A being's humanity is the greatest treasure that they own; do not hide your affections, embrace them.

–Emyris Bayne

Emyris Bayne (Human Form)Emyris Bayne (True Form)Emyris Bayne (Trollweiss Gear)
Emyris chathead
Taverley Emyris Bayne,"the Acolyte" Taverley
Mage m by loztvampir3


18th of Ire of Phyrrys, 1745 (4th Age)


Human-Mahjarrat Hybrid






Guthix Symbol Guthixian, follows aspects of Armadyleanism ArmaSymbol


Spellsword, former Assassin



"Lord of the Midnight Sun"

"the Acolyte"


The Forces of Armadyl


Neutral-Good with Chaotic Tendencies



Emyris chathead halfjarrat
Taverley Emyris Bayne,"the Acolyte" Taverley
Mage m by loztvampir3


18th of Ire of Phyrrys, 1745 (4th Age)


Human-Mahjarrat Hybrid






Guthix Symbol Guthixian, follows aspects of Armadyleanism ArmaSymbol


Spellsword, former Assassin



"Lord of the Midnight Sun"

"the Acolyte"


The Forces of Armadyl


Neutral-Good with Chaotic Tendencies



Emyris exile
Taverley Emyris Bayne,"the Acolyte" Taverley
Mage m by loztvampir3
Emyris during his years of Exile, traveling through the tundras past Trollweiss Mountain.


18th of Ire of Phyrrys, 1745 (4th Age)


Human-Mahjarrat Hybrid






Guthix Symbol Guthixian, follows aspects of Armadyleanism ArmaSymbol


Spellsword, former Assassin



"Lord of the Midnight Sun"

"the Acolyte"


The Forces of Armadyl


Neutral-Good with Chaotic Tendencies



Emyris Bayne, currently known as "the Acolyte", is a four-hundred twenty-five year old Mahjarrat Half-breed  created by the player of the same name on May 28th, 2012.

Raised Guthixian by his mother in Taverley, Emyris's past professions have spanned from druid, archaeologist, assassin, leader of Burthorpe, Assassin-Lord, an advisor and warrior to the Eastern Lord Dupan, a Spy for the Godless, and finally to a spellsword.

After returning from his years-long exile, Emyris is eager to forget about his past as an assassin. After the Bandosian-Armadylean conflict, Emyris has adopted Armadylean views in addition to his Guthixian ones. Emyris has recently passed away from an illness resulting from the internal fraying of his body.



Omnistixx drew his staff. "Leave, Tyrannus; you shall not take my sister's child today, or any other day." Elizatrixx looked up, beads of sweat rolling down her forehead as she lay in the cot, ready to give birth to Tyrannus's half-breed bastard son.

"Omnistixx, is it?" Tyrannus murmured, "In another age, I would have respected your courage to stand before me, I may have even requested that you may join me. But that was then, and my son is about to be born. Stand aside and I shall not render your head from your shoulders."

Omnistixx gritted his teeth. "Do your worst."

Tyrannus smirked. "Alright then." He swung his bladed battlestaff at Omnistixx's neck, decapitating him.

Elizatrixx screamed in pain and horror as her brother's severed head rolled across the floor. Tyrannus glanced over to her before making his way over.

"Now we may both see the perfect Assassin enter Gielinor together, as it was meant to be." Elizatrixx grasped a teleportation tablet from her robes, holding it firmly it her hand. Tyrannus howled with laughter. "You do not believe that you can escape from me, do you?"

Elizatrixx winced in pain. "No...but I can do this..." She swung the teleportation tablet at the head of the Mahjarrat.

"By Zamora--" Tyrannus's blood spewed across the room and Elizatrixx's robes as he fell over, dead. She winced and cried out in pain for a last time before hearing the sound of her newborn son crying. She looked down to see a gray-skinned, red-eyed half-breed of a child. She laid back in the cot, breathing heavily. She had brought their child into the world, but would not raise him as Tyrannus's bastard child, lying in wait until his dark destiny came to him. No, Elizatrixx would raise the newborn as her own; as a druid of Guthix.

Early Life

Emyris was raised as a druid and as a Guthixian by his mother, learning about herblore, summoning, archery and magic from the druids around him. He was often ridiculed by the others in the village of Taverley due to his strange appearance, though he soon became respected, even envied, for his abilities as a mage and druid.

When Emyris was old enough, his mother told him about what his father was, a being known as a Mahjarrat. She knew that they were powerful, but did not know what they were exactly. This sparked an interest, perhaps even an obsession for Emyris, to find out as much as he possibly could about his father and the other Mahjarrat.

As he delved deeper into the lore and history of the Mahjarrat, he came to understand where his abilities originated; his knack for magic, his strange appearance, his knowledge of how to fight well despite the fact that he had only fought others of his age; all became apparent to him. He soon learned, as he became older, that his visible appearance would not change, at least not until a few years passed by and he would look only a little older.

Soon, Elizatrixx grew ill, eventually passing away and leaving Emyris alone in the world. He decided to travel the plane of Gielinor in search of who he truly was, a bane to all unfair or unjust; this resulted in the surname of "Bayne", of which he would keep, honor, and abide by throughout the ages. 

In Search of the Mahjarrat

After leaving his home town of Taverley the day after his twentieth nameday, Emyris set out to discover any knowledge that he could about his father race, the Mahjarrat. He found bits and pieces of information over the many months that he sought out this information, but then made a fantastic revelation; The journal of Kathlaron, Emyris‘s uncle. He learned that the Mahjarrat were brought to the realm of Gielinor from the hellish realm of Freneskae by Icthlarin, the jackal-headed god of the underworld, to combat a being known only as Zaros. Before the entry could reveal anything about Zaros, it was brought to an abrupt close due to the lack of several pages. Emyris tried to figure out what Zaros was from any text that he had, but was not able to do so, seeing as without certain pages the journal was incoherent and useless.

However, further studies made by Emyris suggested that a city known as Senntisten may have at one time existed where most of Misthalin was. Emyris contacted the museum of Avarrocka in hope that they would allow him to investigate. They denied his request, but decided to hire him as an archeologist. He took the opportunity and stayed with the museum for twenty-three years before resigning so that he may search for the Mahjarrat alone, no longer bound by his duties to the museum.

Emyris soon heard rumors of wights and undead in the far east, in the land known as Morytania. Believing that these wights were a result of Mahjarrat-related phenomenon, Emyris arranged for lodgings, as well as a guide to take him to the barrows where these wights supposedly rested. The next day, he was wary not to awaken the wights, studying their tombs for signs of a Mahjarrat presence. Unfortunately, he found no evidence that a Mahjarrat was currently living in the area, but was positive that one had been there in the past. Emyris left Morytania without evidence of Mahjarrat occupancy. He merely hoped that he would have more luck in the future.

An Assassin’s Life

After continuing his search for the Mahjarrat for the next fourteen years, Emyris’s funding dwindled to the point that he could barely afford food. It was at this point that he decided to use his gods-given talents for something. He resolved to become an assassin, not merely for the funding that he would receive, but also to keep Guthix’s balance when it was threatened.

The Road to Obsession

He would continue on the path as an assassin for nearly ninety-six years, continuing to gain more funding and attain balance for the sake of Gielinor. Emyris had nearly forgotten why he had first become an assassin before finding Kathlaron’s journal once again. Emyris returned to his search for the Mahjarat, finding little to nothing over the next several months. However, he soon discovered that Ma’dran, his father’s oldest half-brother, was still alive. He prepared himself with knowledge about Ma’dran given in Kathlaron’s notes and armed himself with his best set of weapons. He then began his quest to find Ma’dran by any means necessary to learn more about his father’s race.

Decades passed by, Emyris found nothing. Emyris knew that his obsession with finding Ma’dran was unhealthy, and that he needed to stop. He ended his quest prematurely, deciding to gain sight of the two things most important to him; his humanity and the preservation of the balance of Guthix.

Mumford Moncrieff

Emyris took a contract in Morytania to kill a being known as Daedelus Frost-Tongue, a former Fremennik that was transformed into a feral vampyre. He traveled to Morytania in a matter of days, ending the life of Frost-Tongue by cutting the head from his shoulders. As he walked back into Canifis, he found a boy, a werewolf, outside of the village. The boy asked Emyris for help, for he had no desire to be like the others. This boy was named Mumford Moncrieff.

In the dead of night, Emyris and Mumford crossed the River Salve together, finding a nearby monastery. Emyris had heard stories of lycanthropic exorcisms in the past, and hoped that the stories were true. The monks took them in, exorcising Mumford of the touch of Zamorak. The monks informed Emyris that this exorcism would only keep Zamorak at bay for the time being, leaving Emyris to craft a draught for Mumford to ensure that he would not be tempted by Zamorak’s spell. They became allies and friends, and Emyris gave him the name of “Wolvesbayne”.

The Elven Engagement

Emyris decided to visit the Elven lands of Tirannwn in hopes of learning their techniques to become a better assassin. It was there that he met an Elf by the name of Aewynn Vyras, a beautiful, stubborn hunter for the Ithell Clan. Emyris and Aewynn fell in love, deciding to court over the next eight years, and eventually becoming engaged to marry. Emyris loved Aewynn, with all his heart, but there was a primary obstacle in their relationship: Aewynn’s father, an Elf named Mycrollyn.

Mycrollyn hated Emyris, holding a strong prejudice against half-breeds and humans alike. Emyris made several efforts to befriend Mycrollyn for Aewynn’s sake, showing him any kindness that he could. One day, Mycrollyn attacked Emyris, a dagger in hand. Emyris was able to wrestle the dagger from the old Elf’s hands, kicking him back. He held the dagger in front of him, the blade pointed at the Elf. Mycrollyn charged Emyris, a wild anger in his eyes. Emyris closed his eyes tightly, feeling a heavy jerk towards him. He opened his eyes to find that Mycrollyn had impaled himself on the dagger, falling to the ground limp. Emyris crouched, checking the old Elf for a pulse. Mycrollyn was dead.

He closed the Elf’s cold, dead eyes, putting his middle and forefinger to his forehead to do a prayer for his passing. It was then that Emyris saw Mycrollyn’s entire life race before his eyes; childhood, the birth of Aewynn, his death. Emyris fell on his back, panting heavily as the feeling faded. The memories remained, but the vision was gone.

It was then that Aewynn entered the room, cheerful as ever, before seeing her father lying on the floor, a dagger buried in his chest. As Emyris began to stand, she looked to his hands, noticing that they were covered in her father’s blood. Tears soon began to run down her cheeks. Emyris tried to explain what had happened before Aewynn took her bow from the wall, aiming an arrow between Emyris’s eyes. She told him to leave before she killed him where he stood. Emyris, seeing no other options, fled from Tirannwn.

Aewynn hunted Emyris for the next fifteen years for the murder of her father before losing track of where he was and where he was going. Emyris decided to live in Avarrocka, of which was now simply Varrock, until he was sure that Aewynn had not followed him after he crossed over White Wolf Mountain.

The Dawn of the Fifth Age

Three years after Aewynn lost track of him, Emyris learned that a Fremennik in the north discovered peculiar stones. Mages and wizards from all around investigated, discovering that these stones could be used to craft runes. This discovery led to the dominance of humankind, hence beginning the Fifth Age, the age of man. This was surprising to Emyris, for he had always thought of most humans to be weak in mind as well as in morals; he was somewhat pleased to be proven wrong. He soon learned that a tower was erected in the south; this tower would be known as the Wizards Tower, an institution for magic users from all around Gielinor. Emyris planned to one day visit them, perhaps to compare knowledge on magic.

