Faroncuil Erynosgar
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Faroncuil the Elven Ranger




200 (25 in Elf, using 8:1 ratio)





Current Location:

Al Kharid





Faroncuil Erynosgar is a character of the Elf race, belonging to Sithinat. He is an only child within his family, and was born into the Cadarn clan. Faroncuil is two hundred years old and looks as though he is twenty-five. A follower of Seren, Faroncuil values nature and can often be found taking hikes through the forests of Gielinor.


Elvish Origins

Born in Lletya and into the Cadarn clan, Faroncuil was born to the couple of Faradrim Erynosgar and Aeglos Norgwaew. As soon as Faroncuil was old enough to walk, his parents began to show him the teachings of Seren. This opened his world to new lengths, as he had never heard of Gods or Godesses before. Shortly thereafter, they made him his first bow. Faradrim, Faroncuil's father, was a talented Fletcher, and crafted arrows and a shortbow made of yew for his son to use. Faradrim purposefully made the bow too large for his only child, knowing he would grow into it. Faroncuil's life slowly began to revolve more and more so around his bow and arrows. His daily life thus far consisted of waking up, doing some chores, and then practicing archery until his parents forced him to go to sleep.

Faroncuil spent many of the days he wasn't practicing archery or doing chores by talking hikes through Isafdar; he learned all of the secret paths and clearings for fast travel. (TBC)

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