of the demon lycan, close to the brink of his sanity he manage to defeat both Kerien and banishing the demon lycan with the help of a band of monks who ere watching them thus getting rid of the demonic lycanthrope.

Once he recovered weeks later Frog Man would continue his day to day basis of stopping crime when peculiar villain revealed to be Shade. An undead ghost with some tangibility took over Frog Man and used his body to do crimes but Frog Man managed to defeat him and bound his to a ruby necklace in Port Sarim. Shortly after this Frog Man started getting visit from a Nexus being named Ajax who controlled time to keep it balance she needed Frog Man's help to stall a demi-god name Virtix. Knowing the he will surely die if he fought a demi-god he decided to help but to only stall because he himself knew he can't handle that type of power. Virtix the demi-god was trying to take over Falador but he appeared in Daemonhelm where Frog Man was waiting. Leaving destruction in the outpost Frog Man managed to stall Virtix long enough for Ajax to send him back in time. Months pass without any signs of Kerien when a a sailor from Port Sarim comes running to Falador for the search of Frog Man and give him the dreadful news that he was shored upon a raft from the burning ship he once sailed on but conquered by a much stronger Kerien. Frog Man prepared himself from what may have come and rushed over to Port Sarim, to find flames, huge flames. Wizards were contacted from the Wizards tower to help put out the fire, then out of the blaze Kerien walked out and shot a blast of heat towards Frog Man shooting him across a building. Frog Man fought Kerien with what he thought would be easy but once Kerien gave the hint of defeat he revealed his true self. He turned in a greater demon, leaving Frog Man bruised up and with blood, and a torn up costume Frog Man managed to defeat Kerien with the help of the holy necklace made by the monks. Even then this wasn't Frog Man greatest fight bigger ones have yet to come.


The Better Half

After the years Raven Claw lost almost all of his work due to his embarrassing lost against the man who is called Frog Man and looks for anything to give him credibility. Finding himself in Canifis and in the hands of a mad scientist who apparent was the bother of the chemist who gave Emery his amazing Frog Genome. The scientist told Raven that he he did this experiment that he will restore his credibility, making Rqaven comply he was strapped in. The scientist strongly believe that his brother's methods were pitiful, and look for the key specimen somewhere else, lizards. He did horrible things to Raven because this scientist methods were more dark and drastic and eventually added the last bit of the unknown fluid, Raven started to grow scales slowly and painfully and grew twice his size breaking the straps and metal chains and was grated equivalent abilities to Frog Man or even greater. Strength, Healing, Speed, in rage to what the scientist did to him expecting something different he destroyed everything there killing the scientist. Out of the destruction, Raven out of rage created a split personality calling himself Reptilia. Making his way back to Falador he got some rags and covered himself to make him appear like Frog Man and he waiting from him in Falador. Seeing a couple of small time crooks Reptilia saw this as an opportunity to start destroying Frog Man in any way possible. He brutally stopped the crooks from robbing a man and his wife but he gruesomely revealed he was Frog Man and began ripping them to shreds. Frog Man returning from Varrock battling Kexax he found Falador empty and the citizens inside their homes when only one was outside. Reptilia standing on top of the Saradomin statue in the center of Falador juggling the head of the statue smirking with joy that he'll get his revenge on Frog Man. He was stronger and faster than Frog Man but unlike him Frog Man retain the same brain size while Reptilias was shorten thus making Frog Man more clever and less animalistic. Again and again Reptilia would lose against Frog Man in harsh battle many leaving Frog Man with torn costumes and Reptilia in rage claiming that he is the better half of the experiments.


The Kreelix

The Nin Family

Demonic Wraith

The Genic family

Unholy War

Reign of Ringmaster

Death of the First

During the events of The Supreme Frog Man, Xavier Gales sent out letters to The Supreme's Frog Man's allies to notify him that The Original Frog Man also know as his father was captured and being tortured. And if The Supreme Frog Man did not arrive at the destination at the right time he woudl be killed.

Being that the Supreme Frog Man had no real relation to The Amazing Frog Man's father he did not arrive on time while he was working on other things, and The Original Frog Man, Emery Rocks the First was murdered and placed inside Xavier's morgue. The presumed death of the first hero killed in cold blood.

Conduitium Tie-In


  • Mask: A basic green and light green cloth with somewhat enlarged white eyes to mimic his facial expression begin that it was a fitted mask.
  • Torso:A blue leathery coat with extra padding at the shoulders, pectorals, and abdmoinals. Along with a loose necklace holy symbol and a leather belt. Also wore a black cape.
  • Hands: Leather gauntlets with steel plates in the back palms,and forearms.
  • Feet: Leather boots with steel plates on the shins.


  • Healing Factor.
  • Natural occurring Anti-Poison.
  • Great agility.
  • Medium inhuman strength.
  • Cunning.
  • Master of Hand-to-Hand combat.
The Amazing Frog Man
IMG 0454
Emery's son taking up the responsibility of a hero.


Defender of the Innocent.




The Godless Faction The Purgatory The Last Enclave (No longer)


Neutral Good.




Augmented Human.

The Amazing Frog Man

After Emery joined the Nin Family he fell in love with women called Tira Nin, after crazy encounters and strange visits they were able to have a baby. But turns out it was 2 babies! The first Alice Nin and the second Emery Rocks the Second. (But there is a bastard children by the name of Jane Vorce, and Damian Vorce Mother is BB Vorce) When young Emery turn 6 his father though it was time he taught him a few things, and to have the basics of what he knows down. So Emery and his father took a camping trip between Emery's birth city Falador and the Northern Monastery. But to their dismay, Ring Master appeared after his destruction long ago and teleported Emery and his father too a small dying reality where Ring Master ruled all. Quickly Emery had to learn everything his father knew if they were going to survive, and Emery father promise that he will get him out of there, throughout the years his father grew bitter and serious and Emery obnoxious and cocky.

A week after Emery's 19th birthday his father told him that he had to carry on the Frog Man mask and legacy. Then out of the blue ringmaster appears and tackles his father and takes him hostage to a castle. Emery gathers supplies and rushes over to Ring Master's castle, finding few hentchmen and little to no foes. He sees that his father fought of most of them and was at a showdown with Ring Master. Emery wasn't sure what to do so he stands still while Ring Master hatching a dastardly plan. He reveals that the only way he was able to come back to Gielinor was through a prototype machine ((Heroes of Gielinor reference)) that opened a rift temporarily and sucked them in there. With Ring Master;s word play he managed to distract both Emery and his son while he turned on the machines once again fully optimized for larger transportations, while Emery attempts a tackle but stops when Ring Master starts to toy with his mind. Telling him hes no hero he will never be like his father. Which caused Emery to loose his guard and Ring Master throws him into the rift, but the rift then quickly closes when Emery father is seen smashing the machines to finnally have his son out of this reality. Leaving Emery waking up in the middle of the forest where they initially vanished getting up with the supplies he left before which were his father old hat and steel sword and the mask/suit of Frog Man.

Look out! Famous Hero saving the day here!

–The Amazing Frog Man

The Young Detective

Seeing that he had no one now he need some income so Emery used what his father taught him and started a small detective agency consisting of mostly one person. Not only did it get him some decent pay, but it also helped him keep an eye on crime or strange events. Due to being a detective his run into my endeavors thus almost rendering his secret identity useless at times. 


One of his cases involved Pirates stealing from Port Sarim so he found some clues to where some pirates were going to meet in Falador's rising sun. The pirates he was looking for were Tim Stink Eye and a mystery pirate that was only recognized by his unique dog that was once human. Spotting them in the pub, Emery approached them casually, but seeing that they were pirates they paid no mind to Emery since he was considered a landlubber. So to follow these miscreants Emery had to think outside the box. He went to the cloth store in Varrock City purchased many different colors and place an order for a custom made garment, an eye-patch. Once Emery had his pirate disguise he then started looking for a cover crew to help him follow the pirate undetected, that's when he ran into Captain Maria. Capt. Maria proposed to him that he can be part of the crew if he gave in full loyalty. But what Emery didn't know was that the 'big crew' Capt. Maria spoke of was yet to be created. So both Emery and Capt. Maria set out to sea, Emery not only trying to track down the pirates, but also doing what Capt. Maria said to stop here from putting a bullet in his head. Every time they hit a small village Capt. Maria would make Emery and herself steal goods, but in the night when she was sleep Emery would suit up to Frog Man and return them and stop a couple other pirates on the way also.

After a couple of weeks Emery and Capt. Maria came back to Port Sarim, he was getting close to the pirates he now knew that were wanted for slavery and other war crimes, but Capt. Maria kept pushing Emery's buttons and he eventually yelled out and blew his cover. In rage Emery rushed away suited up and went to find the pirates at what he assumed would be the final place they were staying until they went back out to sea. When he reached the Dwarven Mines under Falador he found the 2 pirates waiting and one hostage. Emery soon figured the hostage was Capt. Maria, so he did what he does best as Frog Man fight and save the day. After the smoke from the flint lock pistols cleared, Capt. Maria was saved and the pirate put behind bar, but Emery got 'winged' by a bullet shot but healed shortly after. During this time Capt. Maria was ask all these personal questions to Emery while he was suited up as Frog Man and before he would leave her she casually says, "Heh, is that how the First Mate leave his Capt.? Take off that silly costume were going back to sea!" Emery was surprised that she knew who he was so he tried to play dumb. But Capt. Maria later revealed that the way she knew Frog Man was Emery no one else would of saved her because everyone she meets hates her.

After this event Emery and Capt. Maria because good friends and eventually husband and wife later down the road, but tragedy struck where they get separated and Capt. Maria was pregnant at the time with other Emery knowing it who then raise the child at sea as a pirate going by the name of Marcus the Green who later dons the title of Frog Man after his younger brother Jason Rocks die brutally when tried to prove himself ready to wear the Frog Man mask.