The Pyromancer

It was soon that Emyris met a beautiful Zamorakian Pyromancer at the Tower named Faeryne Oedipus. They began as friends, then continued on to court one another, soon becoming wed. Faeryne asked Emyris to allow her to learn the ways of an assassin, having been interested in Emyris’s work for quite some time. Emyris reluctantly agreed, teaching her everything that he knew about the art of assassination.

After Emyris and Faeryne went on a dual contract to kill two brothers born of nobility, Emyris feared that he had made the wrong decision to allow Faeryne to learn his methods. She, unlike Emyris, enjoyed the “hunt”, she thought of it as exhilarating, killing people and being paid to do so. One evening, after kissing Emyris, she told him that she wished for their children to be assassins. Emyris, as much as he would have loved to have Faeryne’s children, did not wish for this. He wished for any progeny that he may have to choose to stray from his fate as an assassin, and to age to be different from himself. He feared that, even if their children did become assassins, they would not kill for the sake of balance as he did, but rather kill for pleasure and coin, as Faeryne did.

Faeryne informed Emyris that she truly desired a child. His child. Emyris, however, was unsure if he truly loved her, and if he truly desired her children. After weighing his options, he made a decision; he certainly cared about her, perhaps he did love her, but he would try to convince her to allow their children to choose their own paths.

Unfortunately, however, Faeryne soon learned that she was sterile; she could not have children. Emyris stood by her side to comfort her, telling her that, no matter what, they would be together. Faeryne decided that she desired children more than anything, even more than life with Emyris. She left before dawn, before Emyris was awake, in search of a cure so that she may have children. Emyris was left heartbroken, questioning whether or not he would ever see Faeryne again.

The Mad King


Four decades had passed by since Emyris had suffered the loss of Faeryne. He soon received a letter in a black envelope, sealed with crimson red wax. This was a contract for a regicide. He opened the letter, his eyes widened as he read. He was to kill Narras Ardignas, the infamous Mad King of Kandarin. He began his journey to Ardougne, the capital of the Kingdom of Kandarin, at dawn, finally arriving at dusk a few nights later. He arranged for lodgings at one of the Inns within Ardougne’s walls, spending the next few days studying Ardignas’s defenses and what he would be up against.

Emyris spent the evening before he was scheduled to assassinate Ardignas with a young, beautiful, vastly intelligent courtesan named Evelyn. He enjoyed her company, and as stated in his journal, he would “rather spend [his] last night on Gielinor with her than with anyone else”.

Emyris took his place at the top of one of the towering structures looming over the city, lying in wait for the Mad King to reveal himself. He drew his bow, gazing down to see a regal figure below. Ardignas. He aimed for the back of the figure’s neck before firing, killing the man instantly. Peasants and citizens of Kandarin shrieked, fleeing the scene. Emyris made his way down to the corpse, turning the supposed Mad king so that he was on his back. Emyris’s eyes widened as he saw the face of the man he had killed; an imposter.

He drew another arrow from his quiver, looking about frantically as he saw Ardignas’s guards surround him. “Assassin,” one proclaimed, “you are under arrest for the attempted regicide of the great King Narras Ardignas!” Emyris bit his tongue, dropping his bow and raising his hands into the air. He smiled under his mask, pulling his scimitar from his back and cutting at the throat of the nearest guard.

The guard fell to the ground, grasping at his bloodied, lacerated throat, soon feeling the grasp of death. Emyris impaled another guard, turning to choke the guard that stood behind him when he was finished. After killing the third guard with his bare hands, dozens of archers appeared from above, aiming for him. Emyris knew that he was now truly outnumbered. He yielded, allowing his weapons to fall to the ground. He knelt down, placing his hands on his head. He was not afraid of what they may do to him.

The Depths of Kandarin

Emyris, by the orders of the true Narras Ardignas, was not executed. Instead, Emyris was sentenced to be taken to a dungeon deep beneath Ardougne to be interrogated and tortured for the remainder of his life until his death, either by natural causes or by the lacerations and beatings that he would receive; whichever may come first.

Every day for five years, Emyris would be beaten and tortured in the most malicious ways possible, whether it be branded below his left forearm with the shape of a wyrm or even having the visage of the flag of Kandarin carved into his back. He had long forgotten the taste of bread in his mouth, the feel of another person, the sight of a friendly face. After five years of torture of this caliber, Emyris begged for death, anything to end his suffering in the dungeons.

One evening, a robed figure entered the dungeon, torch in hand. The figure drew closer to Emyris’s cell, taking note of his bloodied and bruised features. He looked up wearily to see the figure pulling down her hood to reveal a familiar face from before he was sent to the dungeon; Evelyn. She informed Emyris that she would liberate Emyris from his cell on the anniversary of his captivity at midnight on the thirty-sixth of Wintumber; the eve of a new year.


At the dawn of the new year, Emyris, with the help of Evelyn, escaped from the dungeons of Ardougne in a casket so that he would be presumed dead. Evelyn had the casket taken with her on a carriage bound for Catherby, a small fishing village where she had made arrangements for them to board a small fishing boat bound for a port in the Kingdom of Asgarnia. When they reached the Port, despite his failure to fulfill his contract, Emyris and Evelyn decided to celebrate his liberation; they had the captain of the boat marry them.

Emyris and Evelyn Diaene-Bayne lived in a small town known as Draynor for several years together, owning a small market pottery stall together until Evelyn died of an illness similar to pneumonia when she was at the age of forty-five. She died without any regrets, other than that she and Emyris could not spend more time with one another. Emyris, having barely aged physically since he left his home of Taverley, took Evelyn’s death hard, selling their home and the stall that they owned together to continue with his life as an assassin of balance.

The Great Winter

A little over four decades after Evelyn’s death, a powerful winter struck Asgarnia and Misthalin, destroying communities, causing many to suffer. Emyris found that the supply of runes had dwindled, and he was receiving many contracts. He took very little, seeing as many were for the sake of the potential employers having their neighbors and former friends and family killed so that they may steal from their houses. Many villagers and peasants, in fact, began to steal children from neighboring areas so that they may resort to cannibalism. Emyris resolved that he had to return to the desert to escape the cold.

He remained in the desert for many months, even a year, to escape. Finally, during the one-hundred fifteenth year of the Fifth Age, the winter came to an end. Though many sources of agriculture were destroyed , Emyris returned to work, careful only to take contracts that would benefit the balance of Gielinor.

The Siege

Emyris was in Varrock, having just killed his contact when the siege occurred. He sensed something powerful, the likes of which he has never felt before, and yet felt familiar; he sensed that a Mahjarrat was there. Necromancers and undead swarmed the city, but were defeated by the Varrockian guard and Emyris, of whom played a minor role in the siege. Nonetheless, Varrock stood victorious, but something still loomed in Emyris’s mind; a Mahjarrat was there, nearby. He feared what may have happened if this Mahjarrat knew that Emyris was present, or even that he existed. He wondered where that Mahjarrat would go, and what he may plan in the future.


Emyris came across another of his background and creed in the marshes of Morytania years later; an Elven-Mahjarrat halfbreed known as Lunaera Xear . Emyris took immediate interest in Lunaera, being that she was the only one thus far that shared his heritage. Soon, he and Lunaera became allies, friends even. However, despite their similarities, their differences took their toll. Emyris valued his humanity and human heritage, whereas Lunaera valued her Mahjarrat half. Despite their debates, they remained close for the time being, occasionally coming across one another throughout their travels.

The Assassin Called Acuz

One day, as Emyris drank his fill in the Rising Sun Inn, he came across someone that would play an important part in his future; an assassin by the name of Wolf Acuz. They discussed their methods and terminology of their work, eventually deciding to work together so that they may rely on one another for assistance when needed.

Lunaera disliked Wolf instantly when she was introduced to him by Emyris, claiming that he was too loud and foolish to be a valuable asset or ally. Despite this, however, from that day on, Wolf and Emyris knew that they could depend on one another for support when needed.

Humanity Over Strength

A crimson hawk dawned down from the trees as Emyris walked through the forest near Falador, fluttering in place in front of him a bit before flying off. He shook his head a bit, bewildered, before pressing on. He heard a rustling in the bushes nearby. He drew closer so that he may investigate. He felt something at the back of his head, turning to see a crossbow pointed at his brow. "Hello, love."

Emyris sighed. "Aewynn."

The Elf chuckled a bit. "I'd enjoy killing you myself for what you did to my father, but I have something better planned for you."

Emyris was taken to Port Sarim, where he was imprisoned so he may await a painful and public execution for the supposed murder of her father. He sat in the corner of his cell for hours before seeing a figure in the doorway of the prison. He squinted, soon realizing that the figure was Lunaera.

"Well, well. Never thought I'd see the day that Emyris Bayne would be caught by some petty Mahjarrat hunters."

Emyris chuckled. "Good to see you, too, Luna. So, did you come to say hello or were you planning something else?"

Lunaera began to utter a few words, causing a portal to open within the cell. "I'll see you on the other side, Emyris." Emyris nodded before entering the portal.

He came out a few moments later, seeing Lunaera at the end. "Thank you," he said, "I haven't broken out of prison in quite some time."

Lunaera laughed a bit. "Well, don't mention it. So, where will you go from here?"

Emyris shrugged. "Most likely Karamja, I should lie low for a bit anyways. Or, you know, you can always come with me."

Lunaera raised an eyebrow. "Come with you?"

Emyris drew closer. "Yes. I have always found myself...well...smitten with you...and this could be our chance to escape the sight of both humans and Mahjarrat alike..."

Lunaera shook her head, backing away. "No...I serve my you should."

Emyris shot her a look of surprise. "Join the Mahjarrat? Never. I mean, I was raised human, and the Mahjarrat have never done anything for me. Why would I serve them?"

Lunaera sighed. "I suppose that this is where we leave one another, then. Goodbye, Emyris Bayne." She began to leave.

"Luna..." she looked back as Emyris took his dragonbone flute from his pack, tossing it to her. "This was my mother's...will you take care of it for me?" She caught it, eyeing it motionlessly before leaving without another word.

Crawling Back

For months on end, day and night, Emyris thought about Lunaera, wishing that he may meet with her again. He then set off with Wolf Acuz to Morytania, where he and Lunaera first met. When they managed to get to Morytania, they found Lunaera, along with her loyalists, pooling in Canifis. Emyris began to grovel, begging for her forgiveness, much to his own surprise. She looked down to see a wounded adventurer, begging for help. She thrust her spear into the adventurer's side, leaving her for dead. Emyris shook his head, horrified that he had done nothing to stop Lunaera. He cursed her before picking up the adventurer, making his way out of Morytania with the wounded adventurer and Wolf.

The Egg

Months had passed since Emyris had last encountered Lunaera and had dubbed her as "The Manslayer". He went to the Rising Sun Inn so that he may drink his fill, ashamed that he had become soft for Lunaera. He looked behind himself and found, to his surprise, a dragon egg was resting upon the table behind him. Several cracks appeared on the surface of the egg, causing it to fall apart completely, revealing a crimson-colored baby dragon. The dragon drew closer, nuzzling up to Emyris. Emyris smiled as he stroked the dragon's scaled head and neck. To his surprise, Emyris soon learned that this dragon was telepathic, informing Emyris that its true name was Eragon. Emyris, though skeptical of a telepathic dragon, resolved to keep it, teaching it all it needed to know in order to survive.


