The Dusks, from left: Kat, Kas, Skya and bottom, Sam.

The Dusk family were originally formed to form an extremely close alliance with the Dawn, and was basically a second faction of them for a generation. The real, original founder was Frejand, but it was re-written that his son, Emmanuel, was the true founder, as his ideas against the Dawn built more rapidly after his father "died". Emmanuel and The Dusks' views on the world turned bitter and sour, giving them a reason to be malicious and sly. They were often recruited to do darker, in-depth missions; even one or two in Morytania. They resided in Draynor Manor, before moving out, and then back in when the new heir to the head of family, Kastorosian, was declared.

Frejand Dusk and The Downfall

After Frejand was taken by the unknown rival family for experiments, Emmanuel, his slightly delusional son, declared war on the Dawn for the "betrayal". This led to three huge battles, in which each family lost a considerable amout of lives. On the third battle, The Dusk left the battlefield and went into hiding, but often came back to battle The Dawns.

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