The Academy

Frog Man then shortly join the Acadamey of Heroes as himself and Emery to better enhance his skills to fight more efficiently, but discovers horrifying trust about his old families history than training. He encounter on of the academy mages named Jikrik who later exposes himself to be on of the many holder's of the "Well of Power" which Emery and other individual carry in unique symbols on their body. He explains to him how an evil darkness roaming the lands of Gielinor spread dark power into certain individuals to later turn them into an army. These people were marked with the "Well of Power" which Emery still hasn't unlocked it's full potential. At the moment he can only use it to perform a minor teleportation movement from one area to another mostly use to bypass walls and such, which takes too much energy to use, and to sense magic and provide a magically threshold against it. Frog Man meets many colorful people at the Acadamey including Gonad, a testosterone driven barbarian who prove to be the strongest and best combatant in all the lands, which Frog Man eventually takes class under him to better his attacks.

The League of Four

Frog Man one day was roaming the outskirts of the city as Emery when a green mage asked him for some help, being the brave soul he is he said yes , but found him self awakening in an electric chair. The mage then later revealed himself to be Lucious from the League of Four, who seeked a weapon of war to defeat their rival once and for all. So they ran test and shocked Frog Man quite a few times when they realized he was able to withstand more damage than any regular human thus injecting him with an experimental drug enhancement call Naturia Cholirde which ironically killed almost anyone who wasn't a Nin Family descendant or someone who can take quite a beating genetically. Frog Man found himself even more powerful than before with the chemical injected with him and managed to escape when a grey armoured man broke in to the League of Four base and terrorized them. Luscious still attempts to capture Frog Man and either extract his gifts for his own gain or convert him into the weapon he so much desires.

The Good Doctor

In the streets of Falador a man shows up, a strange man called Doctor Amalarik. He politely asked the citizens of Falador if they seeked genetic enhancements for the advancement of science and for a price. The Docotor created mutants with the people consents which then after caused havoc in the city, which Frog Man had to deal with time after time until he figured out who was cause this changes in the people. He attempted to confront the Doctor, but he always mange to escape and cover his tracks well, but eventually the Doctor found out about who Frog Man was and did and desired to 'remake' him better, stronger, and faster and will to obey at command then sell to the highest bitter as a weapon. Frog Man had to stop Doctor Amralik plan on recreating him and found countless of 'proto-type' mutants of himself in the process. Frog Man has still not found the Doctor nor he knows if he has completed his task or not.


As Frog Man was breaking up a bar North East of Varrock, all puzzled Frog Man went on a search to backtrack him self only to notice he commited crimes along with the fellows he tied to stop along with him. He later discovers there was a mage who was mind-wiping people and causeing them to do his deeds in their blnaks states while they had no recollection of it, as Frog Man confronted him he barely was able to defeat the Mind Mage due to the fact the mage made Frog Man forget how to fight which still hinders him this very day, and he still ooks for a way to regain memories he has lost from said mage. 


After much time has passed The Amazing Frog Man caught word from his tailor and inventor Tooray that he has made a contraption to bring back his father from RIngmaster's dimension. After he crossed the portal and reached his father a great battle was undone as he fought many henchmen and augment bodyguards since Rigmaster was no where to be seen, they managed to escape back to home. Being reunited with his father again, he would continue his duty of carrying on the legacy and struggles of being The Amazing Frog Man as his father, The Original Frog Man, would rest and relax in fort Leningrad with Tooray.

The World Z Tournament

The Amazing Frog Man heard about a tournament being held by the Dragu sir, as he went to apply for it to improve his combat skills he faced Sedric, a werewolf, and proved himself well enough to enter. In the first round of combatants The Amazing Frog Man had to face Gonad Yaksplitter, during the brutal fight where the Amazing Frog Man was left with a beat up and torn suit he unfortunately lost but gain great reputation as to of "survived" and last as long as he did against Gonad, thus gaining great respect. He then shorthly joined the Dragu sir and served as on of their many protector over the land, untill they were mysteriously broken up, but The Amazing Frog Man still keeps communitcatio nwith it ex-leader Xivan Milas .

Pirates II

During a kidnapping the Amazing Frog Man would trail the captures to their hideout on a uncharted island, where he was able to enter undetected. Having lost the captures in the hideout he surely discoverd the huge underground pirate slave orginization where he is discovered and shot at.

The Amzaing Frog Man with major wounds and damage managed to swim toward a coven and signaled an emergency teleport from Xivian Milas which saved his life. After his short escape the pirate captian was furious on how he was able to infiltrate his hideout and contracted the Black Water Company to hunt him the Amazing Frog Man down.

Birth of Terror

After taking over The Amazing Frog Man's body


Lord of Terror




The Last Enclave (Zarosian)


Chaotic Evil


Alive: (On a different unknown host)


Shadow Demon Parasite

After the declaration of from all of the Vyre Covens in Mortyania willing to kill or slave any humans the venture into their lands, with that Frog Man notice fliers about an expedition group headed over there. Being the hero he is,he trailed one of the travelers who ventured by himself, because if he didn;t he would o surely died. Amoungst the search Frog Man discovered a tower with shouts coming from the inside, so he ventured in and found what appeared to be an old man figthing an elder demon.

After a terrorizing battle Frog Man was left with remarkable burns on his costume and half torn, trying to protect the old man who apparently was a powerful mage. Frog Man and the mage managed to ecape the elder demon initail grasp onto a stone bridge within the tower. After a lengthy battle the elder demon was foiled as he was dropped into the ethernal abyss but lashed out a corroding tentecale that grasp the old mans ankle having it rot on the spot. Bleeding out Frog Man took out one of his many trusty teletabs and crushed it onto the old man sending him to a safe place, but shortly realizes that was his last one.

Stranded Frog Man attempts to exit the tower but is attacked by a shadow demon, and amounst the chaos he was struck by the demon. The demon attack was meant to slowly twist Frog Man very life beings into a shadow demon and join the shadow horde of the Empty Lord, but something happened; Frog Man mark the "Well of Power" having magic essence and corrupted power aswell mixed in with the shadow demon infection. This mix cause a new hybrid of shadow demon shift it's infectious nature into a parasitic, gaining coincious and laching onto Frog Man. This cause a second mark to appear on Frog Man right hand, slowly the hybrid demon start to slowly feed off Frog Man and his memories, most of all his fears. It slowly moulded Frog Man's peronality, not only giving him a dark look it also granted Frog Man the abilites to use the shadow like abilities to make a shadow suit which was capable of repairing it self, produce bluid fluid similar to Frog Man green one, and enhance his own genetic abilities.

A new partner, Hawk, noticed these changes in Frog Man and confronted him a sa wooried friend, but Frog Man took it as an insult thus having the two fight and shortly disband. Whenever Frog Man went uncoincious or feel alseep the demon would take over his body and feed his thoughts claimed to be one being. After the battle with Hawk, rendering Frog Man uncoincious due to a great electric shock realised the demon to take over Frog Man's body to protect it's host, thus calling it self "Terror".

After these events the Terror parasite would slowly and more frequently take over Frog Man's mind and body, taking him to Mortyania to serve the Empty Lord seeing that all shadow horde minons must. But Terror as different, he found no point in serving the Empty Lord and knew he wasn't restricted to his will. But after the kidnapping of one of there followers, Frog Man's heroic personality pushed Terror to help find and stop the kidnapper who later revealed himself to be a greater demon. Paired up with a werewolf follower with-in the Empty Lord's service. During the battle that surely errupted Terror completely took control for a few minutes while in Frog Man's mindscape he realised he was being taken over by darkness. Terror revealing his true nature and claiming that he was only being held back by Frog Man's own "morals" which limited them (Frog Man with Terror attached) physically. Terror was extremly close to killing the follower who was kidnapped untill her cry for help was hear by Frog Man and he was able to fight off Terror in his mindscape to regain control of his body stoping and removing Terror from his body. Puzzeled and enraged one of the fellow followers followed Frog Man as he tried escaping Terror while it was in it's shadow form trying to reattach to him, seeing he didn't have his suit or any equipment he had no choice but to let it reattach untill he get out of Mortyania. Shortly after reattached he put up a ruse to fool the aquantences Terror has made and managed to leave safetly.

Upon returning to Falador Frog Man once again managed to remove Terror from him, but this time he was able to jar him in a bottle. Which he now keeps in his pack, and hopes to keep in a safe place so no one takes advantage of it. If it were to get out of hand and attach to someone else, then that person would not only get the memories Terror retrieved but also the amazing abilites Frog Man possess were copied die to the fact that it was latched on for so long.

A Silent Escape

Following the events after his disappearance at his final battle in Falador against Bull Frog as The Supreme Frog Man he was captured in his weaken state by his step-brother Damien Vorce the Ex-Warden of the Prison north of Falador. Imprisoned their for months tortured and interrogated Emery was feed Gnome spice and had it apply to his wounds weekly to keep him from naturally healing thus having him in an injured state constantly. Slowly each day Emery attempted to burst the chains off the walls with little success, and constant failure. But one day after Damien did gave his beating and left to seek out Tooray's Fort Lenningrad Emery was able to burst out of the chains from months of weakening them. He gather what little equipment he had left due to Damien stealing his highly geared Supreme Frog Man suit and equipment. He exited out of the hidden caves to find himself in the dessert where he slowly began walking searching for salvation. Emery then gracefully came across the once standing Academy of Heroes only to find it replaced with the Combatants guild, so he dragged his bleeding batter body toward the gate until he finally collapsed onto the floor fixing his gaze onto a familiar giant figure slowly closing his eyes. The giant figure turned out to be Gonad Yakspitter, and he luckily remember Emery even in his batter state thus rushing him into the infirmary where Katrina the guilds medic worked on bringing him back to heath.