The Claws of Peace

Months after having received and having taught the dragon Eragon, Emyris took him to Taverley. It was then that they saw them; men clad in steel armour known as "The Claws of Peace". Eragon, against Emyris's wishes, approached them, begging to join them. Emyris tried to stop Eragon, but was drafted in. He sent messages to a few friends, asking for assistance. Three friends had soon arrived to liberate him from "the Claws"; the Assassin Wolf Acuz, the monster hunter Salazar Storm, and the vampyre Serana. The three also "joined" the Claws as a part of their plans to free Emyris. In the midst of one of their battles, Emyris and the others escaped, leaving Eragon and the Claws behind. However, as a result, Emyris and the others were dubbed as deserters and enemies of Burthorpe.

The Battle of Burthorpe

Emyris and Wolf were forced to build an army of rebels and dissidents, among them being Mumford, the young werewolf from nearly a century before, and Daniel Umezawa, of whom soon became a trusted ally, to assist them in ending the Claws' reign over Burthorpe. Once they had rallied enough men for their cause, Emyris and Wolf set off for Burthorpe. The battle only lasted for a few hours, being that their forces overwhelmed the Claws nearly Five-to-One. Many of the surviving Claws retreated, the dragon Eragon among them serving a spy of Emyris's. 

Patriarchs of a Reborn Kingdom

After the battle, Emyris and Wolf sat themselves as the patriarchs of Burthorpe, their rule becoming known as "the Rebel Diarchy". Soon, they met a man by the name of Varis Knives, a merchant of whom had been present at the battle. They organized the new government, seating many of the Generals of the battle as leaders of certain divisions, including Salazar Storm as the leader of the Burthorpe militia. Several allies immigrated to Burthorpe within hours, including Serana. However, another came to Burthorpe from time to time; Lunaera. Eventually, Lunaera asked that the two may start again and forget about their past differences. Emyris was more than glad to accept her proposal, but the others saw this as a weakness. 

Emyris and Wolf's reign over Burthorpe was marked by constant warfare with the remaining Claws, as well as a force known as "The Order of the Equilibrium", led by a shrewd man known as Isaac Alvaro. Two days had passed since they had first gained control over Burthorpe when a peace agreement was struck between them and the two Orders; they had to elect a definite King of Burthorpe and Wolf Acuz would need to be removed from any high offices that he held. A vote between Emyris and Varis was cast by the Burthorpe High Council for the title of King of Burthorpe. Emyris had three of the votes, including the votes of Serana and Salazar, but Varis ultimately won with five council votes, and hence became the new ruler of Burthorpe. He still offered that Emyris may still be a part of the council, an offer that Emyris was more than happy to accept. However, he never saw Serana again after that.

Betrayal at Burthorpe

Weeks had passed by when Emyris had heard of Wolf's return to Burthorpe as the leader of the militia. Wolf sent a message to Emyris, requesting his assistance. He found Wolf at the castle, asking what had happened. He looked over Wolf's shoulder to find Isaac Alvaro, as well as the past leader of the Claws and Varis, of whom watched in horror from a distance. He felt a surging pain through his back, looking down to see the blade of a sword exiting through his chest. Wolf cast a bolt of fire upon Emyris, burning his face. Wolf murmured that he was sorry for what he was about to do. Emyris closed his eyes, awaiting his end. He opened his eyes again to find himself in a set of ruins near Falador. He laid down upon the ground, looking up to see Lunaera. She gave him a few potions. "Drink these," she said, "They'll help." Emyris did so, his face still burnt horribly as he donned a hood. "Thank you." "Listen to me, Emyris," she said, "Never return to Burthorpe. Please, don't go back."

In the weeks after, Emyris donned the name of "Raven", threatening to raise an army against Burthorpe in a vendetta against Varis, of whom he believed had done nothing to stop Wolf, resulting in Varis sending bounty hunters after him he sent two spies, Mumford and Salazar Storm, to gather information on Varis's plans. This mission failed, both Salazar and Mumford barely escaping with their lives. Salazar left for Morytania so that he may watch over the River Salve while Mumford went into exile, leaving Emyris's employ permanently.

However, Emyris soon learned that Varis, of whom was at this point the King of Asgarnia, had Isaac Alvaro and the Claws involved executed, but could not execute Wolf, being that Wolf was slain by Lunaera after the betrayal and that Wolf had been controlled by Alvaro. Emyris returned to Varis's court as an ally, though, deep inside, he still resented Varis.

The Death of a Dragon

After a few months, Emyris was surprised to receive a message from Eragon. He traveled to the peak of Ice Mountain, where he found the dying dragon, an egg wrapped in his tail. Eragon explained that he had been mortally wounded by the last of the Claws and begged Emyris to care for his egg, of which contained the dragon's unborn child. Emyris looked over his shoulder to see Lunaera. He nodded to her as he took the egg, a tear running down his hidden face as the dragon died. He spoke to Lunaera for a bit about the past before they left the mountain. Emyris left to find a dragon's nest so that a dragon may care for the egg and Lunaera left for the unknown after returning Emyris's flute. This was the likely last time that they would ever see one another.

The Order of the Midnight Sun

Emyris, or as he would be known, "Raven", decided, to honor his past friends that had died, that he would create an order of assassins and mercenaries in order to protect others from those unjust. This order would be known as The Order of the Midnight Sun. He recruited Daniel Umezawa, one of his Generals from the Battle of Burthorpe, to join him as his second in command.

Filial Bonds


A depiction of Vera Gaz, Emyris's former love

“Raven” was seated in a tavern, hoping to recruit new assassins and mercenaries to the Order when something, or rather, someone, caught his eye: a woman dressed in dark, assassin-like garb. The assassin stood, coming closer to the woman. He introduced himself not by his alias, but instead by his true name of Emyris. The woman introduced herself as Vera Gaz, an herbalist and assassin who was banned from her homeland due to her use of magic. Emyris took an immediate liking to Vera, inviting her into the Order that he had created. She promptly accepted.

Emyris and Vera became bunk-mates due to the lack of housing for the Order. The two became close over time, eventually deciding to court one another. Vera soon discovered that she carried Emyris’s child. When Emyris learned of this, he was overjoyed; his life could very well resemble that of a normal human being’s.

The two were soon married, deciding on the name of Freyja Gaz-Bayne for their future daughter. Emyris decided that, in celebration of his marriage and his daughter’s birth, he would fulfill a final contract before leaving his life as an assassin behind forever, passing the mantle of “Lord of the Midnight Sun” down to Daniel Umezawa, of whom would also have the honor of becoming Freyja’s godfather.

Emyris’s final contract would be a noble from Ardougne from a respected family line. He said farewell to his love before setting off to Ardougne from Port Sarim. He awaited the appearance of the noble for a day or so after he arrived in Ardougne, killing him as he slept in the night using the contract‘s own blade. Unbeknownst to the assassin-lord, he was being watched.

He returned to his home in Draynor, climbing up the stairs to greet his wife with the news that his life as an assassin was now over. However, he was horrified by what he found as he continued; Vera’s lifeless body, lying on their bed. Emyris was in pain, yet could not shed a single tear. He looked from beneath his mask to see a figure in the corner, a bundle in his arms.

“You killed my brother, assassin.” the figure said as he stood, “Now I have killed your whore and your progeny. It seems that we are even, scum.” Emyris wished to attack the figure, but could not move. He knelt to the ground, his mouth agape and his crimson eyes on his lifeless love. The figure put on his hat, leaving as he climbed down the stairs.

Emyris resolved to enact vengeance upon the man who killed his wife and daughter, continuing on as an assassin so that he may one day receive the contract of the man who had killed his wife and daughter. It was soon, however, that he caught up to the man that had destroyed his family. He always fantasized that spilling the blood of the murderer would bring him closure for what had happened, and that he would rejoice in the fact that his wife and daughter had been avenged. However, Emyris did not receive closure for what had happened. The fact that his family had been avenged did not give him cause enough to rejoice; he felt empty inside.

Resurrection of the Betrayer

Years had passed since the death of Emyris's wife and daughter, but for him, it always felt recent. He decided to continue on as an assassin for as long as his heart could endure, meeting a fellow assassin on the outskirts of Taverley known only as "Snow", of whom had the intent to resurrect Wolf Acuz, propositioning Emyris to assist him in this effort.

Emyris accepted, never having receiving closure for the events that had occurred years before. The cost of Wolf's resurrection was the other assassin's life, but Wolf Acuz did return to Gielinor. Emyris, though happy to see Wolf again, still did not trust him. He greeted Wolf with a strike to the jaw for what had happened in Burthorpe all those years ago.

Emyris brought Wolf to the Order's base of operations in the middle of the Kharidian desert, informing Wolf of what had happened in the past several years. He invited Wolf into the Order, and Wolf accepted, though he had plans to destroy Varis due to his "corruption" using the Order as soldiers.

Emyris disagreed, stating that the Order was comprised of assassins, not soldiers, and that even though he also had a score to settle with Varis, it would not be wise at all to attack him due to his powerful influence. It was soon that Emyris had lost all contact with Wolf Acuz, his whereabouts becoming unknown once again. 

The Exile of an Assassin

It was a few years after Wolf's revival and disappearance that "Raven" had received word of Daniel Umezawa's apparent death. He ultimately blamed himself for his loss, as well as the losses of his past wives, his daughter, and all of the others that had died because of him. Emyris wanted nothing more than death, but could not bring himself to commit suicide, and would rather not die by the hands of a stranger. He disbanded the Order of the Midnight Sun permanently before entering exile, traveling into the tundras past the Trollweiss Mountains, where he remained for several years.

The Wushanko Isles

The Proposition

Emyris slept on the cold, hard floor of his cave in the Trollweiss Mountains, the wind outside of the cave blew furiously. He tossed and turned during his slumber, nightmares of his captivity in Kandarin causing him to moan and cry out with pain and horror.

His eyes flickered open as he saw a silhouetted figure standing at the entrance of his cave. Emyris stood, eyeing the figure. "Who is there? Reveal yourself!" Emyris shouted. As the figure drew closer, Emyris came to realize that it was a woman. She pulled down her hood, revealing a young, delicately beautiful face with features that suggested that she was not from the mainland, but rather from the Wushanko Isles; the so-called Eastern Lands.

The woman opened her red lips to speak. "You are Emyris Bayne, the Raven, the Lord of the Midnight Sun. Is this correct?"

Emyris nodded. "I am...I used to be...I stopped being Emyris Bayne half a year ago."

The woman bowed in respect. "I am Mai Lau, the guard captain of the city of New Heritage in the Pincers Region of the isles that you westerners call 'the Eastern Lands'. I have taken it upon myself to locate you."

Emyris clenched his hand around the hilt of his blade. "For what purpose?"

Mai Lau smiled. "Not to kill you, for I know that if I were to engage you, I would be dead before I could draw my blade. No, I have come here for another reason; your assistance."

Emyris raised an eyebrow. "Why would you need the help of an assassin? To kill someone? If so, you have made the journey for nothing; As I have already informed you, I am no longer an assassin."

"I do not seek to enlist you as an assassin," Mai Lau explained, "If I wanted an assassin, I would have hired one in New Heritage, though his skills would barely rival your own. I need someone who is skilled enough to protect an army, let alone a Khan, someone with honor, and someone that knows how the mind of an assassin works. You, though difficult to find, were the ideal choice. Stories and myths tell that Emyris Bayne kills not for coin or glory, but for the edicts and balance of his god. They also tell that he was skilled enough to attempt a contract on Narras Ardignas's life, the life of a powerful king. In my eyes, this is more than enough proof that you are the man who may assist me in my efforts to protect our Khan."

Emyris sighed. "I am sorry, I am afraid that I am a mere exiled assassin. I take lives, I do not not protect them." He then saw the disappointment in her eyes as she turned her back to him. "But I will do anything in my power to help."

