Edwin is a 15 year old werewolf, who is originally from Canifis. He is currently under the care of Katrina Avery, who has adopted him as her own. He currently uses a sword and a parrying dagger. Edwin is trying to control his wolf form to the best of his ability.


Edwin has black hair with patches of blond in it and stands at 5"3. He wears black hard leathered armor with slightly baggy pants. He carries a rune sword on his left with a black parrying dagger on his right. He would have a scar on his left cheek from his time alone in Pollnivneach and multiple other scars from years of training with Katrina.


Edwin was born in canifis. His parents wanted a better life and instead of being forced into a army to die, they escaped over the River Salve. They adventured to the city of Pollnivneach where they stayed there for 6 years. This was until a hunter had tracked them down and killed both his parents. The attacker left Edwin alive for future hunts.

Finding the Sanctum of Heroes

After being attacked by a group of thugs and being cut deeply on his cheek, he fled the city to wander the desert before finding the Sanctum of Heroes. Katrina found him and took him in quickly. She fixed him up and took him in as one of her own. Being treated harshly by humans in the past, he was very timid about trusting her. After she proved that she wasn't going to harm him, he started to open up more and more.

Making His First Friend

Shorty after arriving there, he met a sweet girl named Signe. Being the first girl he has met other than Katrina. he was very timid and afraid. Shortly after meeting her, she gave him one of her toys and showed that she would be his friend. She is one of the people who treats him the best, despite the fact that her father, Baldor, hates and wants to kill Edwin.

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