Conduitium Tie-in


  • Mask: A green masked with a light green tint for the impression of a mouth being fitted to his face to mimic his facial experssions. Comes with a set of reflective lens.
  • Torso: A lean leather padded suit being green and light green the same as his mask, and having mithral allot plates swen with-in the cosutme's vital areas; shoulders, pecorials, abdominals, upperback, and lower back.
  • Hands: A pair of mitral alloy plated leather guantlets fitted with projectors under the wrist, once trigger to shoot out a fsticky fluid to render most foes immobile.
  • Feet: Mitral alloy plated leather boots on the toes as one big toe and shins.
  • A leather belt with to small pack that contain the green pellets for the fluid.
  • A backpack to carry his clothes and other items.


  • Healing Factor.
  • Natural occuring Anti-Posion.
  • Great agility.
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Medium inhuman strength.
  • Cunning.
  • Expert of Hand-to-Hand combat.
  • "Well of Power" mark, enhanced defensive magic and sense/abilities.
  • Naturia Chloridia increase strength and threshold for pain and vital damage.

The Supreme Frog Man

The Supreme Frog Man
IMG 0458
A more aggressive and effective suit. (Damien Vorce)


The Supreme Protector of Falador (Emery)


The Purgatory (Emery) Magic-Tech (Emery)


Chaotic Good




Augmented Human.

Due to the events during the triple threat The Amazing Frog Man was facing against shadow demons in the bar, a kidnapping, and being trapped in a dark dimension. Frog Man seeked help from a powerful mage and cut a deal, Frog Man was struck by a soul binding spell by a Mahjaret by the name Aldurath. He attempted to have Frog Man remove his mask as he tore it off the Mahjaret was wiping his memory clean. Luckly the magic used caused some of the most important memories to manifest into his "Well of Power" mark  thus saving them.

During a mission for his new found master Aldurath, a fight in the bar erupted have two giant men fight. As one of them began to charge for an attack Emery out of pure heroic nature and reflex grabbed an empty mug and leaped trowing it at the behemoth have it direct it's attack toward him instead. After the magical blast hits him, some memories locked inside his mark are released primarly ones of Frog Man the sudden rush of memories daze him as he belives that those memories aren't his and that they were someone elses when they occupied his body. But he saw the good that they did and the passion they had for it, thus mixing in with the pre-planted memories by Aldurath having him belive he can and must do a better job at what The  Amazing Frog Man did before. Claiming that he will be more effectivly and sees the mistakes that the past "owner" did before, and due to that darker personality planted by Aldurath this Emery will not hold back and use all of The Amazing Frog Man's abilities to there fully supreme extent thus claiming to be The Supreme Frog Man!

On his first day as The Supreme Frog Man, he changed his suit and enhacned it to be a more ruthless hero and servant toward his lord Aldurath. Replacing the lens with emotionless ones, and enhancing the formoer ret-blade  guantlets with claws on the tips of the fingers, and spiked boots. Also with a change of color scheme with more red hues and blacks compared to the prior greens and browns.

I surpass you both physically and mentally, I reign supreme, I am The Supreme Frog Man.

–- The Supreme Frog Man

The Supreme Foes of Frog Man

The Supreme Frog Man faced a brute of a summoner named Gh'raak who was causing trouble as he leaped into action, just as the Amazing Frog Man's memories did. During the heat of the fight The Supreme Frog Man got overwhelmed by the brute as he then got struck on the shiulder by a throwing axe and leaped away, claiming that the Amazing Frog Man was an insane madman to go into fight unprepaired and thsi was not going to be the method The Supreme Frog Man was take.

Shortly he encounter a pyromancer who use a more spiritual form of fire magic which almost evaded The Supreme Frog Man's "magic sense", which cause him to experice burns and blasts. Luckly his Lord Aldurath spotted him and provided a magical barrier from the pyromancer, Doa, as his lord created a portal and teleported them out.

In the hot desserts of Al Kharid The Supreme Frog Man ventured out to buy poison to produce new types of fluids, as he encountered Atorias a corrupted knight wreaking havoc on the citizens. The Supreme Frog Man engaged him and shortly found out he was not a normal foe, beign that he was able to dematerialize he armour and his strength almost was as great as Gonad's. After a short rustle Atorias attempted to enter The Supreme Frog Man's mind but was rejected due to that mental barriers placed by Aldurath.

Once more gathering supplies for his suit The Supreme Frog Man found Atorias once more attacking a civilian and engaged, after a short and brutal fight The Supreme Frog Man subdued the knight and had his grasp on his meck to the point of death, but eventhough he had every intent to end the life of Atorias, but the few memories or "essence" of The Amazing Frog Man stopped him from doing so where Hawk and Night Owl shortly arrived at the scene.

After requiring a job at Magic-Tech the Supreme Frog Man sought out to cancel his prior business arrangement with a sub-branch of The Warp Union led by Xavier Gales, the current host of Terror at the time. Being that The Surpeme Frog Man did not attain the memories relating to Terror and Xavier at the time he just knew him as a potiental threat untill Xavier revealed his plan for the Surpeme Frog Man. He proposed that he give his natural ability to resist poison in an experiment to recreate another being like him, but spliced with scorpian genetic instead of a frog. But due to the high potency of the venom and such, the host would most likely did to exposure, unless Xavier had the posion resitance of The Supreme Frog Man then it would be a success.

After discovering what plans XAvier had for him The Supreme Frog Man did not want to negotiate and engaged him in combat untill Xavier releas one of the "test subjects" reveal to be an abomination showing signs of super human strength and zero levels of self thought. But one of Xavier's pet scorpians, Malo, was crawling onto The Supreme Frog Man's shoudler as it was caught and used as leverage to stop what he is trying to do, but Xavier soon realised that he didn't abosoultly need The Supreme Frog Man's blood, but instead use the blood of his father, The Original Frog Man who was captured months ago.

After escaping with Xavier's pet scorpian, the Supreme Frog Man being to study it and devise a plan if Xavier managed to pull of the final experiment, but being that The Original Frog Man was already in Xavier's custody he created the monster known as Salavant.

After gaining control of his body again The Supreme Frog Man was patroling the street as his "plan" was in the works and spotted a familiar elvan theif that stole from Alfred Kilos the leader of Ashdale. Beign that he now had The Amazing Frog Man's memories he was able to remember who she was and quickly engaged her as she shot a man through his hand. A quite and pitful fight The Supreme Frog Man suprising was being beaten as he was sent into the bar breaking some railing. A man who sent a teleportation spell for both him and Vey, the theif, they shortly teleported out of the scence leaving The Supreme Frog Man in shame nad leading him to rethink his tactics.

During a central gathering of The Warped Union the Supreme Frog Man, Emery, was invited to go by one of Dimitri's close friends with-in the concil. Attending the event the Supreme Frog Man was more suitible prepared to face Dimitri to question him about certain subject retaining to the Warp Union and how they took over Adrougde. Xavier being employed by the Warped Union attended the event to where The Supreme Frog Man locked eyes with him now knowning exactly who he is and what he is capable of being the host of Terror and with his new loyal monster.

After the death of his father the Orginal Frog Man, the Supreme Frog Man trailed Xaver and found out that Exlous the frst of the genome experments to replicate the Frog Genome with different animal genetics was the cause of his father death. Not caring much, the Supreme Frog Man searched for Exolus only drven by the emotions let out by the memores of the Amazing Frog Man still resideing in his mind scape, shortly finding Exolus in a river, Exolus revealing to have the Original Frog Man's soul i na bottle tossed it into the ocean while hte Supreme Frog Man just stood there in pause.

While the Amazing Frog Man in the mndscpae was shocked to have lost his father and not being able to do anything about it, bring back the memories of lossing him insde Ring Masters dimension. Soon after a strange mane revealing to be a Guardian of Water recovered the vial and gave it to the Supreme Frog Man when emotions of the Amazing Frog Man were peaking out.

The Guardian then told Supreme about how Exlous must be stopped by gathering all the elements and that all are not good. This had the Supreme Frog Man question himself as well as the Amazing while there were small signs of the Supreme Frog Man acting more like the Amazing Frog Man in the small time frame.

The Supreme Tournement of Arms

Before the events of lossing his mind to Aldaruth The Amazing Frog Man signed up for a tournement held by no one other than Gonand Yakspitter. The Supreme Frog Man instead attended the first match completly destroying his first opponent Wo Doa an eastern mercenary. After the fight The Supreme Frog Man left Wo Dao with a dislocated knee, leg, and a fractured jaw and won by sufficated his face downward onto the ground. But was extremly close to ending his life after the fight but luckly Wo Dao was revived by the electric touch of Kadolos.

Supreme Standard of Living

The Supreme Frog Man being as effective as he is as the faladorian hero, he has still yet to reach his fully potiental as he claims due to the very low income situation that The Amazing Frog Man was in. As Emery, The Supreme Frog Man went to apply for a low leveled job to build captital for futher plans. He was able to get a job as a assitant at Xavier's workshop way up north, who is(or was) the current host of Terror, and a engineering job at Magictech.

After a few weeks at employment at both workshops, The Supreme Frog Man visited Xavier at his request as Emery ofcourse only to be show a grusome experiment. Xavier present an abomination that use to be a man that was enhanced with a "Scorpian Genome" but an unfinished one which provided much of the disgust. IT was a beast capable of surpassing The Supreme Frog Man's strength, the agility of both The Amazing Frog Man and Night Owl, and the genius of HAwk. But Xavier need on more piece, the Frog Genome, well a stran of it anyways.

Wanting a sample of The Supreme Frog Man's blood Xavier entered the dark room with the beast as The Supreme Frog Man slamed the door and locked it changing into his costume while XAvier pet scorpian lurked in the background. The beast burt the door open and the pet latched onto The Supreme Frog Man's shoudler attempt to suck blood from him but failed and was rendered capture in his grasps. Xavier now worried attempt to communicate with The Supreme Frog Man to release the pet, Malo, but The Supreme Frog Man had other plans.

