Evelyn Renderra


1/2 Human, 1/4 Elf, 1/4 Mahjarrat


80ish (Ageless appearance)


Chaotic good

Place of birth


Places of residency



Raven-Master/Head of medical practice



Evelyn Elizabeth Renderra is the middle child of Aiden Aren and Ellenore Lucilla Sicarius, also the twin sister to Zack and older sister to Tobias 'Garth' Aren. She is currently a member of the Renderra and Aren noble houses, and resides with her family on the Renderra Isles. Being from two hybrid parents, Evelyn shares genes from the human, and mahjarrat race, the latter of which she ignores being apart of. From a young age, Evelyn was forced to travel and move from person to person until finally being kept at Aspera for training till she was fifteen, at that point she ran and ended up settling in the Renderra isles as a base while still wandering around the mainland for a single purpose. However after she reached her nineteenth birthday, she finally settled down with her new family. She has been a student, a traveled, a slayer and has fought in two battles in her short life time.  

Evelyn is now currently staying on Aethyrmont with her husband and their children.  

Currently played by Livviy on World 42



Evelyn inherited most of her looks from her Father's side of the family, her skin is fair and is flawless of blemishes and scars, and also along her cheek bones she can have a slight blush when she is cold or embarrassed. She is quite striking in her natural appearance, and due to her elven heritage could be seen as pretty. Her face is heart shaped, and her features are generally quite soft and in proportion to each other. Her lips are a slight pale pink in shade, and are cupid bow shaped, also her nose is fairly thin. She inherited her mother’s slightly tilted almond eye shape, along with gaining the mutation heterochromia due to her violent gene pool. Therefore while her right eye is her the Aren's typical emerald green shade though a little darker, her left eye shade is a light violet, something that is common in her Maternal Grandfather's family. The dark ring around both eyes are thicker than they naturally should be and the sclera are black but seem to light grey when Evelyn is in public. These make her eyes seem very unsettling at first glance, and there are very faint markings underneath both eyes, all of this giving hint to her Mahjarrat relation. Naturally her hair is a very pale blonde, reaching to the middle of her back when she was younger and now can at times almost reach the very upper part of her waist, she inherited her mother’s naturally wavy hair. She usually wears her hair down, however will sometimes braid it or place it into a bun when it comes to formal occasions. Her ears are also tapered due to her elven heritage.


Height wise she stands at a fairly tall 5’9 and her build is fairly slim and lithe, she stands with moderate confidence, being able to support her height and not look gawky. She has lean muscle on her arms and legs from combat training during her teen hood; her body is more built for speed rather than strength however. Though facially she is flawless of scars, her body is covered in them. She has old burn marks trailing her left arm, and a fresher set along the knuckles of her left hand. She also has some scarred over acidic burns along her shoulder blades and very light burn scars down her upper right arm. She also has a large gash on her stomach with another directly aligned on her back; therefore she is always fully clothed due to being self-conscious over the scars.  Her  left leg has evidence of injury on it, and as Eve walks it seems like she constantly has a limp. This is due to her left leg being broken to the point it is permantly weakened.

Evelyn mostly stays in armour when out and about, choosing armour made with leather instead of metal armour and only usually having a thin plate of ethier mithril or steel over her bracers for protection against sword strikes. Her armour is mostly decorated with black dye out of personal choise, and she always wears a cloak with a hood and facemask around her neck if she needs to cover her features up. Casually she'll wear loose shirts and trousers for training, and tighter clothing when she is doing things around the Castello such as spending time with her children. She only dresses in more noble clothing for events such as balls, or meetings with diplomats. On her neck she wears two silver chains , one is her Renderra amulet and the other has her Aren ring on it for when she needs it for emergencies. .


Early personality

Even after the experience she had as a toddler, Evelyn was still a normal child, she was fun-loving and generally cheerful. She was hyper, and at times enjoyed causing mischief through drawing on the walls or teasing her little brother. She was sometimes protective though at this time enjoyed to preserve her own life above others. This led to the incident with her mother which after that caused her to grow distant in Aspera, enjoying keeping to herself so she never exactly had many friends except Aralyn. She still enjoyed teasing people, but this had more of a crueller spark to it. As she grew older however this disappeared from her personality and she became much more cheerful and even adventurous, this caused her to quickly attempt to escape from Aspera. Once she began her training, she still retained a fairly calm attitude but seemed to lack qualities that slayers usually had. She was a slight coward, and could easily become jumpy or scared over the monsters she was meant to fight. As she grew older, she still had a calm attitude and the cowardice left her. She still struggled under pressure and this carried on as she grew into her twenties. Evelyn also had issues with drinking, her usual long temper grew short and she became drunk incredibly quickly. She had an addiction to drink until the birth of her second child.