Mai Lau turned back, a surprised grin beginning to form on her face. "Thank you, Emyris Bayne; this means much to me. When you are ready, pack any possessions that you need, and we will be off."

The Journey

Emyris and Mai Lau were forced to travel through the stronghold of the trolls as they made their way to the bottom, both remaining cautious and keeping a low profile as they descended. The path from the bottom of the mountain led directly to Burthorpe, where they traveled past the city gates in Taverley and around the city of Falador. They eventually made their way to Port Sarim, where Mai Lau enlisted a ship to transport them to the island of New Heritage.

Emyris lay in his cot below deck, watching as the flame dancing on the candle that rested upon the stand beside his head flickered. He looked past the flame, seeing that Mai Lau had been watching him. "Can you not sleep?" she asked.

Emyris sighed, beginning to sit up. "I could sleep, but I choose otherwise." She eyed him for a minute or so. Emyris noticed this, tilting his head a bit. "What is it?"

Mai Lau shrugged before she spoke. "Many say that you are not human, but are rather merely half. I was surprised to find that you appeared ordinary, despite the common description."

Emyris raised an eyebrow. "What is the common description?"

Mai Lau climbed down from her bunk, moving to seat herself at the foot of his bed. "That you are a demon with eyes like rings of blood on stones of obsidian, that your flesh is like ash. Some stories tell that you have emerald gemstones imbedded into your forehead. But...all that I see is a man."

Emyris smiled. "Very few people think of me that way, unfortunately. I am glad to see that someone does."

Mai Lau smiled a bit. "Why do you still wear your mask? Surely you cannot sleep wearing such a thing."

Emyris shrugged a bit. "I am not as others rather scarred beneath the mask...a parting gift from an old friend."

Mai Lau tilted her head. "Why not employ the services of a healer? In New Heritage, we have many healers that would help you."

Emyris shook his head. "These scars...they are meant to remind me not to become too close to anyone. Besides, I am currently learning a bit about using Illusion Magics and cosmetics so that I may appear...less intimidating or abnormal."

Mai Lau then stood, her eyes remaining on Emyris. "We should reach the shores of New Heritage at dawn. Try to get some rest, Emyris Bayne, you will need to be fully aware and alert." Emyris nodded as she began to make her way above deck. As she left, Emyris played back down into his bunk, closing his eyes and eventually drifting off to sleep.

The Arrival

The ship gradually eased itself into the docks of New Heritage. Emyris stood upon the deck of the ship, Mai Lau at his side. Emyris stepped on to the dock, assisting Mai Lau as she followed. She moved to the shore itself, leading Emyris to a middle-aged man in Eastern-styled armour, of whom stood in wait.

Mai Lau bowed to this man, Emyris doing the same. "Uncle, this is the man that we spoke of; this is Emyris Bayne, the Lord of the Midnight Sun." The man bowed to Emyris again. "It is an honor. I am Yamoto, the head of the Imperial Guard here in New Heritage, as well as the brother of the current Khan, Lord Takeshi." Emyris bowed again to Yamoto. "Then, in that case, the honor is all mine. Anyways, Mai Lau informed me that you requested my assistance?"

Yamoto bowed his head, ushering Emyris and Mai Lau to follow him into the settlement. "Yes. I fear that Lord Takeshi is in danger. Many attempts have been made on his life by countless would-be assassins. We feared that these attempts may be connected, seeing as we received one name from all assassins that we have questioned; a so-called Lord named Dupan. We assume that this is an alias, seeing as there is no one of that name in this region. With no other information on this Lord Dupan, it is difficult, almost impossible to track him. My contacts in the lands to the west informed me of a man, said to be both yet neither human nor demon. This man was said to be a master assassin of whom did not fight for coin, but rather for the balance of this world. I began to understand that the only one who can fully understand an assassin would be another assassin. So, I sent Mai Lau to find this alleged Lord of the Midnight Sun known as Emyris Bayne, and here he stands."

Yamoto stopped, turning to Emyris. "Help us to trace the source of these assassins, and the isle of New Heritage will be forever in your debt. We will give you gold, women, anything that you desire for this service." Emyris crossed his arms. "I do not desire coin, women, or any other material good, Lord Yamoto. I seek an answer; how will this help in the maintaining of balance for the island of New Heritage, or for the world? I mean no offence, but lords rise and lords fall, and when they fall, new ones rise. How will the preservation of the Khan's life maintain the balance of Gielinor?"

Yamoto sighed. "If my brother, Mai Lau's father, dies, then I fear that, without any male heirs other than myself, the island will fall into chaos, and I know that I am not destined to become Khan. Death, murder, larceny will roam the island, and without structure in New Heritage, of which is the largest city in the Pincers region, the other isles in the other regions will not be able to have this region's main export, our steel. So, without my brother, the Wushanko Isles will have little steel. Is that enough reason, Emyris Bayne, to allow my dear brother to live?"

Emyris turned, looking to Mai Lau, of whom seemed saddened the discussion over the preservation of her father's life. Emyris closed his eyes with a sigh. He opened them, turning back to Yamoto. "Yes. I will do anything in my power to protect the Khan. For balance, for the Khan, and for his family." Yamoto nodded his head, both in pleasure and approval of his answer. "Excellent. Now, if you will come with me, I will show you to your lodgings. But, before we depart, I must ask you a question, Lord Bayne."

Emyris raised an eyebrow. "Alright. What is it?" Yamoto sighed. "I mean not to be rude, but I noticed that you walk with a limp. May I inquire as to how you got it?" Emyris looked down before looking back to Yamoto. "It is just an old wound, I was impaled by a sword several years ago by an old...acquaintance. Do not worry, Lord Yamoto, it will not hinder me." Yamoto nodded. "Very good. Now, your quarters are close to the barracks, just a few yards north of here. Mai Lau will take you there. In the morning, you will be taken to meet Lord Takeshi. I bid you good evening, Emyris Bayne. Rest well; we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

The Safety of the Khan

The following morning, Emyris awoke, bolting upright in his bed due to a vivid nightmare. Mai Lau soon arrived, rushing to locate him. "Lord Emyris Bayne, are you alri-" She paused, looking over his features. Emyris soon realized that he did not have his mask on, that she saw his burnt ashen flesh, the gemstones on his forehead, his eyes. He quickly donned his hood and mask, standing from bed. "Yes. I am alright...Are we to meet with Lord Takeshi now?" Mai Lau nodded, still confused and astounded. She sighed, bowing. "I...I apologize for my intrusion...I did not know..." Emyris shook his head dismissively. "Do not think anything of it, Mai Lau." Mai Lau nodded before leading him to the residence of Lord Takeshi.

They entered the residence, seeing Lord Takeshi, a rather heavyset man who had very little in common in appearance with his daughter, feasting at his table on what appeared to be his breakfast. The Khan flexed his forefinger so that it would curl towards him, ushering Mai Lau and Emyris in. Mai Lau bowed before the Khan, motioning Emyris to do the same. "Lord Takeshi, Khan of the region of the Pincers Region where we currently stand, my father and my guardian, I present to you Emyris Bayne, the Raven, the Lord of the Midnight Sun."

Takeshi stood, his mouth still full, a bit of roasted duck dangling in his iron colored beard. He swallowed, motioning Emyris to come closer as he swallowed his food. Emyris bowed before him. "It is an honor, my Lord." Takeshi chuckled a bit, licking at his fingers. "The honor is mine, Lord Bayne." He nodded to Mai Lau, signaling her to leave. She bowed to her father before leaving his residence. "Now, Lord Bayne, I assume that you know why you have been brought here?"

"Yes, my Lord," Emyris said, "there have been attempts made on your life by assassins serving under a supposed Lord Dupan. Lord Yamoto has summoned me here to protect you and, given my history as an assassin myself, find and bring Dupan to justice."

The Khan turned, taking a roasted duck wing from the platter resting on the table, proceeding to eat it. "Yes, my brother was always a good judge of character, and has always done what was best to protect and serve me in the past. I do hope that he mentioned the rewards and spoils that you will receive for doing this service for us, Emyris...It is alright if I call you Emyris, no?"

Emyris nodded. "Yes, it is quite alright my Lord, and he did mention this matter of payment. I dismissed the forms of payment that you have offered, however, as unnecessary. The betterment of myself and the balance of the world is the only reward that I require." The Khan began to laugh. "Come now, we all like to think of ourselves as noble, selfless, but we are all are, after all, only human." Emyris smiled a bit to himself beneath his mask, amused and comforted by the fact that no one knew what he truly was.

"Well, that as it may be, there is nothing that you can offer me that I wish to have." Takeshi smiled. "I think that I know what you want." Emyris raised an eyebrow. "Oh?" Takeshi nodded his head toward the doorway. "Mai Lau is a fine woman, Emyris Bayne, and if it is her that you desire, I see no reason why you should not have her, even if you are a gai-jin." Emyris shook his head, rather surprised and unsure of how to respond.

" afraid that I must decline your offer again, Lord Takeshi. I agree that your daughter has her charms and is far more than desirable, but I cannot...I do not need a reward, nor do I desire one. I will do my work here for the sake of the region that you rule, but afterward, I will take my leave." Takeshi shrugged. "Suit yourself, Emyris Bayne. But if you change your mind, the offer still stands." The Khan clapped his hands, calling for Mai Lau.

Soon enough, she rushed in, bowing to her father. "Oh, and Emyris, tonight I will be hosting a feast in the celebration of your arrival, as well as in celebration of my long life. Surely you will be there? There might even be an attempt on my life." Emyris nodded. "Of course, my Lord." Emyris then turned away, following after Mai Lau. "So," she said, "what do you think of my father?" Emyris shrugged. "If I am to protect him to keep the balance of Gielinor, I will do so. But I must say that I do not think much of him on a personal level." Mai Lau sighed. "What did he offer you so that he may live?" Emyris looked to her from under his hood, deciding to lie and spare her from humiliation. "Nothing, like what Lord Yamoto offered."

That evening, Emyris, escorted by Mai Lau, made his way to the banquet hall, taking a seat with the peasants and commoners. They eyed him for a bit, but forgot about him when Lord Takeshi stood from his seat, a goblet in his large hand. "People of the isle of New Heritage," he announced, "We gather here today to celebrate my long, fruitful life as your Khan, as well as the arrival of a Lord from the west that I have invited here as an honored guest. Now, I would also like to say that--"

Before the Khan was able to finish his sentence, an arrow buried its tip into the large wooden chair behind him, missing him by mere inches. Emyris stood, drawing his bow. The would-be assassin fled through the entrance in hopes of escape. Emyris ran after him, aiming an arrow at the back of the assassin's knee once he had a clear shot. He fired, sending the arrow soaring through the night air and into the assassin's leg.

The assassin, of course, lost balance, crying out in pain. Emyris drew closer, making his way to the assassin. He knelt down, his hand on the arrow that was impaled in the leg of the Khan's attacker. "Who sent you?" The assassin spat upon the ground, showing that he refused to yield. Emyris began to slowly pull the arrow from the assassin's leg, twisting as he did so. The attacker cried out in pain. "Now, assassin, I shall ask once more; who sent you? Was it Dupan?" The assassin nodded. "Why does Dupan want the Khan dead?" The assassin bit his tongue. Emyris twisted the arrow a bit more, causing the assassin to cry out again. "Speak, worm!"

"Alright," the assassin hissed, "alright! Lord Dupan wishes the Takeshi dead because--" Before Dupan's assassin could finish his sentence, an arrow lodged itself between his eyes, killing him instantly. Emyris turned, seeing Yamoto nearby, of whom stood with a bow in hand. Emyris stood, unpleased. "He will no longer be of any threat, now will he my lord?" Emyris clenched his teeth, grabbing Yamoto by the throat. "You fool! The assassin was about to reveal everything!"