He scraped some of the final memories left from the initial brianwash by ALdurath and figured out who Xavier and Terror was, and ordered a trade off between Malo for Terror. Xavier denied the request and due to that rejection The Supreme Frog Man too no effort to snap a leg of the Malo, but it grew it back, and Xaver calmly let The Supreme Man leave.

AS The Supreme Man was leaping out he was stop but a tall being who handed him a life book about Xavier, only seeing combat advantage The Supreme Frog Man took the book for all the wrong reasons, and start to hed back to Magic-Tech and prpare to study and plan his SUPREME plan.

Purgatory Supremecy

After a breif and violent encounter with a pair of crusaders, The Supreme Frog Man found himself in the far east of Falador park to clear his mind. Xivan coincedentaly visited the park knowning that it was a location the he and The Amazing Frog Man met often, but due to the many memories lost The Supreme Frog Man did not recall these events.

After a lengthy conversation on how The Surpeme Frog Man was feelign a bit overwhelmed on handling the whole city on his own, Xivan mentioned how one man cannot change much alone , but with friends and support together they can change much. Shortly The Supreme Frog Man hatches the idea of gaining followers, soilders even to watch over Falador, and claims to himself that Vile s an ineffective leader of Falador being the much crime still goes on thus leading him to start planning on changing that. With the thoughts of leaving Xivan's team, he speaks to Xivan about this staff of great power to gather info on him incase he were to meet him in battle.

As The Supreme Frog Man laided his left hand on the staff a memory of The Amazing Frog Man was leaked into the recurring echos and screaming of lost souls with-in Xivan mysterous staff thus playing the events The Amazing Frog Man enduring during the time Aldaruth soul binded him. Xivan knowing what happened to his dear friend The Amazing Frog Man keep quit for now and remain speaking to the "The Supreme Frog Man", filled with doubt Xivan is the only hope that Emery, The Amazing Frog Man, has to be brought back.

One of the few memories of the Amazing Frog Man being that of the soul binding process was found by The Supreme Frog Man beliving that he was placed into The Amazing Frog Man's body while he was soul binded, being that he still thinks that he is someone else due to the false memories. Knowing this hesearches for Xivan and convinces him that any doubts he had about him were due to the control from Aldaruth and pleaded that XIvan help him break free from the soul bind knowing from The Amazing Frog Man's memories that Xivan has delt with Mahjaarts before. Thus The Supreme Frog Man "sealed the deal" when he finnaly claimed that Aldaruth may discover the secret of The Purgatorist existance if he didn't get control of himself back from Aldaruth knowning how much Xivan craved to keep it a secret so he had no choice but to help.

The Supreme Frog Man plan's to have XIvan remove the soul bind to have him released from Aldaruth's grasp thus being his own man, and truely by supreme and comense with his plan to show how effective he can be in protecting the city much better than The Amazing Frog Man at any cost.

Supreme Control of Frog Man

Being summoned by he master Aldaruth waited for the arrival of The Supreme Frog Man in Falador. Arriving by complete suprise Aldaruth placed his hands on The Supreme Frog Man shocking him dangerously but yet harmlessly. The Supreme Frog Man then felt the rush of The Amazing Frog Man's memories surge through his mind as Aldaruth's soul-bind was broken. In sudden reaction Frog Man leaped out the windon then into an alley holding his pounding skull.

With-in Frog Man's mindscape appeared The Amazing Frog Man getting up rubbing his head looking around the empty city of Falador seeing a white shine at the tallest point of the city. AS he began to head for it he was stopped by The Supreme Frog Man as they faced off.

"So your The Amazing Frog Man....." said Supreme.

"Wh-What the? Who the hell are you? said Amazing, while Supreme looked down at him with his emotionless eyes/lenses as he leaped down before him poping open his claws.

"...I'm not impressed. No wonder you've lost your body to me." as Supreme then locked hands with Amazing.

"Wait!..Lost my body!? No way! your not stealing my body! Who ever you ar-" as Amazing was cut off while Supreme slashed at his face.

"Pathetic, if you haven't figured it by now. I am the Supreme Frog Man" throwing a devasting knee to Amazing's gut.

"Grahp!" then AMazing head would be grabbed,

"Your benath me! You don't deserve this body!" while delivering strong hooks to his head repetably,

"Now with-out that soul-bind, I can do whatever I please and with your-no, MY memories I can now fully be at a supreme level and do something with this body." letting go of Amazing as he began to bleed on the floor.

"......grahp.....You....can't..d-do this...I'm..I'm.the...arrgh!" being kicked in the face and let on the ground while Supreme leaped toward the light.

"No, you were. Now time for some business."

Awakening The Supreme Frog Man stood victorious in the mindscape battle, he looks up saying,

"...Supreme." as he leaps toward the rooftop. "Time to proceed with my plans."

Supreme Darkness

After gathering the first 3 gems; water,fire, and light, the Supreme Frog Man followed screams of terror shortly encountering Exolus along with Moonshine wh ois one of the elemental Guardians. Assuming to be Terror he followed the screams east of Draynor were they were previously located while Moonshine headed somewhere else along with the water Guardian.

Upon approach the screaming girl, it was too late the Supreme Frog Man watched how a shadey figure absorbed the very life force out of her while she turned to dust. The demon then revealed to be Chance a notrius dimensional demon who aim is to gather heroes blood for an unknown purpose yet. Threaten to have his blood yanked from his body the Supreme Frog Man is subject to play a game of riddles with Chance as he asked him, "We are twin sisters, but as one dies the other is born.", not knowing the awnser he foolish gave the wrong response which lead to Chance leaving the Supreme Frog Man questioned and confused to only know that Hawk and Mercury are tied into Chance games aswell.

Conduitium Tie-in

The Supreme Creator

Long ago when the Original Frog man gained his abilites from the dead Professor Kerns who died in the buring lab at Rimmington, he didnt. After Emery Rocks the First left the burning lab, Kerns began to move amonst the rubble as he too slowly began to heal. During the explosion the tank contained the Frog Genome bursted opened after it injected Emery, while the shards cut through Kerns skin which proved as an entry way for the Frog Genome. As Kerns was launched toward the generators he was electrocuted thus completing a similar reaction to Emery. But being as crude as it was it didn't grant Kerns the same genetic "perfection" as to Emery's. Which proves the small delay in healing he manged to escape certain death but was then capture by his eastern employers since he was able to prove his weapon, beign that Emery headed for the city. 

Kerns became a slave for his ex-eastern employers, which made him attempt to recreate the frog genome but with different supplies. Kerns had a crude prototype but used it on himself to attempt an escape, but already having a Frog Genome inside him cause a genetic reaction warping him into a frog like warped being. Being able to escape with his new form he made a name for himself in the eastern lands called The Bull Frog.

Bull Frog managed to send out men to search for his perfect creation back in the west being Frog Man, but only found Frog Man's son, The Amazing Frog Man. Bull Frog made arragements with the League of Four to abduct Frog Man to preform more test on his genectics, untill he shortly arrived to find out the he escape their grasps. He then encounter Frog Man face to face to be in disgust that his perfect creation is being wasted on pitful heroics. After a long fight in Falador Bull Frog was defeat which caused him to rethink his tactics, and threw Frog Man off by send him on a goose chase to save a "hostage" in canifis which only lead Frog Man to the Elder Demon.

Buying himself time Bull Frog retreated to his brothers formed lab east of Canifis, and bean to recreate his Frog Genome with samples of Frog Man and his own. After the events of the Supreme Frog Man debut against the Black Water Company who wire also hired by Bull Frog to deter Frog Man he managed to create another untested Frog Genome. He need to find sutible subjects wanted to head back to Rimmington, but he knew he'll have to cross between Falador and he didnt want to risk losing his weapon to Frog Man again.

The Amazingly Supreme Frog Man

So he attempted to make a deal with the Head Priest in the monastary near Falador so they can delivier the weapon for him, but they refused which lead to Bull Frog killing the Head Priest and kidnapped a preist boy by the name of Jason Mcquad. WIth both a hostage and his weapon in hand he headed towards Falador and clashed with The Supreme Frog Man. Bull Frog threathen the boy's life if Frog Man didn't let him go, but Frog Man quickly shot adreline darts at the arm muscles points on Bull Frog causing him to jerk his arms realising both Jason and the weapon (being a crossbow and a glass bolt contianing the Enhance Frog Genome.) Both Bull Frog and the Supreme Frog Man had an intense fight the almost brought the building down, but The Supreme Frog Man was impaled from behind with a metal debris and he was shocked that Jasom was somehow shot in his forearm by the glass bolt. The Supreme Frog Man was bleeding out as he watch Bull Frog creep up on Jason and a few thoughts ran across his mind:

Supreme Frog Man: can I have failed that boy.....stabbed from behind...

Amazing Frog Man: Get up! You can't jsut let him take the boy!

Supreme Frog Man: *Holding his stomach*'s over for me...he bested me...

Amazing Frog Man: What!? You claim to be the "Supreme" Frog Man, you might have a supreme mind but with what Im seeing is not a Frog Man.

Supreme Frog Man:..... There's nothing I can do..I'm we're finished.

Amazing Frog Man: No, were not if you give up now then we are, you can't let that thing take the boy. Sure he's the creator of the Frog Genome which granted me and my father these powers, powers that I remind you that we used for good, and you did too.

Supreme Frog Man:......

Amazing Frog Man: Now get up and be the hero you claim to be.

Supreme Frog Man: You know what.....he may of bested me...but still have a chance...

Frog Man would slowly get up and impale Bull Frog in the back with the same metal debri he was stabbed with and kneel before Jason.

Amazing Frog Man: What..what are you doing?

Supreme Frog Man: I'm giving it back, your body...I may have been the Supreme Frog Man....but were the Amazing Frog Man.

In the mindscape the Supreme Frog Man would fade and the Amzaing Frog Man once again took over and took the boy out of the building in his last breaths. Saying one last thing before he leaped back into the debris and vanished.

The hero game isn't and easy one.