Current personality

Currently Evelyn is slightly emotionally unstable, gaining anxiety over issues with her brother and her training. Which has caused her to become jumpy once more, and more reluctant to do her job in fear of what could happen with her. She is incredibly protective over her children’s well-being, though does enjoy teasing her eldest much like she enjoys to do with others; however with her three youngest children, she is more willing to do anything to keep them from harm’s way. She still struggles to socialise and has chosen to be more solitary when it comes to dealing with things, enjoying more time alone and travelling than spending time in a group. When angered now, she has a tendency of choosing to just disappear for weeks or even months depending on the severity of it and she has become more argumentative with people she views as being harsh. She can sometimes take advice but sometimes chooses to ignore it, and as her luck isn't great as well. She usually ends up hurt if she chooses not to. However, at times Evelyn can be kind and can still really be seen as a good person, she hates to hurt others unless she needs to or is ordered to. Viewing violence against beings that are generally not corrupt, as not the answer for everything therefore she avoids it at all costs.

She still carries on her attachment to the godless, viewing gods especially ones such as Saradomin as only doing things for their own gain.  She can sometimes view the higher nobles as being similar with this, and chooses to stay away from them and not get involved in politics anymore as her experiences with politics has never ended with a good outcome and she has lost friends over the more violent side of politics. Her biggest grudge however is on the undead, or Liches, in her mind they have basically torn apart any hope of her having a normal life but as well as being her biggest hate, they are also her biggest phobia. Mostly because of the incident in her early years, and her mother caused a great effect on her mentally. If she comes face to face with one she'll either lose all her morals or attempt to kill it or just run, with few exceptions. Also when it comes to her sexuality like she was in her youth, Evelyn still remains bisexual.

Current issues

Evelyn currently suffers from PTSD; this occurred within her after facing off with some Liches that triggered some of her more traumatic childhood memories. It actually began to emerge after the reoccurrence of her brother being alive, which also triggered a rather more deadly effect on her mentality. She also believes she has insomnia, struggling to fall asleep at most times and when she does only sleeping for a limited amount of time. Though this is only due to the Mahjarrat blood she has inherited making it so she doesn't need that much sleep to function normally. She is also on the urge of depression, as her left leg is now weakened she can't do the one thing she was raised for properly. She feels like her life is about to have no meaning, and this is forcing her to become more withdrawn as a person and only interact with her closest friends.

Aren curse

As Eve's father was an Aren, she was born with the Aren curse, hers being curiosity. From a young age she has always been her interest to either approach things she wasn’t exactly meant to, or sneak into things out of pure curiosity into what they hold or are. This trait has caused many of her significant life events and has shaped out her life, and overall personality more so in her earlier years as the curse began to calm itself in her early twenties.


Peaceful start

Eve was born after her mother fell unconscious and  her birth couldn’t be exactly described as gentle,  she was forced out of her mother due to an operation performed and was born second out of two. She was quickly named Evelyn and moved back to Lumbridge castle, where both her mother and father resided. For the first three years of her life, it was fairly peaceful, she got equal attention to her brothers from her mother and father and her life was pretty calm.  Her mother at this time was particularly fond of her due to her being the female child and the mother and daughter bond was slowly beginning to form at that point. After her first three years, her youngest brother was born making her the middle child but still the only female out of the group of three, Life for once was actually almost undisturbed by violence in the family.


Due to usual Gielinorian custom peacefulness never lasts, and during the Hunger Invasions, Evelyn and her brothers were taken by the lich Oavatos because of their Aren blood, this was after a very brief battle with their father. A group planned to rescue the children but Oavatos sent a message to Ellie and out of a sudden burst of panic and anger, Ellie ran to save or at least avenge her children. Surprisingly the kids were still alive and well but as her their mother tried to take on Oavatos, everything fell apart for a start off she saw Eveyln ‘Die.’ And apparently get taken over by Eve’s Grandfather, Craex Xear. This caused Ellenore to quickly fall into insanity after apparently witnessing her only daughter being ripped in two. However she still managed to reach the top floor and managed to make a deal with Oavatos now a broken woman but still retaining some sense to bring her childrens safety as top priority. As this deal took place, Ellenore did not notice her cousin, Luna approaching her from behind and before Ellenore could move to take her kids, Luna stabbed her out of what seemed to be cold blood and in front of her children, Ellenore died. Oavatos went to quickly get Luna away, and he was left with the children and the corpse of their mother. They were quickly teleported back to Lumbridge like nothing happened, to the shock of their father, also another shock occurred Ellenore quickly returned to the castle even though she was meant to be dead, now insane and lichified. Aiden quickly divorced her on the spot, and locked her out of the castle, returning to the children, he called on two people his own adopted father and Thea Aren, a friend of Ellie’s and Aiden’s. Evelyn was passed on to Thea and Zack and Tobias were passed to Aiden’s adopted father. The siblings were separated to different sides of the main land before their mother had a chance to reach them.