After a moment, he released Yamoto, of whom was gasping for air. "You dare to choke me, the brother of the Khan!" Emyris gave a frustrated sigh, scowling at Yamoto. "If you had not killed the assassin, he would have told me exactly why Dupan wants your brother dead, you cretin! Just...just let me do my gods-damned job, for Guthix's sake..." Yamoto glared at him. "The nerve...I have been catching assassins since before you were conceived, Emyris Bayne. I know what I am doing!" Emyris shook his head. "Believe me, Yamoto, I am older and more experienced than you would like to give me credit for. If you want your brother to live through the week, you will let me do my job so that I may relieve myself of this place as soon as possible."

With that, Emyris left Yamoto where he stood, entering the banquet hall once again. Mai Lau approached him once he entered. "Well?" Emyris shook his head. "Your uncle killed the assassin before he could give any useful information. Now we are back to where we began." Mai Lau shook her head a bit. "Not necessarily. When we were interrogating the would-be assassin from the incident before tonight, he gave us a clue as to where Dupan may be located; he spoke something of 'a part of the bowl owned by pirates and smugglers alike'."

Emyris raised an eyebrow. "A part of the bowl? Perhaps...perhaps he speaks of a specific region?" Mai Lau tilted her head. "Yes...of course, the Bowl Region! Owned by pirates and smugglers alike...Perhaps he could mean Tattanagi, it is an island simply overrun with the likes of them!" Emyris nodded. "Yes...of course...inform your uncle of what we know and that we will need a dozen of his men, I will tell your father and make the necessary arrangements. we will set sail at dawn." Mai Lau smiled to him. "Of course, my lord, we shall meet again at the docks at daybreak, then."

The Fortress of Thieves

After hours of sailing, their ship had reached the island of Tattanagi. Emyris assisted Mai Lau off of the ship and onto the shores of the island. "Will these pirates give us any trouble?" Mai Lau shook her head. "I do not believe so, not unless we provoke them."

Emyris and Mai Lau made their way to a small port nearby, five of Yamoto's finest guards following close behind. Mai Lau spoke to the leader of the settlement in an eastern tongue, asking for the whereabouts of Lord Dupan. She nodded, turning back to Emyris. "Dupan resides in an ancient fortress near a shipwreck a mile due northwest from here. He also informed me that we should be on our guard, Emyris Bayne; Dupan has many skilled warriors working under him." Emyris nodded. "How should we go about infiltrating the fortress? There are but seven of us, and gods know how many of them." Mai Lau smiled a bit. "Well, we use our greatest asset; your stealth."

Emyris, Mai Lau, and the five warriors sent by Lord Yamoto continued northwest, the fortress of Lord Dupan eventually coming into view. Emyris drew closer, motioning for Mai Lau and the others to remain where they were so that they would not compromise his position. Under the cover of night, he made his way even closer to the fortress, seeing five armed guards standing at the gates. He turned, noticing that Mai Lau had followed him over.

She drew a smoke bomb from her pack, nodding to Emyris before tossing it so that it landed near the guards standing vigil. It erupted in smoke, bewildering the guards as Emyris and Mai Lau made their way over to where they stood. Emyris came near two bewildered guards, pressing his fingers to the brow of each guard he passed, removing their memory of his presence. As he did so, each guard fell to the ground.

Once the smoke lifted, Mai Lau was impressed to see all five guards lying the ground, unconscious and with no memory of what had happened or who had been present. Emyris turned to the guards, motioning for them to come closer to him. "Two of you will remain here to be sure that no one leaves from this entrance. As for the other three, you will search around the perimeter of the fort for any hidden exits or tunnels. Understood?" The guards nodded at Emyris's request, three of the five heading outward to scan the perimeter of the fortress, the other two hiding in the shadows near the fort's gates. Mai Lau raised an eyebrow. "And myself?" Emyris tipped his head toward the wall of the fortress. "We climb."

Emyris and Mai Lau began to scale the wall, climbing the cobblestones and bricks to the top. As they made their way to the top of the wall, Emyris and Mai Lau looked down into the courtyard, finding close to a dozen of Dupan's guards below. Mai Lau looked to Emyris, expecting a plan to dispose of the guards. He examined the area, thinking through any strategies that he could formulate in his head. He looked to the night sky, noticing that it was still dark, not a star gleaming above.

The two climbed slowly toward one of the stone archway windows of the fortress, careful to remain out of sight. Mai Lau passed through the archway first, Emyris following close behind. They looked about finding that they were in a small room containing six chests. Emyris ade his way over to the doorway of the room, looking out to see several patrolling guards making their way to the room. Emyris looked back to Mai Lau, biting his lip beneath his mask. "We have company."

While Emyris and Mai Lau hid in the shadows, Dupan's men began to enter the room. Emyris nodded to her before grabbing one of the guards, slitting his throat with his scimitar. Mai Lau followed, attacking the guards as well. Emyris fought passionately, killing three more guards, seeing that Mai Lau had killed one using her throwing daggers. Emyris readied himself to kill another before hearing Mai Lau cry out. Emyris turned, seeing that one of the two remaining guards held a sword to her throat.

"Surrender," the guard said, "or she dies!" Emyris dropped his weapons, placing his hands on his head, kneeling. The other remaining guard motioned for Emyris to stand and to give him his hands. Emyris held his hands out in front of him, allowing them to be shackled. It was then that other guards arrived, swords drawn. Emyris felt as the hilt of a blade struck the back of his head, causing him to fall to the ground, unconscious.

Emyris awoke in a prison cell, shackles remaining to bind his hands. He found that his mask, as well as his armour and weapons, had been taken. He turned to see a shadowed form lying in the corner of the cell: Mai Lau. He stood, making his way over to her. As Emyris walked, he noticed that he did not walk with a limp; he walked as he once had before the incident at Burthorpe. Strangely, despite his current predicament, he felt good. Refreshed, even, stronger than he had felt in ages.

Emyris ran a hand over the top of his head, finding that he had hair. He brought the hand down, feeling his face and finding that his scars were gone. He looked to Mai Lau again, noticing that his eyesight, of which had been damaged when Wolf Acuz burnt his face with a fire spell years ago, had actually improved, reverting back to how it was before that point in his past.

He knelt down to Mai Lau, waking her. She looked up, seeing his healed face. "You look...different..." Emyris smiled a bit. "Yes...I...I suppose that Dupan desired for us to be in good health before torturing and executing us..." Mai Lau nodded. "So...this is the end. He healed us, you in particular, so that he may watch us break."

Emyris sighed, seating himself next to Mai Lau. "I suppose we shall wait for our ends by the hands of Dupan's torturers and executioners." Mai Lau placed a shackled hand on Emyris's cheek, looking at his peculiar red eyes. "My lord..." Emyris smiled, looking to her. "Emyris." Mai Lau smiled a bit. " long have you lived to this point?" Emyris chuckled a bit, looking to the cobblestone wall of their cell. "Over four centuries. Yourself?" Mai Lau studied Emyris's markings, slowly beginning to sit up, leaning against the wall. "Twenty years. I have lived twenty years."

Emyris sighed. "Far too young to spend the rest of one's life in a cage." Mai Lau looked to the ground. "I doubt that my father would mind if I were to die here. I doubt that he saw anything in me." Emyris looked to Mai Lau, placing a hand on her hand of which currently rested on his cheek. "It has been an honor, to know you even for a short amount of time." Mai Lau looked into Emyris's eyes, drawing her face a bit closer to his own before pressing her lips to his own.

Emyris seemed rather surprised, though not displeased by this action. He gradually closed his eyes, placing a hand on Mai Lau's side as they continued to kiss. He heard a voice, a feminine one, calling his name; this voice belonged to Vera. He slowly pulled away from the kiss, embracing Mai Lau as she rested her head upon his chest.

They heard as several sets of footsteps belonging to Dupan's guards clattered down upon the cobblestone floor of the prison. Emyris and Mai Lau stood as they entered the cell, grasping them by the arms and pulling them along with them. "Where are you taking us," Emyris shouted, "where in the name of Guthix are we going?" The guard that held Emyris snickered. "To Lord Dupan; he wishes to see you personally."

Meeting with Dupan

Emyris and Mai Lau, currently held by Dupan's guards made their way to the central hall of the fortress to meet with Dupan himself. Believing that they were being taken to him for their immediate executions, they braced themselves for the worst as they reached their destination.

They found Dupan standing before a throne made from the wooden remains of a pirate's ship. He dressed the part of an eastern pirate captain for sure, yet did not appear large nor intimidating, but rather meek. Strangely, he actually looked a bit like Mai Lau. Though Dupan was in his fifties, he appeared to have taken care of himself, unlike the Khan. He showed a peaceful, almost kind smile as he stroked his black-gray beard. "You must be Emyris Bayne, the assassin-lord of the west! I have hear much about you from my spies..."

Emyris could not help but chuckle a bit. "Funny...the Khan said the exact same thing to me when I met with him yesterday." Dupan laughed as well. "Did he now? What did he tell you about me?" Emyris glared at Dupan. "He said that you wished him dead, that your wish was to plunge the island of New Heritage, as well as the rest of the region, into chaos and anarchy."

Dupan shook his head, turning to pour himself a goblet of wine. "I suppose that, in his own way of seeing things, that is correct. His word is law, after all." He looked back over to Emyris and Mai Lau. "I trust that, if we remove your shackles, you will show some control and hear me out?" Dupan then nodded to the guards, of whom removed their bindings. Emyris rubbed his wrists, looking to Mai Lau, then back to Dupan.

Dupan motioned for them to come closer, pouring them each goblets of wine as he sat upon his throne of driftwood and wreckage. "Nearly twenty-one years ago, I was the Khan of the isle of New Heritage. I had recently discovered that my wife was with child with a baby girl. It was the happiest time of my life; the isle was prospering, food was more than plentiful. I had hoped that my joy would never draw to an end."

"It was then, however," he continued, "that they arrived; invaders from another isle, seeking to take my isle as their own. These men were led by two ruthless warlords named Takeshi and Yamoto. These men pillaged, plundered and defiled my land and my people. I was forced to surrender to save my people, but one of them, the one named Takeshi, wished for me to surrender the one thing that I held most dear; my wife. They did not know that she carried my child, seeing as she had only discovered that she was pregnant weeks before. When I refused to surrender her, they took me to an island devoid of food and clear water and left me to die."

Emyris looked to Mai Lau again, seeing that she had an expression of shock upon her face. He looked back to Dupan as he continued his story. "That was when the pirates found me. Their captain seemed a good man, who sympathised with my story. He welcomed me aboard as a member of his rather massive crew as his Bo'sun. I had changed my name to Dupan, and soon found myself a wounded pigeon, of which I nursed back to health and trained to carry messages. The first message that I sent was to my former wife, informing her that I was still alive. days later, she sent me a message, stating that she was forced to marry Takeshi, and passed our daughter off as his so that she may remain safe, even with him...that was the last message that I had ever received from her."

Emyris had sensed that every word of Dupan's story was true. He looked again to Mai Lau, of whom had shed a few tears. She drew closer to the throne of wreckage. Dupan stood, confused as to why she was crying when Mai Lau hugged him for a few moments. She backed away, smiling through her tears. "I am your daughter, Lord Dupan."

Dupan looked upon Mai Lau for a moment before hugging her once again, stroking her hair with his long fingers. "Why did you not try to find me, my lord?" Mai Lau asked. "My forces consisted of only a crew of pirates, Mai Lau," Dupan replied, "I could not risk fighting an army then. But now, we have the support of many crews that reside on this island; we are now ready."