–The Amazing Frog Man

Many claim that The Amazing/Supreme Frog Man died in the rubble or simply just vanished, but no one is sure about what happen to Falador's great hero.


Dolt, I'm the Supreme Frog Man, and I acquire what I desire.

–Damien Vorce, The Supreme Frog Man

Brotherly Visit

After the destruction in Falador where The Amzaing Frog Man stop Bull Frog, and saved Jason Mcquad the Amazing Frog Man was greatly would and head north of Falador to seek a place to recover as his healing factor healed his wounds. To his dismay Damein Vorce who was the now Ex-Warden of the prison was trailing the Amazing Frog Man during the times as Emery, and discovered his secret. Damein who is the step-brother to Emery Rocks the Second had intentions on finding their father Emery Rocks the Forst ,The Orginal Frog Man, and get revenge for what he did to his mother BB Vorce. To Damien's suprise he found out that Exodus who was created by Xavier Gales killed The Original Frog Man, and sought out Emery for the next best thing along with his sister Alison Nin.

In Emery weak state Damien was able to capture Emery and keep him in one of his old secret holding cells with the Edgeville prison. During his brutal interegation he found Emery's journal during that which as The Supreme Frog Man he wrote down all the accounts and venture he endured including Emery's past. Damein no knew almost everything that Emery did, so he robbed him of his Supreme Frog Man costume and started working in his new master plan. So then Damein took over the identity as The Supreme Frog Man.

Unknown Secrets

In Emery's journal Damien found out about Tooray's former base that contain nearly all of The Original Frog Man's artifacts and other powerful weapons. But he knew he can't enter Leningrad on his own so he seeks out partners willing to follow his command to take Leningrad by storm and unlocks the secrets of the old heroes. Secondly Damein also read about the secretive Hawk's Nest where he may find valuable information on the weakness of all the current Heroes incase they get in his way.

During his travels Damein runs into Port Sarim being attack by a shadowy figured alled "Cursed". HE examines the situation and witnessed Dead Ace and Hawk enter the scene to stop him. He notices the Cursed is a formitable opponent so he seeks out to the battle to recruit him. During the battle he manage to slap Hawk onto his back, and keep Cursed interested in his grand scheme. Shortly in the port near Ardouge he finds a man who is indeed Emery's bastard child called Marcus which give Damein an dreadful idea.

Conduitium Tie-in


  • Mask: A green mask with a light green and red hues overall tint. A metal mouth guard covering the area where the light green would be, a pair of mirror like lense the were designed to be emotionless eyes. Thin metals plates align according above his skyll and back of his neck for futher protect for projectiles.
  • Torso: A studded medium leather combat suit, with a leather belt and with colors of black and green/red hues. A effective backpack to carry his belongs.
  • Hands: A pair of mitral alloy plated leather clawed guantlets fitted with projectors under the wrist, once trigger to shoot out a sticky fluid to render most foes immobile; also may shoot a dart of belladona or belladona infused fluid. Plated have been fitted to have a hollowed spike at the elbow to inject posion as a stinger while a wrsit guard was fitted around the forearm with a wavy "tooth" to snap blades.
  • Feet: Mitral alloy plated leather boots on the toes as one big toe in a shaped of 2 claws or spikes while the shin plate ended as a hollowed spike with BElledona poison.
  • A leather belt with to small pack that contain the green pellets for the fluid, and other useful liquids, or items.


  • Healing Factor.
  • Natural occuring Anti-Posion.
  • Great agility.
  • Enhanced Hearing
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Medium inhuman strength.
  • Cunning.
  • Expert of Hand-to-Hand combat.
  • "Well of Power" mark, enhanced defensive magic and sense/abilities.
  • Naturia Chloridia increase strength and threshold for pain and vital damage.

The Spectacular Frog Man

It's hero time.

–The Spectacular Frog Man

The Spectacular Frog Man
Jason attempting to take over the Frog Man mantle.




Lawfully Good.






Warped Being

Shattered Dreams

Jason Mcquad wanted to become a journalist for his favorite paper The Gielinor Times, and follow the action of other heros and adventures. But his dreams where crushed when his father demanded that he become a preist and devote his love and father to Saradomin. Having no choice Jason continued to head to the monastary with his father to become a priest.

But one day at the monastery there was a fire where he and his father rushed to the main quaters to see if the head priest was okay only to find a horrible frog like monster claiming himself Bull Frog. Bull Frog had the head preist clentch in his fist tell him that all he had to do was smuggle his ultimate weapon through the city with drawing suspicion, but the priest spat at his face claiming that he would never betray his lord to help a warped demon of Zammarok. Bull Frog simpled snapped his neck and tossed him out the window while Jason's father yelled and threw a chair at the warped being yelling that Saradomin will smite thy. Bull Frog smiled and gave a huge luge across the room and grabbed Jason along with his weapon toward the city saying that a hostage shoud be his ticket across the city.

Jason was kicking and screaming in Bull Frogs arms but with no success of escape, but as soon as they reached the city Frog Man was there ready for action. Bull Frog held Jason by the neck threating to kill him if he didn't let him through along with his weapon which seem to be a crossbow and glass crossbow bolt. Frog Man having an altered combat suit shot out adreline darts at Bull Frogs arm muscle points causing him to jerk Jason and the weapon to the floor causing Jason to break his leg. Upon fallin Jason scurres to an alley with Bull Frog weapon and attempts to hide while Frog Man and Bull Frog fought amoungst the nearby buildings. The battle raged as Bull Frog lunged Frog Man threw the buildings supports, while Jason through fear attempted to load the crossbow with the glass bolt to shoot towards Bull Frog but with the shatters supports the building collasped on all three of them.

Window to the Soul

Upon waking up Jason felt a sharp pain in his right forearm to only discover that he accidentally shot himself with the "deadly" weapon as he watched the greenish fluid inject inside his bloodstream. Frog Man woudl emerge from the rubble only to be impaled from behind by Bull Frog with a metal pole, Frog Man would collapse as Bull Frog Approached the blacking out Jason. HE would examin Jason as he slowly start to blackout saying that this time it'll wouldn't be wasted on some as naive as the last test subject, but right before Jason blacked out he say Frog Man  rip out the metal from his body and impale Bull Frog aswell as Frog Man then picked up Jason not recongnizing him and taking him out of the building before shortly reenter the rubble.

Waking up inside his bed to his weeping mother and enraged father, he was confused and dazed. Alex yelled blasphamy at Jason and stormed out while his mother Mary stood up and kissed his forehead and walked out weeping while she said softly to not worry and that things will get better. Jason would stand up miraculously seeing that his leg was no longer broken and looked at the mirror to find out that his eyes were green and his pupils were horizontil eyes, in shock his punched a hoel straight through the mirror and began to cry.

New Kid on the block

A few days after the incident Jason quickly lost most of his friends due to the fact that the doctors who examined him couldn't find out how his eyes changed or how his wound healed so quickly. He father only grew rage against his changed son claiming that his become a servant to the warped demon that kill the head preist back at the monastary which cause Alex to become the new head priest. Jason quitly become more anti-social and worn eye covers to pass of as "normal". Even his hero Frog Man vanished after the incident, people claimed that he died in the fight or simply disappeared. The only thing that kept Jason happy was in the late night where no one can see him he would go out and climb on the roof top and look at the stars. It was on one of these nights that he slowly discovered his strength and overall health increase along with mucus secreting from his fingers and toes, and amoungst other places. Then a a sudden instantance he glance down to the bottom of the floor from the rooftop and preform a great leap, almost as great as the leap Bull Frog Man and he land nearly perfectly on the floor without breaking any bones. This is the second he realized the the ultimate weapon Bull Frog was carrying, was infact a substance similar to what gave his beloved hero Frog Man the amazing abilities he had, and that if this were true then he would attempt to become the next Frog Man.

First Day

On one of Jason's strolls across the city while his parents were working he walked across the Rising Sun where he heard screams from within. He gazed inside to see a group of goblins, being suprised on how they got inside the city, let alone the bar. He witnessed how they were terrorizing the bartender, and at that moment he decided to do sometihng but the goblin noticed him and began to chase him out he bar. Not wanting to reveal his new found abilities Jason managed to lose, Monkeyback, Stupidface, and their leader Gobert the Strong. With the Goblins confused they sran back insdie the bar to countinue their terror. While Jason pulled out his makeshift Frog Man suit the he pulled together with a blue coat, rags, and metal plates. Nervous at first he leaped into action almost crashing inside the bar, but managed to roll over a table instead of smashing it. Assuming his stance the Spectacular Frog Man called out toward the goblin, whom with no regrets charged at Frog Man. Confused in his first fight Frog Man used nothing but his new reflexes to dodge the charge and Gobert ran into the railing, while Monkeyback leaped forward into place. Adjusting himself Frog Man dodged Mokneybacks sheild swipe, but instead got struck by Gobert's sheild bash causing Frog Man to rolling and crash behind the barkeepers table. Absorbing he pain and healing due to Frog Man healing factor he witnessed now that all three goblin were charaging at him from all directions, and out of impulse he rolling out of the way thus having them collide with each other. Leaping into safety, Frog Man started to mock the goblins out of sheer fear, because he didn;t know what he was doing. Then he managed to get the goblin's attention by mentioning a grand prize that they won. Fascinated the goblins stopped attacking while they heard Frog Man simply speak from his backside, in the end Frog Man leaped out of the bar to "retrive the prize" but instead waiting onto of the roof to think of a new attack stradegy. Luckily the goblins wanted to follow and instead headed out of the bar with minimal damage to the bar leaving the Spectacular Frog Man rethinking his idea of being Falador's new hero.

