Works in the Rising Sun.

–An anonymous adventurer, on their examination of Emily.

Emily, as dressed when working at the Rising Sun.

Date of Birth

Unknown. Assumed to be in twenties.

Place of Birth

Falador, Asgarnia






Bartender & barmaid



Emily chathead
Emily Laxmeister is a barmaid and bartender who works in the Rising Sun tavern. She is the most popular of the three barmaids in the bar and for a great many people, the only NPC accepted in public role-play.


Emily's biography is mostly unknown, but from bits gleaned and pieced together, she was born in the city of Falador. When she was of age, she went to work into the family business known as the Rising Sun tavern. Here Emily worked with her brother, George until he moved away for a more exciting life. Ironically, excitement came aplenty when large hordes of extremely odd patrons took to the pub and made it their bar of choice.

Today Emily deals with these patrons on a daily basis, serving them their drinks of ale, wine, and tea - anything they order. She has witnessed countless murders but still finds the strength to go to work everyday and because of that, is sometimes an object of admiration among the patrons. Indeed, some claim to be romantically involved with Emily. Whether these rumors are true or not, Emily remains silent on the matter only offering a smile as she serves a great variety of drinks.


Emily is a woman of average height and weight, nothing too out of the ordinary. She has golden blonde hair which she keeps up in a bun during work hours and bright green eyes with a shine of friendliness. Emily's clothing consists of a simple pink short-sleeved shirt, black trousers, and leather boots. When she is working at the bar, she dons a special apron emblazoned with the bar's logo.


Emily is not one to speak very much, though her usual short lived conversations with patrons are only mere questions, something to the affect of - 'Would they like to buy a beer? It's only three coins.' From what can be gathered, Emily is a very career oriented woman who has a hard determination to run her business despite any reputation or murders. In fact, if one does not have enough money to purchase an ale from her, they're fairly likely to be yelled at by the woman.



  • Emily has a brother named George. She might be related to the other barmaids, Kaylee and Tina, as the Rising Sun is a family business.
  • Some speculate Emily is the Elder Goddess Jas, incarnate.
  • Emily might be the richest woman on Gielinor, accumulating vast amounts of money through sales and tips.
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