Emyris drew closer as well. "There was a time when I, too, lost my family," he said, "I will stand with you in the eradication of the men who usurped your land and your family." Dupan rested a hand upon Emyris's shoulder. "Excellent. I shall send for my supporting captains on this island; we sail at dawn."

The Battle for New Heritage

Emyris, Dupan, and Mai Lau stood upon the mast of Dupan's ship, looking out to the island that appeared on the horizon at sunset. Dupan examined the island through his spyglass. "It has been a long time since I have set my eyes upon this island," he said, returning his spyglass to his belt. "We shall land in one of the beaches on the outskirts of the settlement within the hour."

He looked to Emyris and Mai Lau. "When we met earlier at midnight this morning, I instructed my men and allies not to attack the civilians in the settlement, and to relocate any stray ones into safehouses. I also promised them that I would grant them amnesty when I regain my status as Khan; let us hope that we survive through this, eh?" Emyris looked behind their ship, seeing a fleet of a dozen of their allies; thirteen ships sailed to what would either be a grand victory, or a tremendous failure.

Soon, the fleet made their way to land, anchoring their ships at one of the beaches outside of the settlement of New Heritage. Led by Dupan, Mai Lau, and Emyris, Dupan's army of pirates, smugglers, and traitors to the tyranny of Takeshi and Yamoto into New Heritage. Dupan soon spotted warriors of Yamoto's militia, leading his army into a bloody fight, resulting in both rebel and militia casualties. Once a pathway was cleared to Takeshi's stronghold, Dupan, followed by Emyris and Mai Lau, charged forward, managing to breach the stronghold's walls and enter the palace itself.

When they entered, they found Yamoto inside, several of the Khan's personal guards standing at his back. Yamoto smirked, drawing his blade. "I must say, Emyris Bayne," Yamoto said, readying himself for battle, "it pains me that you did not kill Dupan. If you had, I would not be forced to dispose of you now." Emyris readied his blade. "Only one of us shall explore the depths of the Abyss today, Yamoto. My soul is prepared for what may be next. Is yours?"

Yamoto gritted his teeth. "Guards, kill Dupan and my brother's traitor daughter; leave this alleged assassin-lord to me." The guards nodded, launching themselves at Mai Lau and Dupan, ready to attack. Yamoto turned back to Emyris, moving his blade so that he may slice through Emyris's neck. The former assassin blocked this attempt with his own blade, spinning before slashing Yamoto's throat, causing him to release his blade and kneel to the ground, grasping at his slit throat before falling limp to the ground.

Emyris looked over, finding that Mai Lau and her father had dealt with the guards. Emyris motioned for them to follow him upstairs, where Takeshi stored his gold and treasures. They found the Khan himself packing as much as he could into small chests so that he may transport them to his ships.

Takeshi turned, standing at his full height of five and a half feet, seemingly not surprised by seeing Mai Lau there, standing at Dupan's side. "Deep down," Takeshi said, "I suppose that I have always known that you were not mine. Your stubbornness has always bore resemblance to that of your coward father's."

Mai Lau gritted her teeth before charging at Takeshi. The Khan smirked. He snapped his fingers, sending Mai Lau flying the other direction, crashing into a wooden pillar. Dupan readied his weapon, stepping up before Emyris turned to him, shaking his head. Once he had turned back to Takeshi, he heard Dupan cry out in pain. He looked back to find Dupan clutching his side before falling to his hands and knees, revealing a young boy of no more than ten standing close behind, a rusting iron dagger in his hand and a vacant expression etched upon his face. This boy, however, seemed to have gills on the sides of his neck beneath his jawline, webbing between his fingers and toes, and fins adorning his back, forearms and calves; this boy was a sea orphan.

Takeshi smiled. "Meet one of my many slaves and assassins in training, Emyris Bayne. Though I must say, it was damned difficult to find the correct spell to control it." Emyris gritted his teeth readying his blade as he drew closer to the Khan. Takeshi drew his blade, a katana, as well.

Emyris attempted to disarm the Khan by burying his scimitar into his hand, but the Khan was able to block his hand by raising his katana. Takeshi then lunged the tip of the blade at Emyris's chest in hopes of severely injuring, perhaps even killing him in the process. Emyris, using his abilities as a Mahjarrat halfbreed, was able to use his gift of short-range teleportation to disappear before the Khan's eyes before reappearing behind him, wrapping his swordarm around Takeshi's neck, the tip of his scimitar pointed to the Khan's throat.

Takeshi's lips once again curled into a smile as he jutted the hilt of his blade into Emyris's stomach, causing him to release the Khan, momentarily crippled. The Khan backed away several feet before charging, the blade of his katana pointed at Emyris. Only when Takeshi was but five feet from him did Emyris manage to sidestep the his attack, grasping the Khan's wrist. Emyris jutted the hilt of his scimitar into Takeshi's stomach, causing him to bend over in pain, loosening his grip on his katana.

As the katana fell from Takesh's hand, Emyris released his wrist before catching the katana by the hilt. He crossed the blades into an "X" formation so that the edge of each blade was positioned across the Khan's throat. "Please," the Khan begged, bowing his head, the palms of his hands resting upon the wooden floor, "I will do anything! not kill me...?" Emyris crossed the blades so that the area around Takeshi's throat was more narrow. "Let the boy go. Now!"

The Khan nodded. Emyris heard as the sea orphan boy's blade fell to the ground. He also watched as the boy fell as well, unconscious on the wooden floor. He turned his gaze back upon the pitiful Khan. "What do you plan on doing with him?" Emyris turned, seeing that Dupan, still clutching his side, stood beside him. "First," Emyris replied, "he will take me to where he keeps his other servants, people like this boy. Then, he will reinstate you as Khan before the citizens of this settlement. After that, you can execute him for what he has done. Or you can release him, either to me or to his alleged servants; his fate rests in your Khan."

The Quiet After the Storm

The morning after the battle, Emyris stood at the docks, watching as the sun rose, his mask and hood pulled down to reveal his ashen colored, yet healed face. "Beautiful, is it not?" Emyris turned, seeing Mai Lau, her arm in a supportive splint made from bamboo. He smiled. "Yes, I suppose it is." Mai Lau drew closer, now standing beside Emyris on the dock. "Dupan...father...says that you saw something in Takeshi's dungeons last night?"

Emyris nodded, looking back out to the sea. "There were dozens of them, Mai Lau, dozens of people like that boy...sea orphans as he called them." Mai Lau nodded. "Yes, there are a good number of them in the Wushanko Isles." Emyris looked back to Mai Lau. "Takeshi told me that he experimented on them, and on ordinary humans. He said that he had made a good many of them by splicing together humans and sea creatures using magic." Mai Lau sighed. "Yes...that is why father has decided that you should be the one to decide what to do with him.

Emyris turned completely to Mai Lau, his back to the sea. "After what he did to those people, I am considering sending him to the Abyss itself through a modified teleportation spell. Sending him through that should be punishment enough for his crimes." Mai Lau drew closer before pressing her lips again to Emyris's. "All that matters now is that this conflict is over." She rested her head on Emyris's chest as they looked out to the orange, sunrise lit waters. "I suppose that you will return to your mountain to the west, to your exile."

Emyris smiled a bit. "After all that has happened throughout the course of my life, Mai Lau, I have decided to eradicate myself from the world; what better place to do that than right here, with you?" Mai Lau looked up to Emyris, a smile beginning to form on her face. "My father has informed me that he will not be the Khan of New Heritage, but rather will come into ownership of another island, nearby. Perhaps you may become an advisor to my father?" Emyris tilted his head from side to side. "Well, if he does not mind having a foreigner advise him, I suppose."

"Fine morning, is it not?" Upon hearing Dupan's voice, Emyris and Mai Lau backed away from one another immediately. Dupan smiled, shaking his head a bit. He carried a cane, of which he used to lean upon for support after having been wounded by the sea orphan boy's dagger. "Lord Dupan," Emyris said, "it is good to see you. How is your wound?" Dupan crossed between Emyris and Mai Lau, looking out to the sea. "It should fully heal in a day or so, provided that our medicines and herbs do their work, as they have done for you."

Emyris smiled, stroking his chin. "I never thanked you for that, did I?" Dupan waved dismissively. "It was the least that I could do. I suppose that you will be returning to your homeland, Emyris Bayne?" Emyris looked to Mai Lau, then to Dupan. "Not just yet. It seems that your daughter wanted for me to become your advisor."

Dupan smiled a bit. "The position is open, provided that you do not desire to return to your home." Emyris sighed. "Perhaps I will, one day. But for now, I wish to stay with you, and with Mai Lau." Dupan nodded. "Very well. I also have a gift for you." Emyris raised an eyebrow. "A gift?" Dupan motioned for Emyris and Mai Lau to follow him.

Dupan brought them to where his ship was docked. Dupan turned to Emyris, motioning toward the ship. "This, Emyris Bayne, is my ship, the vessel known as the Tsukuyomi. She is yours." Emyris looked to the ship in awe, then back to Dupan. "No, I could not..." Dupan smiled. "Take it. For the service that you have provided for our islands, by restoring things to how they should be."

Emyris bowed to Dupan. "Thank you, my Lord." Dupan placed a hand on his shoulder. "You are welcome, my son." He looked to his daughter with a smile before ushering both Emyris and Mai Lau to follow him onto the ship, taking them to a nearby island settlement, where Dupan would become Khan.

The Dawn of the Sixth Age

Emyris spent the next several years in the Isle of Dupan, not only serving as an advisor and warrior of the Khan, but also as the fiance to his daughter, Mai Lau. Emyris had recently discovered how to pass as an ordinary human, thanks to cosmetics and limited illusion magics. Emyris's life in the Wushanko Isles was excellent. But, as with all good things, this stage of Emyris's life had to draw to a close.

It was soon that word had reached Emyris in the Isle of Dupan of Guthix's death at the hands of a Mahjarrat known as Sliske. Emyris knew that, if Guthix had truly died, his edicts would be broken, resulting in the return of the other Gielinoran gods. If he did not do something or at least help in the preservation of balance, Guthix would have died in vain.

Emyris knew that he would never return to the isle if he left, but decided that remaining was not an option. He said his goodbyes to Mai Lau, of whom wept at his departure, and Dupan, who wished Emyris the best of luck in fighting for the memory of Guthix. Emyris left the Isle of Dupan at dusk, just as the sun descended away from sight, sailing west to Port Sarim. He resolved to discard his past titles, as well as his past as an assassin, becoming the man simply known as Emyris Bayne.

The Battle of Lumbridge

Upon hearing of the return of Zamorak in Lumbridge, Emyris reported to the leaders of the Godless so that he may receive his orders. He and other members of their faction were instructed infiltrate either the Saradominist or Zamorakian forces to that they may gather intelligence and trust from each faction so that the Godless may strike.

The Faux Zamorakian

Emyris was placed on the Zamorakian side so that he may gain information on the followers of the chaos god and what the Godless were up against. He quickly blended in, claiming to be a pure-hearted Zamorakian who enjoyed nothing more than spilling the blood of non-Zamorakian foes. The others liked his enthusiasm, not suspecting that it may be false, and he quickly rose to the rank of Commander, now in charge a group of about four dozen men.

However, despite his rank, he was still required to gather divine tears of Guthix himself to increase the chaos god's power. Emyris, being given no other choice to avoid this morally degrading and ghastly duty, was forced to gather the tears of the god that he had once loved.