One over the Hawk's Nest

During one of Jason's father's monastary visit's in one of the many cities, this time being Varrock, Jason wandered off as he usually does as his father handles his business. As Jason strolled about to the southern enterance of Varrock he would notice a survivalist man or someone of the like starting a fire just outside the city walls. Due to his enhanced vision and hearing he was able to distingush the man clearly as a traveler just when he was tapped on the back by a stranger. Revealing himself to be a white robed man asking Jason if he has seen his uncle, obviously Jason has never seen the man but jsut as soon as he was about to anwser he was able to hear crackling noises from the trees as a huge man in red armour like attire leaped out at the survivalist. Suprised and relivied Jason "ran away" back into the city aiming for a lonely ally as he suited up into his makeshift Frog Man costume and leaped in to action. The Spectacular Frog Man confronted the red brute in hopes of protecting the survivalist, but to his confusion the red brute simply glared at Frog Man and yelled at him, "This is't halloween get out of this boy!", knowing that due to Jason's relative short height he could tell he was still a child. Shortly a telekenitic one-eyed demon who was aquainted with the red brute, appeared calling the red brute out revealing to be Hawk. Astonished Frog Man only thought Hawk to be a myth, but before he can verify that it was really Hawk or just a guy in red armour he leaped up to give a poorly executed high kick and was grabbed by his ankle cause Hawk to fling him toward the One-Eye demon as it delivered a devestating kick to his ribs causing Frog Man to collapse onto the floor, in the meanwhile where the survivalist ran way. Hawk's sidekick and daughter Crow took Frog Man and the One-Eye demon known as Blade into the "Hawk's Nest" which was Hawk's base of operations. Where they discussed weather to let Jason continue being Frog Man, since Hawk, Blade, and Crow all at one point fought side by side with the Amazing Frog Man known as Emery. Hawk did notice that this Frog Man had almost identical genetic traits similar to the last Frog Man plus additional ones s he decided that he would train this Frog Man to be a better hero instead of having him attempt it on his own.

Power Struggle

During one of his father's weekly monastary visits Jason tagged along and went towards Varrock, and as his father enter his meeting Jason took his opportunity for a stroll. Through his keen senses of sound and vibration he heard explosions coming from the slums of the city, so he ran into and alley and hop out as the Spectacular Frog Man. Leaping across he rooftops he ran into Hawk who was also tracing the source of the explosions and thus went in together. The cause of the explosions was a man known as The Warlock using dark ancient magics against another hero like character going by the likes of Dead Ace. Hawk demanded Frog Man that they stay and observe from the rooftops until they gathered enough intel to take down The Warlock, but Frog Man being the cock young hero he is leaped into action with-out a second thought. The Warlock quickly overpowered Frog Man by blasting him with a dark magic blast through a wall, as Hawk and Dead Ace attempted to take him down. Admist the chaos Frog Man attempt to tackle Warlock from behind, but instead was teleported away.

Teleported into a random location Frog Man quickly tries to relocate him self and wanders into the nearest building to shortly find out that it's he current base of the Combatant's Guild ran by Gonad Yakspitter. Gonad be the barbarian he's is quickly assumed the Jason was the very same Frog Man that Emery was, since Emery and Gonad were great friends and combatants ever since the World Z Tournament. Frog Man tried to get an awnser out of Gonad to figure out where he is, but Gonad insisted that he fight the other warrior inside the room who was Cedric. So Frog Man agreed thinking that it was somehow help him get home fast enough before his father knew he was gone. During the fight against Cedric, Frog Man was subdue by the raw skill Cedric displayed and had to be broken up by Gonad.

The Others

During one of his father's meeting in Al Kharid Jason went ahead and wandered through the desert town. He came across the newly relocated Combatant's Guild venturing through he saw many powerful warriors and heroes. In awe Jason has only ready about how the location of the Guild was once an Academy of Heroes, and pondered how a school like that can help him become a better Frog Man. Simply bored and hot Jason suited up and began leaping around the rooftop to kill some time when a man by the name of Aaron managed to sense Jason's Frog Genome through the Amuni link. Aaron shoot a strangely familiar sticky substance at Jason similar to Emery's "mucus" pellets he used in battle.

Jason carelessly got shot and feel over the wall being subdued around the sticky substance and the hot sand was shortly approached by Aaron. Aaron explained how he believed Jason to be another Frog Man he encounter the other day sensing his somewhat similar Frog Genome. Confused Jason attempted to get more information out of Aaron. Aaron also explained how this other Frog Man was a pirate by the named of Marcus Rocks a.k.a The Marauding Frog Man. He also explained about 2 other Frog Men being Emery and another simply known as The Original. Still short on answers Jason wanted to learn more since he believed to be the only Frog Man after Emery, but once again he father was infuriatingly calling him through his commorb so Jason had to make an exit.

Nightmare in Canifis

Jason would awake in the upper floor of a Canifis bar dressed as the Spectacular Frog Man, but he would have no idea of how he got there. He would slide on his hood to conceal his mask as he made his way downstairs there he saw various monsters and people as patrons. Jason was taught religious rules and history so naturally he developed a fear for anything unholy, so once he found out he was in Canifis he began to freak out hoping not to be caught by a dreadful Vampyre. Then a dark robed man approached him after finding out Jason's strange scent. Jason began to freak out and spoke nonsense trying to find a route back home, but kept gets a strange vibe from his the land of Canifis due to the lack of Anima Mundia.

Eventually a brigade of wight sheep trotted in following a Mahjareet disguised as a women, and the dakr robed man began provoking the deer until they were sent to attack. All three dears faced the robed man and even though Jason was afraid of his surroundings he put his guard up to his the robed man. Then all hell broke loose. One of the deer registered Jason as a threat and charged at him knocking him down as the other dear attacked the robed man. While in the background a man made of stone was fearful of the dear to enter the bar. Jason managed to push back one of the dear away until another one began to trot unto his body. Among the chaos Jason's hood would pulled down revealing his Frog Man mask which distracted the dear to to it's color which let Rex take out one sending it out of the bar. Now the Spectacular Frog Man would leap into actio tossing the other dear out while their owner just watched.

The robed man was having trouble since he was impale with the last dear's horns so Frog Man ran across and grabbed a table and smashed it against the dear's back. During which robed man began to transform into a 7ft half-demon monster. Rex was able to leap onto of the dear while it gave a hind kick to Frog Man's knee then shortly his face taking him down. Both Rex and the half-breed were able to take down the last dear while the women left the bar feeling amused. Frog Man in pain saw the half-breed take the stone man upstairs to help him recuperate. While in the far corner of the room a Vampyre in it's bat form began attacking another patron, and caused Frog Man, Jason, to flee in terror and leaving him regretful of his choice.

The Return

Jason's father was sent to the Eastern Lands to help spread the word of Saradomin, so he took his family along for the voyage. Three years pass since the last time Jason's donned the green mask. In the last nights Jason and his father were at each other's throats. Jason's didn't want to follow the teachings of Saradomin anymore, but his Father keep forcing it down his throat until Jason had enough. Jason packed what he could and left his family, but as he made his way out his father disowned him completely and called hims a Demon Child of Zamarack himself.

Jason arrives at Port Sarim with a few gold coins and the pack on his back which had little food, clothes, and his mask. Making his way to Falador to find a bed to rest in, Jason stops at the Rising Sun to get some food. There he met a mumbling mage who welcomed him and exchange a bit of conversation about the Gods. The mage mentioned of a place Jason could go if he was truly fed up with the Gods, called The Godless.

Jason was intentionally curious about this group, but before he could ask anymore questions he looked down across the bar and same a man in a frog mask calling himself Frog Man as he cut down a thief trying to rob a patron. At first Jason couldn't believe it but he had to do something, so he left the mage alone and ran out back. Unfortunately all Jason had was a second pair of clothes and the mask Hawk fashioned for him, so he change and leap into action.

Now as the Spectacular Frog Man, Jason approached the impostor. The Impostor claimed that he was the real Frog Man of Falador, and Jason rebutted that he was the only Frog Man. The Impostor then mentions that Frog Man is an idea, but before they knew it two Falador Knights came inside looking for Frog Man. After a little bit of banter Jason was fed up and tried distracting the knights as the Impostor leap out. Jason ran after him as the knights followed.

Soon enough they found themselves on top of a roof, and the knights unable to reach them proceeded to burn the building down. The Impostor didn't seem too worried but he did mention that there was a someone inside suffocating. Jason had a choice to either escape and get answers or hop down and save the civilian.

Jason leaps downward into the flames and saves the civilian. The Knights were confused by his actions which gave him the chance to grab the Impostor and leap over the wall. The Impostor sprains his leg which leaves Jason to carry him, and a chase begins.

Eventually Jason and the Impostor reach a small town, but Jason finds out he had two old tele-tabs in his pocket. Crushing them he and the Impostor teleport leaving the Knights behind. They appear in a random building inside Varrock, and Jason ask why the Impostor is using the Frog Man alias. The Impostor explains that the Original Frog Man left the people in the hands of evil and someone had to step up. Many others supposedly tried and the Impostor, like the other, kill the forces of evil. Jason explains that it's just not the right way to kill someone.

Their conversation is cut short as the Knight were able to track them and jail Frog Man for the suppose crimes he has committed. Shortly after an exchange of words Jason was able to evaded the knights and he left the Impostor telling him to not use the Frog Man name anymore. Because he was back.


Jason took a brief visit to Varrock hitching a ride on a caravan and stopped by the Blue Moon Inn for some food. Unfortunately he did not have enough money to pay for anything until a half breed, Human-Werewolf, Boris offered to buy him a meal. The two have a short conversation about where they are at life, Boris is a successful and Jason ask if he can teach him anything. Boris agrees and take him to the forest of Varrock. They hunt a squirrel, Boris skins it and hands it to Jason making him feel "uneasy", and as Jason holds the red pelt Boris eats the squirrel raw. Boris then explain what he truly is and Jason tries his best to not like let his fear take over him. This is here when both Boris and Jason realize they share a similar hatred for their father being that they both were forcing them to follow a god did they not want to follow (Jason/Saradomin, Boris/Zamarock). Boris is able to smell a strange scent nearby and possibly on Jason, this scent being his Warped Being, but shortly dismisses it.