Never forgotten

Evelyn was soon reunited with her brothers, and for three years life was calm with small events such as Eve reuniting with her father. Yet, one night Evelyn was left alone with her brothers and after an argument with Tobias both her and Zack were locked out of the room by their four year old little brother. They were left in the lounge area, and someone knocked on the door. Evelyn went down to open it, and was met by a full armoured woman. Evelyn recognised her and immediately made a mad sprint for a spare room, and hid. What happened next, though Eve herself was unhurt along with Zack scarred her mentally and physically scarred Tobias. Ellenore only removed herself from the household due to their guardians returning. However the chain of abuse did not end, most of it focused on the youngest of the three for an unknown reason. It was both physical and mental and most times Eve chose to stand back or hide. She didn't know what to do. It was only until the last visit, where their mother was followed by another man that Evelyn attacked the male with a broom. The eight year olds attempts were mostly futile, until her magic manifested and she managed to mildly burn Ellie. After a few insults from the woman, the man grabbed her and removed her from the house. Evelyn didn't see her for years afterwards, while there was a few bump ins between her and Zack and Tobias as they grew up. Due to the danger and Thea having to return to the Sicarius, they were moved to the Aspera tower to study with other Arens. While Evelyn still maintained a strong relationship with her twin brother, her relationship with Tobias became strained and distant. While she made attempts to redeem herself, her cowardice as a child had seemed to have destroyed any chance of the two having a good relationship again.

Teen years

Eve’s life up until she was thirteen was fairly uneventful until one day another student of Aspera tower told her and Zack that there was a sealed off dungeon in the tower itself, being normal curious teenagers they ventured down there and came across a Malik, who they found out was guarding the prison for the lich Thorvald, the thing that had caused the events of the Hunger assault to happen. The children tried to get in and began to try and fight Malik to be let in, Zack was injured but Evelyn managed to make her stand and whack Malik over the head with a shield, so he allowed them in. Eve out of curiosity began to talk to Thorvald who managed to lure her into nearly releasing him, this annoyed her causing her to whack his prison and accidently release Thorvald into the open world, luckily Malik managed to get the kids out of the basement and fought Thorvald who was defeated and placed back in prison. Eve was quickly told off and punished and went off to tend to her brother who was injured during the event. Eve after the incident settled down and behaved, carrying on with her training, gaining more fluency with fire magic and eventually going on to train on blood and air magic along with learning basic teleportation and binding spells. For a few months in her late fifteens Evelyn began to feel isolated in Aspera, she watched her youngest brother excell while she felt restricted with her teachings, and began gaining a strained relationship with both her siblings.. She began to plan an escape, over the next few months she collected things to assist her, and a week after her sixteenth, she slipped into Tobias's room, and asked for him to run off with her. This ended only in arguments between the two, and Eve now knowing she couldn't stay there any longer, cut her hair to a very short length, stripped it of dye and ran off to the now on-going godwars. 

New allies

After managing to avoid being dragged into the violent fray of the ongoing battle between the Zamorakians and the Saradomists, she found herself in the Saradominst church in Lumbridge searching through records for information on her own family, she didn’t notice that someone had followed her into the church and his sudden introduction shocked her. They began to talk, this soon became the first time she had an indication that she wasn’t human. Quickly introducing herself to him, they carried on talking, still thinking he was lying about the things he was telling her, he removed his helmet and introducing himself as Zarin, a Mahjarrat human crossbreed. Now ever more slightly convinced he was telling the truth Evelyn followed him, and after more talking, he took her to his own family, the Renderra.  Here she met with Nathan Renderra, Eira Renderra and someone she immediately recognised as the man who carried her mother to them in her early youth, she immediately backed away from the man who tried to gain her trust but at that point to no prevail. During her first week with the Renderra she discovered she was a relative to the Mahjarrat Xear clan and had connection to the Sicarius family, she also learnt the fate of both her maternal Grandmother and Grandfather, another thing she was told was the reason her mother had become the way she was and at that time it gave Evelyn some guilt over the way she thought about both her mothers and fathers abandonment of her, so the next day she returned to her childhood home in Ardounge.