For a time, Emyris was ordered to leave the battleground to seek out tears in other places of the world. As he traveled far and wide, his ship, the Tsukuyomi, was hit by a storm at sea, causing his ship to wreck, leaving him as the sole survivor. He discovered a port, of which happened to be owned by Khione Nocte. He unknowingly trespassed, and encountered Khione, of whom was infuriated to find him there. Emyris offered to leave, but was informed that the port was under quarantine, and was forced to stay for a few weeks. Eventually, after the quarantine was lifted, Emyris managed to find men to repair his ship before departing. 

The Conclusion

It was not long until the Battle of Lumbridge came to a close, Saradomin as the victor and Zamorak as the defeated. However, Zamorak's demise was not yet at hand and he escaped with one of his generals. The Saradominists and Godless were both pleased at Zamorak's defeat, but Emyris feared that this was not the end of the gods' vendetta against one another; the second God Wars had just begun.

The Bandosian-Armadylean Conflict

It was soon that two gods appeared on opposite ends of the Kingdom of Asgarnia, determined to destroy their opponents; these gods were Armadyl, the avian god of justice, and Bandos, the bestial god of war. Emyris decided to join the ranks of Armadyl as a Godless spy, ready to strike when ordered.

The Bird's Embrace

Emyris soon came to realise that Armadyl, in his own way, was similar to Guthix. He came to love Armadyl's ways, deciding to follow aspects of the teachings of both gods. Due to this "revelation", Emyris was branded as a traitor of the Godless, having "betrayed Guthix's teachings for those of another god". In Emyris's eyes, he did not fully betray Guthix, but rather chose another path branching from his old beliefs. Emyris did not know, nor did he care about why the Godless hated Armadyl as they hated the other gods; all that he knew was that he found a deity to fill the void that Guthix had left behind in his heart.

"Now we have closure."

Emyris was inside of a set of caverns and tunnels beneath Lumbridge, or more specifically, beneath the crater in Lumbridge that the duel between Saradomin and Zamorak had caused, searching for ore and metal to assist the blacksmiths under Armadyl's protection and guidance in forging weapons for Armadyl's other soldiers. He looked about, a sad look in his gray eyes. He knelt down, seeing a rat that was trapped at the ankle by a root. Emyris drew a dagger, cutting the root and setting the rat free. “So, I see that you weren’t executed, lover, and you have a new look,” a voice from behind him echoed in the cavern.

He sighed. “Aewynn. A pleasure to hear your voice as ever.” He turned his head, seeing the wicked, but beautiful smirk on her Elven face. “I suppose you wish to kill me, as per usual?” Aewynn smiled, drawing a dagger. “You know me so well, Emyris. I believe that you may recognize the dagger that I hold in my hand?” Emyris squinted at it for a bit, remembering. “Yes…I…murdered…Mycrollyn…your father…with it. I will never forget that blade.”

She bit her lip a bit, pointing the blade at Emyris. “Before I kill you, you murdering bastard, I just want to know something.” Emyris stood, already being a mere three paces from his former lover. “Anything. I am an open book, Aewynn.” Emyris saw a tear roll down Aewynn’s cheek. “Why did you do it?” Emyris bit his tongue. He was about to answer that it was accidental when the cavern began to shake, causing stones from the ceiling to crash down to the floor. Emyris covered his head with his arms, watching in horror as Aewynn fell and became covered in rock.

Moments later, when the rocks had ceased crashing down from the ceiling of the cavern, Emyris rushed to where Aewynn had fallen, removing the large, cracked rocks covering his former love. When he had uncovered most of her upper torso, he dragged her out from under the rocks and stones, finding that her forehead was bloodied from where one of the stones fell and that she was impaled through the stomach by one of the stalactites from above.

He kneeled down next to her, tears running down his dirt-covered face as she slowly opened her eyes. “Em…Em…” He put a hand on her cheek. “Shh. Don’t speak. Conserve your strength, Aewynn.” She appeared surprised as he began to dab at her head with his handkerchief, cleaning her wound. “Why…? Why…are you helping me?”

Emyris smiled, despite his tears. “Because I love you, Aewynn, no matter how much you hate me.” Aewynn looked down to the stalactite buried in her stomach with her magnificent, pale green eyes. “Am I…Emyris, am I…going to die?” As he finished cleaning the wound on her forehead, he sighed. “Yes…I think so.” Aewynn laughed a bit before coughing violently. After she had finished coughing, she smiled, despite the fact that her lips were covered in her own blood.

“Typical, huh? I die in some godsforsaken cave underground.” Emyris chuckled as best that he could, cleaning the blood from her lips. “Yes, typical.” She looked into his gray eyes. “Illusion magic, huh?” Emyris nodded. "Yeah, you tend to get by much easier when your skin doesn’t look like ash and your eyes aren’t an abnormal, demonic shade of red.” She smiled, putting a hand to his face. “I kind of liked it when you were all ash-colored.” Emyris smiled, flattered.

“Emyris, could you…” Aewynn would cough a bit. “…could you maybe tell me…why did you kill Mycrollyn…? Why did you kill my father?” Emyris put two fingers to Aewynn’s forehead. “Why don’t I just show you?” He closed his eyes, sending the memories of Mycrollyn’s last moments alive into her mind. Aewynn’s eyes went white as she viewed these memories before returning to normal. A tear ran down her face. “Self defense…I hunted you…all these years…because you were protecting yourself…?” Emyris nodded. “Yes.”

Aewynn eyed him curiously. “Why didn’t you tell me all those years ago?” Emyris looked away. “Because…I thought that I deserved it. I’m a murderer. Just because I acted merely to save myself does not change that.” She smiled, stroking his cheek. “Of course it does. Emyris…I was in the wrong, this time. Stop torturing yourself, okay? I would have done the same thing if my father tried to kill me instead of you.” Emyris looked down to her, tears in his eyes. “I'm sorry that I called you a murdering bastard," Aewynn whispered softly. Emyris chuckled a bit. "It's alright."

"I love you, Emyris,” Aewynn whispered. Emyris kissed her on the forehead, then on the lips. “I love you, too, Aewynn.” She smiled, kissing him back. “Now we have closure,” she whispered into his ear. A tear formed in Aewynn's eye before she went limp, the light in her eyes fading. Emyris held her close, weeping for hours before pressing two fingers to her forehead, removing her memories and giving them a new home within his mind. After finding his way out of the cavern, he took Aewynn’s body to her people, where they held a funeral in her memory.

The Firebrand Returns

While the Bandosian-Armadylean Conflict resumed, Emyris had heard rumors that Danny Umezawa, his demonic friend from years before, was alive and well, fighting for the Godless against the forces of Armadyl and Bandos. Though Emyris was more than happy to find that his friend was alive and well, he remained fearful that his loyalties to the Armadyleans would stand in the way of their friendship.

Emyris and Danny met by coincidence at the docks of Port Sarim. Danny and Emyris spoke of the current war and of the Godless. Danny had apparently helped in the destruction of one of Armadyl’s caravans. Emyris asked Danny how he survived his apparent death. Danny explained that, after he died, he returned to the abyss, where he, like all demons, was reincarnated into a new form.

It was then that Danny asked Emyris why he had not seen him among the others. Emyris told Danny that he and the others had a sort of “falling out” when it was believed that Emyris had become far too sympathetic with the Armadyleans. Danny asked if this was true, to which Emyris answered that, according to his observations, Armadyl had views that were very similar to that of Guthix’s.

The two former assassins debated each side. Emyris finished the debate by stating that he did not believe it wise that they should fight over this matter, and that he was more interested in preserving their friendship. Danny agreed, but stated that if the two were ever to meet on the battlefield, his loyalties to the Godless must come before their friendship. After this, the two discussed their past with Burthorpe, Varis Grey, the Order of the Midnight Sun, even Emyris’s exile after Danny’s apparent demise.

After their conversation, Danny stated that he was required to return to his people, the Godless. Emyris shook Danny’s demonic claw of a hand, stating that it was good to see that he was alive and well, and that he enjoyed catching up with him. With that, the Demon placed his helm back upon his head before setting off to the headquarters of the Godless.

The Demise of War Incarnate

Though Emyris had anticipated that a god would die in the battle over Asgarnia, he was still just as shocked by the death of Bandos as the other inhabitants of Gielinor. He stood at the remains of the fallen god of war, paying his respects to him and his fallen warriors, despite having been on the opposing side.

Though the fierce god of war that had opposed Armadyl now lied dead before the throne where he once sat, Emyris could not celebrate; even without Bandos, Emyris had reason to believe that Gielinor was bound to change, in some views for the better, and in some views for the worse. No matter the case, he knew that much more divine blood would be spilled by the time that these secondary god wars drew to an inevitable close. While he stood at the final resting place of the god of war, paying his respects, he could not help but wonder who would be the next god to die during this bloody campaign, and who would be the victor.

The Huntress


After having fought in the conflict between Armadyl and the now deceased god of war known as Bandos, Emyris made his way into the village of Draynor to visit the graves of his former wife, Vera, and supposedly unborn daugher, of whom would have been named Freyja in honor of Vera's Fremennik ancestry and upbringing. Though it pained Emyris to return to one of the places in Gielinor that effected his emotional being the most, it would have brought him shame and regret had he chose to forsake it. With him, he brought a nearly flawless amethyst for Vera's grave and a water lily for Freyja's.

As he passed through town, he heard rumours of bandits being found dead near the village, apparently having been torn limb from limb. Some suggested that these were mere wild animal attacks, whereas others seemed to believe that it was something far more dangerous and unheard of; they believed that these attacks were caused by a werewolf. No matter what the source of these attacks was, Emyris knew that the people of Draynor were afraid for their lives.

Emyris decided, to put the villagers at ease, he would investigate further into these attacks. Emyris, however, soon discovered that men from an order that he had thought gone came to do the very same thing and kill whatever killed the bandits; these men wore robes belonging to those in the order of H.A.M. Rumours that a werewolf was roaming the woods had apparently spread, catching the attention of the bigoted order, so they had sent six of their own to investigate.

The Investigation

Though he despised H.A.M for their views and methods in killing anything inhuman, Emyris knew that, if they worked together, at least until they found the source of the attacks, they would make much more progress. He went to their leader, a man named Silus Bael, and proposed a temporary truce so that they may find who or what was behind these attacks. Fortunately, due to the fact that Emyris appeared human enough due to his use of cosmetics and limited illusion magic, Bael, believing that having one of Emyris's stature and judgement on their side, even temporarily, would be a tremendous help to them, agreed to this truce, even if only to the point where they found the creature.

Emyris decided to use a strategy that many investigators have used in the past to solve crimes; find the most common theory and attempt to find any evidence to disprove it. He and the members of H.A.M decided to investigate the scene of one of the murders, finding the disembodied corpse just a few feet from the path leading north to the manor, lying close to the woods. They inspected the body, finding that the marks and tears in the bandit's flesh suggested that he was attacked by a wild animal, likely a bear or a wolf, perhaps even a werewolf. Emyris looked about the area around the body, finding several sets of tracks resembling those of ordinary wolves. It was then that he saw another set of tracks, seeming to run with the wolves. These tracks were wider than that of a wolf and contained five toes; human toes.

He ushered the others over, showing them the tracks. They still believed that a werewolf was about, whereas Emyris had reason to believe that these tracks were made by a human, or at least a humanoid creature standing on her toes. Emyris looked three feet in front of the tracks to find light handprints, the fingertips digging into the muddy ground. He found that the tracks, both of the wolves and the girl, ran to the northwest. Emyris and the members of H.A.M continued, following the tracks in hopes of finding the girl.