Conduitium Tie-in


  • Mask: A green makeshift mask swen with green and light green fabrics. Attached are to mirror like lense for seeing through clearly during harsh weather.
  • Torso: A blue penguin tuxedo suit or something of the like with a white hood swen on the back of the neck for quick concealment. Makeshift padding inside the shirt done as layers of a white shirt and brown vest.
  • Hands: Black sleeved gloves with rusty round meal plates on the forearms and back palms on each hand and arm. Hands have dark brown leather gloves layered over another black fabric for the finger tips to allow him to ooze out mucus easily.
  • Feet: Black sleeved boots with rusty round meal plates on the shins and top feet on each leg. Feet have dark brown leather boots layered over another black fabric for the toe tips to allow him to ooze out mucus easily. Wearing baggy white trouser along with a brown belt with several pouches attached.


  • Has green frog like eyes
  • Healing Factor.
  • Natural occuring Anti-Posion.
  • Spectacular agility.
  • Enhanced Hearing 
  • Enhanced Vision
  • Medium inhuman strength.
  • Cocky
  • Novice of Hand-to-Hand combat.
  • "Frog Vibe" Due to his being be warped with the Frog Genome and Anima Mundi he has a great  sixth-sense through vibrations. (Not yet trained.)
  • Warped Being: Increase strength, damage threshold and overall physicallity.
  • Secretion of mucus anywhere on his body, but most notably on his finger tips and toes.
  • Unable to cast any magic without pre-made tablets.
  • Weak against very high temperature like the desert.

The Marauding Frog Man

The Marauding Frog Man
Marcus's Frog Man garb tailored for the dreadful seas, and the scoundrel life of a pirate.






Augmented Human



Mate you pissed off the wrong man.

–Marcus the Green

I only wear the mask to spite my father, and plus it serves well in battle.

–The Marauding Frog Man

The Bastard Son

During the love affairs between Emery Rocks the Second, The Amazing Frog Man, with out any knowledge tat Captain Maria was pregenant and had a son. But She left out to sea before telling Emery, and raise the kid byherself in the life of a pirate. His name was Marcus, but he prefered to drop the "Rocks" since it reminded him of the father he never actually had. 

The Grand Search

Once Marcus docked at Al Kharid he sought out the former Academy of Heroes for his first lead into finding Emery. There he found Gonad Yakspitter a former friend of Emery that his mother told him about, and after a breif amount of questions and testosterone Gonad claimed the Emery was killed in battle. But Marcus did'nt accept this having a feeling that he wasn't stupid enough to get killed, and Gonad then gave Marcus Emery's last known location which was at Camelot.

After investigating and wasting time at Camelot Marcus headed to Ardrouge and drank himself to forget the rage his grew against Gonad for having him look at nothing. Then at the bar Marcus meet Taylin another pirate that cliamed to have his own crew offering Marcus a potiential spot, but before he can anwser the light went dark. Suddenly Hawk appered challening Marcus to a fight at the docks. Confused, serious, and a bit drunk Marcus simply ignored Hawk, and headed out of the bar. But determined Hawk attempted an back attack toward Marcus until Taylin stabbed Hawk allowing Marcus to flee.

Later that night Marcus geared up in his Marauding Frog Man costume to face Hawk as he wanted to make a name for himself as a pirate, so defeating Hawk would add some reputation. Unfortunatly Hawk believe Marcus to be the Supreme Frog Man back when he attack Hawk and Deadace, and used gnome spices to weaken Marcus which cause great effect due to his Frog Genome. After the lop sided battle a Marcus was capture by a ship captain of the Vahli, and had some of his blood extracted from him thus having himself ditched at the ports of Al Kharid once again.

Pirate Shanty

Wandering about in the Combatant Guild Marcus came across a fellow by the name of Aaron. Who by chance had the mask of The Original Frog Man, so naturally Marcus believe it to bet he mask of his father The Amazing Frog Man. Sneaking about Marcus waited for Aaron to fall asleep as to steal the mask. Once he aquired the mask Aaron attempted to strike at Marcus once he awoke, but was swifty knocked out and hog tied. After removed the mask, combracelet, and diary Marcus found out about a treasure and reward for the mask and went to find Ramon, the boss's contact. Doing so he meet Ramon, and played along impersonating Aaron getting the information Marcus required about the treasure. Once he got Ramon dreadfully drunk he stole the money for the Original's Mask and a note to meet the next contact called Axel.

On a voyage to Port Sarim Damien came across Taylin the pirate he meet back in Ardrouge that helped him fight off Hawk. Along with his brother Alucard they allowed Marcus to join their crew. Taylin spoke of a treasure map he retrived that required 8 other pieces that would led them to great treasure, but each of these pieces was guarded by powerful guardians of some sort. Marcus then was led to believe that Axel the next contact was in fact one of these map holders. So he and Alucard ventured out into the mines to find Axel, but only found an dangerous mining machine. After a brief fight Axel then revealed himself to be a crafty magician that swallow the map piece, and made both Marcus and Alucard look like fools. But Marcus got the upper hand and brutally beat Axel due to having his earring fall off which was his power source which was picked up by Alucard,

Marcus took Axel prisoner aboard Taylin's ship as he played a rather ridiculous game of 20 questions about the other 8 guardians, Archangels Temple, and the reason why the main boss needs the Original's Mask so badly. The next day Marcus left the ship to catch a drink where he ran into Warlock a young dark magic user who was looking for a man with a sword of fish. Naturally Marcus sent the boy to hell and continued walking, and shortly he was encounter by a cray sea salt who called himself The Pirate King which he tried to sell Marucs hop at an outrageous price, so Marcus sent him to hell as well. But just as he was about to enter the bar the Pirate King ran towards him yelling why Marcus stole his ship when clearly it was Taylin's. But this prove to be too much for the Pirate King which led him to sink Taylin's ship, and Marcus ran to recover Axel to further question him but he was nowhere to be seen. Before the ship was docked forever Marcus escaped, and charge at the Pirate King eventually catching him and beating him to the point where he forgot who he was. Meanwhile where Taylin and another pirate by the name of Andy Trout arrived to discover his grand ship sunken, and he simply fainted.

Upon awakening Taylin and Andy pulled out their pistols and attempted to execute the Pirate King who was recovering from Marcus's beatings, and for a strange reason Marcus sought to stop it even those the Pirate King was a pain in the ass. But Marcus failed to stop Taylin and Trout shooting and killing the Pirate King, and Marcus kneeled in to grab him as the Pirate King spoke his final words.

Whh-Why did you do this to m-me? I di-didn't mean no ha-harm...

–The Pirate King's last words to Marcus

These final words as his life left his body changed something in Marcus, and it was the same thing that changed his grandfather way long ago. A guard officer from the nearby jail showed up at the scene to wuestion MArcus as to what happened and why didn't he stop it. To where he simply replied as he placed on his mask.

I aim to now mate.

–Marcus after his realizing what it means to be Frog Man

Hawk then showed up at the scene attacking Taylin as Trout attempted to shot Hawk in the back, but just then Marcus the Marauding Frog Man charged at him as he slide shooting dual flint lock pistol at Trout. Surprised Trout wasn't able to react fast enough to Marcus's attack thus having him be shot in both thighs landing him on the ground face down, and Marcus then shortly delivering a slam downwards his face into the dirt and deliver hay makers to his temple effectively knocking him out cold. At this point Hawk and Taylin were fighting man to man and Hawk was near a loss until Marcus pull out his remaining loaded flint lock pistols and shot Taylin rendering him unable to fight. Hawk then shortly took Trout away leaving Marcus and Taylin alone, and Marcus left Taylin to die for his crime against the Pirate King for the sole reason because he didn't deserve to die. Taylin called Marcus a traitor and a false friend, and Marcus didn't want it to end that way either, but before leaving searched Taylin for the map piece and any other valuables and aimed to find the treasure along with his families history himself.

A Grand Crew

Shortly arriving at Varrock and visiting the Muesum to find any suitable details about the treasures he was seeking he found Captain Andyy Trout attempting to rob the place. To Marcus's suprise Trout completely forgot about their fight back at the ports. After making a fool of himself Trout was convinced by Marcus to join his crew to find and hi-jack the ship sailing to Cranador. At the BLue Moon Inn to discuss MArcus's plan they found another pirate who was being attacked by a teenage beast that appeared to be a girl with razor sharp dark claws. Trout took the pirate aside being both cowards, but Marcus stood his ground and attempted to speak with the girl. Prepare incase things with south Trout foolishly threw a highly flamable liqour at the girl while shooting to cause a firery ball of death, but with great speed and strength the girl took Marcus outback effectively prevent both of them from getting burns. Once there Marcus managed to convince the lass who's name was Valeria Kivail to join his crew along with the nameless pirate who she attacked.

As parted their was The Warlock reappeared infront of Marcus who apparently heard about the grand heist he was going to preform and wanted to join the ranks. But as Marcus was able to knockout the child in rejection he spotted the signature throwing knifes Hawk uses to alert his enemies before he attacks. Marcus told the boy if he can get rid of Hawk then he'll be able to join, which Marcus knew was no easy task for the boy. With that Hawk attempted to swoop in and kick Marcus against the wall, but Marcus proved to be quite the clever one as he simply pulled out on of his flintlock pistol and shot Hawk in the chest as he came close knocking him on his back. Sudenly the Warlock destroyed Marcus's weapons with his dark magics and attempted to help Hawk, but Hawk sent a dreaful punch to his jaw knocking him out. At this instance Time, Hawk's Ally, arrived at the scene attempt to attack Marcus as well. Marcus slipped on his Marauding Frog Man mask and prepare to fight both Hawk and Time. During he midst of batle Hawk threw a knockout gas the cause no real effect onto Marcus since he leaped into a nearby building, but it did effect Time having him collapse. Hawk then saw the opportunity to blew Marcus up thus threwing explosive substances and igniting them at the building causing Marcus to leap out int othe nearby building. Tired Marcus started to escape as he left Hawk mortally wounded and Time pissed off as he drifted on into the rooftops.

