Eugene Hubrius Tinfield is a human Count played by Icriulis/Kingjohnrocks on W42. Formerly a simple fisherman, Eugene has built himself up from Count-elect of Seer's village when the Ryder house headed it, from an Audax Soldier, to head of a regional bank, to financial adviser of the Ryder house, to a Ryder himself, and now currently Count of Hemenster. Whether one hates him or likes him, Eugene has a history of starting from the bottom and rising to the top, something that should be admired by all.

Tinfield currently resides with his wife and two adolescent children in Hemenster.

Pre-RP history

RP history

Meeting Jason Ryder

The Ryder Massacre

Servicing the Audax

The Disbanding

Poor life in Varrock slums

You cheated!

Looking for a job

No luck in Draynor


Life as Banker

Back again with old Friends/helping Oliver Ryder

Lumbridge rebuildathon investment

I've found love

Life as a Ryder

Disbanding his Ryder title

Life in Kandarin

Job as Count of Hemenster

Brush with death


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