Elenea Auluth is currently a 19 year old human girl who has a missing family. She wishes to find them, and kill those who destroyed her family.


Elenea was born into a huge and honourable family, the Auluths. When at the age of 8, however, a gang of bandits attacked the manor and town in which all her relatives were staying. Some ran away, some were captured and sold into slavery, and many were slain, including her parents. Being the sole survivor apart from her auntie who lived in varrock, she fled for her life, fearing that she would be found and slain. While on her journey to Varrock she stole many things to keep alive; mostly from rich merchants travelling with their stock of goods to another town. She gained this skill quite well, and eventually found Varrock. She lived with her auntie until she was 16 years old, in which her auntie died from cancer. At this point, Elenea ran away, to big cities in which she again stole for money. At 18, she travelled back to her old town, which is now a small village, and found out that her family might still be alive. At 19, she ventures the world, searching for her family and for her happiness.


The Swift family, the Auluths.
Auluth family tree

The Auluth Family Tree


Confident, un-nerved, quick, a bit cocky, loyal, and brave.


Golden hair down to her ribs and warm brown eyes, slightly golden. Stands at 5'7. Slender body, quite pretty, scars on her shoulders.

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