The Proposition

Upon a visit in the Rising Sun at Falador Marcus overheard a conversation between a Drake and a armored womened named Vex Saralon. She proposed the Drake to join her dangerous "Crew" for fame and riches, so Marcus without any regret offered to use his ship The Marauder. Finding out about Vex's true intentions for the group Marcus agreed to help her bring up chaos and war for the downfall of Kings and Queens, but with a hidden objective which is to not harm the innocents and claim power for himself.

Conduitium Tie-in

Awakening in Port Sarims Prision Marcus hasn;t the slightest clue of whats going on or how he arrived there. Knight Taleus is trainging a couple of squire when they visit the prison and mock Marcus, but soon enough Marcus escapes alreating Taleus and his squires. After a short chase Marcus evaded the troop by heading upwards on the rooftops. Sadly during this time due to the incursions of the Anima Mundai Marus gets a massive chronic headache having him collapsed and be captured by Taleus and his troop.


The Conduitium event takes place in various "universes" or roleplays. Essentially it every roleplay will be considered a separate universe for example, The Canon 42 roleplay where the main continuity exist is it's own universe while the The Canon 41 roleplay is also it's own universe etc.

Dinner is served.

–Devastaton, Before feasting on the Frog Man of EJ-42


Emery Rocks the Frog Man of EJ-42 a universe where Gielinor is a modern city with both Frog Man and Hawk being the leading partners in stopping crime stationed in Varrock. During one of their raids on the immense drug heist Frog Man was scaling a build when hisegan to give him chronic pains leading him to fall off. Hawk being left alone to fend against the drug dealers had to act quickly to save his partners, but luckily Shift teleported just in time to save Frog Man. Until a blindly light flash before Shift and Frog Man revealing to be a demonic entity.

Simply staring at Frog Man it dashed at immense speed towards him slapping Shift to the side, but Frog Man manage to leap away to catch Shift. Meanwhile Hawk was finishing up with the drug dealers when he witnessed Shift attempt to teleport the demon up high, but failed when he tossed Shift into the building. Frog Man attempted to stop the demon, but the demon grabbed him by the throat smiling. Hawk and Shift scrambled to save Frog Man, but every attempt was futile because the demon was emitting a bright light around it's body as Frog Man started to go limp.

"Uugh who ar-are wh-what are you?"

"Devastation, Emery."

"H-How do you kn-ow m-"

At this moment Devastation began to suck out his life force which became a green light slowly coming out of his eyes and mouth leaving behind a corpse. Dropping his finished meal Devastation smile and looks at Hawk and Shift as he open a portal and leaves. Confused as to what happens Shift attempt to see it was possibly to use his teleportation skills to find him, but Hawk told him to stop and morn for their loss. At that moment another portal opened revealing to be another Frog Man.

Hawk becoming extremely inpatient ran at Frog Man demanding answers as to what is going on by calling him Emery. After settling him down this Frog Man reveal to not be Emery, but instead a man called Terry Robinson from T1-42 The Nexian Frog Man. Terry explained to him that he was the Frog Man who would travel to universes using his powers where they needed a Frog Man or Hero the most. Also that he's been trailing the monster responsible for all the recent deaths of Frog Men through out various universes. Filled with anger for the lost of his partner Hawk demands that he help him find Devastation. Terry is skeptical at first but agree to take him along to find and stop Devastation.

Cuisses de Grenouille

Traveling through various universe being too late to save the Frog Men in them on after another Devastation was growing stronger. They managed to find Marcus Rocks The Amazing Frog Man of MIF-42 before Devastation, but only to find the he was waiting for them. During the chaos the Shift of this universe was a young boy who keep attacking Devastation to a point where he snapped Shift's neck and suck out his life force. Hawk knowing that it wasn't the Shift he knew attempted to convince this Marcus to come with them to save him, but Marcus threw Hawk aside and rushed to Shift's body revealing that in this universe Shift was Marcus's son. Shatter Frog man in blind fury attacked Devastaton where he simply was unable to overpower him and had his life force sucked out of him. Terry grabbed Hawk to hop to the next universe as he glance at the dead bodies of father and son.

Once they arrived at RS-4256 Hawk and Terry seek out the Frog Man of this universe to find him leaping around. Once explaining who they are they find out that this Frog Man is an old Jason Mcquad The Spectacular Frog Man. Terry soon finds out that this universe is relatively similar to "prime" universe. Hawk later deducts the fact that the "prime" universe is the location where most of the other universe take base of, but this conversation is cut short when Jason's distress signal belt start to go off telling him the the Hawk of this universe is in trouble. Devastation is causing massive destruction at Hawk's base asking him to reveal Frog Man's location, or to just wait for him to show up like he's done in the past universe where he's killed him. At this moment a man called Ultrainium shows up and battles Devastation causing him to shed blood. Hawk takes this sample and runs it into his computer where now Devastation destroy Ultrainium's armor and seeks out Frog Man. Once Hawk of EJ-42 and Terry convince Jason to go with him Jason gets takles by Devastation when mysterious dimensional being attack Hawk. Terry Help Jason but fails when boh him and Jason are in the clutches of Devastation.

"So you and that Hawk have been tracing me for quite sometime now. Even after I destroyed everything you loved in your universe?"

"I-I'll never give up. Just like every Frog Man you ki-killed."

"You know what Terry. Terry your name right or is it Emery? Jason? It doesn't matter your all a source of food for me."

"Screw you. De-Demon"

"Shut it old man. Now Terry. I know you hop around universes. Can you tell what coat I'm wearing? I took of a Chinese Frog Man a couple universe's back."

"U-uh. Wh-Why are you doing this..."

"Survival Terry. That's why. Now you tell me. Why are you doing this? Attempting to stop me only to see your comrades die? Do you enjoy seeing yourselves die everything Terry? Because I can grant you that wish permanently."

At this moment his absorbs both their life forces and wait for Hawk to arrive as he tosses them to the side. Once Hawk fended off the mysterious man after he vanished he encounter Devastation only to see him smiles to let him know that he's trapped in this reality with out Terry to teleport him out, and so he exits the universe in search for the "prime" universe. Hawk heads over to the bodies and finds Terry with a few second of life.


"Yes Terry.."

"Take th-this. It's the device th-that can take l-let you venture th-the universe.."


"It only wo-works when A Fr-Frog Man uses uses the Frog Genome..."


"Prom-Promise me you'll fi-find a new Frog man to re-replace replace the on-ones we amazing."

"I will. Terry. I will."

The device given by Terry had enough genome left to take him to one universe to find a Frog Man to help him take out Devastation. The Hawk of this universe contacts Hawk EJ-42 and tells him that he may have a plan to stop Devastation. Meanwhile when on GR-7042 Eric Randell The Groovy Frog Man is leaping about in Varrock in the 70's when he witnesses a murder from the same mysterious man that attacked Hawk of EJ-42. But before Eric can react he collapsed to the ground with a chronic headache, and far off in the distance in the city of Falador Devastation enter the universe of GR-7042 smiling.


–Devastation, Entering the 70's-verse

Frog Nation

The Hawk of RS-4256 explains that Devastation's blood is a pure balance of Anima Mundai which is also found in the Frog Genome. He also explains that Frog Man or whomever has the Frog Genome acts as a conduit for the Anima Mundai which explains why Devastation is killing Frog Men across the universes to gabsorb their life fore. Furthermore he finds out that Devastation can directly "drink" from the main sources of Ania Mundai of each universe because all of them are nearly imbalanced and corrupted, but the Frog Genome for an unexplained reason is also pure and server as a filter to it's main source. Hawk of EJ-42 being from a more modern universe then thinks of the plan to assemble to starve Devastation until they can use this information to their advantage. So Hawk of EJ-42 sets out to the current universe Devastation is since they were able to use his blood sample to lock on to him, and appear in GR-7042 to assemble any Frog Man they can.


  • The Original Frog Man actually wore padded robes being that being a guard for his secret identity occupation didn't yield much money to improve his suit.
  • The Frog Man persona was not only a in-character hero, but on various accounts Frog Man has been known to repel away TROOLS out of character.
  • In terms of physical abilites not counting age, The Amazing Frog Man surpasses The Original Frog Man genetically.
  • Tooray was the offical tailor of both Frog Men until the the beginning of The Supreme Frog Man.
  • The Frog Genome has some base genetics, but it is subject to change always with the mix of other genes from the other "mate".
  • The Supreme Frog Man, technically is a different person who fake memories were created by Aldaruth, but mixed in with some of The Amazing Frog Man memories.
  • The Original Frog Man has only killed one person, which lead him to become a hero when he was granted the Frog Genome.
  • The Amazing Frog Man was the only one trained not only by The Original Frog Man but also by, Gonad Yakspitter, Tren Inglenese, Jirkak, and breifly at the Academy of Heroes
  • The actual creation of "Frog Man" was by complete accident, and not planned at all.
  • Jason Mcquad is the second User to acquire the "Frog Man" mantle other than Emery rocks1.
  • The Spectaculat Frog Man is the youngest Frog Man.
  • The Spectacular Frog Man is'nt considered a "perfect" experiment, hence why he has frog like eyes.
  • The Supreme Frog Man (Damien) is considered more as a villain than hero.
  • The Marauding Frog Man is the only one who uses actual weapons aside from his natural abilities.
  • The Marauding Frog Man and The Supreme Frog Man (Damien) are the only Frog Men willing to kill and have killed.
  • A new Frog Man dubbed as The Ultimate Frog Man is an alternate condensed version of the Frog Man from the main w42 cannon universe in Bruce Balboas aka Sylar0_0 w41 Universe (
  • A recent Frog Man "Eric Randell" played by Jason Mcquad dubbed as The Groovy Frog Man is a "What if it were the 70's" version of Frog Man and many other heroes based in a 70's theme universe.
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