An unwanted return

To her disappointment the door was locked, however she got the idea to the pick lock of the door. Seen as she was not exactly skilled with this method it caught the attention of another who immediately threatened to arrest the girl, Evelyn calmed the woman down and introduced herself, and in turn the woman introduced herself as Ivory Syvian. Once the door was unlocked they both decided to enter. They found nothing in the old building that would give off any Revelation and the two girls both began to move for the stairway, only to hear the door swing open and the sound of two other female voices. Ivory recognised one of the voices and immediately headed to the next room, and Evelyn after a few seconds followed her recognising the voice as something she had never even considered she’d hear again, her mothers. The next few minutes were a blur to Evelyn, Ivory and her locked themselves in the toilets but the door was soon blasted open and after a brief conversation with her mother and standing in front of Ivory in an attempt to keep her from being harmed , Evelyn considered herself dead before Ellenore was ripped away from Evelyn and knocked out by Ivory’s uncle and then being told to teleport. Shaken by her mother’s appearance Eve stayed around the Isles again for a week before visiting Ivory again, both girls decided to go look for Ellenore in Evelyn’s hometown and both of them teleported to the town. However instead of Eve’s mother, they bumped into Zack, Evelyn’s older brother who joined them in hunting for Ellenore, they later bumped into her in the graveyard next to the Saradominist church and a fight followed with the trio winning against Ellenore but Zack getting injured in the process of the fighting and Ivory leaving the trio forcing Eve to aid her brother in getting back to the Wizard tower.


Evelyn later found herself at a ball in the Monvallis state along with two of her distant cousins Driez and Eira, getting a little bored she began to wander only to bump into Aranitus, an Aren and a council member,  both of which she was trying to avoid.  Aranitus noting Evelyn had left Aspera before the age of 18 ordered her to return or stand in front of the council, both of which she refused and Driez then came in to defend her.  After a heated argument Evelyn found it impossible for her to return to her family for at least another year and quickly left the ball, angered and upset. Later on in the month Ivory and her investigated a suspicious house which they both believed belonged to their mothers, after a couple of brief fights, Evelyn found herself talking to Lucie, getting annoyed over her attitude and leaving Ivory alone to defend herself from Ellie, which she luckily did.  Soon after the encounter Evelyn and Zarin were sent to investigate a village. Evelyn found herself in one of the houses flicking through some notes left by a victim of what seemed to be a plague, zoning out she it took her too long to notice Zarin shouting at her to move away,  then she was knocked down.  She managed to move herself up in a matter of seconds, hearing Ellenore shouting at her. She swung herself around and got hit by a couple of ice spikes, sticking her to the wall and expecting Ellenore to kill her only for her to take the book and a sample of the plague, and walk off. Leaving her injured and stuck in place, after a few minutes Zarin gained consciousness and both of them moved off elsewhere.

The tension rises 

Soon after her encounter, Eve was sent with Rolf and Anya to go investigate a nearby cave that was also said to be infested with the same virus that caused the plague in the last villiage. After a few skirmishes with cultists that seemed to play some part with the cause of the plague and Evelyn killing a human for the first time, they seemed to find little if no information on the cause so the group left the cave. Evelyn found herself getting more and more paranoid of going out of the safety of her room in the isles even for training and general chores, so finally asked Zarin for advice on what she should do about her mother, he told her he would deal with it, so Evelyn left for her room and for the next hour waited for any news, only to feel the telepathic connection she once had with him snap, making her believe that he was somehow dead. In a fit of sudden and built up rage caused by the idea that one of the few she actually liked dying, she took off for Ellenore’s residence with only a dagger, constantly moving to get to her target,  when she reached it she barged in only to be met with a re-enactment of the night Ellie herself fell to insanity, however Evelyn survived it and reached her mother and after a brief throw around of insults, both of them began to fight. Ellie immediately gained an upper hand but then in another brief burst of anger Evelyn seriously injured Ellenore, causing her to drop to the floor and after more exchange of words, die. In shock of what she had done, Evelyn ran. This event caused Eve to quickly become depressed and much more secluded.

