Eril is an old retired white knight who's last name is similar to that of the current Sir Loynn-stake, but is of a different lineage all together. Eril now spends his days traveling in between Falador and Varrock, and to Ardougne as well. He still wears a set of light white armor to mark his once proud service. He has found companionship in a rare breed of dog called the corgi; that he bought from a Varrockian noble. Many days he can be seen in the Rising Sun with Ruffuford (the corgi, which also wears white knight colors on his back in the form of a cloth drape), sipping tea and enjoying the good life. He also has a white cat named Spiffington.


  • This was the character that came before the current Sir Loynn, to which the last name is not spelled quite as the name of this character, and was likely a funny coincedence the two different players came up with similar names at different points in time.
  • Eril Loynstake and Alexander Loynn-stake are of two different families, Eril's being the first of the similar names, while Alexander's family's name came later as a result of combining the two last names of his parents after marriage.
  • When in his service to the White Knights, he had the title of "Sir", many people calling him Sir Loynstake, which sounds ever so similar to sirloin steak.
    • This character was created by Raltin Avarr for humorous purposes, and developement was put to an end in favor of making more humor based characters.
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