Army of Ivandis

Emmanuel was a knight in the Army of Ivandis, an effort to rid Morytania of vampyre influence. The Order has since fallen and Emmanuel retired from fighting in general many years ago. He now lives in Falador.


Emmanuel was created specifically for use within the Order of Ivandis roleplays, conceived as a privileged child from Ardougne who had known nothing other than strict Saradominism, fed to him by his devout family. Emmanuel was only eighteen when he was set on a boat to Port Phasmatys to join the Army of Ivandis.


Emmanuel was accepted into the army as the squire of Terrin Veoc. He participated in a dozen skirmishes around Morytania, mostly battles against vampyres in Canifis. He showed an innate ability to use light magic, and was quickly elevated to the status of Paladin Knight.

The army's accomplishments were impressive, they had managed to claim a significant portion of Morytania. This success quickly took a downward turn, however, when the paladins were called to defend Port Phasmatys against an attack by the vampyre coven, House Draculesti. The army had forged a shaky alliance with the vyrelord Lothorian Foryx, who turned on the paladins during the battle and decapitated the Grand Crusader Sun Rocket.


Emmanuel confronts Lothorian.

The remaining paladins had no choice but to flee to the Paterdomous. The icyene warrior of the Army, known as Rae, ordered the paladin knights to search for Loth, but not to engage him in combat. Emmanuel ignored her orders and engaged the vyrelord by himself. Despite his holy magic, Emmanuel was swiftly defeated and captured.

Emmanuel was brought to a dungeon under Darkmeyer, where he was mentally and physically tortured, as well as turned into a vampyre. He was rescued by the paladins, and Karith von Entrana repaired the damage done to his mind. Emmanuel decided he did not want to live as a vampyre, and risked the effects of a Guthix balance potion. A coin flip was preformed IRL to determine the outcome, and it was favorable.

The crusade effort failed soon after, and the army dissolved. Emmanuel returned to the mainland, deciding to join a Saradominist monastery, where he prayed and studied theology for many years before moving to Falador and becoming a member of the clergy there.

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