A ritual, a mistake and wintumber

Soon Evelyn began to recover from the death of her mother, however this took over a year  and returned to a fairly normal life again. Still training under Zarin, she began to develop feelings for him and after a while she admitted to Zarin about it, which nearly ended badly. She witnessed another of her cousins giving birth and meeting her old Aspera friend, Aralyn but that was one of the few significant happenings in her life. She attended the Lumbridge mourning event with Eira, where she was forced to knock a very suicidal man out before he tried to commit it again like he had done earlier and watched Eira try and break up an argument. After having enough she returned to the isles and met with Zarin, conversing for a bit then after a strange occurrence both of them teleported to what was the Mahjarrat ritual site only hours before, still a Mahjarrat half remained and managed to anger Evelyn to the point she nearly stormed off. Then to make the evening worse both her and Zarin got themselves drugged, which ended in escalation and pregnancy. This came as an absolute shock to her and for a few days began drinking more frequently, she gathered enough courage to tell Zarin who was to her absolute knowledge the father, to her surprise he didn't thrash out on her and was surprisingly calm. For around eight months Evelyn kept herself out of harm’s way and grew closer to Zarin. By the ninth month it was Wintumber season, Evelyn's first time in celebrating it properly at that. Due to being heavily pregnant she was still stuck around the isles until finally she and Zarin moved from the isles to a temporary home in Ardougne, Evelyn's old childhood residence. Only then moving back to the isles for the due date of the child. This was due to both of them having no experience in child birth at all. During both of their celebrations, Zarin proposed to Eve and in the shock of it she fell into labour, passing out. Yhe birth went quite smoothly and the child was born, a son which they both named Theseus, who took both his mother and father’s last names for the current time being.

Battles and the Northerners

Only a few days after the birth of Thes, Eve returned to her work and moved to Asgarnia to assist with the medical tent during the Armadyl/Bandos battle, at first the battle was at a slow pace and Eve was sent to collect injured soldiers of both sides, healing one in the process. She then moved further to the west, collecting and teleporting a white knight who was about to be eaten by a troll, leaving him with the medics before moving to observe the battle from the hill and collect the injured, only to discover the Armadylian side being cut down like grass by a group who was unknown to Eve herself, dressed in Dragonhide and strange helmets armed with bows. Seeing herself in danger, she hid herself behind a tree narrowly escaping being caught until she found the time to run for it down the hill, only to bump into the leader of the Armadylians, Alexander Aerendyl. There she observed Alex surrending to the group who were introduced to Eve as the Dragonkin Worshippers, and then watched the man walk down the hill to collect the remaining of his troops. Yet, she stayed behind to question the remaining Epimetheans and  the Promethean of the group, after a brief discussion with one of the Epimethean of the group, she was handed a pouch, told to deliver it to Alexander. She then teleported to Varrock, knowing fully well what was in the pouch and giving it to Alex, watching the Salamander inside burn him and then healing him to avoid being arrested. Later in the week, now healed Evelyn, Zarin and Anya headed to Varrock for the Wintumber ball, throughout the event she stuck with Zarin and Anya only once splitting off from them to head over to talk to an old friend from the Arens and later Eira, during catching up with her, she didn't notice Zarin approaching both of them and was then forced to step back as Zarin passed a message onto Eira, basically telling her she was disowned and then walking off, Eve tried to apologise to Eira, getting pushed away and being left feeling guilty. Staying for a little while longer only to get drunk, Eve and Zarin returned home, arguing about Zarin's actions at the ball which ended up in both of them apologising to each other briefly after. Then Eve began to train for the battle the next week.

Everyone needs to be friends

At the end of the week following the earlier battle Evelyn joined up with a quickly formed group of Godless and thrust right into the heart of battle once more, this time Evelyn took the role of a fighter and the battle quickly became eventful. After managing to cause a few injuries herself Evelyn was finally injured herself getting a shallow cut to her shoulder, she then removed herself from the battle that was unfolding with the Black knights, to a battle with the Saradominists. At that point she joined with Sekra Thayne who was injured himself and at the point of being shot fatally. Evelyn pushed the knight out of the way only to get shot in the hip herself and then getting the wound to her arm deepened, she quickly teleported both her and Sekra into Varrock and as Medics tended to him, Eve moved South and managed to hit a Orge before having to pull out due to her injuries. After a brief discussion with a Bandosian and a friend of her in laws, Evelyn returned home to heal, only to later have her injuries worsened after a miscalculation and due to her being rammed by an Airut. She spent another 3 weeks healing and followed a adventuring party into a set of Dungeons, which also turned out to be eventful after nearly being killed for her heritage, and fighting a very annoyed dragon, only to watch one of the adventurers been told to kill the original dispatcher and doing so. Out of that Eve received a sword and due to her lack of skill with using such a weapon, she reserved it for when her son reached the appropriate age to wield it.

Return of the Northerners, Act 2

After a fairly uneventful couple of weeks mostly filled with Eve trying and failing to adapt to motherhood, she found herself searching out sacred clay with Zarin. They found themselves entering a cave system and a few minutes of walking came across another pair of humans, a pale looking woman and a ginger. Both tried to walk through only for the man and woman to stop them, both proclaimed to be protecting the clay and Eve and Zarin argued back. Zarin began to duel with the male, and Eve tried to get past the female, who kept saying things to Eve in a unknown language until two words she caught onto, similar words to what she had heard the Northerners say in the battle mere months ago. After a brief fight with the female Eve managed to take her hostage and the male Zarin duelled was defeated. After a brief argument once more Eve and Zarin took off with clay. Another god battle took place and Eve went a couple of other healers to assist with first aid, except they were quickly caught up in the fighting, which included an Airut. Eve took that moment to back off and she ended up bumping into Kinshra which ended in a brief fight with no injuries to both sides. Once the fight had ended, she returned home and after going to a couple of weddings, Eve and Zarin in a very small ceremony finally tied the knot themselves.