They followed the tracks until Emyris found that they had come to an end. The members of H.A.M looked about, shields and weapons at the ready. Emyris looked before him, finding that the wolves they had been following were bearing down on then from all directions, surrounding him and his temporary allies. It was then that Emyris looked up into the tree before him, watching as the shape of an adolescent girl wearing the flesh and fur of a white wolf leapt from the tree, landing on her hands and feet. She gradually began to stand on her back legs at a crouched height of five feet, her full height would have been five and a half had she stood up straight. She looked up to Emyris with graying, amethyst colored eyes, snarling. Emyris's eyes widened as he sensed her aura. This girl was mostly human, but was a quarter Mahjarrat; she was Emyris's daughter.

Fighting Fang and Claw

Emyris looked into his feral daughter's eyes, raising his hands as he backed away. The wolf-daughter looked behind Emyris in fear, watching as the members of H.A.M killed her fellow pack members. She growled, running past Emyris with a wolf-like howl, leaping upon one of the pink-clad men, biting into his neck and severing his jugular vein. Emyris's long-lost daughter gradually stood, growling as the H.A.M members closed in on her, her face smeared with blood that was not her own.

Emyris turned in horror. He knew that he could not let his own daughter die at the hands of the monster-hunting fanatics that hunted her. "Stop!" Emyris cried out, "Leave her and her pack be!" Their leader, Silus Bael, turned. "Though she may not bear the visage of a monster, she is one nonetheless!" Emyris looked again to the feral girl, her mouth smeared with blood, snarling at the members of H.A.M that surrounded her and threatened her pack. "She is my daughter."

Silus shook his head, looking back to the feral girl. "I am sorry, but your daughter is a monster. She tore those bandits limb from limb and killed one of our men; we cannot, and will not look past that." Emyris sighed, closing his eyes. The illusion masking his flesh began to fade, revealing his ashen flesh smeared with cosmetic. Silus looked to Emyris in fear and anger as he wiped the cosmetic from his face, opening his eyes of obsidian and crimson. "If she is the monster, Silus Bael," Emyris said, drawing closer, "then what am I?"

The feral girl looked to Emyris as though she knew deep down that he was of her blood, posing into an offensive stance. Emyris made his way over to his daughter, his back to hers as he drew Elizatrixx's bow from his back. The feral girl's wolves formed in a circle around Emyris and his daughter, facing outward to the members of H.A.M that opposed them, growling and bearing their bloodied teeth. The H.A.M circled around the wolves, weapons ready.

The wolves launched themselves at their attackers, clawing and tearing at their robes and flesh. Emyris used his bow to pick off two or three of the agents before discovering that he had used all of his arrows. The feral girl launched herself upon one of the agents, grasping his throat with her claw-like hands before tearing out his throat.

It was soon that the bodies of the H.A.M agents adorned the forest floor, bloodied and torn. Emyris looked to his feral daughter, of whom began to come closer, sniffing the air around him. She gently placed her right hand into the blood of one of the fallen H.A.M agents before placing it to the left side of his face, allowing a bloody handprint to form. Emyris smiled, a tear forming in his eye. He embraced his long lost daughter in a secure hug. The feral girl stood there, unmoving. Her amethyst eyes looked about to the wolves, of whom sat there, watching their reunion before wandering off, leaving her with her father.

Reforged and Reunited

After donning his more human visage once more, Emyris took his daughter to his former home in Draynor, of which had been abandoned after Emyris sought out for revenge against the man that had supposedly killed her and his wife. He cleaned the blood and grime from her face, smiling as he saw her true face. Unfortunately, being that his daughter was feral, she could not speak common-tongue.

Emyris decided that, the only way to allow her the gift of speech or allow her to know who she truly was, he would have to reveal some of his own memories to her. He cautiously pressed two fingers to her forehead, sharing with her his forgotten memory of speech, as well as showing her a few of his memories of when her mother was alive. The feral girl's eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out from the sudden intake of memories and knowledge.

Emyris sat by his daughter as she regained consciousness about an hour later. She slowly looked to him, opening her mouth. " Freyja...? Emyris smiled, placing a hand on her cheek, pleased that his transfer of memories had succeeded. "Yes. You are named for your mother's heritage." Freyja tilted her head a bit, looking at Emyris inquisitively. "You...are my...father...?"

Emyris sighed with joy, nodding. "Yes. I had thought that you died, along with your mother." Freyja looked about the room, Emyris's memories of his time with her mother flashing through her head. "How...I did not...know how to speak the common tongue. How...can I now?" Emyris smiled. "I have the ability to bestow or take memories, courtesy of my heritage."

Freyja slowly began to sit up. " pack...where...?" Emyris looked to the stairs. "They have gone. I believe that you will find them again, one day." Freyja opened her arms, slowly hugging Emyris. "Please...stay...?" Emyris smiled, stroking her hair as he hugged back. "I would not dream of leaving, my dear...not again..."

Coughing up Blood

Mere months after being reunited with Freyja, Emyris found that he had begun to develop certain symptoms, such as coughing up blood from his lungs and severe chills from time to time. He went to physicians and apothecaries around Gielinor, attempting to learn of what was happening to him. These physicians yielded the same answers; Emyris was dying from the inside out. Due to his enhanced immune system and tolerance, they had reason to believe that he would live a bit longer than the average person diagnosed with this illness, his life ahead spanning between one to five years.

Emyris was bewildered by these results, though he had accepted his death long ago. But, with recent events, he felt that his passing would leave a void in Freyja's life, fearing that she would find herself alone and fatherless yet again. Over the next few years, Emyris realised, he would have to come to terms with his past and ready himself for his passing in any way that he could to make it easier for Freyja and those that he percieved as his family to bare.


Emyris is generally compassionate, though if he or those he cares about are threatened, he will fight mercilessly. He can be humorous at times, preferring to embrace his human side by showing emotion. He can be quite stubborn at times as well and may hold a long-lived grudge against others who have done him wrong.

Physical Appearance

Bayne portrait

A Sketch of Emyris's true face, drawn around the time that he initially joined the Godless


Emyris has pale, grayish flesh and red eyes, the whites of his eyes being pitch black, accompanied by a somewhat gaunt face. Emyris has three jade-colored gemstones embedded into his forehead; while the two outside gems are ovals, the central gemstone is in the shape of Guthix's tear.

When using illusion magics to mask his inhuman appearance, the gemstones on his forehead are no longer visible, his flesh is still quite pale, though not inhumanly so, his eyes appear to be that of an ordinary human with gray irises. His face does not appear quite as thin and more healthy in his so-called "Illusion Form". However, in both cases, he has black hair and a short black beard and appears to be somewhere in his early to mid thirties despite actually being four-hundred twenty-five years of age.


Emyris is 6'9 and rather muscular and agile in build, and is quite thin, almost lithe, his Mahjarrat bone structure and muscular physique mostly contributing to his overall weight of 257 lbs. He retains his height, bodily physique, and the dark blue triskellion shaped birthmark on the back of his neck even when using his limited illusion magic to mask his true appearance. He also retains a brand in the shape of a wyrm underneath his left forearm as well as scars resembling the mark of Kandarin carved into his back from his time in the dungeons of Kandarin.



  • Charisma- Emyris is quite charismatic, being that he was able to run an Order of Assassins and Mercenaries for a time. However, he is not cut out for leading large masses of people, such as kingdoms or even armies, being that he is not the best of strategists.
  • Multilingualism- Emyris knows the following languages: Common, Kharidian, broken Elven, and Fremennik.


  • Strength- As Emyris is half mahjarrat, he is quite strong.
  • Agility- During his years as an assassin, Emyris has become quite agile.
  • Teleportation- Emyris is gifted with the ability of short-range teleportation.
  • Memories- Emyris is able to look into and/or take memories from others so that he may use them to his advantage by impersonating that person or by simply removing their memories of an event.

Personal Inventory


  • Adamantite Crossbow
    • Steel Bolts (x295)

Magical Items

  • Wand Crafted from Splitbark
  • Spellbook (Common)
  • Small Rune Pouch


  • Elizatrixx's Flute
  • Coinpurse
    • Gold (x23,475)
  • Length of Rope



  • Tyrannus............................................................Father(Deceased)
  • Elizatrixx..............................................................Mother(Deceased)

Extended Family

  • Ma'dran...............................................................Uncle(Whereabouts Unknown)
  • Kathlaron.............................................................Uncle
  • Omnistixx.............................................................Uncle(Deceased)
  • Arashi Ravencroft................................................Cousin


  • Freyja Gaz-Bayne................................................Daughter
  • ???.......................................................................Child
  • Eragon..................................................................Adopted Son(Deceased)

Romantic Partners

  • Aewynn Vyras-Ithell.............................................Former Fiancée(Deceased)
  • Faeryne Oedipus-Bayne.....................................Former Wife(Deceased)
  • Evelyn Diaene-Bayne..........................................Former Wife(Deceased)
  • Vera Gaz-Bayne..................................................Former Wife(Deceased)
  • Mai Lau................................................................Former Fiancée


Shown here are all titles and ranks that Emyris Bayne achieved throughout his lifetime, before and after his exile. (Note that crossed out titles signify that they are no longer in use.)

The Museum of Varrock

  • Archaeologist & Historian


Claws of Peace

  • Lieutenant of the Claws of Peace

Rebel Diarchy

  • Leader of the Burthorpe Rebellion
  • Lord of Burthorpe
  • Member of the Burthorpe High Council

King Varis

  • Hero of Burthorpe
  • Member of the Burthorpe High Council

The Order of the Midnight Sun

  • Assassin-Lord (Head of the Order)
  • Head of Dominus-Sicarii Subdivision
  • Head of Magus Subdivision
  • Head Summoner
  • Head Herbologist (Post-Vera Gaz)

The Isle of Dupan

  • Hero of the Isle
  • Honorary Warrior of the Isle's Imperial Guard
  • Advisor to the Khan

The Second God Wars

Battle of Lumbridge

  • Zamorakian Commander

Bandosian-Armadylean Conflict

  • Warrior of Armadyl


  • Emyris's favorite color is pomegranate red.
  • Emyris's favorite alcoholic beverage is mead, whereas his favorite non-alcoholic beverage is hot tea.
  • It is very difficult for Emyris to become intoxicated by alcohol.
  • Though his bow is very old, having belonged to his mother, Emyris has taken extreme care of it, allowing it to be in the best shape that it could possibly be in.
  • Though Emyris has spent several years among the Elves and has learned much about their language, he cannot speak Elvish fluently, seeing as his tongue is not quick or agile enough to do so. 
  • Ever since his years-long captivity under the rule of the Mad King of Kandarin, Emyris still has hellish nightmares about what had happened all those years ago.
  • Emyris does not see himself as a natural-born leader; in fact, he had much difficulty when trying to rule Burthorpe alongside Wolf due to such anxiety. He is much more comfortable, however, with leading small armies or groups such as his Order of the Midnight Sun.
  • Ever since Varis became a noble, Emyris has always secretly resented him due to the fact that he, at least in Emyris's views, used him to "get to where he is today".
  • During his years as an assassin, Emyris has never shown his face to anyone with the exeption of his wives, including his former fiancée, and his closest and most trustworthy of friends.
  • Emyris's ship, the Tsukuyomi, of which Lord Dupan gave him during his time in the Wushanko Isles, is named after Tsukuyomi, the Shinto god of the moon.
  • During his time with the Godless, Emyris never really agreed with some of their views, questioning whether or not they really honored Guthix's memory through their "vengeance and hatred" directed toward the gods.
  • Though he has Armadylean tendencies, Emyris still sees himself as a devout Guthixian.
  • Emyris's theme may be heard here
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