Phoenix Flamekin Base FULL

The Official Symbol of the Flamekin.

As they're fairly new, as they started only 125 years ago, the Flamekin aren't a well-known name. Two generations have passed since they were created, and Flamekin has been nothing more than a name. But, this third generation plan to alter this pity historical background.

Intro from the Forums

Hello, ladies and gentlemen. Let us delve into a tour of the Flamekin house. Upon entrance, the house would look average and be nothing special. Off to the side, there would be a small, newer building. Entering the main household, heading to the right, you'd hit a parlor. Here, some Flamekin members would be relaxing, talking of recent going-ons, and warming by the fire. Past that, there would be a heavily decorated stairway. On descent, minor chatter could be heard. to the right, the kitchen could be found. There, Francesca and Mulciber would be having a small conversation over some tea. It may include something about Zhu, Kandarin, or world leaders. Zoom back, let's head back to that house off to the side. It only has two rooms. One for a staircase, another for boxes and crates. This staircase would be very crude compared to the other one. After climbing down the staircase, there'd be a fighting pen, a bed, and a work space. Papers, blankets, and trash would be strewn upon the ground. It would smell like a mix of sweat, old meat, and stale ink. In the work space, there would be restless Zhu. He'd be furiously writing 3 things at once. A letter, a journal entry, and a some notes. Every Flamekin has their own story. Each with their own unique thoughts. So diverse, yet united under one symbol and name.

-Welcome to the Flamekin-

The Family

  • Zhu Flamekin - Head of the Family
  • Francesca Flamekin - Wife of Zhu
  • Mulciber Flamekin - Brother of Zhu
  • Lillith Kirahe Flamekin - Sister of Zhu and Mulciber
  • Arcylla Flamekin - Sister of Zhu, Mulciber, and Lillith.

More to Come

Too busy at the moment. Bad timing on my part. More to come.

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