More tensions rise

After a very short attempt to go away for a bit, Eve and Zarin found themselves home again. Eve went back to looking after Thes who could now walk, which turned out to be troublesome for her. With more free time on her hands, Eve found herself spending more time taking her son out, though this soon stopped after an incident which ended in Zarin getting injured. Eve began travelling back and forth from Yanille, due to a disturbance there and ended up going to another ball with Aralyn and Annabelle. By then Evelyn had worked out that once more she was pregnant, which she had known for a few days but kept from Zarin. The party ended up with her friends getting drugged and some other thing happened. After a hunting trip a few days later, Eve bumped into a Northerner, brawling with her and losing, she returned home and told Zarin she was pregnant, which wasn't received greatly due to time it took for her to confess. The next few months were hard; the pregnancy was much harder than Thes's and Eve spent months in bed until the birth which knocked her out for a long period of time. The result of the pregnancy was a daughter, born with the same green eyes and brown hair as Thes, but with human eyes though to balance this advantage out, she was born disabled which meant for the first year of her life, Eve kept away due to guilt.

The Conclave

After finally managing to return home once more, Eve began to raise Alice and Thes's training had already begun which Eve offered to assist on the magical side of things. The Conclave quickly approached, and Eve found herself going there with her cousin, Driez and Anya. The Conclave at first was boring for Eve as it was mostly only listening to others, than hearing other people complain. Once the break began, Eve left with her cousin to go watch the duels which Zarin was participating in, he won his round and after watching a few others, they went back home. Then on the second day of the Conclave, she went back to the lectures which once more were filled with arguments. She found herself talking to a man named the Sentinel, who she ended up standing with along with a few others when the second round of duels began. Zarin reached the final, against a man with surprisingly similar features to an Aren, the fight lasted for a long time and the other man won, and Eve and Driez were left with dealing with a very messed up Zarin. Once again, Eve had to deal with even more housework, and slaying to cope with not having any assistance.


After a slaying task, Evelyn headed in the forest surrounding Yanille and picked up the noise of someone training. Curious, she walked towards the noise and noticed a male, with similar features to her using Carnal magic. He noticed her, and she began to move off only to be suddenly thrusted into a fight with him, he quickly took advantage and Evelyn was sent running and hiding. He then called out her name, at that point she realised who he was, her younger brother. Confused on why he was attacking her, she only had one option which was to fight back, however the fighting ceased and she ran after him, catching up and trying to talk. He knocked her out, and tried to teleport them, this ended with both of them ending up in the Renderra isles. Once he left, what followed was a game of cat and mouse between both of them, the next encounter ended in blood shed, the third ended in them finally calming down. In the process, Evelyn came into contact with three Everric's who lived at Aspera at the same time as her. Soon disaster struck once more, Aralyn committed suicide to Eve's disbelief, Garth once more disappeared and Zarin was away, leaving her alone for two months. After the two months had ended, Eve reunited with Zarin and began preparing for her tests and an expediton, and finally spending time with her kids. However, once more she found herself heading through the Yanille forest.

Broken things

After wandering to Yanille gates, she bumped into one of Garth's companions who quickly turned violent against her, the fight ended in Eve gaining a minor injury and the attacker being stabbed. She took him back to the institute so he could get help. This once more only ended in more complications, as Evelyn soon found herself in Chris's office finally talking to the man that she had spent years avoiding. He told her about the Galethornians, and how they were danger which worried her due to her brother’s involvement with the cult. After the talk ended, Eve moved to get home and finally after a few months once more came face to face with Garth. At first they spoke casually, the appearance of a Galethornian caused it to escalate with Eve trying to remove Garth from the area, and he more pushing to go with the Galethornian. When trying to grab him, he knocked her down and when she awoke he was gone. This caused Eve to now panic, most of her family were telling her to end him, which at the time she knew she didn't have the ability to and didn't want to end another family’s life. So for the next month, she distanced herself from her kids and family to try and get her head around the situation and avoid the Arens finding out.


Evelyn was soon in the company of a friends Anya and Caeden Everric, after a couple of attempts of trying to plan taking her brother down without killing him, she was ready to give up. Until Caeden suggested simply altering his memories so events that shaped his worst tendencies were erased and changed. Seeing it as the best alternative Evelyn agreed and first got into contact with Driez and asked him to assist her taking him down. He agreed, and he lured him into Yanille forest and they both ambushed him. After being forced to distract him for five minutes which ended in a large bit of forest being set alight, Eve finally allowed Driez to take Garth down and knock him out, and then take him back to Lenea and Zarin. Both Anya and her watched as the plan was finally put into place, and to Evelyn's relief worked. They told her brother that his injuries and apparent amnesia was caused by a knock out during a fight. With her situation with her brother finally gone, once more she returned to the isles for longer periods of time to train and raise her kids. After about a year, her brother approached her with two children of his own. Unable to look after them himself due to his girlfriend at the time not wanting to raise them, Evelyn took them in and raised them with her own children. The twins were named Olivia and Annabella.


For the next year life was average, only one major event occurring which was the Northerner tourney which Eve attended to just watch the opening which involved her meeting some of the elite guard, and seeing the Kronesian and talking to his apprentice. However she found herself living a fairly mundane life at the isles, and she was fine with it. However then her trials occurred for the Ravens, and she was put in a team including Anya, someone who she had recently fallen out with. At first the mission went fine, but then it escalated with Evelyn's lack of leadership skill quickly becoming apparent as the first wave of enemies hit them.  Evelyn focused on trying to hit the people who held up inside the base, which proved to be a horrible error along with many more which concluded in the emergence of Eve's PTSD, one of her members getting a broken back and all her team receiving some sort of injuries. In Eve's shock of the situation, she ran off for a few days only being forced back by Anya to report to Natalie about her failure. Evelyn was deemed insane by Anya to her horror, and Natalie sent her to Consantino to be fixed by the druids there for six months. What followed was Evelyn learning to control her fear of Liches, and the memories that haunted her, the final task of which allowed her to reach some clarity with the death of her mother, and gave her a memory that the both of them had finally fixed up the broken relationship they had. The final battle was against Evelyn's most vivid fear, the one of Liches formed from when she was a toddler. She faced her kidnapper Oavatos as a memory fragment, and managed to defeat him and in turn defeat her fear of Liches. After it was done, she was returned to the isles and reunited with Zarin.

Of all things

Evelyn and her family were moved to Taverly, with most of the Renderra. Eve set up the bar there, along with some other members of the households guard. The bar had a few problems involving one certain woman, but things ran smoothly. Eve's kids got on with their own things, which only caused one little hiccup but life was fairly peaceful. Evelyn was then sent on a redemption mission with six other people, this ran more smoothly until they were ambushed. With someone critically injured, Evelyn moved to try and save them from the fray, however she was taken from behind and suddenly teleported to location where she was beaten up and thrown into a cell where she was chained by her arms and legs and was left to someone named the Grandmaster. What she went through for next hour could only be described as hell, after being mentally tortured through the impression her children were going to die, she was then subjected to being beaten up and burnt due to her not co-operating with her torturer and not giving much information. They then attempted to force feed her a sea orphan that she was forced to watch being killed and then left to starve to death in her chains. As it turned out the order had a huge grunge over people with Mahjarrat blood, dubbing them monsters which only made Evelyn's experience worse. A few days of being beaten up, and subjected to starvation, insomnia and being tortured on the fact her son was dead she was finally ready to somehow commit suicide through not co-operating anymore. However she awoke once more, only to find Driez was now somehow in the dungeon with her. He was injured himself but managed to smuggle runes into the compound so the both of them could escape the compound. She was teleported into Ardounge, and was knocked out when she made contact with the floor. Leaving her to be teleported by Zarin, and Lenea to the infirmary. She woke up expecting Zarin, but to her surprise it was Brandon. The two talked for a bit, only to be interuppted by Olivia. Her apperance made Brandon quickly leave due to him not wanting to interact with his daughter. Evelyn sent Olivia back to Anna, and was left with her own thoughts.




Due to Evelyn's Mahjarrat gene pool, she is capable of doing some runeless magic though does sometimes still rely on runes while casting larger spells. Also due to her blood, she has a tendency to lose control of her own magic, sometimes making the situation more dangerous than it needs to be, therefore she prefers using other means of defence before using magic. She also inheriated a weaker version of her mothers ability to cast illusions, she still struggles to control it even as she is growing older.

Fire magic

Fire is Evelyn’s main magic choice in combat it was the first element to manifest when she was a child and the one she chose to train upon in Aspera, a near master of it and she is capable of conjuring up to wave  power and is near able to use it in surge power. She has also nearly master controlling it while in battle situations. However on rare occasion in battle she has caused herself to be burnt from it if used in a fast reaction. When using it on the field, she'll usually use her surroundings as an advantage, setting fire to plants and trees as a distraction or a mean of escaping. Though it is her main choice of combat, she is still careful with using it as it is deadly, and Evelyn believes that death is only a last resort.


Evelyn is a master at healing, being quite fluent with blood magic due to her Aren blood, she usually combines these two together while healing someone. She is currently training to make the process quicker and less draining on her own energy force. Another method she uses for healing is using blood magic to clot the wound, then fire magic to burn the wound shut. She uses this for a faster method, and a less draining method on herself as when she uses magic to heal completely she does still experience pain from doing so.


Capable of conjuring up to blast level but is currently not training upon this element as of late. She uses it mainly for defensive purposes and means of knocking someone down or running from a situation. She rarely uses it though, as she is not confident in the art and it could easily become out of control.


Evelyn has a good grasp on teleportation, having being taught it as a basic skill from a young age. However she isn't capable of short distance teleportation or using teleportation in quick bursts. It does take her a long time to charge, and recover.

Blood magic

She learnt this during her time with the Arens, it is type of magic she uses the most brutally in combat. While using it to drain people of energy, she also uses it to quicken the effect of blood loss or cause exposed veins and arteries to explode through building up pressure. She will only use this when she is really out of control, or angered. She can also use it for healing, which recently is all she is using it for. She is also beginning to learn shadow magic as another offensive method, she is now proficient in it.


Basic knowledge with these spells, she has more a little more of a confident ability with binding spells, which she uses to cease a fight, or once more as a mean of escaping from fighting.



One of Eve's main choices when it comes to non-magical combat, accurate when it comes to shooting and she has the ability to fire at fairly quick and powerful rate when using the weapon in combat, at times she can even utilize her own personal bow as a close combat weapon if needed as a blunt weapon. She usually uses a hunting bow made from willow as her main choice of bow and uses steel arrows, and sometimes silthril if it is needed for her slaying task.

Close combat

Mainly utilizing daggers as her main weapon when it comes to personal combat, she knows how to use daggers with some skill while fighting with them. She also knows some basic self-defence techniques which she only uses usually as a last resort as her body isn't exactly built for fighting with her fists. She has two daggers she will usually use, an athame dagger of her mother's that is made up from mithril, and a steel combat knife. She is also currently learning how to use a staff in combat, as a defence weapon.


Close family

  • Ellenore Xear (Mother/MIA)
  • Aiden Aren (Father/Deceased)
  • Zack Aren (Twin brother)
  • Garth Aren (Brother/Presumed dead)
  • Brandon Locke (Half brother)
  • Celine Olivriar (Half sister)
  • Zarin Renderra (Husband/Deceased)
  • Rikkard Renderra (Husband)
  • Theseus Renderra (Son)
  • Alice Renderra (Daughter)
  • Olivia Renderra ( Daughter)
  • Annabella Renderra (Daughter)
  • Kelsi Renderra (Daughter)
  • Arin Renderra (Daughter)
  • Aiden Renderra (Son)


  • Eldrin Iorwerth-Meilyr ( Paternal Grandfather)
  • Jennaveve Aren ( Paternal Grandmother)
  • Ebony Sicarius ( Maternal Grandmother/Deceased)
  • Craex Xear ( Maternal Grandfather/Deceased)
  • Driez Renderra (Distant cousin)
  • Alexis Renderra (Distant cousin)
  • Felix Nocte (Son-in-law)
  • Beau Nocte II (Grandson)
  • Cassandra Nocte-Renderra(Granddaughter)
  • Nikoli Nocte (Grandson)
  • Darius Renderra (Grandson)
  • Evelynne Nocte (Granddaughter)
  • Grayson Nocte (Grandson)
  • Hailey Nocte (Granddaughter)
  • Xear Clan
  • Meilyr and Iorwerth clans
  • Aren family.


  • Evelyn is completely fluent in Common when it comes to reading, writing and speaking and has a basic understanding of Kharidian and infernal as well due to self-study.
  • She currently scores 23 on the Mary sue test.
  • Her deep hatred for her mother stems from the fact she attacked her own children while they were helpless.
  • Evelyn is bisexual.
  • She currently has a phobia of spiders and the undead.
  • She quite talented in writing, drawing and playing the piano.
  • In her life she believes many aspects of it were her fault, her mothers insanity, her daughter's disabilities, and her brothers coldness. This usually gives her a strong push to solve these problems even they weren't actually her fault.
  • Her accent is Kandarin, therefore sounds heavily french. She picked this up from her Mother, and Father and then from living in Kandarin for 4 years when she was young.
  • Evelyn means " Life. " this and the fact she is nicknamed Eve was ironic because about a week after her in character birth, the Hunger undead invasion happened in her Father's hometown.
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